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Professional Etiquette :

Professional Etiquette A Presentation by Rajiv Bajaj

What is Etiquette? :
What is Etiquette? Websters II New College Dictionary: The forms and practices prescribed by
social convention or by authority Oxford Reference Dictionary: The code of polite behaviour in a
society The conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be
observed in social or official life. - Merriam Webster Dictionary

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Also means behaving in an acceptable manner and being considerate of others When asked,
Is there a single word which can be a guide to conduct throughout ones life ?, Confucius said,
It is perhaps the word shu - Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire. Be

Etiquettes & Manners are your Soft Skills :

Etiquettes & Manners are your Soft Skills Your Hard or Technical skills can get you a job
But what keeps you climbing the ladder of success are your Soft Skills & Etiquettes..

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People often speak of good manners as an accomplishment. One should speak of them as a duty
But what are good manners? Such manners that society recognizes as being agreeable &
acceptable to men Manners that replace rudeness, crudeness and coarseness with gentle
behaviour and finesse

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Every individual should observe the laws of politeness It is the expression of good-will and
kindness It promotes both beauty & gentleness in the person who possesses it; and happiness in
those who are about him It is a duty, and should be a part of every formal training

Business & Workplace Etiquette :

Business & Workplace Etiquette Treat People as if they were what they ought to be and you
help them to become what they are capable of being

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Business & Workplace Etiquettes -

Showing Respect :
Showing Respect We all want respect, no matter what age we are, no matter what position we
hold or what job function we do The key is to know that each person, no matter how long they've
worked or how adept their skill-set, deserves respect, because we are all human beings

Some Rules :
Some Rules Address people by their formal name when meeting them for the first time, unless
introduced to them only by their first name Address everyone formally until they ask you to use
their first name Do this with everyone you meet, it's a sign of respect

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Introduce everyone, no matter who they are To break barriers between different age-groups,
genders and nationalities, make people feel valued The best way to do this is to introduce people
to others whenever the opportunity presents itself Introducing others shows youre etiquette
savvy and helps you make important allies too

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Be the first to extend your hand for a handshake, and look the person in the eye This small act of
courtesy goes a long way in making sure all people work well together

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Give a good handshake that conveys the message, "Welcome! I'm open to engage in conversation
with you!" Limp handshake ? Work on improving it ,as instead of showing your warmth,
confidence and charm it exposes your lack of it !

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Say "Please" and "Thank you"! This little courtesy is vital to show respect It makes people
understand you appreciate what they can do or have done for you Forgetting a basic courtesy
such as a "please" or "thank you" shows lack of appreciation and concern for others which is
disrespectful and degrading

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Never interrupt someone In casual work environments, people can easily forget basic courtesy,
and interruption can sometimes becomes a real problem Remember that its always rude to
interrupt, especially when someone is making an important point or addressing a group

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Walking unannounced or uninvited into someones office is another form of interruption, and it
makes a bad impression You may not need to make an appointment to see your boss or a
colleague, but you should always make sure the person is not busy when you want to talk

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Remember Start with consideration and respect No matter whom you come in contact with,
that person deserves being treated with respect and dignity Even if you dislike someone for his or
her behavior, youll come out on top if you maintain a respectful manner

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"A true professional treats others with respect, and expects the same from them." This doesn't
mean you have to let people step on you, but it does mean showing concern for their feelings,
respecting their opinions, and being honest with them If you think someone else is mistreating
you, deal with it and tell them you won't tolerate disrespect."

Kindness :
Kindness Anyone who thinks that kindness isn't a necessity in today's work environment isn't
thinking Kindness is one of the most important skills in dealing with people of all ages Every
living thing responds to kindness. Use this skill for good results in handling people Help others
whenever you possibly can

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Help your juniors and subordinates Dont bully them or allow your peers to do so

Refrain from Gossip :

Refrain from Gossip Keep gossip or hurtful information to yourself Do not spread rumors or
encourage them Gossiping is against the principles of kindness Would you like someone to
gossip about you?

Respect everyones privacy :

Respect everyones privacy Do not eavesdrop on anyone. It is a RUDE thing to do ! Give each
individual the space he or she is due, as you would expect to be given your own space and
privacy Respect their individuality and privacy

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Do not encourage or indulge in politics at workplace

Refrain from Politics ! :

Refrain from Politics ! Indulging in Office Politics is against the accepted norms of Etiquettes
Refrain from getting involved in such politics

Integrity :
Integrity Maintain your integrity at all times When you make a promise or give your word, you
need to follow through on it If you are unable to keep the promise or fulfill the commitment, you
must be prepared to make amends and set things right

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Remember Trust is fragile... Very easily broken and very difficult to regain Only People with
integrity are the people we can trust !

Mind Your Language ! :

Mind Your Language ! Language counts Your point wont come across any better if you use
rude, derogatory, or obscene language, no matter whom youre addressing Talk like a
professional and youll be seen and treated as one

Choose Your Company Carefully :

Choose Your Company Carefully Be careful which crowd you associate with It may be
more fun to hang out with the group that talks loudly, cracks jokes, and ridicules coworkers, but
doing so could leave a bad impression with the boss & others

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Its nice to fit in, especially when you have to spend so much time with the same people... But
the office isnt a place where you hang out with friends and get boisterous. Its a place to get
work done !!

Keep your productivity high :

Keep your productivity high You are paid to work, so work ! No goofing in office hours !

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Leave gender out of the equation :

Leave gender out of the equation Coworkers are peers, regardless of gender Be sensitive towards
female colleagues Of course, dirty jokes, off-color remarks, and discussion of certain private
matters are an absolute no-no. Period.

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Sexual harassment has no place at work, or for that matter, in civilised society Do not allow or
tolerate such behaviour If you observe such behaviour, speak out against it Remember, it is also a
punishable offence !

Gender Discrimination :
Gender Discrimination Do not discriminate against female colleagues. Allow them equal
opportunities Be aware that what men can do, women can also do, and maybe even do it better !
Respect them as equals and acknowledge their contribution

Office Equipment :
Office Equipment Its there to make your work easier Use it judiciously Handle all office
equipment carefully Care for it as you would for anything that you owned Remember, misuse of
office equipment leads to breakdowns, affecting your productivity

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Misuse of equipment also includes using it for your personal work Office Telephones,
Computers, Photocopiers, Transport & Stationery items etc are meant for Official use only Avoid
using them for your personal work Respect the trust that your employer has placed in you do
not violate it

Always keep these basics in mind :

Always keep these basics in mind Understand that nobody is born with these etiquettes. One
has to study & learn them They can also be learnt by observing others and imbibed by the
process of Vicarious Learning But neither are these difficult to learn or put into practice

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And YOUR decision !

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All it takes is the right Attitude ! Do you have it in you ?

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Thank You ! Questions ?