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Is there a Scientific Secret Hidden in Christ’s Calvary Sacrifice?

a Scientific Secret Hidden in Chris t’s Calvary Sacrifice? Point to Think By John Paily –

Point to Think

By John Paily Grace New Age Research


Yes . Our survival on planet Earth and our entry in to Golden Age, Dharma Yuga, Age of peace

and order, Age of Truth and Justice, Age of Light, Age of True Knowledge, all of which amount to entering the Kingdom of God, exist in this secret. This however has nothing to do with religion called Christianity; in fact, it is a call to humanity to emerge out of Churches, Temples and Mosques to see Light. It is a call to come out of bondage to religions and become Spiritual. Religion is considered a crowd control, but Spirituality is one to one relationship with Light and God. A crowd control becomes a necessity in darkness but once light emerges, its importance wanes.

To know Christ and His Calvary Secret in its fullness we need to understand it from the point of Spirit or Living Force [Brahman, Holy Spirit , al-Ruh and al-Quds, Life Force, Chi and so on that Creates and sustains Earth and Cosmos. We need to understand it from Conscious and Intelligent field that supports Life and Cosmos from within and outside.

Much of modern science is built on a material force and field. This force and field takes everything in time towards black hole, singularity, where disorder peaks, destruction and death becomes inevitable. Scientists fail when it comes to comprehending origin of Life and Cosmos and perpetual existence of it in time. The great scientist Einstein did perceive this dead end to Cosmos that his theory would lead and struggled to invent a New Force and Field that oppose gravity field and gives stability to it.

The dead end that science encounters and all different conceptual developments in science can be put together sensibly to comprehend Life, Cosmos and God sensibly provided we look to it from Life Sciences, reduced to atomic and particulate level. We must note and underline that the east advocated Living Universe Theory, where we human souls have one to one relationship with a Central Soul or God Soul that Creates and Sustains. They did explored Life and Cosmos more extensively than the west and gave some of the most advanced science and knowledge of Life and Cosmos to humanity. This knowledge and light was lost to humanity, when people in Spiritual realms became self-centered and hid the knowledge and light from others and failed to transfer it into next generations. Christ’s Calvary sacrifice is helping humanity get back to the lost Knowledge. Much of what Christ spoke is directed at unearthing

this lost knowledge or Light. Calvary is a Secret path or portal that is opening up for humanity come to Life and Light.

How to Understand the Divine Secret as Science

All Life instinctively works to oppose the gravity. It originates from little perturbation in black hole. It has an inner space in which it transforms gravity force and field into anti-gravity force and field. We do not need elaborate studies and experiments to comprehend this fact. All we


need to do is to open the door of our laboratories, Churches, Temples and Mosque and observe a seed sprout, grass grow from a point of freedom from all schools of thought and introspect. The second law of thermodynamics applied to Life shows this opposition. In short, time in living world is directed opposite to time in the material world. Life seems have INNER SPACE where it can transform the gravity force of material world into anti-gravity force.

Anyone who steps outside his lab, Churches, Temples, and Mosque into Nature sees that all Life, Earth and the whole of Cosmos, strives eternally to sustain certain balance. They work based Parallel World Design or Duality. Every moment it works to self-organize and sustain the balance of the system. Noble Laureate James Lovelock, the Father of Gaia Hypothesis, showed how Earth is self-organizing with all plants and animals. Physicist who are high priests of modern Temples of Knowledge, seem to have given little thought to this. This surprises me because their conceptual evolution, inventions and experiments have suggested that one cannot isolate the observer from the experiment. Life plays an important role. The falling apple that illuminated Newton’s mind would not have gone up in space to fall without Life. Einstein Himself was acting when he blew the Globe with spider on it to develop his theory of gravity and world-view. This brings to center stage our mind that actually seeks the knowledge. We need focus on to our mind to find Truth. This probably led the Father of Quantum Mechanics Max Planck to say

As a man who devoted his whole Life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as

a result of my research about atom this much; There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of force, which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a Conscious and Intelligent mind. This mind is

matrix of all matter” Max Planck

Very clearly, this calls humanity to introspect into once own mind and its actions. The ancient east understood the limitation of human mind to know Truth. Thus, they meditated to silence their mind and enter an inner realm that creates and sustains. They called it the Conscious and Intelligent field. Their enquiry led to perception of their creation from an EKPYROTIC PROCESS, from two parallel worlds [Father and Mother], in a BIG BANG, from black hole [conception and birth]. Thus, the ancient east visualized the Father and Mother as seeable God and Goddess. It taught people to work and act from Conscious field.

Those who sought further had to face uncertainty of paths; two paths emerges here, the path of Father and the path of the Mother. However, their struggle and persistence could lead to the realization of a Supreme God and Goddess or Two Forces which are one and to which everything becomes related. They thus discovered the existence of a Supreme Spirit or Force


that Creates and sustains the Cosmos in relation to a pair. They called it Brahman, Holy Spirit, al-Ruh al-Quds, Life Force ----

Vedas of east speaks of Golden Period of Knowledge and Light in the past, where Truth and Justice reined and there was peace and prosperity everywhere. This period deteriorated slowly giving way to darkness where Truth Justice deteriorated. We are now possibly in the peak of this deterioration. The principle of balance, on which God and Cosmos works and exist is getting upset completely. Bible says we are created in His [God’s] Image and we were given the Dominion of His Kingdom but He resisted us from eating from Tree at the Center. The Creation and dominion spoken in Bible invariably means we were given all the knowledge to rule His Kingdom. The resistance needs to be understood as resistance from becoming Ego, self and slave to material world. This was resistance from falling into black hole.

The Vedas of east, which is considered a Gold mine of knowledge, writes that Universe is a Conscious and intelligent field force that is capable creating and sustaining. In short, the universe is living being. It goes on to write that we humans are individuated Consciousness and Intelligent field existing within it. We are like cells of one whole being, that are supposed work

to sustain the Whole. Which means the Whole exist in parts and parts exist in the

Whole. The system exists in peak of order, happiness and Joy, when all cells work for the Whole and Whole works for the part. This reality of Whole existing in parts and parts existing in Whole can be understood from two basal strands of DNA creating its own images or one cell diving to form the whole being.

Biblical creation is a scientific reality for we know today that our body consists of nearly 100 trillion cells. It comes into existence from single cell and information force contained in it. All of these cells have the complete information of the whole system and technically a life in itself. The information is truncated by space-time location of cells in respect to central cell. The cloning industry, of which I was once part, is based on the knowledge that this information in the cell can be de-differentiated and differentiated to form the whole system. Modern science seeks the secret in atoms and particles. It is matter of time that we extend Life sciences to understand it from atomic and particulate level.

This means there is a Supreme Parental Souls or God Souls [atoms] and God Particles that quantum dances and exist as one giving Life to whole system. We the human souls actually form the body of these Primal Souls.

To understand Cosmos we now need to understand Life. Life actually struggles to sustain certain equilibrium within a limit, for example, if the temperature of body increases by few


degrees above normal the system begins to collapse. The same is true, if the temperature of the body decreases. The living system thus perceives the changes and acts to sustain the system around middle point. In short, the living system is designed to sustain the balance. It contracts and expands exchanging information between right and left, inner and outer world to sustain the balance. There are three basic processes, by which Life sustains its balance,

1] Breathing,

2] Mitotic division

3] Meiotic division

First two processes are related with sustaining the system against material force and time direction in it. The third process is the secret by which Life conquers time and survives perpetually. Here the Spirit or information from the Father enters the black hole of the Feminine and creates that little perturbation that conquers time.

In my article relating to Global Warming and increasing Climate Catastrophes, I have discussed a Parallel World Design and a Principle on which Earth functions to sustain certain equilibrium. In this article, I have discussed how the material Earth is self-sustaining Gaia and how the self- sustaining picture of Earth begins to break down when we include adult humans, who lives a mind centered Life, becoming ego and material centered life taking the world along forbidden path. The article points out to, how Earth functions as a heart, sustaining the temperature and giving Life to biosphere. It calls world’s attention to how we are exponentially increasing the temperature of the system and accelerating the heat flow of the system bringing self- destruction. It points to how Earth is experiencing violent peak and fall of energy due to our greedy exploitation of Nature and our intervention into Nature and her functioning. It exclusively attributes the huge fire/wind, water/Earth bound destructions that we are witnessing to human greed and his ignorance.

In short, the article brings up a point that time direction to disorder, destruction and death comes from human heart and mind that has distanced Cosmic Heart and Mind. This stresses Earth and Cosmos unilaterally pushing it to a point of total break down or death. Scientists visualize this from irreversible matter and information loss into black hole and singularity. The Big Bang Theory comes out of this comprehension. From energy point, scientists visualize a universe where matter loses energy and flattens out leading to death [Runaway Universe- Recall the cardiogram of dying person]. The death to Cosmos makes no sense. That leaves a huge gap in our quest to understand, Nature, Cosmos and God.

The picture we get out of these thought is that we the human souls form the body of Cosmic Being or God. When we become ego, self and material centered, we become like cancerous


cells upsetting the balance of the system. The existence of Cosmic Being is now threatened. History of Spirituality on Earth speaks of instances when God directly and indirectly resist this deterioration. It speaks of God’s direct intervention in the war for restoration of Truth and Justice. God in all these cases takes the side of souls who has compassion, Truth and Justice. Lord Krishna and the war of Kurukshetra is one such event. When it came to the time of Calvary, it is clearly written that there were no souls who could be justified before God the Father. This means the very existence of Creator [Spirit God] and His Kingdom is endangered, forcing God to act to execute the Divine Plan and Save the Kingdom.

Jesus claimed himself as Son of God manifested to conquer time and death.

come to give us New Life and lead us to Kingdom of God. In short, the purpose of His manifestation is to restore the Kingdom back to God. Kingdom of God is Truth and justice, peace and order. Giving New Life to our souls with free will is part of this SECRET PLAN. The high priests who were ruling the Spiritual realm of people on Earth at Jesus’s time because of their ego failed to comprehend Him. They felt Jesus as a threat to their institution and their control over people and thus they condemned Him to death. In their act they released the Spirit of God to work from within to transform, awaken and illuminate humanity such that they come out of the bondage of religion and reestablish their one to one relationship with the Spirit God

thus gain New Life.

He said he has

The Return of Christ or Second Coming is illumination of intellect of humanity such that humanity sees Truth and light and enters the Golden Age of Truth and Justice. This is best understood from Cosmic Kundalini or Life Force emerging. See Figure. We are called to participate in the COSMIC KUNDALINI that is emerging and trying to initialize itself into New Time Cycle with Free Will to all souls. With Christ’s Calvary Sacrifice, God exposed His all- encompassing Great Heart, the Second Coming is revelation of His Mind that brings Light and Knowledge that gives stability or order to the system. No wonder Vedas wrote that Universe is thought projection of Mind of God.

We must note and underline that Duality or Parallel World is Reality. So too is the singularity. Singularity is a case when the Masculine Force or Creator Force exist recessive and in creative state within the black hole of the recessive or feminine counterpart. Duality is a period when the Creator exists outside as Judge and King ruling both worlds.

This reality of Second Coming of Christ needs to be understood from famous hypothetical Schrodinger’s Cat” experiment. Here a cat is kept in a box such that it has freedom to move to the right or left in the box. A shooter shoots at the Box. The chances that cat is alive when he opens the box is 50%. Now is the paradox. If you shoot the box a billion times and then open it, the chance remains the same. The reality of Life and death collapses when we open the box. The Truth is that we are the cat as well as shooter. None of us has the courage to open the box.


We are ruled from time immemorial by creation of duality and division. The first division is Holy one. The rest comes from human greed. From time immemorial, we are taught to see light and darkness as separate and judge the opposite as evil. Thus, we have built societies on self and division that thrives on war and destruction of the opposite. Our mind fails to see the Unity.

Our Modern so-called Intelligent Society thrives on exploitation of material Nature and her forces. The economy of the modern world is built by exploiting Nature and Humanity by evil self-centered minds. The evil minds have occupied the temples, and the executive ruling centers. Our system is not working to understand and gain knowledge that lets humanity live in harmony with Nature and bring peace. Much of scientific knowledge on which we thrive is built on assumptions. The knowledge that modern world has built is based on five sense of the mind that connects us to the external world. Thus, we fail to see oneness of humanity and Nature around a Life Force that Creates and sustains. This invariably means the Creator has to manifest and open the box. With it, a Quantum Collapse and reorganization process begins. Bible, Vedas

thus speak a scientific secret of creation and restoration. Calvary is this Secret of

Creation and restoration. Yajurveda VS 30-31 supports this.

We should note that, motion and change is a fundamental of Nature and Life. In spite of all advancement in science, we still do not know what causes motion and how perpetual motion is sustained in Cosmos. In short, we have failed to comprehend the “Principle and Design” that governs motion in smallest particle to the Whole Cosmic System. Modern Temples of knowledge spends billions to break an atom to see that one particle [God particle] that gives mass and motion and hope to comprehend the Cosmos from this understanding. Their struggle is going nowhere. It is has only lead them to black hole. It is impossible to know the secret of Life and its force by killing the system first. The best approach is what ancient east adopted. Calvary Secret is linked to these fundamental questions.

Our scientific quest has only empowered the evil minds to exploit Nature and humanity. It has failed to sort out the basic questions. In links below I have discussed a “Principle and Designon which motion in particle and Cosmos exist. Grace revealed this, when I fallowed the approach of the east of seeking Truth in freedom, in Nature by meditating and surrendering the mind to explore the realms within.

Human heart and human mind very clearly plays an important role in Cosmos. It is the cause for time direction to singularity or death in great disorder and destruction. The basic laws of science of energy and matter tell us that nothing is created or destroyed, everything is only transformed. Another premise of science is that we cannot understand the world unless there are two worlds or objects. What science actually seeks is an Absolute World or Particle with which everything can be related. This means the Creation and sustenance of the Cosmic


System needs to be understood from transformation of Human Souls and their Mind in relation to an Absolute Soul and Mind that is beyond time. This process is happening on Earth under the Spirit of God released through Christ. It is Kundalini of Cosmic being rising and dividing to form the Duality that is one. This can be understood from two basic phenomenon of Life.

1] At the cellular level, it can be visualized from fertilization, where the information from two parallel worlds, male and female unite to evolve its information to conquer time. The Mind of God revealing to illuminate humanity can visualized from, a bright object [CENTRIOLE] emerging on one side of the cell wall when the information evolution and duplication is complete. This centriole later splits moving to the poles, twitching the one cell into two in the process. Thus from monistic state a dualistic state comes into being.

2] This can also be understood from a pregnant Mother giving Birth. This analogy was used by Jesus to describe the end time.

The Truth is that the whole Cosmos is supported and balanced by Supreme Conscious and Intelligence field. It unfolds to create and restore, enfolds to sustain the system eternally. The material body of Cosmos remains the same but it is transformed and initialized into New Time Cycle. A glorious Quantum Collapse and initialization into New Time Cycle happens, when we awaken to Truth or God. That is the only way we can evolve to survive and Enter the Golden Age.

Modern scientist especially physicist are obsessed with symmetry. They strive to put Nature into some mathematical equation that balances. The obsession with symmetry is understandable for Nature presents symmetry everywhere. The symmetry we witness in Nature is illusionary. It is sustained by constant expenditure of energy. The Reality of Nature is spiral spatial expansion or contraction. The world is already discovering this reality. It is a matter of time before we put the development in science and Spirituality into right perspective to know the Truth.

Figures that explains the Cosmic Truth

These are figures I happened to sketch from my thought in freedom from all schools to account and integrate for all great conceptula developments in science. They eventually leads to Divine Secret


The figure above speaks of a fundamental Design and Principle on which particle oscillates and
The figure above speaks of a fundamental Design and Principle on which particle oscillates and

The figure above speaks of a fundamental Design and Principle on which particle oscillates and produces motion. This is based fundamental non equilibrium ratio of 4:3. It unites the concept, gravity and charge. The motion here spiral compression and expansion that leads to spin and curved displacement in space. The process takes place in three steps. It collapses and reorganizes, changing the direction of the flow when the third critical point is reached. Thus, action and reaction or motion is the product of inherent in design.

This vision in one shot explains many fundamental questions that science left behind, such as the wave particle duality. The particle we imagined above is the electromagnetic matter or light particle. The atomic matter that we discuss now becomes the product of union of two light particles with opposing spin. The only condition for matter to come existence is that the two


light particle coming together also should exist in 4:3 ratio. This explains the fluidity and motion within atoms and also answers why gravity is weak force. The figure below explains

answers why gravity is weak force. The figure below explains The above three figures builds the

The above three figures builds the perpetual flow in cosmic system from basic “Principle and Design” built on a ratio that governs the motion in smallest particle and the whole system. It at depth accounts for the why’s, how’s which science left behind in its quest predict and conquer Nature.

The underlying force that governs is the instinct to seek equilibrium. This manifests as time direction to the center. However, this time direction is denied by design. The key to cyclic flow in and out is the black hole that develops inside the inner atom. The inert atoms by design can resist the symmetry in three-dimensional space. They towards the center can show creativity developing DNA and living system. Thus, earth that inhabits life seems to play an important


For more information, you can read the link.


Time is inevitable reality. Life is not beyond death; this means we have to account for creation, including the Ekpyrotic Scenario and Big Bang. We need to account for two time directions, one from the center to outside and another from outside to the center. The picture of string and quantum particle leading to quantum dance explains how time manifests. It manifest out of polarity and non-equilibrium design. The same is applicable to parallel worlds [Male and female, heaven and Earth] and one whole cosmic system. The cosmic body is sustained by parallel world. This is best evident from east west and day and night cycle that coexist to balance each other. This is also evident from double pump design of heart that sustains Life.

This is explained in the fallowing figure

sustains Life. This is explained in the fallowing figure Time is inevitable reality, both from living

Time is inevitable reality, both from living and material point of view. This means we have to account for Creation from a point or BIG BANG. From parallel world reality, it becomes EKPYROTIC SCENARIO. From the point of non-linear science and Quantum World View, we have to account for it from “little perturbation” from a Quantum Particle.

science and Quantum World View, we have to account for it from “little perturbation” from a


The figure above speaks of near equilibrium state where the system exists oscillating. The time direction invariably means the system can shift towards Black Hole or White Hole. This shift is what we need to understand in order to understand Creation and Existence.

Black Hole or White Hole. This shift is what we need to understand in order to
Black Hole or White Hole. This shift is what we need to understand in order to


The universe is self-organizing Gaia or Living Being with a soul. This living being has a Heart and Mind. It takes time direction because of the lesser minds or souls created in its image becomes ego, self and slave to material world. In short, time direction and death manifests to the body. The soul resists it, but it cannot stop it. The above figure speaks this qualitative deterioration of the body due to loss of soul forces that form the body of cosmic being.

The above figure speaks of souls that form the body falling into black hole in time. The God Force or the Spirit of God resists this fall, but it cannot stop it. Every time souls fall God the Spirit pays the price. The light and knowledge deteriorates in this process. The process is attributed to Earthlings [Adam and Eve] in Bible. However, subtly written fact in Bible is that the Serpent that influenced Eve and Adam is s a fallen angel. We humans who exist as slaves fail to think and question people who rule us from spiritual realm. It is very clearly written in Bible that after every step of creation of all form of life on earth, God said GOOD. One must wonder from where the evil serpent came into existence.

The serpent represents the ego and self-centered mind that has become slaver to material world. This tells us that all deterioration begins with souls in existing in Spiritual realm. In short, one can trace deterioration of the society to deterioration of Spiritual institutes. Their failure to uphold light and walk the path of Truth and justice, their surrender to kings and the rich, their slavery to material world is the cause of deterioration of the world. Today we are in an “Up Cycle” in EVENT HORIZON that is stressing all souls, to take New Life and become conscious and intelligent to walk the path of Truth and Justice. Religious institutions are using this Critical situation to advance their self-centered and material centered growth. They work to populate their followers than bringing qualitative changes in people. Thus, we see the world edging to self-destruction in the name of religion and God.

The system has a clear time direction in the initial state. This is an exponential or inflation period. However, disorder sets in when ¼ of the souls fall. A total disorder manifest when more than 2/4 th of the soul fall. This disorder helps the Creator Soul and it Force to resist the fall. However, time direction is inevitable even in disordered state. Non-linear science speaks this reality. When 3/4 th of the souls fall to black hole the balance begins to upset and death

becomes inevitable. Creator Soul is now forced go into recreation state. This is Calvary or

Conception and Execution of Divine Plan. The Divine plan supports the system within and lifts it back to initial state. The coexistence of two time directions is expressed in the fallowing figure.


There is a “up cycle” as well as a “down cycle”. The Creator Spirit or

There is a “up cycle” as well as a “down cycle”. The Creator Spirit or Living Force, resist the down cycle. However, it is inevitable. Beyond the Third critical point, the accelerated collapse begins. However, Design and Divine Plan sustain from wihtin. An ordering and initialization process begins from within. As the system reaches the End of down cycle or great disorder, the Light unfolds to create accelerated “Up Cycle”.

the Light unfolds to create accelerated “Up Cycle” . The “up cycle” represented by Green arrow

The “up cycle” represented by Green arrow is COSMIC KUNDALINI or SPIRIT OF GOD or UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS AND INTELLIGENCE UNFOLDING and rising in seven steps. This is also seven-step in Biblical creation and seven seal written in Bible. It bring the Unity of two parts of the Bible

The reality of Bible and time cycle can be explained from the above figures. In the beginning there was Spiritual people filled with light. These Spiritual people connected to the Consciousness and radiated light. They walked the path of Truth and Justice without any compulsions. Chains of religions did not bind them. They simply helped individual connect to Consciousness and helped them walk the path of Truth and Justice. In time some of them developed a mass fallowing, few of them possibly became ego, self and material centered. Later they split to form many God’s religions and sects.


The differentiation of Religions as crowd control and Spirituality as one to one relationship with God is very real. Most religions are formed when the God or prophets manifested on Earth and their teachings begin to gain great fallowing. These institutions now became the targets of evil minds that seek power and material gains. The evil minds thus slowly creep in and eventually take control of the Spiritual institutions. No wonder we see fanatic minds controlling most religious institutions. The scriptures are written deftly such that the original message survives.

The disordered world we witness on Earth is reflection of disorder in Spiritual realms. I tend to visualize Organized Christianity as the cause for the present world. Forgive me if I am wrong. There is huge gap between what these Priests preach and practice. Except for the early period of Christianity, much of the later part their motive always been quantitative and material developments than qualitative transformation of souls. However, I must admit the Spirit of God has thrived through them and change is forced on them too.

There has been Spiritual awakening and New Age Movement in the last few decades that have occurred spontaneously outside the organized Churches. The Church authorities resisted this awakening and then imbibed it, as they saw people flooding these New Age Movement and their practices. This Spiritual awakening and New Age movement is happening in all religions. We see retreat centers, prayer centers, sat-sang, blooming around the world. This is a science of Event Horizon. Bible has predicted this awakening in the last days. This could be understood from the fallowing figure.

Event Horizon. Bible has predicted this awakening in the last days. This could be understood from


The process we are witnessing is the Event Horizon; an unavoidable point where

Quantum Collapse and reorganization takes place. Every soul is stressed to evolve and

take New Life with Free Will at this point. People flock the retreat centers because of the miracle and miracle cures taking place. Today these centers are blooming. Taking God’s name, creating New Churches, starting New Retreat Centers, has become a smart choice, than response to intuitive Conscious call. Common people flock these centers because of their struggle of existence, financial problems and problems of health. They come here seeking Miracle in various realm of their Life. Hardly few come here to seek Truth. Back home from retreat most exists in a state of illusion and tend to return to old ways of Life. Many become religious fanatics. Many who managed to shift closer and crossed a critical boundary of cosmic Kundalini field [see fig] by Grace gain some special powers. They tend to develop New Churches and develop a fallowing. This is best explained by the Figure.

develop a fallowing. This is best explained by the Figure. With Calvary, there is a flow

With Calvary, there is a flow upward from Black Hole with Free Will to all souls. There is Great Attractor Force acting to lift souls into upper realms from black hole. Those souls that have risen beyond second level, experience the transformation force in some degree. Possibly those who rise beyond 3 rd and 4 th level experience temporary or permanent miracle cures. Those, who have risen beyond 4 th and 5 th level gain special powers. There is pair of forces acting in Kundalini that also leads down. This means souls can fall at any moment. Its power however weans under the cosmic

Kundalini and its Design. No souls in this Cosmic Kundalini Force can stay in one

place eternally. People who have risen up beyond 4 th level tend to fall down ward to second level towards black hole or they fall outside to become the “Water of Life”. Those who fall outside serve people and live a conscious path of upholding Truth and Justice.

Those who have risen up to 5 th level tend to form their own schools; awakening people and

serving people [becoming water of Life]. However, when the mind and its intent of the

soul in this realm aligns with money and material force they tend to fall to first


level and beyond into black hole. Those who truly are aligned with Life or God Force struggle to transform souls, heal them and help them walk the path of Truth and justice and be Water of Life. They wait for that great moment of opening of White Hole and Judgment. In short, the fall of humans has its origin in people in highest realm. The judgment spoken in Bible speaks this. The Cosmic Kundalini splits into right and left at the opening. One can visualize this from Cell division where a Bright radiating object that emerges on one side of cell wall, which divides the one fertilized egg cell into two and initiates the NEW TIME CYCLE.

One must note here that reality lies between 2 nd and 6 th chakra. The 1 st and 7 th are the chakra of time that leads to death or Life. The 2 nd to 6 th is the realm of Earth and reality. We now live in the First realm and are due to enter the 7 th realm as Truth reveals by Grace. No wonder Dr.Michio Kaku a well-known physicist, said we are “Type Zero” civilization using energy from dead plants.

In conclusion

This modern world is endangered by minds that are ego, self and material centered, who resist evolution and have occupied various realm of the society. The most important realm is the Spiritual institution, which have manifested into many religions and sects. Their evolution into Light and Life Force is critical to humanity.

Today these institutions are stressed to evolve. I see changes happening. The much-wanted order however can only manifest, when the world awakens to Truth or the Spirit of God. Otherwise, we would end in disaster with evil minds in religions instigating humanity to fight and lead the world into self-destructive mode. This is where; I have pursued my Conscious call to Understand Cosmic Truth as Science.

Now comes most important question, how could one soul atom and one God particle gain so much power to unfold the whole cosmic system back to initial state. The answer exists, Max Planck’s “Ultra Violet Catastrophe” which states immense energy and information can be packed into one Quantum Particle. Further from above figure we note that the transformed souls, can transmit power to the basic core such that it can rise to its ultimate level to initialize the system. The Spiritual scriptures, the creation and existence written in it, needs to be understood as transformation and initialization process. One must note, that not all who speak about God are genuine. Most use God and His name for self and institutional advancement. Most end up making money out of God’s name. The judgment spoken in Bible thus speaks against such people.


The Universal Time Cycle needs to be understood as information or knowledge unfolding and enfolding. The Big Bang and Big Crunch are controlled information release from black hole and loss of information into it. The Universe is conscious being with right and left or parallel worlds. Universal Time Cycle is best understood from Life cycle. Its complete compression cannot be understood, unless we include the creation phase in which, the masculine creating or Life Giving Force exist within the recessive in creation state. Since time direction originates from Ego, self and material centered souls, we need to understand creation from the point of transformation of human heart and illumination human intellect by one Great Cosmic Soul or

God Soul and its Heart and Mind. This is Calvary Secret.

This has nothing to do with Religion. The type of mind-set we have developed, the economy and technologies we have built to harness, energy and its use, the knowledge of life and its sustenance we have acquired are inferior. We need to evolve our technologies and our approach to energy and its use, Life and health, food and agriculture, to higher level, if we are to survive and find peace on Earth.