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President / Chairman
Law Student Government / Student Council
Dear Mr./Ms. President:
The Association of Law Students of the Philippines Inc. (ALSP) is a federation
of more than sixty law student governments whose members are bona fide law students
all over the country. It is officially recognized as a student counterpart of the Integrated
Bar of the Philippines (IBP). Also, the Office of the President, through the National
Youth Commission (NYC), recognizes it as a legitimate national organization concerned
with the youth. Under the ALSP is the Association of Law Students of the Philippines
National Capital Region (ALSP-NCR) Board which consists of at least 20 member law
schools within the said region.
Pursuant to its objective of cultivating the spirit of cordiality and camaraderie
among its members and contribute to their educational, social and recreational
development, the ALSP-NCR Board will be holding its 25th Season of Conflicts of Law.
The said event is an annual inter-law school sports fest, participated by law students
from member schools. In this connection, we would like to invite your school to join the
said activity. Attached hereto is the list of games and their corresponding fees which
your school would like to participate in. The details are as follows:
Event dates: February 8, 15, 22, and March 1, 2015
Venue: Adamson University
900 San Marcelino St., Ermita, Manila
Please take note of the following dates:
JANUARY 23, 2015 (FRIDAY): Deadline of submission of:
a. Contact details
b. List of Games
c. Payment
d. List of Players

E-mail all required forms and documents to:alsaphil.alsp@gmail.com

For any other information or concerns,kindly contact the following officers:
Kaye Domingo: 09276439645
Klaire Esden: 09178792985
Thank you and we hope to see you in the 25th Conflicts of Law!


Harvey Bilang
National Board Vice President for NCR, ALSP

Ineandro Pedro Tolentino

Chairman, ALSP-NCR

Only those schools that have completed ALL requirements below can join the games.


1. Complete the LIST OF GAMES and CONTACT DETAILS form on or before JANUARY
23, 2015 (FRIDAY).
2. Provide the contact details of the President of your Law Student Government and the
SchoolCoordinator specifically for this event.
3. Mark (x) all the games you are participating in.
4. Submit the forms through email to alsaphil.alsp@gmail.com.
1. All payments shall be made on or before JANUARY 23, 2015 (FRIDAY).
2. All payments shall be deposited to Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Account with the following details:
Bank Account: Bank of the Philippine Islands
Account Name: Celyne Klaire L. Esden
Account Number: 2669027799
3. Send a scanned copy or a picture of the teller-validated deposit slip toalsaphil.alsp@gmail.com
4. Rename the picture file as payment_NAME OF SCHOOL.jpg
5. Confirm payment ON THE DAY OF DEPOSIT with Pfrancez Quijano(09055739319)
6. Only those schools that paid the proper fee (FULL PAYMENT) on time shall be allowed
to play.
7. Please bring the deposit slip on February 1, 2015. Present it to the registration officer.


1. List of players per game should also be submitted on or before JANUARY 23, 2015
2. List down the names of the players and other details as provided on the succeeding tabs per
3. Only players who are listed on the respective forms shall be allowed to play the games.
4. Any amendments beyond the given date shall not be accepted.
5. Also, kindly submit the following:
a. Photocopy of School ID of each player
b. Photocopy of Enrollment/School Registration Form of each player (Enrolled for any term
of A.Y. 2014-2015)
c. Injury and Liability Waiver
6. The list/forms may also be scanned and sent to alsaphil.alsp@gmail.com. Rename the file as
playerslist_NAME OF SCHOOL.doc


1. On Febuary 1 (Sunday), at Adamson Univeristy starting 10:00 am onwards
2. Game mechanics, Tournament format, and House Rules shall be discussed
3. Bring the required documents (waiver form, photocopies of the reg form or IDs) and last
minute payments.