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Interview of Maulana Saeed Ahmad

Jalalpuri Regarding Yousuf Kazzab &

Zaid Hamid
Posted by Abu Muhammad on March 1, 2010
Yesterday (on June 21, 2009), I went to “Aalmi Majlis e
Tahaffuz e Khatm e Nubuwwat” (AMTKN) [ Global
Majlis for the Protection of Seal of Prophethood] office at
Purani Numaish, M.A. Jinnah Road, Masjid Babur
Rehmat, Karachi Pakistan. And, I got an opportunity to
talk to Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri himself, who is
the Ameer of AMTKN. I am producing my conversation
with respected Maulana below in the form of questions
and answers:
Q: Did some one from AMTKN or Ulema Karam
actively participate in the case against Yusuf Kazab?
A: Obviously ! the case was registered by Maulana
Muhammad Ismail Shuja Abadi on the directions of
quaideen of AMTKN
Q: Some people say that the Yusuf Kazab became a
victim of Daily Khabrain Editor Zia Shahid’s enmity
because Zia Shahid had some land/money dispute with
Yusuf Kazab?
A: Suppose, if this was the case, then leave Zia Shahid,
and take rest of the evidences, which are too much,
coming from too many sources, too strong and too crystal
clear in nature. AMTKN challenges any one who have
any “proof” that Yusuf Kazab did not claimed to be a
prophet, please come forward and AMTKN will listen
him/her carefully, analyze those proofs and will clarify its
stance publicly with all those proofs and counter-proofs.
Its an open challenge for any one.
Q: Maulana, how AMTKN proof that Zaid Hamid
was indeed “Syed Zaid Zaman”, the Khalifa of Yusuf
A: I recommend you to read my booklet which contain
non refutable proof that “Syed Zaid Zaman“, the Khalifa
of Yusuf Kazab is none other than Zaid Hamid. AMTKN
stand by this document and if Zaid Hamid wants to refute
it or prove us wrong than he is more than welcome to visit
us any time he like. We would sit together and discuss all
counter proofs that he have and inshaAllah there will be
khair. Nothing to fight over, its very simple, we have
proofs you have counter-proofs, lets sit together and
resolve it once and for all.
Q: Maulana do you have all those proofs in the
documentation form?
A: Not only do we have those proofs in the
documentation form, but those people who were affected
by the murtid Yusuf Kazab are in our loop. I have
personally met with some of those people as well.
Q: Person A was a follower of Yusuf Kazab, but now
he says that he has “nothing to do with Yusuf or his
beliefs or any other people like him”. What is the
minimum requirement according to Shariah for
Person A to come out clear from the mess he was
involved in his past?
A: According to Shariah, Person A will have to do the
1. Acceptance – Accept publicly and openly that he “did”
a mistake by negating the finality of Prophet Muhammad
Salalaho Alayhi Wassalam and by following a liar Kazab
and a false prophet.
2. Repentance – Repent that what ever he did was indeed
a great sin and do Tauba and Astaghfar with Allah
Subhanahu Ta’ala.
3. Disassociate – Disassociate publicly and openly that
now he is no more a follower of Yusuf Kazab and his
4. Condemn – Condemn publicly and openly that Yusuf
Kazab was indeed a liar and a murtid
5. Tajdeed e Iman – Do tajdeed of Iman (which also
includes tajdeed of Aqid e Khatm e Nubuwwat) publicly
and openly
6. Tajdeed e Nikah – Do tajdeed of Nikah
Q: [I show Maulana, the responses that Zaid Hamid
has given so far and ask his opinion] if they fulfill the
requirement of Shariah?
A: No, these vague statements are not enough and does
not fulfill the requirements of Shariah (as mentioned in
the answer of above question).
Q: Maulana, will AMTKN welcome Zaid Hamid if he
wishes to visit you to discuss this issue in detail?
A: I’ve already stated it in clear terms, we will welcome
Zaid Hamid to come and discuss this issue. But, I can
also tell you one thing, if Zaid Hamid is a culprit and
is double crossing then, mark my words, he will never
come, he will prefer to drink poison than visiting us at
AMTKN office.