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David Moore Demonstrated ability to drive market penetration, brand equity, and bottom-line.

The Woodlands, TX 214-500-8273 (C) DavidJMoore63@ymail.com

VP Marketing, Branding, Communications, Advertising, & Media Leadership
An entrepreneurial, results-driven, proactive leader with a demonstrated ability to drive brand development
and performance including brand value, brand growth and top and bottom line financial results from matrixed
Fortune 500s to brand revitalizations to start-ups. A highly effective communicator with the ability to optimize
process and team efficiencies and who works collaboratively with all levels of the organization.


Fortune 500
Team Builder
Consensus Builder

Revitalized growth into a 42-year old brand with lackluster sales to positive 10% quarter
over quarter same store sales growth in less than a year.
Developed a start-up technology from a simple idea to a fully commercialized, licensed &
manufactured product sold in the US and globally.
Helped grow McDonalds presence in China from 250 stores to over 1,000 and one of the
most respected brands in China.
Reversed negative margin and achieved 15-point margin improvement in agency P&L
within 9 months.
Applies fine-tuned organizational leadership skills combined with exceptional customer
relationship skills to drive cross-functional/departmental communication and results.
Successfully transitioned the agency home office team including the hire, training and
development of 30+ agency personnel from Hong Kong to Shanghai.
Highly effective, engaged communicator with a proven ability to collaboratively create,
sell-in, implement and own the strategic development of marketing & communications
plans, yet able to make tough decisions when necessary.


Leads by example with honesty, integrity, morality and character.

International &

Developed, led and have motivated teams in the US and overseas.

Delivering Bottom Line Results from Global Fortune 500s to Start-Ups

Delivered +9% YoY comp sales at Smoothie King to end 2014.

o Coming out of one of the coldest US winters in 20 years, selling a cold product, marketing drove results
in the midst of attack on all sides from competitors with significantly larger budgets.
Reversed a 3-year negative sales slide in McDonalds China to achieve 2004 double-digit YoY sales increases.
o Awarded the Global Best of the Best McDonalds Marketing Award for marketing achievement at the biannual McDonalds Global Marketing Convention in 2005.

Education and International Experience

Management Programs:
Countries lived in last 10 yrs:
International Experience:

Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University, 2000

B.S. in Communications, University of Texas, 1990
Leo Burnett Leadership Development Program, 2005-2007
USA, China, Hong Kong, Singapore
Have been to 40+ countries (and growing)

Career History and Accomplishments

Smoothie King Franchises, Inc. Vice President of Marketing
June 2013-Sept. 2014
A 700-unit franchisee company and a 42-year old brand that had an amazing story to be told. Yet, the brand had strayed
from its core and wasnt telling their story. The founder created the name Smoothie and essentially the category.
Leadership: Core member of the Executive Leadership team.
Franchisee Management: Reestablished relationships with a disgruntled franchise community (references available).
Results: Delivered +9% YoY comp sales to end 2014.
Drove results in the midst of attack on all sides from competitors with significantly larger budgets and coming out of
one of the coldest US winters in 20 years.
Branding: In first 2 months, finalized and launched new branding (new logo and iconography). Over the next 10
months, rebranded over 350 pieces of collateral to upgrade the e-store. E-store sales jumped over 27% YoY.
Positioning: Within 5 months, re-positioned the brand and launched a new tagline Smoothies with a Purpose.
Team Management/Development: Within 7 months, vetted, hired and on-boarded 4 new agencies (Brand Agency,
Media Agency, Social Digital Agency, and PR Agency).
Restructured the Field Marketing Team (incl. 3 new hires) resulting in 50% less travel time and 50% less travel cost.
Employee Retention: Coming into the position, I retained the top 2 Field Marketing Mgrs.
Innovation: Initiated and implemented an entirely new R&D process to fill the product pipeline and marketing calendar.
New process resulted in 14 New Products spanning 5 launch dates for 2014.
Developed 3 strategic co-branding relationships with major national brands (Chobani, Ghirardelli, & Sun Warrior).
Spin Fry, Inc. Head of Marketing
Oct 2008-2013
(SpinFresh) - SpinFresh is a revolutionary new commercial and residential deep frying technology that spins excess oil off
fried food. In short, the technology combines the salad spinner with the deep fryer.
SpinFresh was only a name. There was no formal management team and the idea was limited to a Black and Decker
drill, a rod attached to a fryer basket and a cardboard box to test oil spin off. The company desperately needed
formalization in terms of commercial viability, manufacturing credibility, research validation, a value proposition, a
go-to-market plan, marketing strategies, awareness and ultimately interest. To date, SpinFresh has manufactured
two revolutionary fryers with sales hitting the books both domestically and internationally.
Responsible for the overall brand positioning, marketing strategies and sales development for a revolutionary new frying
technology. Key functions included developing the marketing plan from concept to execution, lead generation and
follow up, and prioritizing marketing tactics and communication efforts across the brand.
Marketing Communications and Support
Developed the logo and brand identity for SpinFresh.
Developed all brand communication including collateral, print and website www.SpinFresh.com.
Metrics, Positioning and Reasons to Believe
Developed the marketing plan, go-to-market strategies and target customer prioritization for the technology.
Identified, determined and executed all research initiatives to maximize impact across the brands market segments.
Developed testing procedures and protocols for data testing resulting in 48.8% less oil and 13.1% energy savings.
Developed 3 tiers of tasting panels (Chefs, Consumers & Students) to validate taste preference of SpinFresh.
Developed credible industry sources for qualitative feedback Chefs, ConAgra Foods, & Industry Experts.
New Business Development
Generated leads and led demonstrations with some of the largest companies in the US Microsoft, Exxon Mobil,
Chilis, Wal-Mart, the US Military, Burger King, McDonalds, etc.
Developed and delivered all presentations to C-Suite level and Corporate Executive Chef level prospects.
Prioritized and personally demonstrated the technology at 3-4 key industry trade shows annually.
Developed and led a coast to coast national training effort for our manufacturers sales network.

Leo Burnett, Chicago, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai

Mar 2001-2008
Vice President/Management Supervisor McDonalds China Account
Mar 2003-2008
Led the McDonalds China account, the fastest growing geography for McDonalds globally. Over 5 years, facilitated the
brands growth in China from 250 restaurants to over 1,000 restaurants. Partnered with McDonalds CMO in all aspects
from strategic planning, marketing calendar development, strategic and creative direction and P&L responsibility.
Reversed a 3-year negative sales slide in McDonalds China to achieve 2004 double-digit YoY sales increases.
o Greater China was recognized with the highest Global Marketing award across the McDonalds system at
the Worldwide Marketing Conference in Apr. 05.
Leadership: Led the redevelopment of our core team from our Hong Kong to Shanghai office in Jan Jul 05.
o Recruited and developed a new, highly productive agency team of 30+ persons.
Crisis Management: Spearheaded a recovery team and saved the business from a strategic mistake that would
have cost the agency its largest account.
Achieved 40-point margin improvement in agency P&L vs. Original Budget for 2004 and maintained profitability
for 5 years leading the account.
Developed upwards of 26 multi-media communication campaigns annually from concept to execution.
Finished 2007 as the most profitable year in history for our client, McDonalds China.
Vice President/Regional Account Director (South East Asia)
Feb 2001-Mar 2003
Strategic Account lead for Leo Burnett on the McDonalds account in 4 South East Asia countries. Involved in all facets of
the business from strategy and creative development to research, sales, and competitive analysis, etc.
For the Corporate McDonalds client liaised with Regional VPs and Zone Marketing Directors.
For the Regional client liaised with Joint Venture Partners, Managing Directors and Chief Marketing Officers to share
knowledge from around the globe and drive and enhance the local strategy.
Within the Agency liaised with key agency personnel across 4 SEA countries.
Helped LB successfully navigate through a tumultuous client transition period for McDonalds SE Asia.
Successfully retained the account in the Philippines and build it into an account that subsequently produced
some of the most award winning work in the McDonalds system.
Worked with Joint Venture partners to provide successful leadership staffing solutions.
Barkley Evergreen & Partners, Kansas City, Missouri (Nashville Office)
Ad Agency for Sonic Drive-ins. Sonic is now a $4 Billion QSR chain in the Southern United States.
Regional Account Manager
While getting my MBA at Vanderbilt, I was also working full time to manage marketing co-ops as the liaison between the
client and the agency. Responsibilities included developing relationships and presenting marketing calendar
recommendations for 14 franchisee co-ops in the Southeastern US. Marketing calendar development included
budgeting, media planning and buying recommendations.
All 14 Markets ended 2000 with 6.5% positive sales growth vs. 4.7% (national avg.)
Proactively developed an Excel financial model for use in 3-year media inflation and forecasting which was expanded
to system-wide usage.
Expanded brand presence by successfully negotiating two professional sports sponsorship packages.
Shoneys, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee
$1.0 Billion company with 750 company and franchise units in the Family Dining Restaurant Category.
Director of Brand and Calendar Development
Worked with cross-functional staff to develop the pipeline for system-wide promotional events. Managed and directed
the marketing calendar as well as directed the Ad agency on brand strategy.
Directed beverage incentive program growing beverage incidence by 3 points and driving beverage revenue
$470,000 vs. year prior.
Captured over $600,000 in incremental vendor funds for the Marketing Production Fund.
Engineered and designed new menu resulting in average check increase of $0.31 (5.7%).

Hardees Food Systems, Inc., Rocky Mount, North Carolina

$3.1 Billion company with 3,200 company and franchise units in the QSR category.
Director of Marketing - International
Directed International marketing efforts for franchise restaurants in the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Central
America. Cultivated relationships with International franchisees to develop marketing strategies and tactics to grow
their business. Led new product ideation and directed kids marketing events. Directed menu and pricing optimization.
Provided sales and profit analysis of franchise marketing programs.

Developed a series of new product introductions in the Middle East driving double-digit sales growth.

Launched new product introduction in Korea reversing negative YoY sales to double-digit sales growth in 4 months.

Developed & introduced new pricing strategy in Costa Rica increasing comp store sales from 0 to 50% in 3 months.
National Marketing Manager - Field Marketing Services
Managed $7 million national merchandising budget and Fulfillment Center inventory. Developed print creative for $9
million national Print Network and managed $500,000 national merchandising creative budget. Managed four
advertising agencies
Developed regional flexibility point of sale program raising average check and increasing system-wide revenues
more than US$12 million monthly.

Developed innovative modular print creative system increasing focus from 1 to 3 day-parts.

Introduced innovative photo in coupon resulting in 40% increase in net redemption revenues.
Pizza Hut, Cincinnati, OH
Based in Cincinnati, the Ohio Valley Division was comprised of 500 restaurants and $400 million in annual sales across
the states of OH, IN, KY and western PA. Managed 2 advertising agencies to formulate local marketing programs as well
as leverage the national marketing plan across the region.
Field Marketing Manager, Cincinnati, OH.
Field Marketing Supervisor, Cincinnati, OH.

Initiated print management system ultimately expanded to system-wide use at Pizza Hut accounting for national
annual savings of $15 million.

Recognized with national Brain Power Award across the Pizza Hut system in December 1993.

Successfully ran the regions marketing activities for 7 months while waiting for a replacement boss.
Fogarty Klein & Partners Advertising, Houston, Texas
Assistant A.E./Account Executive - Pizza Hut - South Texas Co-op
Developed targeted marketing plans for new delivery store openings.

Led agency initiative that set Pizza Hut Southern Division weekly sales record of $18,500.