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Starbrite Leasing, Inc., and Edrn'ard C. Furlong,



Town of Bartlett, et al
Docket No. zrz-zor5-CV-oooro


The Plaintiffs' Emergency Motion to Clarif;i Court's Order Dated June 24,2ors
Pertaining to Matters of Lar,r,and Request for Hearing is DENIED. The Court has not
overlooked or misapprehended any points of larn' or fact in its order of June 29, 2or1.
The extensive litigation history of this case supports the Court's conclusions that this
action is barred by the doctrine of res judicata and the express terms of the temporary
access agreement.

It is necessary for the Court to respond to some of the allegations made by Mr.
Furlong in the motion to clarify. The Court responds as follows:


The Court did not copy and paste its order from another Judge. In fact,


carefully drafted both the May 7, zor5 order, as well as the June zZ,2oLS order,
after an exhaustive review of ail of the pieadings and exhibits submitted by the

2. The Court does not recall making a statement

at the March

24,2or; hearing to

the effect that it would serve the best interest of this Court for Mr. Furlong to hire
an attorney rather than proceeding in a self-represented capacity. This Court has

treated Mr. Furlong with the respect and dignity he deserves as a self-

represented litigant.


Mr. Furlong has asked the Court if it "knows Attorney Cooper, and in what
capacity"? The Court does not knorv Attorney Cooper on a personal, social, or
professional basis. The Court has never practiced with or been professionally
associated n'ith Attorney Cooper.


In terms of the "plaintiffs hope they are not up against the (good old boy) club
here in the NH Judiciary", the Court simpty points out that he was nominated by

Governor Maggie Hassan, the Presiding Justice who supervised him in

Hillsborough County Superior Court-Southern District

\,vas a

woman (Judge

Jacalvn Colburn), his Clerk of Court (Abigail Albee) is a woman and all of his

Court staff, larv clerks and a law clerk extern are females. The plaintiffs are not in
any way, shape or form up against a good old boy club in the Carroll County

Superior Court.
The Court has devoted time to addressing these spurious allegations because
such assertions question the integrity of the Court. Allegations of this type and the

inferences such assertions attempt to draw have absolutely no place in the court system.
They are an affront to the dignity of this Court.

So ordered.

Date: July t6, zor5

Charles S. Temple,
Presiding Justice