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Times Volume II, Issue 1: 2010

Take a
Reflections on an
Look Inside Outstanding Year
• A New Holiday Tradition................2 What an amazing year 2009
has been for KidsCare Therapy!
• Recruiting Efforts: Attracting the The appointment of a new
Cortney Baker, M.S., CCC/SLP
Best and the Brightest..................2 administrator, Melissa Scott, CFO/President of Clinical Services
CCC/SLP, and the opening of
• The Definition of Success.............3 an administrative site in Fort Worth have been indi-
cators of an eventful and significant time of growth;
• KidsCare Therapists Certified in in fact with patient increase, we have experienced
VitalStim!.....................................3 growth both in the office with support staff, as well as
with clinical staff. Growth was also seen beyond just
• Physician Liaisons: Your Link to numbers—during the holidays, we transitioned from
KidsCare Therapy........................4 buying individual patient gifts into hosting a party for
our patients and their families. Our company holiday
• KidsCare Events...........................4 party even had to relocate after we outgrew its
traditional venue.
• New Hires....................................4
In addition, KidsCare Therapy supported more com-
munity events than ever before, including the “Life
Without Limits” Run, Walk & Roll, Challenge Air, and
the Turkey Trot. We were present at nearly 40
KidsCare Moves to Fort Worth conferences throughout the nation in efforts to raise
awareness for KidsCare Therapy’s outstanding ser-
KidsCare Therapy is opening a branch in Fort vices and to recruit new, talented therapists to join
Worth! The new office, which will open its doors our company.
early this year, will house administrative staff, as
well as serve as a point of contact for all thera- Our goals for the new year have been set, and we are
pists treating our growing number of Fort Worth ready to continue to raise the bar for providing qual-
patients. Amanda Shaffstall, SLP, will be assuming ity home care to the Dallas and Fort Worth pediatric
the role of Clinical Manager, and Belinda Salinas population. We look forward to using the tremendous
will be the Fort Worth Office Manager. To reach the momentum gained in 2009 to help improve the lives
office, please call (817) 546-8661. of countless children throughout 2010!

KidsCare Therapy . 9330 LBJ Freeway, Suite 790 . Dallas T X 75243 . t 214.575.2999 . f 214.575.2727

A New Holiday Tradition both in terms of transportation and handicap services.
The Dallas Museum of Nature & Science fit these needs
perfectly, as it’s near both a DART and public bus route,
and the facility caters to wheelchairs and other disabilities.

The nature of the guest list also created some unique chal-
lenges. Many of KidsCare Therapy’s patients deal with
sensory issues—they are overwhelmed by overly stimulating
sounds, colors and activity around them. Amidst the crafts
and activities, dinner, prize giveaways, balloon artists, face
painters and a visit from Santa,
overstimulation was inevitable.
To give these children a safe
place to relax and return to base
level, a “relaxation room,” com-
plete with dim lighting, soothing
music and a number of calming
Six years ago, when Cortney Baker started buying gifts for activities, was created. 
each of her patients during the holiday season, she had no
The party was a huge success,
idea that she was creating a tradition that would grow with
thanks in part to the overwhelm-
her company; that is, until her company grew so much that
ing support and attendance by
distributing individual gifts to the nearly eight hundred
company employees, and set
patients KidsCare Therapy services became impossible.
the bar high for future events.
This led to the planning of the first annual Family Holiday
“The first ever patient holiday
Party for all Dallas-area KidsCare Therapy patients and their
party was the best thing we’ve ever done for our families—
I could not have been more thrilled to serve all of the kids
As with any event, location was key, and there were a number with whom we have the pleasure of working, and I was left
of factors to consider. The party had to be easily accessible, smiling about it for the entire next week!” said Baker.

Recruiting Efforts: Attracting the Best and the Brightest

In an effort to keep up with the growing demand for therapy team again  joined over ten thousand other people in
services, KidsCare Therapy has been working hard to attendance.  KidsCare Therapy  hosted a recruiting happy
attract new, talented therapists from all hour and spoke with several potential
over the country.  Recruiters have been candidates.
traveling throughout Texas, as well as
other states, in efforts to promote KidsCare In addition to attending multiple confer-
Therapy and its outstanding services.   ences throughout the year, recruiters
are developing mentorship programs
The annual Texas Occupational Therapy for current therapy students, building
Association  conference  was held in San relationships with universities, offering
Antonio  from November 12th-14th.  The incentives for applicants, and maintain-
recruiting and marketing team, as well ing an active presence through social
as clinical staff, was on hand to represent media. If you or anyone you know is
KidsCare Therapy to the nearly 400 interested in learning more about an
occupational therapists in attendance. The exciting, challenging and rewarding
conference was an excellent opportunity career in pediatric home health with
to speak with a number of possible new KidsCare Therapy, please contact:
Krystal Szczsponik, Dallas Recruiter,
This year’s American Speech and Hearing kszczsponik@kidscaretherapy.com
Association conference was held from
November 19th-21st in New Orleans. Clini- Jodi Milner, Fort Worth Recruiter,
cal staff and the recruiting and marketing jmilner@kidscaretherapy.com

The Definition of Success
A physical therapist would describe “success” as being able
to facilitate improved functional mobility, independence and
strength through the use of therapeutic innovations. Jesus
Pedroza is a shining example of how physical therapy can
make an impact on the activities of daily living for children
with developmental delays.

When I met Jesus, I was struck by his boisterous yet affec-

tionate personality. Jesus, a three-year-old boy with Down
syndrome, was referred to physical therapy for gross motor
delays. As with most children with Down syndrome, he pre-
sented with low muscle tone, joint hypermobility, decreased
strength endurance, poor balance and lack of coordination.
At initial evaluation, Jesus was unable to remain standing
erect for more than a minute, fell frequently, could not inde- Achieving Your Child’s Goals, One Step at a Time
pendently ascend the steps outside his apartment, and was
unable to kick or catch
a ball.

In order to provide Jesus

with improved stability,
KidsCare Therapists
we worked with an or- Certified in VitalStim!
thotist to obtain Sure-
Step orthotics. SureStep KidsCare Therapy’s commitment to providing the very
orthotics are designed best service to our patients means that we must stay
to provide children with informed of and trained in the latest treatments and
low tone and excessive procedures. The medical field is always changing as
pronation more stability through the hindfoot, but flexibility in newer, more effective ways of treating patients are
the forefoot, to allow running and jumping. Jesus has shown discovered.
significant improvements in gait, balance and coordination
since receiving his orthotics. Earlier this fall, over 25 KidsCare therapists attended
an intense training seminar to become VitalStim certi-
Other important components of his therapy have been ther- fied. VitalStim is a form of Neuromuscular Electrical
apeutic exercise and home exercises for strengthening. His Stimulation that treats patients with dysphagia, or dif-
family has played an integral role in working with Jesus on ficulty swallowing. This FDA approved treatment uses
developmentally appropriate activities for strengthening. He electrodes to target muscles necessary for swallowing.
has shown gains in strength and core stability through Swiss The stimulation, combined with therapist-led exercis-
ball training, sit ups, climbing activities and weighted vest es, can help a patient return to normal eating patterns
use. The combinations of strength training and equipment and, essentially, a
ordered through therapy have enabled Jesus to make sig- more normal life.
nificant gross motor gains. He is now able to climb the stairs
with stand by assist, jump off the ground with both feet, kick KidsCare is excited
a ball, catch a ball, run, and play without without frequent to begin of fering
fall. Jesus’ progress has been observed empirically through this program to our
improvement on standardized testing. As his physical thera- patients!
pist, I have enjoyed being able to play a role in helping him
achieve greater independence and mobility.

— Heather Anderson, PT

Physician Liaisons: Your January 8 & 9
Infant Mental Health Conference
Link to KidsCare Therapy Dallas, TX

The process of coordinating a child’s therapy services can be January 21

a complicated and extensive undertaking, requiring clear University of Oklahoma
communication and coordination between doctors, therapists Health Fair
and providers. To keep the process running smoothly, KidsCare Norman, OK
Therapy has two Physician Liaisons, Kerry Blood and Arlene
Ortega, who are responsible for forming and maintaining relationships with the Dallas and February 2
Fort Worth medical community in efforts to ensure that all paperwork is received in a San Angelo State Career Fair
timely manner. This collaboration with numerous referral and intake coordinators, special
San Angelo, TX
services directors and various other positions is critical to the continuation of the essential
treatment we provide to area children.
February 6
Live the Dream Expo
In addition, different offices have different practices; therefore, these ladies are con-
Garland, TX
stantly striving to find ways to make the process as easy as possible for each party
involved. In early 2010, KidsCare Therapy will be introducing an email address coordina-
tors can use for submitting all paperwork (save referrals—which must be done either February 20
through the online form found on our website or by fax), and corresponding directly with Educational First Steps
physician liaisons. This gives physician liaisons the ability to immediately follow up in Dallas, TX

KidsCare Events
regards to received and/or incomplete documents.
February 24
Please feel free to contact Cyndi Prince at 214-575-2999 if you have suggestions on how Baylor Career Fair
we can better accommodate your office in coordinating paperwork. Waco, TX

February 27
New Hires: September December Rockwall ISD Community
Adanna Burrell – SLP Patricia Silmon – Bilingual SLP Resource/Transition EXPO
August Dina Murillo – Bilingual STA Rockwall, TX
Melissa Benavides – Erin Threadhill – SLP January
Bilingual PT
Haley Kemp – CFY March 25-27
Kelly Davis – SLP October Miriam Reyes – Bilingual STA Texas Speech and Hearing
Kati Faulkner – STA Stacy Jackson – SLP
Ava Shahparasti - SLP Association Conference
Chianti Mathis – SLP Shari Stahl – OT
Ginny Miller – SLP Ruby Vergel – Bilingual SLP Fort Worth, TX
Nima Moore – SLP Susan Whigham – SLP

KidsCare Therapy . 214.575.2999 . www.KidsCareTherapy.com

9330 LBJ Freeway, Suite 790

Dallas TX 75243