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Leia o texto abaixo e responda as TRS seguintes questes:

Mark: Good morning Mrs. Im making a survey about couple life. So, would you like
to answer
some questions about the subject, please?
Ally: Yes, with great pleasure.
Mark: Thank you for taking the time. Now, first of all: What do you do?
Ally: I work in a library. I'm a librarian.
Mark: Are you married?
Ally: Yes, I am.
Mark: What does your husband do?
Ally: He works as a policeman.
Mark: Do you usually have dinner together?
Ally: Yes, we do.
Mark: How often does your husband exercise?
Ally: He sometimes exercises four times a week. But, he usually exercises only
twice a week.
Mark: Where do you like going on holiday?
Ally: We rarely go on holiday. However, we like going to the mountains if we can.
Mark: What type of books do you read?
Ally: I often read horror stories.
Mark: Thank you very much for answering my questions.
Ally: You're welcome!
Vocabulary: survey: pesquisa; couple: casal; subject: assunto; married: casado (a); to
dinner: jantar; Holiday: ferias; usually: geralmente.

01 Questo: Marque a alternativa incorreta:

a) O pronome He, sublinhado no texto, se refere ao marido de Ally.
b) O pronome We, destacado no texto, se refere a Ally e seu marido.
c) Ally is a woman.
d) Ally usually has dinner with her husband.
e) Ally often reads romantic stories.
02 Questo: De acordo com o texto, qual das afirmaes incorreta?
a) Ally casada.
b) Ally trabalha em uma biblioteca.
c) O marido de Ally um policial.
d) O casal sempre janta junto.
e) Ally e o marido gostam de ir praia nas frias.
03 Questo: Qual a traduo da frase They are working at the computer now?
a) Eles sempre trabalham no computador.
b) Eles trabalharam no computador ontem.
c) Eles esto trabalhando no computador agora.
d) Eles iro trabalhar no computador amanh.
e) Ele est trabalhando no computador agora.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------04 Questo: Marque a opo que completa
a frase I ________ my key yesterday, so I couldn't get into the house. Eventually,
I found it in my jacket pocket.
a) have found
b) have
c) lost

d) lose
e) have lose
05 Questo: Assinale a opo que melhor completa a frase She had to repeat
the composition because she had _________ a lot of spelling mistakes.
a) do
b) made
c) did
d) done
e) dont
06 Questo: Leia o pargrafo abaixo e assinale a alternativa correta de acordo
com os verbos no Simple Past:
I. Yesterday, I go to the restaurant with a client.
II. We drove around the parking lot for 20 minutes in order to find a parking space.
III. When we arrived at the restaurant, the place was full.
IV. The waiter asks us if we had reservations.
a) As frases II e III esto corretas.
b) Todas as frases esto corretas.
c) As frases I e III esto corretas.
d) Nenhuma frase est correta.
e) Todas as frases esto corretas.
07 Questo: When ________ World War II ________ ?
a) did ... started
b) do ... started
c) do ... start
d) did ... start
e) does start
08 Questo: Assinale a alternativa que contm o particpio dos verbos: to go, to
take, to be, to make:
a) went, took, was, made
b) gone, taken, been, made
c) gone, took, been, maden
d) went, taken, were, made
e) gone, token, been, maden
09 Questo: Passe para o ingls: Costumo dormir cedo
a)I used to sleep early.
b)I get used to sleep early.
c)I am used to sleeping early.
d)I got used to slept early.
e)I used sleep early.
10 Questo: I __________ be a lazy student, but now I know I was just wasting
my time.
a)used to
c)use to

e)to use

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