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James Alan Bush

1211 East Santa Clara Street, Apt. 4

San Jose, CA 95116

August 24, 2015

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
ATTN: Customer Service Department
751 South Bascom Avenue
San Jose, CA 95128
To the Customer Service Department, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center:
Please be advised that I have retained counsel in a pending legal claim against Dr. Crapo,
an endocrinologist employed by Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. This letter serves as
notice of the claim, and summarizes it accordingly:
Dr. Crapo, the physician that is the subject of the potential suit and the only
endocrinologist provided by and through Santa Clara Valley Health Care Plan, my
medical insurance provider, is not only withholding essential prescription medication
needed to treat a serious, chronic condition (hypogonadism), but which is also needed to
treat a terminal one (HIV), and has been caught in the act of falsifying medical data to
justify it. The treatment involves a prescription for testosterone cypionateno other drug
which, over the past 15 years since my diagnosis, has been essential to sustain both my
mental and physical health. Without it, I experience a variety of serious symptoms that do
not decrease over time, and which are known to indicate a shortening of my expected
lifespan and an appreciable, visible and quantifiable diminishing of overall health and
appearance. These symptoms include, but are not limited to, sudden and drastic weight
loss, interminable diarrhea, depressed immune function, and suicidal tendencies (I was
hospitalized twice for suicide attempts during the only two times my therapy was
discontinued in the past).
While taking (or resuming) the medication at the previously prescribed dose of 1ml 200
mg/mL every four days, those symptoms do not occur (or are abated) entirely, and there
are not now, nor have there ever been, any side effects from my medication. These facts
are substantiated by a plethora of blood tests and experiments conducted by over a dozen
different doctors since 2004, some of which were conducted by Dr. Crapo himself. At one
point in time, each and every doctorincluding Dr. Crapoconcluded that the diagnosis
is a permanent one, and that the dosage at which it has been prescribed (most recently
being last month) was the correct one.

Prior to my exam by Dr. Crapo in June 2015, a blood test to check testosterone levels was
conducted by the referring physician after a month of cessation. That test further
confirmed the diagnosis, as well as the continued need for treatment; however, during my
first visit to Dr. Crapo that same month, I was required to inject a dose in his presence,
and then take a blood test immediately following said injection. After a single dose, the
test results understandably showed a high level of testosterone; however, instead of pacing
the decline of levels during an ensuing period of cessation, Dr. Crapo chose to conclude
that my gonadal dysgenesis (birth defect) and testicular contusion (irreparable bodily
injury) had somehow miraculously cured themselveseven while no known cure exists,
and even while spontaneous regeneration of damaged body tissue is not known to occur
in humans.
Using this testand this test alonehe informed me that the medication is no longer
needed. After I objected, he ordered another blood test, which I was unable to take due to
my hospitalization over medical issues created by the prolonged cessation; however, at an
appointment subsequent to the second order for a blood test, Dr. Crapo stated that I had
taken the test when, in fact, I had not taken the test at all. In spite of this, he stated
further that the test indicated that my level of testosterone had not abated at all, even
after three weeks of cessation (even high testosterone levels come down eventually).
This physically impossible claim by Dr. Crapo alone suggests that he falsified the existence
and results of a blood test that yielded such results, even in the absence of my denial that
I ever took the test, and even more so by the fact that another VMC staff member
confirmed that the test never was not conducted.
To that end, I proffer two video recordings that, together, show the aforesaid doctor lying
about the blood test results in question, which, as aforestated, I believe he intended to use
(and has, in fact, used) to justify his actions should they be called into question. One video
shows the lie being told by the doctor, and the other shows the lie being revealed by a
VMC blood test lab technician. These videos can be viewed at:
I believe this to be sufficient proof of my claim, particularly when combined with the
plethora of documented circumstances preceding it. Those are also available online at the
aforestated site, and are further supported by the history of litigation between me and Dr.
Winslow, another VMC doctor (http://www.scribd.com/theoknock). Similarly to Dr.
Crapo, Dr. Winslow interrupted my treatment because youre not going to get high on
testosterone while youre in jail. I believe my current circumstance is an extension of that
very same sentiment. Dr. Crapo has intimated at least twice in the past that he does not
"enable" the lifestyle of a "disease-spreading drug addict," and that the health and wellbeing of such persons should be strictly denied.
I disagreeboth as to the wrongfully applied label, and as to the duty and discretion of a
doctor in regard to proper and adequate medical care of patients, and his ethical duty to

be truthful; moreover, the recently retained Mr. Joseph Nazarian, Attorney-at-law, also
disagrees with same.
In lieu of a somewhat complicated series of events, the summary and the resolution of
this matter can be characterized by simplicity: a sick man needs his medication, and he's being
denied it without options; he wants quick and easy resolution.
Accordingly, I am requesting that required medication be provided, as well as an ethical
alternate to Dr. Crapo immediately. Please advise any options appropriate and available
to me in order to preclude any legal action.

Sincerely yours,

James Alan Bush

c: Joseph Nazarian, 27871 Encanto, Mission Viejo, CA 92692