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Geo-targeted TV campaigns drive

Streax Insta brand to new heights
in UP & Bihar
Amagis patented geo-targeted advertising platform helped HRIPL, one of Indias leading hair color
manufacturers to target their essential regional markets, and to build brand recall for their newly
launched consumer brand STREAX INSTA. Post an independent attempt by HRIPL to market the
product using regional broadcasters, Amagi was approached to boost impressions and sales.
Deployed to run high-frequency advertising campaigns in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, Amagis solution
helped increase STREAXs Share-Of-Voice across target markets while keeping costs low, and
significantly contributed to sales multiplication in these markets. In some of the markets, sales went
up by as much as 184% . Supplemented with post-evaluation results, Amagis uniquely optimized
and targeted approach has instilled unprecedented enthusiasm for its revolutionary geo-targeting
technology among key operating personnel at HRIPL.

Key Requirements
Hygienic Research Institute Pvt. Ltd. (HRIPL), a leading Indian hair color manufacturer, needed
to run a frequency-led advertising campaign for their newly launched product STREAX INSTA
four months into its launch, to drive an increase in sales. An earlier campaign (conducted by
HRIPL independently) was unable to deliver the expected results. This made it essential for
Amagis intervention to deliver clear, effective and measurable results.
Additionally, the media-tech partner would need to work around
the following challenges:
Disappointing results in revenue generation from primary target markets like UP & Bihar
High cost of national TV ad spots and consequent budget spillage in non-target regions
Budget constraints due to prior expenditure on product launch & initial marketing
Inefciency of non-television (print/radio) outreach in essential markets since
STREAX INSTA is an FMCG brand (caters to both urban & rural)
Absence of smart & cost-effective technology solutions for targeted regional advertising
on television

Solution implemented
by Amagi
To Amagi, it was fundamentally clear that the requisite brand recall would involve breaking
national spots down into target regions, and concentrating the ad-efforts on these regions
based on geographic, demographic & psychographic preferences.
Chosen for its experience and superior technology, Amagi deployed its ad network - the
countrys largest, and patented geo-targeted advertising platform to deliver HRIPLs
advertisements to a targeted regional audience. The first part of the process enabled HRIPL
to choose its preferred channel mix. This was followed by the optimization of budgets and
duration with Amagis assistance.
Further to confirming spot requirements with the broadcaster (Zee TV), Amagis watermarking
technology was used to replace ad spots at multiple headends, enabling targeted delivery of
the clients advertising content. This unique mechanism of delivering regional ads utilizing the
same spot with Zee TV assisted in huge cost savings for HRIPL, while ensuring that their
outreach was aligned to their campaign requirements.

Geo-targeting on TV
Technology Illustration


What viewers
in UP/Bihar see


What other
viewers see


The Result
Thanks to Amagis patented content watermarking technology and expertise in geo-targeted
advertisements, the results far exceeded HRIPLs expected deliverables.
The campaign built strong and sustainable brand recall for STREAX INSTA and produced
incremental advertising value with an increase in GRP of 10% and 13% in Bihar and UP
respectively. More importantly, as a result of the overall marketing campaign, the brand
was able to increase its market share across cities in the region, by as much as 184% in
some cases.
Additionally, Amagis TAM certification allowed the creation and submission of
post-evaluation reports with HRIPL. These enabled measurement of the impact of the
frequency campaign in addition to serving as a proof of execution for the entire activity.
Sneha Oza (AGM-Media, HRIPL) had a concise description of the series of events that
followed their initial product launch (August-November 2014).

There were huge budgetary constraints, as there was

extensive expenditure on product launch & regional
marketing in the initial days. National TV ad-spots
werent the best idea for us because our market mix
was developed with UP & Bihar as the primary markets,
and any comprehensive national ad spot would translate
into spillage of our residual marketing budget. Amagis solution
was far more innovative and streamlined to suit our specific outreach needs,
and we were surprised with the overwhelming number of impressions and consequent
boost in sales figures. We at HRIPL feel that Amagis geo-targeting platform is an excellent
choice for regional marketing, especially when high-frequency outreach is a prerequisite.



Sales increase
in Agra

Sales increase
in Patna


Sales increase
in Meerut


Sales increase
in Lucknow

Business outcomes mentioned are in response to the marketing efforts undertaken by HRIPL during the months of January & February 2015.

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