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1. What motivates you to put forth your greatest effort?

A) I am a person who is generally driven by results. So when the tide is high and I am doing a good work,
this keeps on motivating me to continue the same and probably surpass the standards that I have set for
myself. In times of distress, I know that it is not going to last forever and hence I put my full force fight
to overcome that.
2. What are your career and lifestyle objectives?
A) My decision to venture out in the field of lighting design was a carefully thought out one. I definitely
see myself working with some of the top consultants and designing a landmark project someday in the
3. If you could start your career again, what would you do differently?
A) I would have probably done Illumination Engineering instead of B.Sc (Interiors). It would have helped
me understand the electronics associated with lighting in a much more lucid manner.
4. Describe your personality.
A) I am a confident woman who is ambitious to make a mark in the field of lighting design. I am restless
until a job or work gets over. I am an easy going person but with an assertive mindset. I am a good
listener; understand people and I make friends easily.
5. What have you learned from your mistakes?
A) Persistence is the biggest lesson that I have learned. Many a times it happens that you fail at something,
but the key to success in my opinion is persistence.
6. What does success mean to you?
A) Success to me is a good balance between professional satisfaction with the work that I am doing and
moving closer to the personal goals that I have set for myself.
7. How do you make important decisions?
A) I am an independent thinker but I always like to take an expert opinion on different matters. So I like to
present my line of thought and discuss it subjectively by weighing the pros and cons.
8. What is the most interesting project you have worked on in your career?
A) JW Marriott, Mumbai. This is because at every stage of the project, right from concept to execution
stage, I was involved and was a part of the decision making process. I also got to learn so many new things
associated with the project.
9. If you could make changes in your last job, what would they be?
A) I dont think that I would want to change anything in my previous job, I was enjoying my work and
responsibility there.
10. What were some of your favorite things about your last job?
A) Independency to think and use my creative skills, full-fledged responsibility of a project, variety of
projects. I used to love working with my colleagues in a fun atmosphere.
11. Why are you seeking to change jobs?
A) I got married and shifted to Noida.

12. What are your greatest strengths?

A) My dedication and commitment are my greatest strengths which has helped me right from my college
days. I am also open to accepting changes quickly and adapting to situations which eases it for me.
13. What are your greatest weaknesses?
A) I sometimes get into too much detail and now I am learning that it is essential to look into details but
without missing the greater vision.
14. How do you approach problem solving?
A) I try to break the problem into small parts and tackle the most important or critical part first. I like to
gather all the information that is available on that matter and then brainstorm. If no answer comes up, then
probably discussing it with peers to get an insight helps. In the end I put all the pieces together and make a
15. What do you know about our company?
A) AWA is a big name in the world of lighting design consultants. They have offices in New york, Mumbai
and Delhi and have done a plethora of projects in different verticals. The best part is the variety of projects
that AWA does and frankly that is what excited me while applying here for a position.
16. Knowing what you know about this job & our company, what changes would you make if you
were offered this position?
A) I have 4 years of work experience in the field of lighting design. Firstly I would try to understand the
way in which lighting design is approached here and then with my experience would definitely try to add
on to it.
17. What do you think it takes for a person to be successful lighting design professional?
A) Creativity, line of thought, lighting knowledge and commitment to think of a design which is best suited
as per the needs of the client while thinking about sustaining that design over a period of time.
18. What is your management style?
A) I believe in the power of thought and freedom. I prefer to let people think rather than directing them. My
management style is more supportive than directive and I feel that is the best way to bring out the maximum
from a person.
19. What do you look for when you hire people?
A) I never had the opportunity to do so. But if given a chance, would like to hire people who are intuitive
and think creatively, people who have a knack of giving multiple attempts and solutions to a single
20. What types of situations put you under pressure, and how do you deal with pressure?
A) When I have multiple deadlines or targets to achieve in a short span of time, I sometimes am confused in
setting my priorities straight. The way I have found out to deal with it is to give some time thinking about
the problem at hand, analyze it and then decide which one to pick first.

21. What are the most important rewards you expect in your career?
A) Job satisfaction is at the top of my list. Definitely monetary benefit is also a prime concern but I look
forward to working in an environment where I am satisfied professionally and have freedom to enjoy my
personal time with my family.
22. What two or three accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction? Why?
A) My deep desire to pursue a course in lighting design, fighting against all odds and then graduating to be
the topper of my college was the best moment for me. Also, it gave a great sense of pride that I landed three
jobs in tough market conditions after completion of my MBA.
23. If you wrote your own job description, what would you look for?
A) I would be looking for a person with a good flair of lighting design concepts, who is thorough with the
basics of lighting, can think outside the box, and is dedicated and motivated to deliver continuously.
24. How would you describe Lighting technical skill set? This answer should include your software
A) I am well versed with AutoCad, DiaLux, InDesign, Microsoft Office.
25. Who is your favorite lighting artist?
A) Charles Stone of FMS.
26. What kind of a salary package are you expecting?
A) I was working at a package of 5.85 lpa in Mumbai. I am looking at a 30% hike on the same.
27. Are you keen to grow towards an Associate or Senior Associate position with our company? This
will entail more responsibilities within the firm organization.
A) Yes, I have always wanted to work with good lighting consultants and if given a chance to work for
AWA, I would definitely like to see myself growing with the organization and keep my passion of lighting
design afloat.