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Cert No. 2462/00

Safe and Easy Movement

Made to the highest standards for ultimate durability
Safe and easy movement of patients/clients whilst
in bed or in a chair, removing the need to lift
Reduces/removes the effects of friction on skin
Turning patients/clients whilst lying or sitting in
Safe transfer of patients/clients from bed to trolley with the aid of a transfer board
Rotate patients/clients into and from the prone
Long term repositioningno need for removal
after repositioning providing safety measures are
in place
Available in washable and patient specific
Product training service available

Please dont forget:

Please use in accordance with your organisations policies and

Appropriate use of moving and handling equipment reduces
the risk or injury/damage
Products must be maintained/cleaned in accordance with
guidelines to prevent cross-contamination/cross-infection
Low friction inner fabric

Washable model


Assessment Notes:

Advised wash temperature 74C

Can be safely autoclaved or chemically sterilised

Machine techniques designed to aid infection

control measures

No need to remove during x-ray procedures

Material specifically provided and manufactured

for medical use

Care must be taken to avoid slip hazards on floors

Sheets not to be left near exposed/naked flames

Always ensure that the patient cannot reasonably

be moved without assistance and that this is the
most appropriate equipment for the task.
Washing/Cleaning Instructions:
The washable models can be washed at 74C. Ei-

ther drip dry or tumble dry on a low/medium

heat. They can also be autoclaved. Do not
iron. Do not use chlorine bleach.
Moving patients up
and down beds and/
or trolleys

Rotating patients in
a sitting position

Turning configuration
(TGS) for easy turning
of patients

Used by:

The patient/client unassisted

The patient/client assisted

Paramedic/Emergency Services

Community-based staff

General Ward staff

Nursing and Residential Home staff

Theatres and Radiology staff

* Due to our policy of continuous development, all
sizes are approximate and products are subject to
change without prior notice.

Good Practice Points:

Make sure that the brakes are on the bed/trolley
before commencing a movement.
Make sure that the sheet is inserted correctly and
that the inner slippy surface is inside (not outside).
This can be confirmed by rubbing the sheet between both palms before insertion. Also, the product label and stitching should be on the outside so
as to maximise the frictionless quality of the sheet.
Insert the sheet by either log-rolling the patient/
client to one side (or top or bottom) or by asking
the client to assist by gently lifting their bottom off
the bed. This is the same technique for any insertion.
Wherever possible, ask/help the patient/client to
help themselves.
Remove the sheet by inserting your hand between
both layers of the roller slide sheet and invert by
withdrawing the furthest bottom edge through the
middle of the sheet. This effectively peels the sheet
out without creating any shearing effects.

Our roller slide sheets are available

in any size that you require. For our
standard sizes, and for advice on
the best size and type of sheet to
suit your needs, please call our
Customer Service Team on
+44 (0)1588 640144
Hospital Direct
Units 3 & 4 The Green
Clun, Shropshire
Tel: +44 (0)1588 640144
Fax: +44 (0)1588 640661
Email: customerservices@hospitaldirectinternational.co.uk


Low friction inner


Patient Specific Model