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BHLER 4010/5010

Weather-resistant: BHLER
4010/5010 stationary sampler
Stainless steel housing
Separate control and wet

Composite and fractionated samples

menu guidance

Backlit liquid crystal


GSM communication

The facts
The sampler functions on the pressure-vacuum principle and operates in
time, volume, flow or event proportional mode. Newly upgraded and patented components facilitate trouble-free
and low-maintenance operation.The
temperature-controlled weatherproof
V2A housing is optionally available in
V4A and plastic-coated versions.

The stationary BHLER 4010/5010 is

ideal for use in sewage treatment
plants and industrial facilities, and for
monitoring surface waters.
The different dosage vessels make the
instrument extremely flexible in standard and individual applications.


Technical data

Sample containers
Model 5010
Sample lift height
Suction tubing
Bottle filling time
Dosage pause
Sample distributor
Control system

Dosage systems

Membrane pump

Status messages
Time display
Data memory
Flow signal
temperature control
Overvoltage protection
Power supply
Power input
Load impedance

Ambient temperature
Dimensions (HxWxD)

Optional accessories

Pressure-vacuum principle
20-350 ml (optional 20-500 ml)
1 25-litre PE container
1 50-litre PP container
4 6.3-litre PE container
2 10-litre PE container
4 10-litre PE container
4 14-litre PE container
12 2.9-litre PE bottles
12 2-litre glass bottles
24 1-litre PE bottles
24 0.9-litre glass bottles
4 20-litre PE bottles
24 2-litre glass bottles
24 2.9-litre PE bottles
Max. 8 metres, pressure = 1 bar
7.5-metre PVC tube (12 mm inside diameter, optional 16 mm)
1 min. - 99 h 59 min.
1 min. - 99 h 59 min.
Time, volume, flow and event-proportional
Round distributor, X-Y distributor (optional)
Microprocessor, watertight touch-sensitive keypad, 16 digital and 8
analogue inputs and outputs (upgradeable by another 16 digital inputs
and outputs), 4 x 20-character backlit liquid crystal display
1. Standard vacuum system for time, volume and event samples, manually adjustable sample volume 20-350 ml (optional 20-500 ml)
2. Variable dosage unit for additional flow-proportional samples, automatic dosage (20-400 ml)
3. Flow dosage unit for a time, volume and event sample from pressure
lines (4-20 l/min).
12 V/4 A, vacuum, average suction rate with suction tube with 12 mm
ID and sample lift height of 5 m > 60 cm/s (in conformity with ISO
6 user-defined sampling programmes (freely programmable)
Choice of several languages
Sampling, programme active, programme end and collective malfunction messages (optional)
Date and time
Sample and message logging
0/4-20 mA or pulses, floating contact
Interior at +4 C, cooling and heating independent of control system
All inputs have overvoltage protection
230 V/50 Hz, fusing at least 10 A, cable with Schuko plug
250 VA
50 Ohm
Double-walled stainless steel (material 1.4301) with 40 mm insulation,
2 lockable doors, top door with inspection window, protective heating
in top section, protective cover which can be fitted for connection and
maintenance work. Optional housing in V4A and epoxy-coated.
- 20 to + 40 C
Model 4010: 1290 (*1882) x 710 x 660 mm
Model 5010: 1390 (*2175) x 840 x 820 mm
* with cover in place
Model 4010: 90 kg, model 5010: 110 kg
Mobile model, interior lighting, V2A base frame, intake device and
much more

Subject to change without notice.


Willsttterstrae 11
D-40549 Dsseldorf
Tel. +49(0)211 52 88-0
Fax +49(0)21152 88-143


Pacific Way
Manchester, M50 1DL
Tel. +44 (0)161 872 14 87
Fax +44 (0)161 848 73 24


125 Baldolye Industrial Estate
IRL-Dublin 13
Tel. +353(0)1 8 39 15 55
Fax +353(0)1 8 06 39 39

Fold-out service console easily accessible and


Representative samples in conformity with ISO 5667

Pressure-vacuum samplers are ISO
5667 compliant and therefore satisfy
the requirements for subsequent
reproducible analysis. Until then the
sample is refrigerated to exclude biological and chemical changes. To avoid
cross-contamination, the system is
rinsed before and after each sample
is taken.


Ordering, information and advice:
UK: +44 (0)161 872 14 87
EU: +49 (0)211 52 88-0

Extended warranty with inspection


Cost-saving process optimisation

with the HACH LANGE trailer.

DOC 053.52.03120.Feb06

Sampling principle
Sample volume
Sample containers
Model 4010

SAMPLER, stationary
BHLER 4010

Technical data
Sampling principle
Suction height
Sample volume
Sample container

Suction hose

Diaphragm pump
Integrated clock
Bottle filling time
Metering pause
Sample manifold
Quantity signal
Overvoltage protection
Status messages
Data storage
Enclosure rating
Independent thermal
Power supply
Power consumption
Apparent resistance

pressure / vacuum principle

maximum 8 metres, pressure =1bar
20 350 ml (optional 20 500 ml)
samples proportional to time, quantity, flow rate and event
1 x 25 litre PE container, 1 x 50 litre PP container,
4 x 6.5 litre PE container, 2 x 10 litre PE bottles,
12 x 2.9 litre PE bottles, 12 x 2 litre glass bottles
24 x 0.9 litre PE bottles, 24 x 1 litre glass bottles
PVC hose (12, 16 mm inside diameter) -> 7.5 metres
6 custom user programs
incl. combination program for linking time-quantity-event
microprocessor controlled, membrane keypad,
16 digital and 8 analogue, inputs/outputs
(can be expanded with a further 16 digital inputs/outputs), real-time clock
with battery back-up, 4x20 LCD with background illumination
12V / 4 A, vacuum. Medium suction speed with suction hose ID 12mm and
5m suction height, > 60cm /s (ISO 5667)
several languages available
indicates time and date
relative time: 1min. - 99h 59 min.
relative time: 1 min. -99h 59 min
round manifold, X-Y manifold
0/4 20 mA or pulse
RS 232 , RS 485
all inputs are protected against overvoltage
sampling, manifold, active, group error message (optional)
logging of the sampling and the messages
double-wall stainless steel (material 1.4301) with 2 lockable doors.
Top door with viewing window. Protective heater in upper part
IP 65
interior at +4 C, independent of the controller
1290 (1882*) x 710 x 660 mm (HxWxD), *With roof up
230V/50 Hz, fuse protection at least 10A, cable with earthed plug
250 VA
50 Ohm
-20 to +40C
90 kg

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Wastewater, Drinking Water and Industrial Applications

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