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15501 Glynn Road Uss_2222@yahoo.com

East Cleveland, Ohio 44112 (216)272-7925
Dedicated and experienced Systems Analyst with Facilities and comprehensive Property Inventory and
Purchasing experience, desktop application support, PC hardware knowledge expertise. Organized and
self-motivated team member that communicates highly technical information to technical and non-
technical personnel. Thorough knowledge of R&A organizational and logistical requirement, executed all of
R&A departments reorganization and configuration via DFAS WOS orders system, GSA RWAs.
System Analyst as a tester for Retired & Annuity Pay, Managed the Defense Enrollment Eligibility
Reporting System (DEERS) security for all DFAS facilities in Ohio, Indiana and Navy Intelligence Security
Cleveland, Ohio.
Managerial experience twenty eight years active duty in the United States Marine Corps as a Chief Warrant
Officer 3, Logistic Officer. The Highest level of security qualified Top Secrete. Managed in excess of 10
million dollars inventory account and served as Company XO/ Logistic Officer for 260 Marines.

Auto Scan Tracking System (ASTS 3) Inventory Data Base Administer, Assisted in developing numerous
changes to the ASTS 3 Data base to fit LMCO and the Gov needs for gathering sensitive and tracking
accounting data. Expertise of Microsoft Outlook 2003 products, Desktop applications install and
configuration, PC Hardware install and upgrade hardware and software. Systems security, Tracking
Hardware and Software Inventories for all Tier levels 1-2-3. DEERS sight security mgr.

Lockheed Martin, OH January 29th 2002 to February 12th, 2010
DFAS Cleveland, OH January 1st 1994 to January 28th, 2002
United States Marine Corps August 30th 1959 to October 30th, 1987

Inventory Support Specialist – Support for 7 mil dollars inventory

• ASTS 3 Inventory Data Base
• Tier level 1 Maintain Inventory for all desk top equipment
• Tier level 1-2 Maintain Inventory for all systems support equipment
• Tier level 2-3 Systems Inventory design for networks

Tier level 1-2-3 Track all Inventoried equipment and software & maintenance agreements
Warranties, updates and sensitive data.
System Analyst Retired & Annuity Pay (Tester)
• Set up test cases in the test mainframe for Former spouses
• End Year processing
Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)
• Coached employees on how to use the DEERS screens
• Assign levels of security access
• Added and delete employees
Create and update internal documentation for knowledge base that included
• Management level reports for planning purposes
•Monthly & quarterly Inventory of all types classes & levels of inventory
Technical Analyst –
• Develop inventories for tier levels 1 and sensitive equipment & software tier level 3 (Server &
Switches est.)
• Developed plans and Coordinate R&A departments reorganizations i.e. layouts, floor plans,
RWA and Statement of Work
• Initiate RWA for GSA, Coordinate and supervisor execution of plans with contractors
• Updated and maintained internal knowledge base for troubleshooting procedures for sensitive
information such as systems application hard ware and software.
University of South Carolina A.A. Business Administration