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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

58 / Monday, March 27, 2006 / Notices 15253

Draft PEIS Schedule and Availability • WG4 STP Subgroup MITRE 2 Room Agendas—Plenary Session—Agenda
The Draft PEIS is scheduled to be Thursday—April 20th, starting at 9 a.m.
• April 18:
issued in the fall of 2006. The (MITRE 1 Auditorium)
• WG4 STP Subgroup MITRE 2 Room
availability of the Draft PEIS, the 2N103 1. Chairman’s Introductory Remarks.
methods by which the Draft PEIS will be
• April 19: 2. Review of Meeting Agenda.
made available for public review, and • WG4 STP Subgroup MITRE 2 Room 3. Review/Approval of the Thirty
dates for public hearings soliciting 2N105 Fifth Meeting Summary, RTCA Paper
comments on the PEIS will be • WG4 ASSAP Subgroup MITRE 1 Room No. 058–06/SC186–231 (currently in
announced in the Federal Register. 4H204 draft).
Comments on the Draft PEIS will be • WG–3—1090 MHz MOPS–MITRE 2 4. Date, Place and Time of Next
considered in preparing the Final PEIS. Room 0N136 Meeting.
Those interested parties who do not Note: ASAS—Aircraft Surveillance 5. ADS–B Program Review/Status.
wish to submit comments at this time, Applications System 6. Review/Approval—Change 1 to
but who would like to receive a copy of CDTI—Cockpit Display of Traffic DO–260—Minimum Operational
the Draft PEIS and other project Information Performance Standards for 1090 MHz
materials, should follow the guidance MOPS—Minimum Operational Automatic Dependent Surveillance—
provided in the ADDRESSES section of Performance Standards Broadcast (ADS–B).
this notice. STP—Surveillance Transmit Processing 7. Review/Approval—Change 1 to
• April 20: DO–260A—Minimum Operational
Issued in Washington, DC, on March 20, • Opening Plenary Session (Chairman’s
2006. Performance Standards for 1090 MHz
Introductory Remarks, Review of Meeting Automatic Dependent Surveillance—
Patricia G. Smith, Agenda, Review/Approval of Previous
Associate Administrator for Commercial Meeting Summary, RTCA Paper No. 058–06/
Broadcast (ADS–B) and Traffic
Space Transportation. SC186–231 (currently in draft) Information Services (TIS–B).
• ADS–B Program Review/Status 8. WG4: STP MOPS progress.
[FR Doc. E6–4373 Filed 3–24–06; 8:45 am]
• Review/Approval—Change 1 to DO– 10. New Business.
BILLING CODE 4910–13–P 11. Other Business.
260–Minimum Operational Performance
Standards for 1090 MHz Automatic 12. Review Actions Items/Work
Dependent Surveillance—Broadcast (ADS–B) Program.
• Review/Approval—Change 1 to DO–
260A–Minimum Operational Performance • WG4: STP MOPS Review
Federal Aviation Administration • Requirement Focus Group—NRA
Standards for 1090 MHz Automatic
RTCA Special Committee 186: Dependent Surveillance—Broadcast (ADS–B) Document Status
and Traffic Information Services (TIS–B) • Closing Plenary Session (New
Automatic Dependent Surveillance—
RTCA Paper No. 059–06/SC186–232 Business, Other Business, Review
Broadcast (ADS–B)
March 16, 2006
Action Items/Work Program, Date, Place
AGENCY: Federal Aviation and Time of Next Meeting, Other
Administration (FAA), DOT. Thirty-Sixth Meeting Business, Review Actions Items/Work
ACTION: Notice of RTCA Special SC–186 Program, Adjourn)
Committee 186 meeting. Attendance is open to the interested
Automatic Dependent Surveillance— public but limited to space availability.
SUMMARY: The FAA is issuing this notice Broadcast (ADS–B) With the approval of the chairmen,
to advise the public of a meeting of Date: April 17–20, 2006. members of the public may present oral
RTCA Special Committee 186: Time: 9 a.m. (Unless Otherwise statements at the meeting. Persons
Automatic Dependent Surveillance— Noted). wishing to present statements or obtain
Broadcast (ADS–B). Place: MITRE/CAASD, 7515 Colshire information should contact the person
DATES: The meeting will be held April Drive McLean, VA 22102–7539, (703) listed in the FOR FURTHER INFORMATION
17–20, 2006 starting at 9 a.m. (unless 983–6000. CONTACT section. Members of the public
stated otherwise). Map and Directions: http:// may present a written statement to the
ADDRESSES: The meeting will be held at www.mitre.org/about/locations.html. committee at any time.
MITRE/CAASD, 7515 Colshire Drive, Issued in Washington, DC, March 20, 2006.
Specific Sessions
McLean, VA 22102–7539. Francisco Estrada C.,
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Monday, April 17—WG4 STP RTCA Advisory Committee.
RTCA Secretariat, 1828 L Street, NW., Subgroup MITRE 2 Room 2N103
[FR Doc. 06–2914 Filed 3–24–06; 8:45 am]
Suite 805, Washington, DC 20036; Tuesday, April 18—WG4 STP
telephone (202) 833–9339; fax (202) Subgroup MITRE 2 Room 2N103
Wednesday, April 19—WG4 STP
833–9434; Web site http://www.rtca.org.
Subgroup MITRE 2 Room 2N105; WG4
MITRE telephone (703) 983–6000. For DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
ASSAP Subgroup MITRE 1 Room
map and directions: http://
4H204; WG–3—1090 MHz MOPS— National Highway Traffic Safety
MITRE 2 Room 0N136. Administration
to section 10(a)(2) of the Federal Note: ASSAP—Aircraft Surveillance and
[Docket Number NHTSA–05–23389–2]
Advisory Committee Act (Pub. L. 92– Separation Assurance Processing System.
CDTI—Cockpit Display of Traffic
463, 5 U.S.C., Appendix 2), notice is Reports, Forms and Record Keeping
wwhite on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

hereby given for a Special Committee MOPS—Minimum Operational Requirements Agency Information
186 meeting. Performance Standards. Collection Activity Under OMB Review
Note: Specific working group sessions will STP—Surveillance Transmit Processing. AGENCY: National Highway Traffic
be held on April 17, 18, 19. Thursday, April 20—Plenary Safety Administration (NHTSA),
• April 17: Session—See Agenda Below— Department of Transportation.

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