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If you see the same parameter value in all instance profiles what will you do ?

Put the parameter in Default.pfl and remove it from remaining profiles

How to make security authorization reports?
SUIM Reports-> Authorizations.
What SAP tools you use to install SAP patches?
SPAM is used to install SAP patches and SAINT is used to install SAP Add-ons
What JAVA tools to install JAVA Patches?
Sdm Was used to Apply Patch to Java new version 700 Systems uses JSPM to apply Patches.
What is early watch report?
The SAP EarlyWatch Report gives you detailed information about system status, performance,
configuration, system operation, database administration and trends.
Why https is considered safer than http?
https is an encrypted communication channel using SSL.So when any information is via https, it is
sent via an encrypted tunnel.So basically the only people who should see the unencrypted data are
the people on either end of the tunnel.So, https is safer.
ABAP Service Pack level can be found in SPAM, but how to find the Java Stack
Java STack Level can be found from
http://<hostname>:<Java port of the instance>
How to install multiple Central Instances on the same physical machine?
Create a separate the filesystem and SAP mount points for each CI under the folder <SID> for which
installation is going to be done and start the installation.
(Or) Assign different instance numbers, and listener name.
How to transport users from one client to another?
SCC1 is to transport within one system.

You need to use client copy (SCCL for local copy and SCC9 for remote) with profile SAP-User
How to take backup of system & restore it again?
By using the BRTOOLS
who will schedule the background jobs?
Basis people
How can i check the user login details activity in a month?
What is the full name of SAP Default user DDIC.?
Why is java Required while installing SAP?
without java Sapinst.exe cant start the GUI
How to apply SNOTE can anyone explain step-by-step?
use the tcode SNOTE TO APPLY
Shall we have to restart sap system after configuration of operation modes?
No. There is no need to restart sap system afterconfiguration of operation modes the t-codes used
for operation modes are RZ04, SM63, RZ03.
How to delete a table from Database level?
Doing so would put the database at an inconsitent state.
What is the difference b/w ECC5.0 & ECC6.0?
The only difference between ECC5 and ECC6 is that additionalcomponents like mySAPCRM,
mySAPPLM, mySAPSCM, mySAPSRM are added in ECC6.0. HR was already a part of ECC5.0.
How to check SAP Memory status?
check in st02.

What is logistics in SAP and purpose?

Logistics is a chapter in SAP Basis and its full name is Software Logistics and this chapter describes
about Transport Layers in SAP Basis
Explain Client Import in SAP?
After client export, Import the client export requests intothe target client with TMS. Log on to the
target client and activate post-import processing with SCC7.
What is response time?
Response time is the time utilied by a dialog workprocess to access data from the database and
return to the presentation layer.
How can we see system logs os SAP at OS level?
syslog folder in the sap directory usr/sap/sid/dvegms/syslog.
How to delete the client from os leve l?
Client from OS level can be removed through ADS (Active Directory Services),User Manager For
Domains and Users.
Archive Strcuk?
when u r ORARCH dircetory full no user to be login what we will do i take the backup and delete
orarch directory ur system works fine
Who is the owner of system files?