-----Original Message----From: Thompson Scott (ONT

Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2015 3:14 PM
To: 460-WI-All Staff
Subject: Cell Phone Detector
Today at a regional meeting, it was announced that Warkworth Institution
has been a pilot site for technology to identify cell phones within our
institution. This has been occurring and I need to clarify what has
occured and anything you hear that is not written in this email, is
After the death and overdoses in January, I went to NHQ and insisted
that we needed assistance in detecting inmate used cell phones within
our institution. I did this because the intelligence information stated
that this was how the inmates were completing their transactions to
introduce contraband into our institution. Several weeks later,
technology was sent to us and we have been monitoring the institution
ever since. Unfortunately, I knew that by trying to intercept what the
inmates were doing, I would also be provided information about cellular
devices being used in non inmate areas. Here are the facts about what
has occurred and as I have stated, anything else you hear, is not true.
This device can identify where a signal is occurring and can isolate to
a very small area. For example, we knew if the phone was in our
parking lot or in a certain unit or building.
It provides make, phone numbers and sim card numbers.
It recorded all voice and text conversations.
None of the recording are at our institution.
Although I am aware of what is on some of these recordings and with the
exception of a few texts that the individual who was assisting us with
this project shared with the SIO to determine if it was staff or an
inmate, no other staff member at our institution has had access to
these, nor will they in the future.
The information obtained has been destroyed as we were not using any of
this for any investigation.
There will be no discipline, formal or informal talks to any staff
member who I believe had their phone within Warkworth Institution,
during the time that we have been utilizing this device.
I must remind staff that unauthorized communication devices are not
permitted within our institution.
I am sorry if this information causes stress to any of you, but I will
reiterate, that no one is under investigation, will be disciplined or
will know who may or may not have had a device within our institution.
If someone claims they know information about this, they are mistaken
and I will not tolerate rumours being spread that could cause additional
stress to our staff.

If you have any concerns, please come and see me.