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AIDE Memoire – Travel to Gwangju, Jeollado

Arrival in Korea

a) Incheon International Airport - Passport and Immigration Control.

To receive official permission to enter the Republic of Korea you will need the
following documents: (Do not forget to carry all these documents in your
hand luggage!)
- Your valid international passport, containing your visa
- Your Gwangju International Internship Programme invitation letter
- Evidence that you intend to leave the Republic of Korea at the end of
the program (normally your round air-ticket will suffice)
If you did not obtain your visa before your departure from your home
country, the immigration officer might refuse your entry. (Note: This might
not be applicable to all, please check the Korean Embassy in your country).

b) Customs. After passing through immigration, you will collect your luggage
from the Baggage Claim area and proceed to the Customs area. If you have
goods to declare, fill out a Customs Declaration form; if you have no goods
to declare, you must still go through Customs and notify the Customs officer
that you have nothing to declare.

c) Money Exchange. If you don’t have Korean won have your money
changed in any of the money
Exchange counter at the airport. Be sure to have at least 50,000.00 won
exchanged to pay for your bus ticket and meal on the way. Have some coins
as well to make a call to us before leaving the airport.

d) Welcome Staff. Volunteers will be available to provide assistance on your

arrival. Please find them at the McDonalds, they will have placards bearing
the title 2008 Gwangju International Peace Forum as an identification.

e) Make a call. Before you leave Incheon International Airport for Gwangju,
should you not find our volunteers, please call and inform the May 18
Memorial Foundation staff (Lynn or Pete) of your arrival time to Gwangju.
Refer to the assigned contact numbers below.

Journey to Gwangju

Different modes of transportation are available from Incheon International Airport

to Gwangju, in Jeollanam-do Province. The express bus from Incheon
International Airport to Gwangju Bus Terminal is highly recommended for your
convenience. Please be advised there is another city in Korea also named
Gwangju. Make sure you are going to the one in Jeollanam-do/Jeolla-do Province.

Bus Trip. Buses run directly from the Incheon International airport to the city of
Gwangju. In the case that you take a bus to Gwangju from Incheon International
Airport, you will need to have on hand approximately 35,000 Korean won (about
US$35). The bus trip to Gwangju takes approximately four-and-a-half hours.
There will be 15 minutes break when the bus stops en route to its destination.
Welcome Staff. Our volunteers will welcome you at the bus station to guide you
to Prado Hotel, the official accommodation for guests and participants. If you will
not find our volunteers please give us a call.

* For more detailed information on the arrival procedure, please refer to Incheon
International Airport website:

Check the information counter for direction. Don’t be afraid to ask around but be
careful of those who you ask. There will be some drivers to offer their car or taxi
but that will be very expensive. Travel only by bus. Go out of the airport and find
the booth that sells ticket for Gwangju, Jeolla Province. After buying your ticket,
proceed to Bus Stop No.9C-10C for the bus to Gwangju (please double check this,
there might be new changes).

First Floor Map at International Airport

Contact Persons:

Should there be any problems or changes with your planned trip to Gwangju,
please contact the May 18 Memorial Foundation through:

Ms. Lynn Jeong Mr. Pete E. Rahon

Culture and Solidarity Team Culture and Solidarity Team
Mobile: +8216 617 0570 Mobile: +8210 24830528
(international) (international)
016 617 0570 (local) 010 24830528 (local)
Email: blueskyrin@naver.com Email: peterahon@gmail.com

Post Code 502-260
Republic of Korea
Phone: +82 62 456 0518
The May 18 Memorial Foundation Fax. +82 62 456 0519
5.18 Memorial Culture Hall W: www.518.org
Seo-Gu Sangmudong 1268 B: 518interns.blogspot.com
Gwangju City

Please call Lynn or Pete

When you arrive in Korea