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Editorial team of Abhivyakti is delighted to bring out second issue of our
Universitys E-Magazine after dedicated efforts. Release of debut issue of the
magazine in 2014 had invoked common reaction from all readers as well as
our editorial members that significant change in content and design of the
magazine are required to lend it more depth and substance. Editorial team
eventually had to sit back and rework entire scheme of things for improving
overall quality of the magazine. It gives me satisfaction to learn that our
students and faculty editorial members have made commendable efforts to
fix many grey areas of the previous issue. Yet, less than adequate number of
entries remains a matter of concern for magazines editorial committee. Our
students need to be more enthusiastic in submitting their articles for the
magazine. Habit of reading and writing is undoubtedly rewarding, and over
time, it enriches a persons professional standing.
Constructive criticism for improving future issues of Abhivyakti will be welcome,
as ever.
Happy reading!

Narinder Sadana
Faculty Editor


Abhivyakti - a tribune for the evolving writers.
A sea of thoughts meets the ocean of words, thats how a writer is born and what
can be more pleasant than to have yourself retreated with the splendid ambience of words. Abhivyakti seems to be the canvas for the students to paint their
expressions and a platform to showcase their power of playing with words.
I am honored to be the student editor of this exceptional piece of art, creativity
and literature. It was an amazingly wonderful experience of both learning and
enhancing yourself.
My heartiest gratitude to my editorial team, the designers and to Ms. Akanksha
Vashisht for the consistent support.
Words can be like x-rays, if you use them properly theyll go through anything. You
read and you are pierced
Wishing all the readers a mind pleasing journey.

Nidhi Mehta
Student Editor




Success Story
Gurbaksh Chahal


Brain Inspired Chips


Robot Security Guards

Success Story
Isha Khare

Atithi Devo Bhava



DEVO BHAVA' campaign was initiated to encourage tourism in the country, which in

in 2005 to improve the relation between

host and the visiting foreigners. Tourism
Ministry's efforts to make people aware about
the safety and security of tourists, hygiene,
sanitation and vandalisation of historical
monuments. This campaign has come on the
heels of reports on harassment of tourists in the
country. There have been numerous instances
of thefts, scams, sexual assaults, drugging and
other crimes against international tourists.
Through this campaign effort was made to
sensitize people against harassment of tourists,
particularly women tourists. Tourism Ministry
hopes to bring about an attitudinal shift among
the masses towards tourists. Atithi Devo Bhava
aims at creating awareness about the effects of
tourism and sensitizing people about
preservation of our rich heritage & culture,
cleanliness and warm hospitality. The phrase
Atithi Devo Bhava has come into a new avatar,
thanks to Amir Khan and his series of tourism
advertisements. Awareness has been created
within our country about forgotten courtesies
that were symbolic of this ancient land of ours.
The initiative to encourage tourism through such
campaign in the country was a relatively new
trend in the Indian sub continent, but widely
practiced in the West.

turn would be a catalyst for Indias economic

development. The Atithi Devo Bhava campaigns
have always aimed at bringing out social ills
which affect the tourism business either directly
or indirectly. The national level initiative was
designated to address the pertinent issues at
both micro and macro levels and work towards
acceptable solutions to address them. The first
campaign was released in 2004 about the
misbehaviour of taxi drivers and the vandalism
of monuments by the Indian residents
themselves. The second year ad was based on
misleading tourist guides and in the third year,
it was about garbage accumulation. The
campaign, in its fourth year in 2008, focused on
the garbage issue, apart from graffiti. The
campaign targets the general public as a whole,
while focusing mainly on the stakeholders of the
tourism industry. The main components of the
campaign are training and orientation to taxi
drivers, guides, immigration officers, tourist
police and other personnel directly interacting
with the tourists, while simultaneously creating
brand equity for the trained persons.
The question in my mind as an author is, will
Government be able to attain its objective? Have
we observed any change in situation? Do we
wish to change the scenario for good?

All over the world we Indians are known for our

hospitality. We were taught the golden verse
Atithi Devo Bhava in our childhood itself. The
primary aim of the campaign has always been
Dr G Bhatnagar

Whom to trust
Even iron rots by rust
At whom to burst
And break the crust
Where resides half truth
behind the veil of mask
adorning the brute
what is right? Whom should I ask?
Believe what we are either told or see
Or believe what are we made to listen
Or believe what are we enforced to see
By chance , a very minute difference In a glance
Can not be embraced
Losing the shimmer and grace
Of ones image we have
From long known to us by a bard
Never ever trust
Even iron rots by rust
With whom to ramble
Why to squabble
It were you,who was wrong
Declared loudly ,a gong
By your senses be calm and quiescent
Told me,crescent
Let go such things
Abridge the path to truth
Trust lies there
Aarushi Jamwal

Beauty or brains. Whats more important?

O on a Grecian Urn declares

that beauty is truth and truth, beauty.
Yet in the words of M.K. Gandhi truth is
God. So God is beauty. How can God be
inferior to anything even brain?

To even look like you have brains you need to

have beauty. Everyone has brains, but not
everyone has beauty. A lot of successful and I
shouldnt forget to mention smart and
intelligent men marry beauty queens.

We have so many examples to prove that

According to a survey 84% of the women
beauty always has been more significant than
would prefer to be beautiful than have brains.
brain. The battle of Troy was
fought over Helen, who is
Anything that is beautiful attracts
considered to be the most
us. Beautiful people are always
beautiful woman in history.
welcomed everywhere, find
spouses faster and are liked by
Phil Katz the creator of the
everyone. Today good looking
first zip program, after
people are actually more
getting rich drank himself to
successful than people with
death within 2 years. Why?
brain. Our models and actors
He spent his life telling
earn more than engineers,
himself that being smart
doctors and lawyers.
mattered more but once he
achieved the tag of being smart, he
People who say that brain or to put it
realised how empty a victory it was because
intelligence is more important, say it just so
he was ugly.
that they dont come across as shallow. For me
beauty does appear to override intelligence
For those who say that beauty fades with age
but before you decide ask yourself What is
but I am sorry I beg to differ in so many ways.
beauty if the brain is empty?
When you become older, you cant remember
most of the stuff. So intelligence fades as well.
A beautiful woman can even tame a beast.
Tenzin Kunsel
Young beautiful girls have more career
opportunities and money than intelligent girls.


I sit and introspect

All my deeds are not worth
All these thoughts lingering in my head
No inference no conclusion
All day long I introspect
Days are passing by what all do I hold on to
I don t utter ,I just mutter
I try to stand tall in all my thick n thin
I wake n make ,try not to shake
and then I break
All my wrong deeds lead me to insomnia
and all night long I just dont sleep
I keep thinking and blinking
And all I do is just apologize to myself
for all my deeds right or wrong
All I need is peace n bliss.

Heena Chandel

The Cult of Apple

A has transformed itself

almost into a religion in the United
States and other parts of the world.
Apple clients worship the company and do not
buy anything from their competitors. Its clients
represent a loyalty hard to find in other sectors
of the market and they are willing to pay
whatever is necessary to obtain the latest
gadget. A few weeks ago, Apple became the
world's most valuable company in the world.
It has more than 500 million customers which
is more than thepopulation of many countries.
Apple has its symbol like other
religious sects, which is simply
an apple. The Apple symbol
is equivalent to a cross or the
muslim crescent or the Hindu
swastik .
In addition, Apple had its own
guru in the form of leader and
founder Steve Jobs. In the years
when he was away from the
company, Apple lost its importance. The belief
was fading. Since his return more than a
decade ago, Apple has altered the way the
world listens to music, talks on the telephone,
browses the web and with the iPad, the way
some read books, newspapers and magazines.
It is easier for a tourist or even a citizen of New
York to point out an Apple store than a church.
Built with huge glass windows, iconic glass
staircases are always located in strategic points
in the city. The oldest, considered the Apple
Cathedral on Fifth Avenue. It is huge, open,
filled with light and incredibly empty. By empty

I dont mean lacking visitors, as people are

always playing around with the gadgets and
computers on display. What I mean by empty
is that it was empty of anything that resembles
a store, i.e. shelves, products, boxes. Instead
there are dozens of staff in blue t-shirts waiting
to interact with customers and some tables
with Apples products waiting to be played
with. But this is not the reason for which Apple
has so many followers, it is because
they identify themselves with the
product. They can relate to it.
The products are so simple to
use that even kids can use
them with so much ease. Apple
is Complexity Simplified.Using
Apple products is a lifestyle. These
people will use nothing other
than Apple, it would be
shameful. It would be the
same as if Harley Davidson
bikers were caught riding
something other than a Harley.
Apple doesn't have customers but fans who
identify themselves with the product. These
fans come in shapes and sizes, but what unites
them is their insistence that their difference
from the mainstream-sleek but quirky,
business like but iconoclastic.
"Whoever said religion was dying never saw
the queues that snake around Apple stores
when a new product arrives."
Jeevraj Singh Chadha

Children of Street Five

They are the children of street five

Their legs were trembling with fear

For every penny they fight

Beatings,thrashings they have to bear

Fight with their fellow mates

No one is for them to care

Who all are less than eight

To raise their voice they don't even dare

Barefoot they trot in street five

And sleep on ground during night

Their agony is very deep

Human needs a heart to peep

Torn rags they have to wear

And transform their parent's beliefs

And live in slums which needs repair

So that their sorrows sweep

The condition of their slums is unhealthy

and a bit clumsy

They are the children of street five

It is marked by roofs falling down

They all are my nation's pride

On another side of hill is the posh town

In the scorching heat they go out
To fill their empty bowls
So that they don't have to see their
father's frown
Since noon they haven't ate
Yet funny faces they make
People order them, harass them to go
For them it is the right way
So in the heaps of garbage they search
but could not find a single penny

Saumya Sharma

A never ending tragedy

? We all know is something sad

and unwanted. As soon as we hear the
word tragedy, it invokes a feeling of
sadness within us. It is loss of human lives,
property, economy, ecosystem, etc. in a
massive scale. But these disasters are occurring
from ages and are perfectly natural. It is actually
the shaping of our earth. A very well-known
environmentalist Rachael Carson once said that
when Mother Earth cannot tolerate the sins of
human beings any more, she sweeps the land
by means of disasters. We cannot do anything
about it. We cannot take control over tsunamis,
earthquakes, landslides, etc. We have to face it.
But there are certain tragedies which are not
being paid proper attention to. It is not
disfiguring our earth but is defacing our society
a single reason enough for it to be called the
biggest tragedy being faced by us. What is it?
Something related to all reading this? Yes, it is
student suicide a never ending needless
Suicide is the most common cause of death in
young adults. Every 40 seconds a life is lost
through suicide Worldwide (as per WHO data).
In india, 45% of the total suicides are
committed by students. There is no current and
concrete data available on this issue. Students

live in a time of extreme stress in this modern

time full of insecurity, fear, failures, guilt
consciousness and pressure to perform in
expectations from parents and families.
Students try to find a medium of escape in
alienation and in a state of paranoia. In extreme
state of stress they commit suicide to escape
failures and humiliations in life. Dr Catherine Le
Gals-Camus, WHO Assistant-Director General,
said: "World-wide, more people die from
suicide than from all homicides and wars
combined. There is an urgent need for coordinated and intensified global action to
prevent this needless toll. For every suicide
death there are scores of family and friends
whose lives are devastated emotionally, socially
and economically.
Depression among the youth has increased
from 2% to 12% in the last five years which is
very alarming. Globally 3 out of every 5 visits
to the doctor are for stress related problems.
66% CEO's in India are stressed out and 11%
find it too much to handle says ASSOCHAM- a
survey.72% of students in India are unaware of
how to deal with stress and it's ill-effects. 27.6%
of IT professionals in India are addicted to
narcotic drugs says a NIMHANS study. In 2006,

5,857 students or 16 a day committed

suicide across India due to exam stress. And
these are just the official figures, imagine what
the exact figures would be! There must be
something wrong in a country where students
are not dying because of diseases but because
of suicides and the number is very disturbing
and demands immediate attention and concrete
solutions in terms of the way we perceive and
practice learning and education in India.
Statistics show that India has the highest suicide
rate in the world. Mumbai, Indias financial
capital, ranks number one in student suicides.
So why does a student commit suicide? What
makes a student perform such acts? There can
be many reasons. Some of it includes
hopelessness, worthlessness, inappropriately
high levels of stress and sometimes it is alcohol
and drugs. Aasra is an NGO which deals with
suicide prevention. It fights to prevent suicide.
Distressed teenagers account for 70 per cent of
the phone calls to a helpline run by this NGO,
says founder Johnson Thomas. So we can
conclude that a student commits suicide mainly
because of stress. From where does this stress
come? Is it the educational institutes? Our
education system? Our societies? Or our very
own families? I would blame them all. Everyone
feels low, defeated, scared and purposeless from
time to time. Those who can get past these
moments make it in life. An endearing, almost
cute trait of Indians is that we never lose hope.
Parents keep on demanding good scores
neglecting the capacity of their child. According
to me, each and every child in this world is gifted
with some specific skill which can be utilized in
his field of interest. But there are very few
parents who understand this. Their first and only
desire is to see their children as doctors or
engineers. Why is it that a student in India lead

a life full of tension and stress? Why cant he

follow his own dreams? Why do our parents
pressurize us to score high? Why this
competition? Why arent we allowed to lead a
joyous life? Why is it always books? These
questions are rolled down everywhere but never
Are parents alone to be blamed for this? The
answer is no.
system should
blamed. How
much has the
w o r l d
changed in
the last 30 years? How much has our curriculum
changed? Who sets our curriculum? Is it revised
from time to time keeping in mind the needs of
industry and the services sector? I dont think
so. Do we have enough schools and colleges to
educate the youth? The total population of USA
is 314 million and that of India is 1.25 billion. Yet
the total number of universities in India is
around 600 and that in the US is more than
1800! Isnt the student is to university ratio
alarming? Our government invests in gold,
petroleum, commonwealth games, etc. but
cannot invest in a basic need education.
When a student dies, everyone tells that he
couldnt handle the pressure. Everyone indirectly
blames the individual. But no one questions
those who created that pressure! 70% of the
suicide notes point out educational institutes
the reason for their suicide. Yet the student is
Vedant Jain

A Dry Leaf

There is a tree
I watch when free

Through the day and night

Struggling with the wind and air so tight

All leaves green except one

Its still there I am stun

All this comes to his mind

Time to stop the flight

On him the Greens laugh

At times tearing him to half

Everyone is fake finding a lake

Jumped in and end his race

Oh! you dry

Why dont you fly
Go away so far
Why make our
home feel shy
Without uttering single word
Dry one left whirred
Flowing with the gusty wind
Remembers the days when he was young
How he protected those twigs
And now this time when he is blind
Now No one there who care
Life can not be this unfair

Isha Negi

I am carved
I am crafted
I am worshipped
Yet I roll under the feet
I am withered
I am collected
I am worn to flaunt
Yet I roll under the feet
I shine
I make paths
And block them too
Yet I lie under the feet
What should I say?
Whom should I blame ?
I am the one who turns
black in flame
I can harm
I can turn stone to gold
I can sharpen sickle
Yet I roll under the feet

I am the source of light

That ignites due to frictional fight
I become a toy for infants and
I am a builder since time immemorial
Yet I roll under the feet

What should I say ?

Whom should I blame?
I am the one who turns black in flame.
I am a stone
I have seen the ages gone
Everything has changed
Everyone has changed
But I am the part of time
Whose character is never subjective to
I am the same

Aarushi Jamwal

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will

When the road you are trudging seems all uphill
When the funds are low, and debts are high;
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest if you must, but dont quit

Life is queer with its twists and turns,

As everyone of us sometimes learn;
And many a failure turns about,
When we might have won had he stuck it out;
Dont give up though the pace seems slow,
You may succeed with another blow

Success is failure turned inside out,

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt;
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far;
So stick to the flight when youre hardest hit,
Its when things seem worse, that you

Dr. Ajay Goyal

And the very next moment I was flying.

, I want to do it! I cant.

Cmon yaar, learn from the girl
behind you. She is not at all
scared. I saw her, thinking, why is she not
scared to jump off the highest peak of the
hill? Is she not scared of the rope breaking?
What if she falls down and dies? My HE
friend bid me a bye, ran, jumped off and
flew away. It was my turn now. And now all
the focus from HER shifted towards me
with the same questions in a huge number.
I had paid for it was the only reason I was
standing there getting ready for my turn.
They made me wear a jacket with n number
of belts and the instructor tied himself to
me and said yahan se wahan tak bhagna
bus. And I was like what made you think it
is a bus? I am going to risk my life and it
is just a bus for you? Well, the 76 kg plane
ran on the runway and within seconds he
was in the air. Yes, I WAS IN THE AIR! I
couldnt believe I was. I was filled with
extreme feelings that Oxford is still finding
words for. I dont know what all I had in my
mind that very time. I was shouting so loud,
feeling like a bird.

. But I didnt look down for once (for I had

always seen in Tom & Jerry that while flying,
the moment they looked down, they fell).
Suddenly I realised what I had done, I might
never get a chance to do it again and even
that I am not a cartoon.
So finally, I was in the air, flying, against the
laws of gravity, shouting, being fearless,
thanking god for giving me such an
opportunity, thanking that bold girl for silently
motivating me and was thanking everyone as
if I was asked to give a speech in an award
ceremony. Those 10 minutes were the best I
ever had in my life. Even though mistakenly
when I landed, it was horses shit on which I
stepped out of excitement but it didnt matter
for I was happy, happy as if I had returned after
winning a battle, the battle against my fear.
Always face your fears. They may become a
lifetime experience. For me, paragliding was

Tushar Arora


strange about Paras

now.Every year, winters grow colder and Ricky
feels even more uprooted and miserable. Yes,
he is intelligent and can notice and feel deeply the
altering behavioural patterns. The game of bat-ball?

How is it that it no more fascinates Paras

-wonders he. Paras no more feels like riding
his cycle and Ricky misses the backseat ride
like crazy. He does not understand the
gravity of the situation and everything is then
annoying for him.
No, it isnt the first time, neither the second.
Its been a couple of years now .Ricky has
been taught the concept of growing up, but
he finds it hard to believe and practice it.

body and a beard on the face. He loves

wearing it.
While at home, he visits his school friends.
There is hardly a day he would spend at
home. If he would, he is mostly occupied
with the preparation. Ricky is 20 now. He has
never seen a conventional school. Once he
did go to one, but parents could not afford
the trouble. Ricky is a blessed child of god.
He has been carrying polio since he was four.
All of the time until Paras school, went
smooth for Ricky. He would wait for him to
return and then would be around him all day.
They would play together and Paras would
give a ride to him on his cycle, every evening.
They would be together all day, thanks to
their adjacent homes. Paras meant the world
to Ricky. He has known none but Paras.

Like everytime, Ricky is there at Paras home

. Paras father will be leaving to receive his
son from bus stand in a while and Ricky has
already claimed the co-drivers seat and The bus halts at the station and Rickys eager
playes the dash board and is in immense eyes stare at the door of the bus. And then
there is Paras. Jeans, converse and a jacket
on. Along with him is his friend, an equally
Paras would be home in an hour. He is able boy, charming and youthful.
visiting for the Diwali break. Its been four
years since Paras left home for his Ricky knows the boy, he is Vaibhav and he
graduation. He is in the final year of the does accompany Paras to his home
college and is very focussed to prepare for sometimes. Ricky has nothing sour for
being an enterant of an upcoming Civil Vaibhav as such but it is something which
Service Examination. One can make out of restricts Paras to be himself or may be what
his face, how life has moulded and taught he was. On the way back, Paras greeted Ricky
him over the time. He is 22, with a handsome and went back all the way busy with Vaibhav.
Ricky tries to converse with him, and failing

each time was respond with single syllable

Next morning, Ricky with his helpless leg
and shivering arm made to Paras house,
discovering him not to be there. Ricky beta
they left early in the morning for a trektaught Paras mother. Without uttering a
word, Ricky struggled back home. In
bitterness of the coldness of the dearest
friend, Ricky held himself back the next day.
On the night of Diwali, Ricky overjoyed with
the little and massive festivity, made another
attempt to be with Paras and unfortunately
discovering him absent again.
Paras was never the same. Ricky does not
understand how did distance and time
change Paras. He finds it hard to swallow
and believe, despite of the constant
teachings of the people. If this is how
maturity is, I never want to attain it.

On the day, Paras was supposed to leave,

unlike everytime, Ricky went missing for a
farewell. Paras asks his father about Rickys
whereabouts.Its too early and the boy
must be asleep. Lets not bother him. After
greeting his parents, Paras and Vaibhav sat
in the car and the wheels rolled on.
Ricky saw the car disappearing from his
room. He held himself back and he knew
not the reason.

Rishav Jamwal

A dream to change
Does living in poverty ridden atmosphere feel
good? Does pissing under price hikes feel
comfortable? Does lack of facility hamper
your potential? Instead of being capable do
you yield the max? The simple answer is
accept as we always have been or just change.
Is thinking unlike others a change? Is being
different a change?
The desire to think beyond limits and the
steps to cross the heavenly horizons taking
along the implantation process, not only
the dream is changed. It not only requires
the courage of individual but also a never
ending stimuli , an unrelenting desire to
write ones own destiny , an inspiration and
a positive motivation . All we lack today are
these very characteristics. First, we all are not
courageous, not even enough to accept the
very fact. Secondly, we are by far individuals;
rather are prototypes of certain roles spread
all over the country. Being manacled by a
routine life, with the habit of carrying out
activities of life mechanically. What besides
can be done to improve the situation?
All of us dream but it seems that these are
far from our part of the world. Somehow
whatever is seen, link is perhaps a practical
endeavor. The distance perhaps can only be
ideally bridged in theory but it is the
continuous struggle of individuals and their
unflinching belief that makes all the difference.
The change cannot come until the process of
change starts within the individuals of the
society; the individuals only? That's an
important question. The answer is until one is
brave enough to change oneself , he/she
cannot even dream of bringing change at a

macro level.
Every great task requires a bold initiative. Even
a thousand miles journey begins with the first
step. If we dare to have a glance around our
lives we see a lot can be changed for better
from within to the outside. The institutions of

the society are developed not only to

strengthen the machinery that governs but
also to improve the standard of living of the
masses by facilitating their lives. For instance,
the educational institutions can make a lot of
difference. They prepare thousands of men
and women who enter into various
professional fields every year. These
institutions must encourage the students to
seek knowledge and wisdom instead of blindly
following old and rotten methods of teaching

and clich courses.

Every year a million of choices are made. Hardly a fraction of them , who make these choices,
are really aware of what they are doing. The
real test of a person lies in the circumstances
that he/she find himself/herself into those
circumstances. Everything in life can't always
go similitude , otherwise success would have
lost its meaning.
Perhaps we should learn to dream first. We
should dare to believe that we can make
them come true. A complete re-evaluation
of values is imminent. Individual sensibility
must be revitalized. The liberty to
acknowledge must be guaranteed. Disclose
the unwanted conditional restrictions on
ones mind and let the bird of thoughts flap
her wicked wings to make the change .If the
journey of thousand miles can be completed
from beginning with a single step; why can't
a worldly desirable change be made just by
making a small change in thinking.

Pramit Thakur

Hi! I am a girl.

one of the things that courage to stand. My defense goes in vain, as

define me, but why is my gender the man, either humiliated or frustrated, gives
reminded to me day and night.
up the seat himself. I hear people talking of
equal rights for women. They talk of women
My Grammar teacher tells me of the
being as brave as men, as smart as men, and
mysterious boys, Ram and Rahul, who do
thus, as deserving as them. And I wonder, we
everything! They read, they walk, they play,
fight for the rights we desire and refuse to
they eat and they go to office too. But Priya,
accept the rights we acquire. If there is a right
Pooja and Sita keep singing, dancing and
to sit, why isnt there a right to stand?
cooking. Why doesnt Priya play? Or
And if there is such a right, why is
Pooja go to office? Or Rahul cook
it only for men?
The girls and I, who discuss
calculation, I fail to understand
about the equality and
the logic. But is it the logic of
empowerment of women,
all Rams and Rahuls, or all
enjoy the new hit song, Baby
Priyas, Poojas and Sitas, or is it
doll main sone di and Bomb
the notion of all Grammar
lagdi mainu. These are just
One thing I forgot to tell you.
womanhood, arent these? Just
Hi! I am a girl.
peppy tunes. We can debate over
I work all night long. I am lazy. I spend
objectification of women later.
my days studying or watching serials
I go back home. My mother watch the
and movies. I do cook food. I can even
serial, in which ladies keep crying. One
easily identify different utensils which I
keeps thinking of ways to keep her
dont like to clean. I dont like to serve food to
husband happy and the other is perpetually
guests when they come home. My career ranks
distressed with her mother-in-laws behavior.
way above my family and friends.
If modernization means a higher revelation of
Hey! Dont doubt me yet. I am certainly a girl.
skin, lesser clothes and provocative songs, why
I travel via public bus .Conductor: Hey! You are
arent men the subject of it? Does it mean
a girl. Ask that man sitting on the ladies seat
women are more modern than men? Or that
to get up. Me: No, thank you. I have enough
my gender will always spend its life either

Revered as pious goddesses

and yet, abused in every
sentence. For I have never
been able to grasp the
obsession with incest abuse
of both men and women.
Incest abuse? Yes. What else
will you call your language
that is decorated with abuses
pertaining to mothers and
I dont want any special
rights. I do not want any
reservations. Does a
ladies seat or a ladies
coach prevent rapes? I want
my right to stand. I
want my right to pick
up anything heavy that I want
to. I dont want men to abuse
me in every sentence. I want
to live the way I want to. Id
like to be the Priya, Pooja or
Sita who goes to office. I do
not want to be constantly
reminded of my gender I
belong to and be restrained to
societal ways and government
I am a girl. But there is so
much more to me than just
my gender.I am a girl.

Devyani Gupta


Manpreet Singh

Jeevraj Chadha

Vedant Jain

Shashwat Chadha

Vedant Jain

Abhinav Sharma

Manpreet Singh

Abhishek Monga

Shashwat Chadha

by Siddhartha Sood

Success Stories
Meet the Young Inventor who made a revolutionary
device that can charge a phone in a Minute.

Capacitor Developer
Clear, unimpeded communication is the

obsession of the modern age. Our most

brilliant minds work tirelessly to connect
the citizens of every nation, from every
social strata. The ease of social media is
now seen as a birthrighteven by those
who, just a decade ago, were reluctant to
make purchases online. And of course,
our tablets and cell phones have become
intuitive extensions of our bodies. Since
human beings have developed this
emotional bond with their technology, it
makes sense that a loss of battery life
Eesha Khare (19) of Saratoga,
Californiarunner-up at the 2013 Intel
International Science and Engineering
Fair (ISEF)had one such experience
when she found herself away from home,
with a dead cell phone battery and no
way to contact her parents. Unable to
find a power source, she had to track
down (and subsequently learn how to
work) a pay phone, which is not so
simple in this day and age. A loss of
mobile energy created a scary reality for
Eesha; connectivity is something she had
been taking for granted. Then and there,
she decided to do something about
mobile device power.

The beautiful and well-rounded

daughter of an engineer and a biologist,
Eesha has been fascinated by science for
her entire life. This mobile device
quandary was just the kind of challenge
shed been seekingone that would
allow her to stretch her brain, to fully
utilize the computation power of her
technology, and to address an issue that
would serve millions of people just like
her. Im a typical teenager, reliant on
Perhaps typical is a bit modest.

Im a typical teenager, reliant on mobile


Eesha is the developer of a supercapacitor

energy storage device, a carbon fiber with
different metal oxidesprimarily titanium
dioxide and polyanilinethat uses
nanotechnology to maximize the devices
surface area. It charges mobile devices much
faster than previous technology has allowed,
and has the ability to charge for many more
cycles. Her innovation could be harnessed to
charge more than cell phones and tablets;
down the line, it could potentially energize
cars. In the meantime: My goal is to have a
supercapacitor charge a mobile device in
less than a minute.
She took her project"Design and Synthesis
of Hydrogenated TiO2-Polyaniline Nanorods
for Flexible High-Performance
Supercapacitors"to the 2013 Intel ISEF
and out of the 1,600 students competing she
came in second place, winning the Intel
Foundation Young Scientist Award and
$50,000. The most prominent tech
companies in the world have become very
intrigued by young Eeshanot to mention
talk show host Conan OBrien, who had her
on his show for a very entertaining back and

forth. (Shes a natural on camera, in addition

to being intimidatingly smart.)
Now a happy freshman at Harvard
University, Eesha uses her Intel-powered
devices to maintain constant access with her
research. Technology makes data evaluation
much faster, she says, noting that she uses
her Intel powered tablet to gauge how her
innovation has contributed to the science
world. A naturally curious and well-rounded
individual, Eesha also uses her tablet to
pursue a spectrum of interests, inducing
traditional Indian dance. Through her
powerful devices she is also able to seek out
new science mentors and labs that can push
her discoveries forward.
So there we have Eesha Kharea typical
teenager in many ways; every now and then
extraordinary. We suppose the same can be
said for every individual who takes full
advantage of powerful technology and dares
to supercharge the natural curiosity that lies


As the sun set on a warm November

afternoon, a quartet of five-foot-tall,
300-pound shiny white robots patrolled
in front of Building 1 on Microsofts
Silicon Valley campus. Looking like a
crew of slick Daleks imbued with the
grace of Fred Astaire, they whirred
quietly across the concrete in different
directions, stopping and turning in
place so as to avoid running into trash
cans, walls, and other obstacles.
The robots managed to appear both
cute and intimidating. This friendly-butnot-too-friendly presence is meant to
serve them well in jobs like monitoring
corporate and college campuses,
shopping malls, and schools.
Knightscope, a startup based in
Mountain View, California, has been
busy designing, building, and testing
the robot, known as the K5, since 2013.
Seven have been built so far, and the
company plans to deploy four before
the end of the year at an as-yetunnamed technology company in the
area. The robots are designed to detect
anomalous behavior, such as someone
walking through a building at night, and
report back to a remote security center.
This takes away the monotonous and
sometimes dangerous work, and leaves
the strategic work to law enforcement
or private security, depending on the
application, Knightscope cofounder
and vice president of sales and
marketing Stacy Stephens said as a K5
glided nearby.

Are we going to need

security guards in
Knightscope is
preparing to roll out
human-size robot

In order to do the kind of

work a human security
guard would normally do,
the K5 uses cameras, sensors, navigation equipment,
and electric motorsall
packed into its dome
shaped body with a big
rechargeable battery and a
computer. There are four
(one on each side of the
robot), a license-plate recognition camera, four microphones, and a weather
sensor (which looks like a
DVD-player slot) for mea-

monitor its cameras, microphones, and other sources

of data.
GPS and a laser ranging
instrument help the robots
find their way around their
patrol area and avoid obstacles when on duty.
When theyre taken to a
new placesuch as the
Microsoft campus where
they were patrolling earlier
this month before Knightscope cofounder and CEO
William Santana Li spoke at
a tech eventa human
with a wireless controller

Knightscope is one of a
growing number of companies using robots to help
with work traditionally
done by humans.The trend
is accelerating as robots
are made ever smarter,
more agile, and more
adaptable to specific tasks.
And while most robots do
assembly-line work, Knightscope is one of a few companies betting that they
could take on other tasks.
Knightscope may not outright replace many security
guards soonover a mil-

suring barometric pressure,

carbon dioxide levels, and
temperature. The robots
use Wi-Fi or a wireless data
network to communicate
with each other and with
people who can remotely

shows the robot around to

determine the area it will
patrol and let it learn about
its surroundings. You give
it a base map and then it
starts building from that,
Stephens says.

lion of them were employed in the U.S. last year,

according to an estimate
from the U.S. Department
of Labors Bureau of Labor
Statistics. But the estimated
hourly wage these guards



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Dean SMS

CE 4th yr

Success Stories
Advice from young Indian-American origin
Millionaire, Philanthropist and Writer


of 16, Gurbaksh dropped out

of high school to
pursue his dream as an entrepreneur and started his
first company, ClickAgents.
It was one of the first ad
networks focused around
performance based advertising. Eighteen months later,
he sold it for $40 million to

In January 2004, Gurbaksh

founded his second company, BlueLithium, this time
with an insight into sophisticated new ways that data,
optimization and analytics
could help Web advertisers
with behavioral targeting.
BlueLithium was named one
of the top 100 private companies in America for three
years in a row by AlwaysOn,
and in 2006, it joined Google,
Skype and Salesforce.com
in being named Innovator of

the Year. In 2007, Yahoo ac- Chahal himself told in his

quired BlueLithium for $300 international
million in cash.
book, "The Dream."
From inception till April
2014, Gurbaksh lead his
third online ad company, RadiumOne.
launched it's Programmatic
Advertising Platform that
leverages real-time social interaction from across the
Open Web. It's patented
ShareGraph technology also amplifies seeds and social interaction signals to
continually expand target
audiences via 30 billion RTB
ad impressions they access
every day.

Gurbaksh's successes as an
entrepreneur has also been
noted in The New York
Times, Entrepreneur magazine, Forbes and BusinessWeek. He has also been
profiled on Oprah Winfrey
Show, Bonnie Hunt and EXTRA.

Inspired by the deadly

events relating to the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting, Chahal founded the
BeProud Foundation with $1
million of his own money.
The foundation is designed
On April 2010, Chahal was to create awareness camawarded the Leaders In paigns to stop future hate
Management Award and an crimes.
Honorary Doctorate degree
in Commercial Science from
Whats happening
Pace University in 2010 in
this month.
recognition for his career
achievements as an entrepreneur. Much of that story

Fun Facts

India is a country where on the streets,
everyone seems to be in a hurry, but no one is ever on time.
Here people wear helmets to save their pockets, not life.
Being one in a million in India means that there are 1241 Indians just like
In Bangalore if you throw a stone, you hit a dog, or a software engineer.
If someone asks for a dirty cloth to clean something, you are in India.
In India, its okay to piss in public, but not kiss.
In India two things never leave you, your caste and your high school
When it comes to taking a stand on world issues,
India is like a girl giving mixed signals.
A country whose onions and tomatoes have more value than dollars.
In India, there are two types of roads: Under Construction and Under

I asked God for a bike, but

I know God doesn't work
that way. So I stole a bike
and asked for forgiveness.
Some cause happiness
wherever they go.
Others whenever
they go.

How is it one careless

match can
start a forest
fire, but it takes a whole
box to start a campfire?

Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society.

Cluster of words, colorful and fade, canopy of seniors,
masterpiece made
- Pramit Thakur

Had an amazing experience while working in the

editorial team of the magazine

- Devyani Gupta

In the twelfth dimension

- Harsh Vardhan Singh Thakur

Working for "abhivyakti" did not prove to be a cake

walk but for sure added tons to the satchel of our experience
- Shweta Saini

Im only here for the free food

- Jeevraj Singh Chadha

When things don't happen the way you plan them to,
don't force. The universe has a better plan for you. Every single time
- Vedant Jain

Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society.

Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society.

Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society. Literary Society.