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Abolition of executive presidency

omitted in MOU of UNP-SLFP..! Nimal

Siripala shoves it under his bulk

-22.Aug.2015, 11.00PM) Lanka e news
wishes to reveal with concern to the
SriLankans who are pro government
of good governance that the
memorandum of understanding (MOU)
signed yesterday(21) between the
United National Party (UNP) and the Sri
Lanka Freedom party (SLFP) following the general elections victory on the
17 th , in 14 districts across the country which is reckoned as a
continuation and confirmation of the victory on 8 th January to fulfill the
aspirations of the people , after all is not aiming at accomplishing the aims ,
objectives or aspirations of the people who voted for a government of good
The hopes and aspirations of the people are for the abolition of the
present executive presidency, no more , no less. However, sadly in the
MOU signed yesterday, nothing in this regard has been mentioned
Ven. Sobitha Thera on behalf of 161 civil and professional organizations
signed a peoples agreement with Ranil Wickremesinghe (who signed on
behalf of the UNP). In that paramount importance and top priority are
given to the abolition of executive presidency. That reads thus :
1 (a) The new parliament shall be made a legislative enactment council to
abolish the executive presidency aimed at giving prime and paramount
importance towards creating a system of government by a cabinet that is
answerable to the parliament ; and that new system shall be operative after
the conclusion of the term of the present president.
In the UNF five pronged manifesto at the recent general elections this is
stated. The president shall use the powers vested in him in accordance
with the advice of the cabinet and the P.M. who are responsible to the
parliament. Thereby , the supremacy of the parliament is ensured., but the
present special powers of president Maithripala Sirisena will continue as it

is. ( page 13, third phase of the five pronged manifesto for a new country
within 60 months)
The first sentence also says, the presidency shall be in accordance with
the advice of the cabinet and the P.M. who are responsible to the
parliament In other words , what it means is the present executive
presidency shall be abolished.
It is the fervent hope and aspiration of the people that the current
abominable executive presidency is abolished, and a new constitution is
passed that is consonant with a new country. It is absolutely clear
therefore that the people on the 17 th endorsed such a policy , and a
system. In the circumstances , it is the aspiration of the people that the
abolition of the executive presidency shall be abolished, and none else.
However , in the agreement signed between the UNP and SLFP yesterday ,
nowhere is it stated anything pertaining to that. (The agreement is herein in
Sinhala). If there is any reference to that , it is as follows :
To further strengthening the parliament ,the 19th amendment that whittles
down the powers of the executive presidency stipulated in the constitution
of 1978 shall be reviewed , and an agreement shall be reached ( MOU
page 2 ; chapter 6)
If this UNF-SLFP MOU is to be claimed as seeking to abolish the executive
presidency truly , it is at its best another agreement to mislead the people
and to falsify the hopes of the victorious people.
The vital question at this crucial juncture is , who is behind this wicked
conspiracy ? How did it come by?
Lanka e news deems it is its responsibility to expose this conspiracy and its
conspirators to the country...
It is the SLFP that was the founder of this MOU draft made within a day. The
group appointed by the central committee of the SLFP which met on the 20
th prepared this draft . Firstly they made the agreement signed between
Ven. Sobitha Thera and Ranil Wickremesinghe the base . Secondly , they
made use of the UNF manifesto.
It is noteworthy that it is none other than Nimal Siripala De Silva who
bitterly opposed the abolition of the executive presidency. Nimala Siripala
who is a perfect illustration of the inverse relation between brain power
and brawn power , is also well noted as a cut -throat politician , and an
expert at playing double games .
The cruel irony is, it is this same roly poly Nimal Siripala , who loudly
announced at the last elections, the executive presidency shall be abolished

which undertaking was even contained in the UPFA manifesto certificate for
the future distributed among the people . But now , it is this same Nimal
Siripala who had acted like Sillypala by objecting to the incoporation of
this abolition of executive presidency clause in the MOU.
Mind you , Chandrika Bandaranaike had given her full consent to the
abolition of the executive presidency, while Maithripala Sirisena too
publicly agreed to this. Nevertheless , his consent was subject to doubt
because it is he who resorted to dilatory tactics earlier on in respect of the
19th amendment aimed at abolition of executive presidency. It was
Maithripala who was playing the key role but from behind the scene at that
time after pushing Champika and Rathane Thera to the front. Champika
will testify to this .
Maithripala who said during the presidential elections that the executive
presidency will be abolished, when it came to the 19 th amendment
,changed his stance and insisted that the controversial powers of the
executive presidency alone shall be abolished.
Maithripala who used Champika then to shield his own deceitful face , is
now using Nimal Siripala for the same purpose apparently. But let it be
made clear to these political opportunists that people are not that gullible
to fall prey to their deceptions however cleverly and craftily planned and
meant by politicians to be practised on them. Whether the bloke hails
from Medamulana or from Polonnaruwa , identifying any of them is no
difficult task for the people ,even if he wears a mask to cover his policyless faceless nature. Let him also be reminded that Sri Lankans who voted
for the elephant are not ready to allow the same buffalo to devour the
coconut saplings twice.
Hence Nimal Siripalas obstructive opposition shall not be allowed. It is Ranil
Wickremesinghe who introduced the paragraph,the 19th amendment that
whittles down the powers of the executive presidency stipulated in the
constitution of 1978 shall be reviewed in order to further strengthening the
parliament. And the MOU was signed on the undertaking that this issue
shall be taken up for discussion again in the future . If Ranil
Wickremesinghe had not taken this step and introduced this clause , like
how the dissolution of earlier parliament was delayed taking refuge under
the 20 th amendment ,the swearing in of the P.M. and the cabinet of
ministers would have also been postponed citing the MOU, undoubtedly.
We at Lanka e news always championing the cause of Democracy, good
governance and national interests wish to warn the Sri Lankans who are pro
government of good governance that no clear mention being made of the
abolition of executive presidency in the MOU when the new constitution is
being introduced , is to exploit this omission as a trump when the UNF is
bringing forth a new constitution , and impede it.

The conduct of president Maithripala earlier on and the cunning he

displayed in relation to the 19th amendment , were made use of by him
again to delay the dissolution of parliament then after promising that will be
done within 100 days ,by citing the 20 th amendment.
People who can understand the craftiness and deceitful nature of
Maithripala when he delayed dissolution of parliament until the Mahinda
Rajapakse clan built itself up; his letter sent to Mahinda , which exposed
the fact that he had met Mahinda three times secretly and tried to work
out a clandestine deal ; and how after granting nominations to the corrupt ,
he cleverly washed his hands off that wrongful action, are well known to
the people , and it is the people who will therefore appreciate well and
thoroughly this warning of ours.
Of course those for government of good governance had to remain patient
and silent then because theirs was a minority government at that time. But
today it is entirely different , for those who are pro ;government for good
governance have by winning 14 out of 22 districts demonstrated their
strength. It is not necessary for them any longer to kowtow , or thrust their
heads between the legs before their adversaries and conspirators.
Hence , they should compel and insist that the amendment stipulating the
abolition of executive presidency is included in the MOU signed yesterday ,
and signatures to the amended MOU obtained again. Since procrastination
is as bad and destructive an enemy as a cunning politician, without waiting
until the constitution is made ready, pressures shall be brought to bear on
both parties to sign the agreement again inclusive of this amendment.
Maithripala accepting the UPFA president post notwithstanding , it is his
obligation to act according to the mandate he received on 8 th January that
installed him in power as president of the country, and not according to the
17 th August mandate of the UPFA . It is well for Maithripala and all others
to bear in mind lest they have forgotten that the victory at this election is
only an extension of the 8 th January victory , and a further confirmation
thereof based on that mandate
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Posted by Thavam

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