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9164 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

35 / Wednesday, February 22, 2006 / Notices

DEPARTMENT OF LABOR DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Signed at Washington, DC, this 8th day of
February 2006.
Employment and Training Employment and Training Elliott S. Kushner,
Administration Administration Certifying Officer, Division of Trade
Adjustment Assistance.
[TA–W–58,487] [TA–W–57,397] [FR Doc. E6–2491 Filed 2–21–06; 8:45 am]
U.S. Airways, Inc.; Greentree Wyeth; Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Health
Reservations, Pittsburgh, PA; Care Division, Rouses Point, New
Dismissal of Application for York; Amended Certification DEPARTMENT OF LABOR
Reconsideration Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Employment and Training
Pursuant to 29 CFR 90.18(C) an Worker Adjustment Assistance and Administration
application for administrative Alternative Trade Adjustment
reconsideration was filed with the Assistance Proposed Modification to
Director of the Division of Trade Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefit
Adjustment Assistance for workers at In accordance with Section 223 of the Accuracy Measurement (BAM)
U.S. Airways, Inc., Greentree Trade Act of 1974 (19 U.S.C. 2273) the Investigative Procedures; Submitted
Reservations, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Department of Labor issued a for Public Comment and
The application did not contain new Certification of Eligibility to Apply for Recommendations
information supporting a conclusion Worker Adjustment Assistance on July
that the determination was erroneous, 20, 2005, applicable to workers of ACTION: Notice.
and also did not provide a justification Wyeth, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Health SUMMARY: The Department of Labor, as
for reconsideration of the determination Care Division, Rouses Point, New York. part of its continuing effort to reduce
that was based on either mistaken facts The notice was published in the Federal paperwork and respondent burden,
or a misinterpretation of facts or of the Register on August 26, 2005 (70 FR conducts a preclearance consultation
law. Therefore, dismissal of the 50412). The workers are engaged in the program to provide the general public
application was issued. production of over the counter and Federal agencies with an
TA–W–58,487; U.S. Airways, Inc., medicine. opportunity to comment on proposed
Greentree Reservations, Pittsburgh, New information provided by the and/or continuing collections of
Pennsylvania, (February 10, 2006). petitioners show their intention was to information in accordance with the
Signed at Washington, DC this 13th day of apply for all available Trade Act Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995
February 2006. benefits at the time of the filing. (PRA95) [44 U.S.C. 3506(c)(A)]. This
Erica R. Cantor, Therefore, the Department has made a program helps to ensure that requested
Director, Division of Trade Adjustment decision to investigate further to data can be provided in the desired
Assistance. format, reporting burden (time and
determine if the workers are eligible to
[FR Doc. E6–2498 Filed 2–21–06; 8:45 am]
financial resources) is minimized,
apply for Alternative Trade Adjustment
collection instruments are clearly
BILLING CODE 4510–30–P Assistance.
understood, and the impact of collection
Information obtained from the requirements on respondents can be
company states that a significant properly assessed. Currently, the
number of workers of the subject firm Employment and Training
Employment and Training are age 50 or over, workers have skills Administration (ETA), Office of
Administration that are not easily transferable, and Workforce Security, is soliciting
conditions in the industry are adverse. comments concerning the proposed
[TA–W–58,404] Review of this information shows that modification of the case investigation
all eligibility criteria under Section 246 procedures for the BAM data collection.
Weston Foods Ltd., West Hazelton, PA; of the Trade Act of 1974 (26 U.S.C. A copy of the proposed information
Notice of Termination of Investigation 2813), as amended have been met for collection request (ICR) can be obtained
workers at the subject firm. directly by accessing this Web site:
Pursuant to Section 221 of the Trade http://www.doleta.gov/Performance/
Act of 1974, an investigation was Accordingly, the Department is guidance/OMBControlNumber.cfm.
initiated on November 23, 2005 in amending the certification to reflect its DATES: Written comments must be
response to a petition filed on behalf of finding. submitted to the office listed in the
workers at Weston Foods, Ltd., West The amended notice applicable to ADDRESSES section below on or before
Hazelton, Pennsylvania (TA–W–58,404). TA–W–57,987 is hereby issued as April 24, 2006.
The petitioner has requested that the follows: ADDRESSES: Andrew W. Spisak, U.S.
petition be withdrawn. Consequently, Department of Labor, ETA, Room S–
further investigation in this case would All workers of Wyeth, Wyeth
Pharmaceuticals Division, Health Care 4522, 200 Constitution Avenue, NW.,
serve no purpose, and the investigation Washington, DC 20210, Phone: 202–
has been terminated. Division, Rouses Point, New York, who
became totally or partially separated from 693–3196 (This is not a toll-free
Signed in Washington, DC this 8th day of number), Fax: 202–693–3975, e-mail:
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

employment on or after June 3, 2004 through

February, 2006. July 20, 2007, are eligible to apply for spisak.andrew@dol.gov.
Linda G. Poole, adjustment assistance under Section 223 of SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
Certifying Officer, Division of Trade the Trade Act of 1974 and are also eligible
Adjustment Assistance. to apply for Alternative Trade Adjustment I. Background
[FR Doc. E6–2497 Filed 2–21–06; 8:45 am] Assistance under Section 246 of the Trade During fiscal year (FY) 2003, the
BILLING CODE 4510–30–P Act of 1974. Department of Labor Office of the

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