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Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight

Like kids excitement upon seeing chocolates and ice creams served on a table, this
is how people crave to see Manny Pacman Pacquiao and Floyd Money
Mayweather Jr. to be inside the ring, fighting for the titles Unified WBA (Super),
WBC, WBO and the Ring Welterweight title.
Long have been the people waiting for these two boxing super champions to act like
a predator and a prey in the ring. Since December 2009, rumors and reports have
arisen featuring their possible match; the more that boxing fans have become
interested. Many really wanted to witness the fight of the two experts in the earliest
possible time.
But a lot of negotiations interrupted the most awaited fight of the century. Many
disagreements between the two parties have arisen. Some of the issues were, the
act of accusing of Mayweather on Pacquiao on taking performance-enhancing drugs,
Mayweathers postponements and others. But one of the worst arguments between
them was last January 2014 when Mayweather called Pacquiao a desperate dog
who is chasing a megabout due to his tax problems. As a response of the other
party, Pacquiao challenged him to a fight of charity where both of them will not
receive anything out of the fight because they will donate all the proceeds to
charities around the world.
The 2013 back-to-back loss of Pacquiao to Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel
Marquez was also an issue to Mayweather where the boxer from Las Vegas, Nevada,
U.S.A. stated that the Filipino boxer is not on his level. The consecutive defeats were
Mannys greatest struggles. It was indeed heartbreaking but instead of becoming
hopeless, he kept his fingers crossed to rise from the fall.
Many were affected when Pacquiao lost the bouts with Bradley and Marquez. More
than the disappointment was the heartbreak it caused the die-hard fans. It was a
big loss being the world champion and fighter of the decade causing The Ring
magazine to declare Mayweather ranked as the no. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the
world, with Pacquiao at no. 2. But the Filipinos were so proud and happy for the
triumphant comeback of the Peoples Champ when he won his last bout over
Brandon Bambam Rios.
And at last, after all the disagreements between the two boxers camps, the
negotiations for the superfight in 2015 have been finalized. All of the major issues
that have prevented the fight into fruition in the past are now resolved, including
purse split, drug testing and location of the bout. On February 20, 2015,
Mayweather confirmed on social media that the fight had been signed by himself as
Pacquiao already have signed the contract of the fight previously.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao is an upcoming boxing match to be held
at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 2, 2015. It is indeed very challenging on the

part of Pacquiao to defeat the 38-year old professional with a perfect record of 47
wins and no loss. On the other hand, it is also a hard time for Mayweather to keep
the fire burning in his hands.
Both have contrasting styles in the ring and its what makes the fight so intriguing,
almost irresistible. Pacquiao has the weight of our country on his shoulders while
Mayweather has his entire legacy on the line.
Mayweather is also showing signs that the fight will be different. There is too much
pressure on him because he has never lost in 19 years as a pro. But according to
Bob Arum, Pacquiaos promoter, Pacman will be showcasing new strategies when he
gets inside the ring. Knocking someone out doesnt have to do with strength. It has
to do with timing and positioning. I really believe his style will really have changed
for this fight, he added.
According to boxing analysts, the fight would most probably be the richest fight in
boxing history and could generate $300 million. But deeper than this is the values
that every boxer must bear in mind. Being an athlete is winning and losing;
sometimes a winner, sometimes a loser, but what matters is how a game is played.
Pacquiao is a boxing icon whom we have come to love for so long. He is a pride of
every Filipino. He raises the banner of the Philippines in his every fight. But failure is
indispensably inevitable, otherwise one gives up on life. It is no respecter of age and
prestige for even presidents and kings bow down in contrite surrender. Hope springs