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God and His Cosmic DNA Awakening through

Christs Calvary Sacrifice

On the outset, I stress this is not a support for religion called Christianity. It is
a revelation that came by Grace as I strived to know Truth of Nature and Life
from a point of freedom.
The whole world is in a critical period of Phase Transition. We are in a
phase of Event Horizon. We are being stressed to awaken to our
consciousness and intelligence and know the Reality of the World and get
liberated from slavery to darkness.
To know the reality of the world we live in and take action to
survive, to make sense of all the developments in science, to
know God and find that elusive peace and order, all that we
need to do is to turn the picture we hold in our mind upside
For ages, we have kept God in Temples, Churches and Mosques, giving Him
gold, silver and copper in bribe as we let loose our ego, self-centered minds
that are slave to material world. The most evil, ego, self and material

centered minds of society have thrived in the most revered structures. We

see this trend in all sections of society, the judicial, political [kings] and
executive hierarchy. The common people whom these people are called to
serve and by whose sweat they live are under immense stress. People are
being forced to become corrupt as these people are. They are lured to take
loans and become debtors. Many under the stress commit suicide ending
their life. The most stressed are the breadwinners of the world [Farmers]. The
elite create war and terrorism in the name of God. They create strategies to
exploit people. They use common people to stamp their ego and sustain
their position. The power centers of society are becoming the safe place for
all evil minds.
This trend has its origin in the minds that exist near the Sanctum Sanctorum.
These minds have created the separation of humanity in the name of
multitude of religion, sects, countries etc., and have kept humanity as slave.
They have made simple Truth or God complex and beyond the
comprehension of common person. They have destroyed the Sanctity of the
Sanctum Sanctorum. They have obliterated the Reality of God within and
outside so that hardly anyone can perceive God and the Life Force.
Modern science and universities replaced the corrupted religious institutions
as temples of knowledge and learning center. This happened when Name of
Christ, His message, His path was obliterated and His name and His sacrifice
was used as means to establish another religion. There was Life, Light, Power
in early church, slowly the powerful kings and evil minds made its entry into
it. Church became a means of power and amassing wealth in the name of
Christ. They ruled west virtually annihilating every opposition. It is said, that
it was a period worse than Hitler. Christ came to liberate human soul and
illuminate human mind, but these institutions thrived to suppress it. Prophet
Mohammed came reminding of the judgment to come. In time, this new
group also became another religion that deteriorated.
The evil minds did not even spare the modern temples of science. In every
turning point, it led humanity the wrong way, making things complex and
beyond comprehension of common person and using the fruits of science for
its advantage. Thus, our universities became the weapon factory, building
weapons of mass destruction and all technologies are used to exploit
humanity, destroy our abode and pollute human minds.
However, within this sequence of developments, I see a Divine
Plan and Divine Force unfolding, that is leading humanity

back into Golden Age or Kingdom of God or Dharma Yuga

where Truth and Justice thrives. It is inevitable that it
happens. Today we live in a world of illusion or darkness.
However, 2015 years back, a Light was conceived within this
darkness. It happened by the Supreme and Absolute Sacrifice
of a Supreme Heart and Mind of one Single Soul or God Soul.
It took on itself, the short falls of our heart and mind and is
expanding from within.
Biblical creation, which says that we are created in the image of God, clearly
means we have a space-time position in relation to an Absolute. We are
created to the left and right of one Central Reality that has Dual Nature;
Father and Mother or Spirit and Soul. We need to understand Calvary
Sacrifice as BIG BANG POINT OF CREATION. We need to understand
Biblical creation in terms of DNA AWAKENING or INFORMATION
We are like cell of one whole being, created in time to left and right of one
Supreme Cell. The body consists of Trillion of cells, each having its own duty
and function. Not one cell is created without a purpose and a duty. Every cell
has all the information of the whole being. The beauty of the word in Bible
that says we are created in Gods image speaks volume when we
understand it from the perspective of biological science and DNA
Replication with a PRIMAL PAIR OF STRANDS that create mirror
images. The very foundation of modern day cloning technologies comes
from the reality that all the information of the whole system exists in all cells.
However, the information in the cell Created in time is truncated for a
specific purpose of RESISTANCE, but is amenable for retrieval. Today we
know that a living cell and body has several trillions of genes, but hardly 2%
of it is active the rest are called junk Genes. They are not junk, they are
information that our mind and body fails to fathom. However, it is amenable
to opening when it is stressed under time to death.
The beauty of the Biblical Word that God gave dominion to Adam and Eve,
invariably means there was a time when humanity knew God and Cosmic
Truth. He had the knowledge to sustain the Kingdom of God. The only
resistance God laid to humanity is not to eat from the Tree at the center.
We today know that Gravity field is the basic force of the material world.
This field and the matter in it, create a force that directs to a Singularity in a
black hole. Scientist are aware that the matter of this world are rotating
around a point and all the matter that rotates loses energy and thus should
drop to lower levels and eventually collapse to a point into a BLACK HOLE.

into which the energy is lost, it brings a Picture of RUNAWAY UNIVERSE.
Both of them are incomprehensible for it does not explain creation and
existence of this Universe.
Science can advance to new level and unite to know Truth and Knowledge
hidden in Bible, Vedas and other ancient scriptures to save humanity and
turn the world back into Light Age, provided scientist care to stop for a
moment and invert their picture. They need to bring life into the center stage
than matter. We all know that Einstein, the greatest scientist of the past
century, spent much of his lifetime to invent a SECOND SPACE-TIME
FIELD that opposes the space-time field of the material world. What
Einstein searched for exist in life. Life has an internal space, which transform
gravity force into anti-gravity force. This space-time field has a potential to
create material body and sustain itself. The ancient east understood it as
conscious and intelligent field. They understood it as spirit or
They thus visualized a spiritual framework over which material world exists.
Much of their knowledge, culture, and practices were oriented towards
making correction at this level. This is in contrast to what western world
does, because of their incomplete understanding of life, Nature and Cosmos.
Ancient east especially India that knew this truth thus developed elaborate
culture and practices that could help humanity connect to the consciousness
and light within and walk the path of Truth and Justice without any
compulsion. At higher level, they advocated humanity to evolve their soul
and its information to enter the realm of Universal Consciousness and
Science understands that universe is energy and matter.
Energy manifests into matter and matter breaks down to give
energy [E=mc2]. Their effort to know Truth and Reality of Nature is
one sided. They see and investigate one world where matter breaks
down into energy. They fail to perceive a world where energy
manifests into matter to balance the system.
Science looked to matter to understand the Truth of Nature. They set out
breaking down matter or atom seeking the Truth inside it. It seeks the GOD
PARTICLE within it that gives mass or life to all other particles and sustains
the system called atom from collapsing. From the picture of atom, they hope
to explain the cosmos. It claims to have discovered the God Particle.

However, fails to put together their discoveries sensibly to account for

atomic existence and the world we live in. They fail to perceive from where
the God Particle gains the energy to sustain the atom eternally. They fail to
perceive why and how God Particle Quantum Dances giving eternal life and
motion to all other particles. They fail to perceive what drives the God
particle to form an atom, an atom to form molecules, molecules to form the
complex system called cosmos and we the living being who think and
constantly strive to understand nature.
In short, scientists have failed to perceive the PRINCIPLE AND
DESING of the particle that leads to Quantum Dance eternally. It fails
to perceive the field and force that creates and sustain the cosmos
from within. Scientists see one side of the coin. They see a Force and
field or energy, matter and information that are flowing unilaterally
into Black Hole and Singularity. They do not perceive how energy and
information comes out of black hole.
One central point of all spiritual scriptures and all the ancient philosophies is
that we the humans are integral part of nature and all the drama unfolding in
it. This means we cannot understand the Truth of Nature and Life separating
ourselves from it. They concluded that their mind and its five senses are
limited to understand the great secrets of Cosmos and God. Thus, they
practiced meditation to silence the mind and enquire the Truth from deep
within. The great knowledge that the ancient easts especially India gave to
the world came through such internal enquiry surrendering the mind. Their
supreme realization is that they as living souls come from two parallel
worlds, WHICH ARE ONE. At the deeper level, they saw the relationship of
everything and their root in two Parental Beings. They called it God the
Father and God the Mother.

At still deeper level, they perceived one SUPREME

SOUL [Atom] with TWO GOD PARTICLES that are
quantum entangled and DANCES as one. In short, they
visualized universe as Living one, a Cosmic Being with
masculine and feminine as two sides of the same coin.
The dance of these Two God Particles; male and
female or dominant and recessive, creates perturbation
and information explosion in the inner space. This
evolves in 7 steps to create and sustain the cosmic
system. This reality is depicted throughout the ancient
scriptures and symbols. It is depicted in the Dance of
Shiva, Yin and Yang picture of Chinese philosophy and so on.
East understood that these God Particles and its dance
as KUNDALINI Force that Creates and sustains the
Cosmic Being and all that is in it. This Kundalini Force
or LIFE FORCE emerges from the bottom to the top in
seven steps to initialize the system into Light and Life. It
is the creative force. Here, it is appropriate to recall the
SEVEN-DAY CREATION written in Bible. They saw this
as the Balancing Force in life and in Nature. It strives to
balance the energy on the right and left by exchanging
information, and constantly strives to sustain the
material body. It strives to sustain the balance of the energy to matter within
some limit. Thus in their vision there is no dead end and collapse into Black
Hole or Runaway Universe. Their perceived a universe that exist by virtue of
Creative and sustenance of power two SUPREME PARALLEL WORLDS or
PARALLEL SOULS, male and female, which are one. The information in
them come together to conquer time and death and separate to initialize the
system into new time cycle.
In scientific terms, we can reduce it down to TWO PARALLEL DNA
STRANDS and eventually to two PRIMAL ATOMS and two PRIMAL
PARTICLES, which are one. They dance exchanging information on the right
and left to balance the energy and matter of the system within some limit is
the Reality of Nature. It becomes evident when you visualize the design and
functioning of earth. I have discussed this design in respect to global
warming and increasing natural catastrophes that we witness that is very
much predicted in Bible. You can read it in the link below.


Science has evolved their vision of

particle from round point like
objects to a vision of them as
strings. They also have visualized
parallel and multiple worlds and
have re-visualized TIME and BIG
BANG theory as a process in which
one world pierces the other to
perpetuate eternally [Ekpyrotic
Universe Scenario]. I am not
physicist and I dont understand their conceptual thinkings and mathematics
of these scientists, but it fits into ancient vision of universe as living being. It
also fits into my quest to understand nature and perception Creation and
Existence of the universe perpetually, revealed to me by Grace. I believe it is
the platform where science and spirituality can come together to save
What the modern string theorist have come to visualize is what the ancient
comprehended and spoke to the world. Life struggles to sustain certain
equilibrium. This manifest as breathing that exchanges information between
the right and left constantly. It shows from time to time creativity to activate
or deactivate information to resist the forces acting and disturbing life
[mitotic division]. The system evolves the information from time-time, to
conquer time and death and perpetuate in time cycle. Here the masculine
and the dominant world surrender to the feminine. The information or the
Spirit of the masculine leaves its body to enter the black hole of the
feminine. Here it conquers time and death and in time, it initializes or gives
birth. In short, the system is programmed to conquer time and initialize itself
into New Time Cycle. This process is happening since that Great Calvary
Sacrifice. This is written in Vedas. YAJURVEDA VS: 30-31 clearly tells that
creation occurred through the SELF-SACRIFICE OF THE CREATOR and that
his own people conducts this sacrifice. This event is Unfolding Universal
Consciousness and Intelligence such that humanity can return to his pristine
and glorious stage. It is Cosmic Kundalini arising.

There are some key characters in Bible that should make us think. God
manifested as ordinary man in Jesus and showed the path from death to life,
darkness to light. He connected to the consciousness, heard the voice of the
Spirit of the Father and acted accordingly. Then there is these characters
called priests and learned lot, who preached about God and the coming of
the Savior, but failed to recognize Christ and ended taking his life in the most
brutal manner possible. They showed their back to God and bowed to the
ruling king of the material world. In short, they were material centered than
spiritual centered. Then there was the Judge Pilate who found Christ not
guilty, but yielded to the pressure of powerful priests, who used their
proximity to the king and used the strength of their followers to stress the
Judge to give the verdict against his consciousness. Then there is this
character Barabbas a thief and murderer. When the judge proposed a choice
of freedom between Christ and Barabbas, the priest made people to shout
for Barabbas and got him released. Then there were the 12 common people
whom Christ chose as His disciples, who failed to understand what Christ
spoke but fallowed Him. Eleven of them perceived what Christ said as the
Spirit of God descended on them. One disciple, Judas Iscariot is pictured as a
Betrayer of Christ for money. He is pictured as a great sinner. He possibly
perceived Christ before His crucifixion; he repented intensively, threw the
money into temple and went ahead to separate the mind and body that
deceived him from his spirit-soul that heard the Christs teaching. Then there
are the two thieves crucified at the right and left of Christ. One on the right
recognized Christ as God and yielded to Him, the other failed. Then there
was this mass of common people, who witnessed miracles Christ did, and
believed in Christ when earth shook, sky darkened and the curtain in temples
separating sanctum sanctorum from common people tore.
Judas was a common person, bound by a material body with desires to live
better and secure life. His fault was that he yielded to the powers of material
body. He could not wait for the power of the Christs soul to touch him.
However, he repented the moment he realized, his mistake.
The worst picture we get here is that of Priests and the Kings, the
intellectual and powerful people, who lived a cozy life at the expense
of sweat of common people. They failed to understand Christs
teaching when He lived. They failed to admit to the miracles they
witnessed. They were unmoved even when Earth and Sky shuddered
at the death of Christ. The same picture unfolds in Bhagavad-Gita.
Lord Krishna finds three powerful kings bestowed with immense
power for the battle of Kurukshetra

When Christ disciples were filled with power and their fallowing grew, the
same old evil minds managed to enter these groups to Re-Stitch the Torn
curtain and bind people back into temples as slaves. They gave new name to
these temples [Church]. Today we are churchgoers; we are blind followers of
priests and religious leaders. The situation of the world is repeating itself as
in the period of Christ. All our churches are a market place where struggle for
wealth and power is happening. No wonder Christ said He would come again.
It is time that every priest introspect the path he is travelling. They must
bear in mind that the only place where Jesus let loose his anger is in temples
and the only people whom he ridiculed are Priests. Christs Calvary sacrifice
between the period of Christ and now is that we are in an EVENT HORIZON
where all souls are being stressed to awaken and take side.
We the people on earth are a mixture of all these characters. The question is
which character is dominating. We who act against our consciousness, we
who fail to awaken to our consciousness and intelligence within even when
we are stressed, we who blindly fallow religious leaders, we who give and
take bribes, we who sell the vote for money, caste, religion are worse than
Judas. We are like the thief on the left side of the cross. We are like people
who shouted for the release of Barabbas in place of Christ
Christ and Calvary was the Big Bang Point, where by the act of one Single
Soul, our souls were liberated and given free will. 2015 years down the lane,
we are in an Event Horizon, where every soul is being stressed to evolve to
see the light. We are stressed by light and darkness. Bible says that Christs
or Gods spirit will pour out on all in the end of time. We are in a turbulent
state or state of great disorder where all the predictions in the Bible are
increasingly becoming evident. Jesus surrendered His Heart, Mind and Body
in fullness to Will of the Father so that His Fathers Kingdom can manifest. We
do not see any religious leaders working towards Kingdom of God. People are
using Gods name in this turbulent state to advance their Kingdom. Kingdom
of God is Truth and Justice. We see hardly any one fighting truly for Truth and
Justice, we hardly see any one truly fighting for the bread winners and
common people. We hardly see any one truly fighting to save Mother Earth.
We all work with intent of self-advancement; in the process, we are
destroying heaven and earth. We strive to build our cozy boats at the

expense of the Mother Ship sailing

increasingly turbulent ocean and we call
ourselves intelligent people!!!
The Good News is that the Spirit of
Christ released at Calvary is working.
With it the Cosmic Kundalini or
Universal Consciousness and
Intelligence is unfolding. Both forces,
the centripetal and centrifugal is
increasing and we are caught in it. As the Cosmic Kundalini force
touches the peak, we would see Light and Truth and the world would
experience the birth into New Time Cycle We then enter the Golden
Age or Kingdom of God.
Golden Age [Dharma Yuga] or Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. It is also
called Light Age. Bible very clearly says Jesus manifested to restore the
Kingdom of God. Vedas very clearly classifies Universal Time Cycle into four
quantum proportions, where Truth and justice deteriorate. We are in fact in
the most deteriorated state. Vedic scriptures lack clarity when it comes to
explaining the cause for the fall and its reversal and its perpetual existence.
The reversal of the Universal Time Cycle becomes explicit when we merge
Veda and Bible
We need to understand it as the Primal DNA string unfolding. We need
to understand this as information explosion leading to Knowledge era.
We need to perceive it as humanity awakening to Heart and Mind of
The Vedas tells us that universe is thought projection of Mind of God. It
goes on to say that, we humans too create our worlds through such thought
projections. The difference is that adult human minds are self-centered and
thus it creates its own world that is inferior. It thus becomes the seat of dark
energy. It becomes salve to material world. God resisted this slavery to
material world as he gave dominion to Adam and Eve after their creation in
His image. The secret of creation thus is the revelation of Heart and Mind of
God so that the whole of humanity gains New Life and his mind is illuminated
such that he takes care of Earth and Gods kingdom. The New Time Cycle
begins with it. The fall begins with souls in Spiritual World that become Ego
centered, strive for superiority, and unseat the King. On earth, this manifests
into many Gods and religions. Thus, this world can find peace only when
people are liberated from the bondage of religions to perceive spiritual Truth

or God in simplicity. This in turn would force the spiritual leaders to unite and
teach one God who works from within to create and sustain.
The religious institutions need to evolve to teach humanity
the God within and the importance of conscious living and the
need to walk in the path of Truth and Justice.
The God and you Believe, the type of worship you carry out, the religion and culture you
fallow is your choice. I respect it. However, it can only take Life Force only when it connects to
the consciousness. The role of priest exists in helping people connect to the consciousness and
walk the path of Truth and Justice. Such people grow towards light. They strengthen their family,
society and the whole world bringing Life and order. At the least, priests and religious people
should resist and become warriors fighting for Truth and Justice. The question is whether this
I know for ages our mind exist as Slave to religions. By our education, we have trained scientist
to work on parts. They exist as prisoner chained to Platos chair at the Mouth of the Cave
[Allegory]. I cannot expect minds that are not liberated to understand Truth revealed to me by
However, please note the increasing signs of destruction around you. Earth is growing fragile
and reacting. Please awaken to the fact we are stressing earth to her critical limit and she is
reacting. Please read the article - https://www.scribd.com/doc/270257614/What-is-Happening-toEarth-Its-climate-and-Biosphere-Are-we-Approaching-Sixth-Mass-Extinction

The Big Bang Theory needs to be understood as information

or knowledge unfolding from Supremely Conscious and
Intelligent Heart and Mind. We are due to enter from
Information Era to Knowledge Era. We are due to enter
Golden Age or Age of Truth and Justice. However, with it
cosmic consciousness freezes and New Cosmic Time Cycle
begins. This is judgment.
I will end this article with a quote of Max Planck All matter
originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must
assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and
intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter

Note to Readers

This is not in support of Religion called Christianity. I respect all religions,

temples and places of worship. All of them are built to protect a core
message of conscious living upholding truth and justice. The problem is that
we the people have failed to grasp the core message but have ended
worshiping the material structure. I see huge gap between what the
Christian clergies speak and what they practice. As a young boy, later as a
researcher I was not a believer in God. Seeing the bloodshed in the name of
religion, I always felt God is invention of intelligent to rule the ignorant. I took
to research from consciousness hoping to contribute something humanity in
the process of living. Later as research scientist in Biotechnology, as I found
deep flaws in the foundation of Life science, I widened my horizon to include
the nature and society; I felt that human society needs a relative point that is
Absolute Good. Therefore, my stand evolved to a point - If there is no God
we need to invent one. By Grace, I realized this Absolute Good in God at
It did not make me a religious fanatic. In fact, it opened my inner eyes to see
the Truth written in Bible, Bhagavad-Gita, Vedas and Koran beyond religion. I
have perceived the substance as one. In fact, it helped me to perceive it as a
Life Science and a conscious call to advance science such that people can
come out of bondage to religions. Since I am only a Biologist and I have
minimal knowledge of mathematics, I have inherent draw back to explain it
in mathematical language that can appeal to modern science. My struggle to
reach out to temples of science to discuss these thoughts and explore many
technological ideas was waste of energy and resources. At one point, I even
gave up my conscious call and struggle.
Later I realized I am being self-centered and thus took up the conscious call. I
just surrendered my mind to write and draw instinctively, and post it on the
net. Mostly I do not even look back on what I write. This article just unfolded
spontaneously. The elaboration of these thoughts, scientifically deducing it
from PRINCIPLE AND DESING that is applicable to smallest strings, its
manifestation into point particle, manifestation of point particle into atoms,
complex molecules and complex system are explored in many of the article
that I posted. Reader should explore it.
Once we understand the Principle and Design, we should be able to evolve
to higher level of knowledge and reinvent much of the lost knowledge,
especially of the east. It is appreciable that India did manage to introduce
and celebrate an intentional Yoga Day. There is no doubt that Ayurveda, Yoga
and Meditation practices of the east are a superior science. However, I fear

that this day would go as another day, as Fathers, mothers, lovers, and
childrens day ---- as the world continues to move in its material, selfcentered, destructive path. What we need is reinvention of the lost
knowledge as Superior Science or Light such that the whole world awakens.
India needs to come out of its slavery to western thinking and unearth its
wealth of knowledge.
The east is a source of highest knowledge. Eastern knowledge deteriorated
when people began to hide and failed to transfer Knowledge to the next
generation. I have come across people expressing that if all knowledge is
kept open, evil people will exploit it. I always felt that this very thinking is an
expression self and it is evil. We see here a denial of free flow of Life Force
and tendency to transform White Force and accumulate it as Dark Force.
Cosmic DNA Awakening is transformation of Dark Energy back into
White Energy. It is Truth and Life force emerging through Christ and
His Calvary Sacrifice
Our society and abode now stands in critically endangered state. We cannot
continue in the same path. We need to awaken to our consciousness and
evolve to higher level of knowledge. The world has awakened to Global
Warming and increasing climate catastrophes. Human minds are becoming
increasingly unstable. It is taking violent and self-destructive paths. It is time
we awaken to our consciousness and intelligence within and take guard of
earth, and give life to it. Scientists relate Global Warming and Climate
Catastrophes to increasing CO2 from fossil fuel. Though they are right, I feel
they have missed the central point. We are destroying earths functioning to
sustain certain ratio of energy to matter by exponentially increasing the heat
being released into the environment and intruding into the night cycle
excessively. Further, we by destroying forest and greenery are upsetting
another vital ratio of O2 to CO2 ratio that is vital to higher life. The whole
biosphere is collapsing. It is now or never situation. Read article https://www.scribd.com/doc/270257614/What-is-Happening-to-Earth-Its-climate-andBiosphere-Are-we-Approaching-Sixth-Mass-Extinction

We need to awaken to the Principle and Design and take

quick action to alleviate the situation. We also need dramatic
shift in our thinking about energy and its use. We need a
transition in to new technologies that mimic life and release
less heat to support the society. We need a total change in
our concept of health and medication, food and agriculture.
We need to transform or eliminate the dark elements from

our social and governmental fabric. The one approach is

awakening of consciousness.
In a democratic world, it is our duty to awaken our leaders, both religious and political to awaken
to their consciousness and take actions. I have written to them repeatedly, but it has gone into
deaf ears. It is time we all tap their door. There is a sign of hope in the present Pope and other
religious leaders who have come out to address climate change and increasing climate
catastrophes and is showing the courage the revamp the religious thinking and functioning. But
there is long way to go, for evil and self-centered, non-awakened minds within the organization
and society at levels will resist the change. Our mind is programmed only to think in terms of
wealth accumulation and its protection.

The question is not about wealth, it is about Life and Death

For the last three decades, in a society where people flow
with the tide, where people fish in troubled waters to advance
their self, I am swimming against the tide all alone. I gave up
a lucrative career, to take to farming in the family as I began
to search truth from a point of freedom. I yielded to the
conscious call and left the field I nurtured to live a life of
uncertainty as I struggled to write and communicate with you
all. Now that I have started to speak against my religious
organization, I am going to be isolated from my people, who
still exist as salves to religious organization. This could mean
I am entering the most hostile zone of my life, where I might
lose even my livelihood, lose my connectivity with you all. We
live in a world of fanatic religious leaders who will not fear to
destroy anyone who shakes their edifice. I need your prayers,
if you feel I am right.
Honestly, I am not against religions, temples and churches. I deeply respect it. They are spiritual
Universities that are essential to safe Guard Light and uphold it for generations. My point is that
they need to evolve and set their house in order. Today the churches are filled with people who
take it as profession. They take it as means of livelihood, a profession of power and a secure life.
The fall of humanity, the self-centered and corrupt world we live in is emerging from here. The
failures of priests are taking the world in self-destructive way. The character of Judas and Priest
speak this. The manifestation Christ his Revolt against Temples thus became a necessity.
Kingdom of God we know is Truth and Justice. Bible clearly speaks that the purpose of Jesus
manifestation and His Calvary Sacrifice is to restore the kingdom to His Father. The Vedas
clearly speak of Universal Time Cycle, is a cycle of Truth and Justice, where Truth and justice
deteriorates in certain quantum proportions. I salute those leaders in religious institutions who

are true to the path they chose. However, I am concerned about the evil minds that dominate and
control the institutions. It is inevitable that these powerful people should break barrier of self
and material slavery and come together at this Critical Juncture to save humanity and Earth.
People say this is impossible. If Bible and religious scriptures are true it would happen. Bible
says in the end God will pour out His Spirit on all. This means we are going to awaken to Truth
and Light. This is the only way the humanity and earth can survive.
Here is Picture that summarizes Biblical creation and existence

Please - Viral this article as many people as possible.