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AIDS - its cause and cure

An analysis of AIDS, and its relationship

to the world in which we live

AIDS is not a disease confined to the homosexual community but is one that presents
a threat to the whole of humanity. Unchecked, this newly-discovered virus could
decimate mankind. It constitutes a threat greater even than the plagues of the Middle
Ages. How is it engendered and why are the homosexual groups singled out for
Fully to understand how AIDS makes its appearance at this time, it is necessary to
understand somewhat the nature of the new energy or ray which, in mounting
potency, is making its impact on our lives. I refer, of course, to the incoming 7th ray
of Ceremonial Order or Organization. This great ray has been in incarnation, as it is
called, since 1675 and is now very potent indeed. Its natural point of focus in the
human body is the sacral or sex centre, and its physical gland correspondence the
A tremendous new stimulation, therefore, is being brought to bear on the sexual life
of humanity - hence the current outspoken interest in, and concentration on, sexual
matters and activity. This is not by chance but is a direct result of the increased
stimulation of the etheric counterpart body of humanity by the 7th ray. This has led in
some instances to a neurotic and morbid concentration on this basic (and perfectly
natural) human instinct. A pathological and unnatural sexual obsession in certain
cases has taken the place of a natural, healthy sexual interest and activity.
The proper sphere of activity of the sexual impulse and function is the physical plane.
The desire principle holds sway there and on the astral realms. The increasingly
mental focus of humanity, however, has made it possible for the desire principle to
enter the realm of the mind, with the greater concentration and potency which that
higher level affords. The result has been devastating. Desire has entered the mind.
The mind has responded with morbid obsession and magnetically caused the
disintegration of the blood cells of the body, thus breaking down the immune system
itself, and the creation of the AIDS virus (a virus is self-created).
It is thus the result of wrongly-directed thought or misuse of energy, and
emphatically not Divine retribution (as claimed by various fundamentalist groups and
individuals) for 'unnatural' sexual practices. A relatively few people, only, have
actually created the AIDS virus in themselves. Its rapid spread (and danger for
humanity) is the outcome of its being extremely infectious through the body fluids:
the blood, urine, faeces and sexual secretions, and less readily through saliva. At the
moment it is most prevalent in the USA and in parts of Africa. In the USA, so far, it is
the homosexual groups which have taken the brunt. This is so, not because AIDS is
the outcome of 'unnatural' or 'unlawful' sexual activity or practices, but because of
the greater sexual experimentation which prevails in these groups.
Despite the altogether freer social climate in which homosexuals now live, there is no
doubt that they come under pressures, leading to frequent changes of sexual

partners and the use of prostitutes, which heterosexual men largely avoid. In
connection with the spread of AIDS, therefore, bisexuality and the activities of the
'oldest profession', male or female, represent major threats. Carriers Among the
many problems in dealing with this disease is the fact that people can be carriers of
the virus - often for many years - without a trace of symptoms. Mothers can pass it
on to their children in the womb through the blood. Infected blood-banks have
already taken their toll. This makes its containment difficult; and all the more
The Hunger Project, in its interesting twice-monthly, World Development Forum
(Vol.4, No.20, 15 November 1986), has the following report: "Do mosquitoes and
bed-bugs carry the AIDS virus? The Pasteur Institute's Jean-Claude Chermann, a codiscoverer of the AIDS virus in 1983, says they do. A study in Zaire of 50 insects,
reports Asiaweek, indicated that all - including mosquitoes, tsetse flies and
cockroaches - were infected. But the reassuring news is that the "insects don't carry
nearly enough of the virus to infect a human. There is no way,' he said, "that the
virus could be transmitted to humans by mosquitoes or other insects." Unfortunately,
my information is that this is not entirely the case.
In Africa - together with the US the continent most severely hit by the disease - the
AIDS virus has made its appearance, for the most part, among heterosexuals; in this
case, mosquitoes and other insects have played their part, as carriers, in its spread.
This fact may provide a means for its containment and control. To quote World
Development Forum again: "Chermann explains that the receptor (chemical
component of a living cell which combines with a foreign substance to alter the cellfunction) for the virus is 'very specific'. Hence, if the virus receptor in the insects
proved similar to that in humans, 'we could make an antibody' to prevent the spread
of the disease".
There is every hope that such an antibody, which will contain and control the spread
of the virus, will eventually be discovered, but humanity must face the fact that AIDS
is not easily eradicable and that every precaution must be taken to prevent its
spread. Among other actions, saner sexual attitudes are called for. This does not
mean the cessation of all sexual activity (as has already happened with some groups
in their initial fear-reaction) but of a wholesome respect for the virus and an
awareness of its dangers. Greater caution and discrimination in the choice of sexual
partners is obviously a priority. In this respect education is the key.
A world-wide educational programme, outlining the dangers and exploding the myths,
is required. Some governments have already set such a programme in motion but
this must become a global effort if the true import of the disease is to be understood
and the means of containing it are to be adopted. New scourge What part can the
Hierarchy of Masters play in ridding the world of this new scourge? Already, several
Masters, including my own, are lending Their experience and expertise to the healing
of individuals but They may not overstep the bounds of karma to tackle the problem
on a global scale. This must await the action of humanity on its own behalf. Shortly,
however, due to the action (and intervention) of the Christ, Maitreya, many already
suffering from the worst effects of the virus will find the disintegrative process
spontaneously being reversed and normal health established.

For karmic reasons, this is possible only for a 'sample' of those affected by the
disease, but it will draw attention to the seriousness with which He views this new
danger to the race. In the longer run, only the correct use of thought (and therefore
of energy) can rid the world of the diseases, including AIDS, which now afflict it. This
presupposes a reorientation of consciousness at present not possible for the majority,
but one which will inevitably come as we enter into better relationship, one with
another, by establishing the correct structures, political and social, on which our
future well-being depends. This is the spiritual transformation which Maitreya comes
to inspire.