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IF Clauses/Conditionals (including some MIXED and REDUCED patterns)

1. Jessica may come to the party tomorrow if she ________ time.

a. is having b. has
c. had
d. had had
2. I would have bought a new television if I _____________ my credit cards with me.
a. had
b. have
c. had had
d. were having
3. If you plant a large enough tree, your grandchildren ___________ a lot of shade.
a. would have
b. have
c. are having
d. will have
4. If I ____________ not busy tonight, I'll play baseball with my friends.
a. am being b. was
c. am d. had been
5. I would have more money in my checking account if I ___________ careful with it.
a. am b. were
c. was
d. have been
6. Sgt. Sanchez could enunciate more clearly if he ___________.
a. tries b. is trying
c. had tried
d. tried
7. We would have gone with you to the flea market if you ____________ us.
a. call b. had called
c. are calling
d. called
8. Would you go on a nature hike if it ______________?
a. snows
b. had snowed
c. is snowing
d. snowed
9. Steve will be here if his train _________ on time.
a. is b. was
c. were d. had been
10. You could have gone with us if you ______________ a ticket.
a. buy
b. is buying
c. had bought
d. bought

11. They __________ you if they had known your correct address.
a. may visit

b. visit

c. would have visited

d. might visit

12. We will film our scenes for the movie outside tomorrow if the weather __________ good.
a. be b. was
c. had been
d. is
13. Lt. Chjdrkjdkxzskjz would study more if he ____________ so lazy.
a. weren't b. wasn't
c. isn't
d. hadn't been
14. You could have met the Commandant if you _____________ here.
a. are
b. had been
c. are being
d. were
15. What would you have done about your living quarters if you ____________ a choice?
a. have
b. are having
c. had
d. had had
16. If you ___________ better, would you have gone to the dance contest?
a. had felt
b. feel
c. are feeling d. felt
17. You will feel a little better if you ___________ a little nap.
a. take
b. were taking
c. took
d. had taken
18. You will get a bad headache if you _____________ any more of that hot Pepsi!
a. drinking
b. drink
c. drank
d. had drunk

19. They would appreciate it if you ____________ English to them.

a. speaking b. are speaking c. spoke d. had spoken
20. If we finish this exercise, we ___________ a break.
a. take b. took c. will take d. are taking
21. What would you have done if you ___________ in Hiroshima in 1945?
a. had been living
b. were living
c. was living
d. are live
22. I would have called you to invite you to my sisters baby shower if I ___________ your phone number.
a. knew b. know c. had known
d. was known
23. If today had been Saturday, I ___________ to the zoo.
a. could have go
b. might have gone
c. will go

d. should go

24. I will meet you at the airport if you ____ me your exact arrival time.
a. gave
b. have given
c. give
d. could have given
25. If I ________ older, I would retire from teaching and never think about grammar again.
a. was
b. am
c. were
d. will be
26. If it _________ Sunday today, I would be in my room sleeping.
a. were
b. was
c. will be
d. is
27. I might have been at the party if I __________ about it, but you people always keep secrets from me.
a. knew
b. know
c. am known
d. had known
28. Lt. Arroyo would get better scores on his tests if he ________ more.
a. study
b. studied
c. studies
d. will study
29. If it rains tomorrow, we ___________ the PT test.
a. cancel
b. will cancel
c. canceled

d. had canceled

30. If I _______ the lottery tomorrow night, I will buy each of you a new Porsche.
a. win
b. did win
c. won
d. would have won
31. If President Bush gets re-elected in the year 2004, I __________ very surprised.
a. am
b. will be
c. was
d. were
32. I ______________ if I were Shakira. Shes living life in the fast lane.
a. would slow down
b. will slow down
c. would have slown down
d. slow down
33. I ________________ a monk if I had lived in the 13th century.
a. would be
b. will be
c. would have been
d. am
34. If the movie is bad, we ___________.
a. will be leave
b. can leave
c. are leave

d. left

35. If the teacher gives me too much homework every night, I _______ unhappy.
a. become
b. became
c. have become
d. had become

36. If you ________ a headache, take an aspirin and lie down.

a. had
b. have had
c. have
d. will have
37. I will be very happy if the Dallas Cowboys ________ next week.
a. won
b. have won
c. had won
d. win
38. If you hate DLI, _______ home.
a. go back
b. gone back
c. going back

d. goes back

39. If you finish the test early, you _____________.

a. may leave
b. left
c. would leave
d. would have left
40. If I am not there by 9 o'clock, _________ without me.
a. gone
b. go
c. going
d. goes
41. If you can tell me the capital of Mongolia, I _________ you five dollars.
a. give
b. gave
c. would give
d. might give
42. If he grows any taller, he _________ a basketball player.
a. might become
b. is
c. would have been

d. were

43. If Lt. Smith _______ here, he could help you, but he took the day off. Sorry.
a. were
b. was
c. is
d. had been
44. I ___________ surprised if Lt. Jones got 100 on the ECL.
a. would not be
b. am
c. would have been
d. will have been
45. Napoleon might have won the Battle of Waterloo if he _________ more troops.
a. has
b. had
c. had had
d. had been having
46. If the fire alarm bell rings, __________ to the nearest exit.
a. proceeding
b. proceeds
c. proceeded
d. proceed
47. I am always happy if I ________ a letter from home.
a. got
b. gets
c. had got
d. get
48. If my paycheck comes in the mail today, I _________ some new clothes.
a. buy
b. might buy
c. would have bought
d. bought
49. If the fighting continues in Burundi, the United Nations _________.
a. will have to return
b. would have to return
c. returned
d. returns
50. If no one knows the answer, Pepito ____________ it out.
a. shouts
b. would shout
c. would have shouted
d. shouted


If my dog barks in the middle of the night, I always _______ to go investigate.

a. got up
b. gets up
c. would have gotten up
d. get up

a. go

a. is

I ________ to the picnic next Friday if I am in town.

b. will go
c. would go
d. would have gone
An engine will not start if the fuel tank ______ empty.
b. was
c. were
d. had been


If I were you, I ________ that movie before it leaves town.

a. would see
b. will see
c. see
d. saw
55. If Pepito doesn't shut up, I __________ him.
a. kill
b. will kill
c. would kill
d. would have killed
VERY DIFFICULT IF CLAUSES, including some mixed ones
56. If you eat too much pizza, you __________ sick.
a. will get
b. would get
c. got
d. would have gotten
57. If you had done your homework, you ___________ the material.
a. understand
b. can be understand
c. understood
d. would have understood
58. I will send you a postcard if you ________ me to.
a. want
b. wanted
c. had wanted
d. would have wanted
59. If you ____________ speaking English, you will improve.
a. practice
b. practiced
c. had practice
d. are practice
60. If you were 16 years old again, where ________________?
a. would you be
b. will you be
c. are you
d. would you have been
61. If Germany had won World War II, we ________________ German right now.
a. will be speaking
b. speak
c. would be speaking
d. would have spoken
62. If you had been George Washington, what ________________ about
the shortage of supplies at Valley Forge?
a. will you do
b. would you have done
c. would you do
d. did you do
63. If you ever say anything like that to me again, I ________ charges against you.
a. file
b. would file
c. would have filed
d. will file
64. If Mr. Williams is in a good mood after his vacation, he _______ you some souvenir postcards of San
a. brought b. bring
c. might bring
d. would have brought
65. You should never drive if you _________ drunk.
a. were
b. are being
c. are
d. had been
66. You will get a good score on the next ECL if you ________ your if clause patterns.
a. were learned
b. learn
c. will have learned
d. had learned
67. If I had gotten eight hours of sleep last night, I _________ better today.
a. will feel
b. would feel
c. feel
d. would have feel
68. If today ________ Saturday, what would you do?
a. were
b. was
c. is
d. has been
69. If Columbus had not claimed most of the New World for Spain, what

________________ now?
a. do you think the map would look like
b. do you think the map will look like
c. does you think would have looked like the map
d. do you think the map would have look like
70. I might be very happy right now if my country __________ me to DLI last month.
a. does not send
b. had not sent
c. would not send
d. will not send
71. If Al Gore ____________ President in 2000, he would not be so unhappy right now.
a. is not elected
b. were not elected
c. had been elected
d. will not be elect
72. What language ____________ right now, if you had been born in Brazil?
a. will you be speak
b. would you have spoken
c. do you speak
d. would you be speaking
73. If Lt. Smith really did steal something from the BX yesterday and Ive read the damning report, he
___________ back home in disgrace next week.
a. would have been sent
b. will be sent
c. is sent
d. would be sent
74. If you had mastered all the "if" clause rules years ago, you _________________ any trouble answering
these questions right now.
a. will not be having
b. would not be having
c. are not having
d. don't have
75. If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything _____ like a nail.
a. looked
b. would look
c. would have looked
d. looks
76. If you have finished writing your paragraphs, you _________ a break now.
a. take
b. may take
c. will have taken
d. would take
77. If Joe really did get 32 on the ECL yesterday, he ________________ next week.
a. got recycled
b. will be recycled
c. is recycling
d. would have been recycled
78. If you have ever driven 100 mph in a heavy rainstorm, you _____ an idiot!
a. will be
b. would have been
c. are
d. will have been
79. If you learn your if clauses and get a higher score on the next ECL, Mr. Williams and Ms. Stuart
_________ very happy.
a. are
b. will be
c. would have been
d. were
80. If you havent seen Saving Private Ryan yet, you ___________ a great movie.
a. miss
b. have been missed
c. have missed
d. would have missed

If I __________ right now, I would probably be sweating bullets.
a. am being OPId
b. was in OPI
c. had been OPId
d. were being OPId
If I had been you, I would not have taught the class that way.
a. If I was you, I would not have taught the class that way.
b. Were I you, I will not have taught the class that way.
c. Had I been you, I would not have taught the class that way.

d. I would not have taught the class that way, were I you.
I will give the message to the Supervisor, __________ her.
a. should I see
b. if I am seeing
c. if I have seen
d. when I saw
84. After 72 hours of binge drinking, my nephew Joe looked as if he ______ 100 years old.
a. was
b. were
c. has been
d. is being

Were it not for the horrible weather, we _____________ a picnic in the park right now.
a. are having
b. could be having
c. will have had
d. had had

Had there not been a terrible storm last night, my VCR ______________ during the power
failure, and I could have recorded Politically Incorrect at 2:05 a.m.
a. will not be messed up
b. would not have gotten messed up
c. had not been messed up
d. will not have been being messed up

If I had been born in North Korea, I ____________ here at DLI right now.
a. am not
b. will not be
c. wouldnt have been
d. would not be

I would study the if clause patterns a little more ______________.

a. were I you
b. if were I you
c. if I had been you
d. was I you
If IT knows what IT is, then IT ___________ for not being what IT isnt.
a. cant blame
b. couldnt be blame
c. cant be blamed
d. could not have been blaming



If Joe is out of town again today, then I guess he __________ the news yet, has he?
a. hadnt heard
b. did not hear
c. hasnt heard
d. had not heard


If he had gotten 90 or higher on his entry ECL, he _____________________ immediately in the AEL
Program with the Puerto Rican lieutenants.
a. will be placing
b. would have been placed
c. might be place
d. could have placed

a. Im

If hes smart, _______ Einstein.

b. I will have been
c. I were

d. I must have been being


If teardrops were pennies and heartaches were gold, ___________ all the riches my pockets could
a. I will have
b. I had
c. Id have
d. I am having
94. If you were an animal, ______________ herbivorous, carnivorous, or omnivorous?
a. you might be
b. would you be
c. are you
d. will you be

95. Had I not studied English as a child, I ________________ more difficulty with the
language here at DLI now.
a. am having
b. would have had

c. would be having

d. will be having

96. We can keep the Library open until midnight, _______________________.

a. if need be
b. if it needs
c. if needing
d. if we need

97. If a civilian woman _______ to chair next weeks committee, she need not address the military
members by rank.
a. had been selected
b. was selected
c. were to be select
d. gets selected
98. He walks around as if deodorant ______________.
a. is not invent
b. was not invent
c. had never been invented
d. was not invented
99. You must study. If you dont, you will surely fail.
a. If not
b. Unless
c. Although
d. If no
100. I would not have done that ________________.
a. if I were you
b. if I was you
c. had I been you
d. were I you
101. I know you want to go to the movie instead of studying. If you ______ to the movie and fail the test
tomorrow, I will not sympathize with you.
a. are go
b. will go
c. are to be going
d. do go
102. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and sounds like a duck and smells like a duck,
______________ a duck.
a. its probably
b. it was probably
c. it will be probably
d. it would have been probably
103. If my brother __________ when he was 14 years old, he probably would have become a drug dealer.
a. wasnt killed
b. had not been killed
c. werent killed
d. hadnt been being killed
104. We might have stayed longer at the zoo _______________________.
a. if no rain
b. if it werent raining
c. had it not started raining
d. should the rain be started
105. If Joe has to be fired to save the company some money, __________!
a. it was so
b. so be it
c. so has it
d. so must be
106. If I could sing, I would want to be a tenor singing German opera.
a. Were I able to sing, I would want to be a tenor singing German opera.
b. I would want to be a tenor singing German opera, if I can sing.
c. If I was able to sing, I would want to be a tenor singing German opera.
d. I would want to be a tenor singing German opera, if its possible that I was able to.
107. He spends money as if he ______ a millionaire
a. was
b. am
c. are
d. were
108. When I saw my uncles corpse lying in the coffin at the funeral home, I started feeling as if I
_______________ my own future.
a. was seeing
b. have seen
c. were seeing
d. could be seen
109. If you __________ with dogs, you_________ with fleas.
a. are lie down
a. get up
b. will lie down
b. would get up
c. were lying down
c. would have gotten

d. lie down

d. are getting up


If you were flying in an airplane that was plummeting in a crash-spiral,

what ____________________?
a. are your final words
b. will be your final words
c. is going to be your final words
d. might your final words be
111. If (as you say) New York City really ______ the first capital of the U.S., what was the second one?
a. was
b. has been
c. were
d. would have been
112. We would have won the game, _____________________ due to darkness.
a. if it wasnt canceled
b. had it not been canceled
c. it was werent canceled
d. would that it hadnt been canceled
113. We will pick you up at nine. Otherwise, meet us at the theater at ten.
a. If no
b. Unless
c. Therefore
d. If not


We will play the game at Warhawk Field tomorrow afternoon _______________.

a. although it rains
b. even if it rains
c. unless its not raining
d. otherwise it is raining


Which of the following sentences is the most formal, the most lawyerly, but also so
rhetorically correct that it hurts the brain just to analyze it?
a. If justice be delayed, justice is denied.
b. If justice was delayed, justice is denied.
c. If justice were delayed, justice was denied.
d. If justice has been delayed, justice will have been denied.

114. If it rains, we will cancel the picnic.

a. Providing it doesnt rain, we will cancel the picnic.
b. We will cancel the picnic if only it will rain.
c. Only if it rains we will cancel the picnic.
d. Only if it rains will we cancel the picnic.
a. is

I absolutely hated his speech..if truth _______ told,

b. were
c. was
d. be
e. to be

118. The book says, Life should be easy and pleasant. If only it __________!!
a. were
b. was
c. is
d. would have been
119. I want you to return the extra books--if there _______ any--to the Supervisors closet.
a. be
b. was
c. are being
d. happens to be

Martina Hingis was asked by the reporters if she ______ to play in the upcoming tournaments.
a. was planning
b. were planning
c. plan
d. is plan
121. Martina Hingis told the reporters that if she had not lost in the opening round of Wimbledon last
month, she _________ in all the upcoming tournaments.
a. will play
b. would have planned on playing
c. will be planning to play
d. could be play


If Robert F. Kennedy had not been assassinated in June of 1968, he probably _______
President of the U.S. five months later.
a. was elected
b. would be elected
c. will be elected
d. would have been elected


Aristotle correctly reasoned that if the earth really ______ flat, there would not be round
shadows cast during lunar and solar eclipses.
a. were
b. was
c. had been
d. would have been

a. was

Yesterday, my teacher asked me if I ________ ready for the test, and I shouted, YES!
b. were
c. am
d. am being


If I had known that Joe _______ sick, I would have visited him in the hospital. He sure came
back to work early, didnt he?
a. were
b. is
c. be
d. has been
e. was

126. If elephants _____________, we would all need industrial-strength umbrellas.

a. are fly

b. fly

c. flying

d. are flown

e. could fly

127. If fish is meat, then dancing ______ a sport.

a. were
b. was
c. is
d. have been
128. Of which one of the following do you think a conservative grammarian of the old school (such as Mr.
Williams) would most approve?
a. Had I not joined the military, I probably would become a librarian in 1997.
b. I would probably have became a librarian in 1997, if I hadnt joined the military.
c. If I didnt join the military in 1997, I would probably became a librarian.
d. Had I not joined the military in 1997, I would probably be a librarian right now.
129. If someone were to tell me that I ________ going to be fired, I would not panic.
a. be
b. was
c. were
d. will be


Why did your mother lie and say No when the reporter asked her if Joe Smith _______
your father?
a. were
b. was
c. be
d. is being

131. If I were a teacher who _______ recalcitrant students, I would be very upset.
a. has
b. was having
c. have
d. had
132. If the eyes had no tears, the soul _____________ no rainbow.
a. is having
b. will have
c. would have
d. can be having
133. The only time I ever said No, was when they asked me if ___________ enough!!
a. Id had
b. Im having
c. I were having
d. I was having
134. If you go to the store, would you please buy me some arsenic?
a. Please buy me some arsenic if you had gone to the store.
b. Should you go to the store, please buy me some arsenic.
c. If you have gone to the store, please buy me some arsenic.
d. Had you gone to the store, did you please buy me some arsenic?


My boss asked me if I ___________ to take off next week, and I said, Yes.
a. were planning
b. had planning
c. was planning
d. did planning
135. If being ugly ______ a crime, most of us would be sitting on Death Row.
a. was
b. has been
c. was being
d. were
136. If you try to chase two rabbits, you ______ neither one.
a. are caught
b. will be caught
c. will catch
d. have caught
137. I asked him if he ________ anyone, and he replied Nope, but the day aint over yet.
a. kill
b. had ever killed
c. have even been killed
d. had been killed

Answer the following questions using COMPLETE COMPLEX SENTENCES.

1. If you were an animal instead of a human being, what animal would you want to be and why?

2. If you had lived in the 13th century, what might your occupation have been?

3. If you had $35,000,000,000, what would you buy?

4. If you had been one of Columbuss sailors in 1492, what would your feelings have been as you sailed
westward toward the unknown?

5. If you were Queen Elisabeth II of England, what would you do to control your family?


If you had not been sent to DLI to study, where would like to have been sent and why?


If you could witness the actual execution or assassination of one famous person from history, which
one would you select and why?


If you could have invented one of the great labor-saving devices of history, which one would you most
like to have been credited with creating and why?


If you were a member of the Nobel Prize selection committee, whom would you vote for in any
category next yearand why?

10. If you had been Noah trying to load all the animals aboard the Ark, which pair do you think would
have given you the most problems and why?

11. If you had the chance to assassinate any political leader with total impunity, which one would you
most like to off and why?

12. If you knew then what you know now, what ONE major mistake of your past would you most want to


If you could have been the author of ONE famous European novel, which one would you most like to
have written and why?


Had you not had Mr. Williams for a BALIC grammar teacher, which other teacher would you have


If it were Saturday midnight right now, where would you probably be and what would you be doing?


If you could be fluent in any Oriental language, which one would you want to be fluent in and why?