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conscientious, fussy, meticulous.
>> careless, (Near Antonyms---- cursory;
achyderm: (n) heedless, inattentive, incautious, mindless,
unguarded, unsafe, unwary; lax, neglectful)
So pachyderm can be
remembered as thick skinned
GRE Sentence Completion 1800
>>Any of the thick-skinned,
"I’d just like to say that I was amazed at
nonruminant ungulates, as the
how quickly I was able to grasp the concepts of
elephant, hippopotamus, and
the Sentence Completion. Really an Amazing
book !! -Thomson, Singapore
pachyderm (Antonym)
a) parched
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b) pied
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e) subpoena

pacifist: (n)
Person who believes in palanquin (n)
pacifism; pacify: v. A palanquin or palki was a kind
calm or soothe the of litter used in India for the
anger or distress of conveyance of travellers. It was
(sb). a wooden, rectangular box with
movable sides and was large
enough to allow the passenger to sit or lie down.
It was carried by four bearers, by means of two
padre: n. poles passed through rings attached to the

paladin (n)
Aladdin was paladin (champion)
of the magic world.

Eg: a paladin of liberty.

Syn: guardian, hero, knight
Ant: coward, loser

palate: (n)
(used esp as a form of address ) clergyman in the
armed forces.

paean: (n)

Roof of the mouth; palatable: adj. pleasant to

(fml) song of praise or triumph.
palatial: (adj)
painstaking: (adj)

Painstaking tasks are those
that give you a lot of pain.
She did her painstaking
homework. like a palace.
>> scrupulous, exacting, meticulous, Paleogallery
conscientious, scrupulous, careful,

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(A) increase the intensity of
(B) expand the scope of
(C) enhance the appeal of
(D) extend the endurance of
(E) increase the frequency of
paleontology: study of prehistoric life. PALLIATE
(A) terminate
palette: (n) (B) color
(C) drain
(D) aggravate
(E) freshen

pallid: (adj)

Thin board on which an artist mixes colours

when painting. with a hole for the thumb to hold
it by.

palimpsest: n.
Manuscript from which
the original writing has
been removed in order
to create space for new pale. esp because of illness.
palm: (n)

pall: v.

inner surface of the hand between the wrist and

the fingers.

palpable: adj.
that can be felt or touched.
(A) phantomlike
(B) insecure
(C) distinctive
(D) insubordinate
(E) revolutionary
~ become uninterestingor boring by being
experienced too often. PALPABILITY
(A) infertility
pallet: (n) (B) inflammability
(C) intangibility
large wooden or metal (D) intractability
tray or platform for (E) intolerability
carrying goods. esp one
that can be raised using palpitate: (v)
a fork-lift truck.

Palliate: (v)
make(esp a pain or
disease) less severe or
unpleasant. Without
removing its cause;

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beat rapidly.

paltry: (adj)

pander to sth/sb (derog ) try to satisfy (a vulgar.

weak or immoral desire. or sb having this);
gratify sth/sb.
very small; unimportant.
panegyric: (n.)
pan: (n)

wide flat (usu metal)

container. with a handle
or handles. used for
cooking food in.
speech or piece of writing praising sb/sth.

pang: (n)

panacea: (n)

remedy for all diseases or troubles.

sudden sharp feeling of pain.
panache: (n)
panorama (n)
Pan + ache…………. My Manorama year book gives a
friend after doing his MBA panoramic review of all
making ache (good) pan incidents of the year.
really he has panache for it. Eg: A panorama of the political
Eg: events
>> He entertained with Syn: spectacle, scene, scenery,
great panache. prospect
>> brio, charisma, dash, flair, flamboyance, panoramic: adj.
flourish, style, swagger, verve, vigor, élan a panoramic view from the top of the tower.
pandemic: (n,adj) pantomime: n.
type of play with music. dancing and clowning.
based on a traditional story or fairy-tale and usu
performed at Christmas.
disease occurring over a whole country or the papyrus: (n)
whole world. Papyrus………paper………..
Papyrus is a ancient paper
Pandemonium: (n) made from the stem of
papyrus plant.

>>composition, parchment,
vellum, tablet, stone, paper,
document, original, copy, typescript, scroll,
wild and noisy disorder or confusion. letterpress, autograph, translation, facsimile,
pander: (v)

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parable: (n) paramount: (adj)

having the greatest importance or significance;

story told to illustrate a moral or spiritual truth.
paradox: (n)

illicit lover.

paranoia: (n)
statement that seems to be absurd or
contradictory but is or may be true.

paragon: (n)
Paragon Hawaii chapel is a
perfect example of good mental illness in which a person is obsessed by
quality in the industry. mistaken beliefs. esp that he is being badly
Eg: treated by others or that he is somebody very
>> A paragon of virtue. important.
Whither pullest thou me
now, thou paragon and paraphernalia: (n)
>> Thus Spake Zarathustra: A Book For All And
None by Nietzsche, Friedrich
>>apotheosis, archetype, beau ideal, beauty,
best, champ, champion, crackerjack, cream,
criterion, cynosure, epitome, exemplar, gem, numerous small articles or personal belongings.
ideal, jewel, last word, love, lovely, masterpiece, esp the equipment needed for a hobby or sport.
nonesuch, nonpareil, paradigm, prototype,
quintessence, standard, sublimation, ultimate paraphrase: n.

parallel: (adj)

(of two or more lines)

having the same
distance between each
other at every point.
re-wording of a piece of writing. statement. etc.
parallelism: n. state of esp in order to make it easier to understand.
being parallel;
similarity. parasite: (n)

parameter: (n)

quantity that does not vary in a particular case

but does vary in other cases.

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state of being equal; equality.

animal or plant (eg mistletoe) that lives on or in parlance: (n)
another and gets its food from it.


particular way of speaking or use of words;


parley: (n)

[ parch: ] to deprive or be deprived of water; dry


parchment: (n)
heavy paper-like material made from the skin of
sheep or goats and used for writing on. (esp formerly) meeting between enemies or
opponents to discuss terms for peace. etc.
pare: (v)
parochial: (adj)

of or relating to a church parish.

trim by cutting away the edges. parody: n.

pariah: (n)
social outcast.

parish: n.

~ (piece of) speech. writing or music that

imitates the style of an author. composer. etc in
an amusing and often exaggerated way; comic
area within a diocese. having its own church and
clergyman. paroxysm: (n)

parity: (n)

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sudden attack or outburst.

action of dividing or state of being divided into
parquet: (n) parts. esp the division of one country into two or
more nations.

parvenu: (n)

flooring made of wooden blocks arranged in a

person who has suddenly risen from a low social
parry: (v) or economic position to one of wealth or power.

passive: adj.

turn aside or ward off (a blow or an attack) by

using one's own weapon or one's hand to block

parsimonious: (adj)
very careful in spending money or using not active; submissive.
resources; mean; parsimony: (n): excessive
carefulness in spending money or using paste: (n)
resources; meanness ;.

partial: (adj)

of or forming a part; not complete.

partiality: n. ~ being partial(. moist soft mixture. esp of a powdery substance
and a liquid.
partisan: (n)
Partisan person supports a pastiche: (n)
particular party
Eg: Partisans fighting among
>> adherent, supporter, sympathizer, follower,
disciple, sycophant, devotee, zealot, backer
>>unbiased, unprejudiced, disinterested, Past + iche ………………you know this is 21st
detached, objective, neutral century a lot of fertile writers do nothing but
believe in copy & paste” philosophy. Imitation is
partition: (n) his way of life & he gives us old wine in a new

Pastiche: (n)

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artistic work in a style that Syn:

imitates that of another’s ancient, antiquated, antique, bygone, obsolete,
work, style of an artist, outmoded, primitive, superannuated,
parody, imitation. antediluvian, demode
>> Niles Bohr believed that patent: adj.
microphysics had to be
content with pastiche of concepts for the same
physical system.
>> His speech is a pastiche of false starts and
unfinished sentences.
>> In . . . a city of splendid Victorian
architecture . . . there is a rather pointless
pastiche of Dickensian London down on the
~ obvious; clear; evident.
pastime (n)
Pass+time….. Passing pathetic: (adj)
time doing enjoyable
things or in which your
interested in rather than
>> Krishna’s name,
qualities, form, pastime
and other paraphernalia
associated with him re
identical to him.
>> Sailing is her favorite pastime.
causing one to feel pity or sadness.
hobby, interest, pursuit
pathological: (adj)
pastoral: (adj)

of or relating to pathology.

pathos: n.

relatingto or portraying country life. the

countryside or shepherds. esp in an idealized

pastry: (n)

quality. esp in speech. writing. acting. etc that

causes a feeling of pity or sadness.
Mixture of flour. fat and water baked in an oven patina: (n.)
and used as a base or covering for tarts. pies. etc. green coating that forms on the surface of old
bronze or copper.
passé (v)
Game of pasa…….. Sakuni’s patois: (n)
Game of Pasa now becomes
passé, No one play it. It seems it
is become archaic in this
fashionable world.

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~ (fml ) smallness of number or quantity.

pauper: n.

dialect spoken by the common people of a

region and differing from the standard language
of the country.

patriarch: (n)

very poor person.

peccadillo: (n)

male head of a family or tribe.

patrician: (n)
small unimportant offence or sin.

pecuniary: (adj)
member of the aristocracy.

patrimony: (n)

of or concerning money.

pedagogue: (n)

property inherited from one's father or

ancestors. teacher.

patronize: pedagogy: (n)

to be kind or helpful
to. but in a haughty or
snobbish way. as if
dealing with an

study or science of ways and methods of


paucity: n. pedant: (n)

person who attaches too much importance to

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detail or to rules. esp when learning or teaching.

pedantic (adj)

expert in children's diseases",

pedigree (n)
My friend as you knows that
male female ratio reducing
Pundit Ji of my locality is pedantic person. He globally. So possessing a
reads lots of books all the time. good degree will be not
Eg: enough to find a bride. You
>> A pedantic writing style. have to come from
>> He is never pedantic, and, for all his close excellence pedigree too.
adherence to broad principles, he is ready to Eg:
admit that no two ships can be treated exactly >> A woman of good pedigree.
alike. Syn:
Syn: >> lineage, clan, ancestry, genealogy, blood line,
> abstruse, academic, didactic, doctrinaire, bloodline, ancestry, lineage, blood, line of
erudite, hairsplitting, learned, nitpicking, descent, stemma, parentage, origin, descent,
ostentatious, overnice, pedagogic, priggish, stock, line, pedigreed, pureblood, pureblooded,
punctilious, scholastic, sententious, stilted thoroughbred.
Ant: Ant:
>> ignorant, practical, real world, rough-and- >>Descent, Strain, Stock, Heritage, Ill-bred
tumble, unschooled, untaught, untutored
pegasus (n)
Peddle (v) Pegasus is an ancient Greek
northern constellation,
situated south-east of
Andromeda. The three
brightest stars of Pegasus
form a square with
go from house to house to sell goods; be a pedlar Andromeda, called the square of Pegasus. The
;", constellation, which is named for the winged
horse of Greek mythology, is usually seen upside
pedestal(n) down in the sky, with only the head, neck, and
front half of the animal represented by the stars.

peck (v)
Peck ...pick ...............quick… If
you peck at your food, you pick
up only a small amount for
base of a column", eating because you are ill or not
hungry. However, if you peck
pedestrian: n. someone on the cheek you give
him or her quick light kiss.
>> Kimi gave me a quick peck on the cheek.Ash
is not now averse to a peck if the role demands
it. The bird pecked insects from the log.
>> He pecked at his dinner.A peck of troubles.
>> Now you're in a peck of trouble
person walking in the street. >> pinch, tap, rap, slew, spate, tidy sum, wad,
whole lot, whole slew, stack, raft, pile, plenty,
pediatrician (n) mass, batch, heap, deal, flock, pot, mess, sight

penury (n)
Penurious person fight

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for saving even a single penny due to lack of (C) a subordinate person
funds. (D) an inept musician
Syn: (E) an unreliable worker
indigent, needy, impecunious, penniless,
impoverished, poverty-stricken, destitute, peerless: adj.
pauperism, pauperization, beggary

perch (n)

superior to all others; without equal ;.

Originally, a perch was a variable linear unit of Peevish: adj.

measurement equivalent to between 14 and 28
feet. Later the term became known as the rod.

pergola (n)

easily annoyed (esp by unimportant things);

irritable ;.

A pergola is a horizontal trellis supported on pejorative: (adj)

columns or posts over which vines or other
trailing plants are trained.

pesticide (n)

expressing criticismor scorn; derogatory;


pell-mell: adv.

Pesticide used for destroying pests (insects)

Pesticides are harmful for plants.Syn: insecticide
in a hurrying. disorderly manner; headlong.
pestle (n)
Pellucid water has a lucid colour.
A pestle is an instrument used for pounding and >> Pellucid water. Pellucid prose. A pellucid
grinding substances in a mortar. stream. the pellucid waters that lap upon that
island's beaches
peer: n. Syn:
>>Crystalline, transparent, translucent, crystals
clear, transparent, limpid, crystalline, lucid,
lucid, luculent, perspicuous, crystal clear, limpid
(A) putrid
(B) acrid
person who is equal to another in rank. status or (C) frigid
merit. (D) turbid
PEER (E) squalid
(A) a complicated structure
(B) an insignificant explanation PELLUCID
(A) similar

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(B) opaque
(C) extravagant pendulous: (adj)
(D) insane
(E) cowardly

pen: (n)

hanging down loosely so as to swing from side to


penetrate: (v)

instrument for writing with ink. consisting of a

pointed piece of split metal. a metal ball. etc.
fixed into a metal or plastic holder. sth make a way into or through sth.

penance: (n) penitent: (adj)

feeling or showing regret or remorse for having

done sth wrong.

punishment that one imposes on oneself to show
that one is sorry for having done wrong.

penchant: (n)
for sth liking or taste for
sth.pendant: n. study of crime and its punishment. and the
ornament that hangs management of prisons.
from a chain worn
round the neck. pensive: (adj)
(A) stigma
(B) dishonesty
(C) disbelief
(D) grievance thinking deeply about sth. esp in a sad or serious
(E) dislike way.
pendant penumbra: (n)

partly shaded area around the shadow of an

opaque object (esp around the total shadow of
pending: (adj)
the moon or earth in an eclipse).

penurious: (adj)

very poor.
waiting to be decided or settled.

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(D) infertile
penury: (n) (E) fleeting

perfidious: (adj)

extreme poverty.

percussion: (n)
(fml ) treacherous. deceitful or disloyal.
(A) thoroughness
(B) generosity
(C) gratitude
(D) tact
cussion = = cushion ( sofa ), small children play (E) loyalty
with the cushion by beating it, so percussion are
the instruments that you play by beating them, perforate: (v)
ie., drums.
The striking together of two bodies, especially
when noise is produced.
Metallic percussion like the stroke of a
blacksmith's hammer upon the anvil
Syn: make a hole or holes through.
>> pleximetry
perfunctory: (adj)
perdition: (n)

everlasting punishment of the wicked after (of an action) done as a duty or routine. without
death. care or interest.

peregrination: (n) perigee: n.


peremptory: (adj) point in the orbit of the moon. a planet or a

spacecraft at which it is nearest to the earth.
(esp derog ) (of a person. his
manner. etc) insisting on perimeter: (n)
immediate obedience or submission;

perennial: (adj)

outer edge of a closed geometric shape.

peripatetic: (adj)
lasting for a long time.
(A) predictable
(B) latent
(C) engrossing

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(D) disclose hesitantly

(E) fabricate dishonestly

permeable: (adj)

going from place to place.

(A) stationary
(B) enclosed
(C) discrete
(D) essential that can be permeated by fluids or gas; porous ;.
(E) careful
permissive: (adj)
peripheral: (adj)

of secondary or minor importance (to sth).

allowing great freedomof behaviour. esp to
periphery: (n) children or in sexual matters.

pernicious: (adj)

boundary of a surface or an area.

(to sb/sth) having a very harmful or destructive
effect (on sb/sth).
perjury (v)
Speaking the untruth in
peroration: (n)
front of fury is perjury.
>> It would, indeed, be
the means of much
perjury, and of much
whipping, fining, If you are not a good orator, it is difficult for you
imprisoning, transporting, to give a striking peroration; Peroration: the
and hanging. concluding part of a speech.
Syn: >> The summing up
>>canard, deceit, deception, dishonesty, Eg:
dissimulation, distortion, equivocation, >>One of the Churchill’s famous and resonant
erroneousness, error, fable, fabrication, fakery, wartime perorations. “This was their first time”.
fallaciousness, fallacy, falseness, falsity, feigning, Syn:
fib, fibbery, fiction, figment, fraud, half truth, >> discourse, talk, lecture
hogwash, line, mendacity, misstatement,
Ant: perpetrate: (v)
>>fact, truth

perjury: n.

action of perjuring

PERJURE commit (a crime. etc).

(A) depose truthfully
(B) remember vividly perpetual: (adj)
(C) listen attentively

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having a pleasant appearance or manner.

personify: (v)

continuing indefinitely; permanent.

PERPETUAL treat (something) as if it were a human being.
(A) antecedent perspicacious: adj. having or showing great
(B) coincident insight or judgement; discerning.
(C) intermittent
(D) precipitous perspicuity
(E) languorous

perpetuate: (v)

plain to the understanding especially because of

clarity and precision of presentation.

cause to continue. perspicuous: (adj)

perquisite: (n)

expressed clearly.

pert: (adj)

(fml ) (infml perk) money or goods given or

regarded as a right in addition to one's pay.

persevere: (v)
(with sb) (usu approv )
continue trying to do sth.
esp in spite of difficulty.
PERSEVERE: not showing respect; cheeky.
(A) put into
(B) send out pertinacious: (adj)
(C) take away
(D) give up
(E)) bring forward

persist: (v)

holding firmly to an opinion or a course of

action; determined.

continue to do sth. esp in an obstinate and perturb: v.

determined way and in spite of opposition.
argument or failure.

personable: (adj)

make (sb) very worried; disturb.

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peruse: v.

causing plague; baneful.

pestle: (n)

read (sth). esp carefully or thoroughly.

pervasive: adj.
heavy round-ended tool used for crushing and
grinding things to powder. esp in a special bowl.


present and perceived everywhere; pervading.

perverse: adj.

Take away power to feel through terror; turn to

(A) coarse
(B) soft
(C) withered
(D) volatile
(E) fluffy

petulant: adj.

(of a person) deliberately continuing to behave

in a way that is wrong. unreasonable or
unacceptable; perversion: n. : changing sth from
right to wrong; perverting.

pervert: (v) unreasonably impatient or irritable.

turn away from its proper nature or use.
phalanx: (n)
pessimism: (n)
Phal + an ----
phal………………It is a
wise saying the enemy’s
foe is one’s friend. In the
tendency to be gloomy and believe that the worst election time, different parties feel no qualm to
will happen. join another party for the shake of getting – their
desired phal (Result). Phalanx: a closely –
pest: n. packed group of people who are united for a
annoying person or thing. particular purpose, for example a fight.
pestilential >> Appeal for forging “a solid phalanx of secular
political forces “to take on the BJP led NDA the
poll. There are hitches in Jethemalani being
accepted by the entire opposition phalanx.

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>> Six hundred marchers set off, led by a

phalanx of police.
>> Formed a solid phalanx in defense of the
Constitution and Protestant religion.
>> A phalanx of armed guards.A phalanx of
Syn: formation, legion, toe.


person who collects postage stamps.

pertaining to the Pharisees who paid scrupulous
attention to tradition; hypocritical. Prevalent People of
filistine is
pharisee: uncultured
>> Our plastic,
violent culture, with
its philistine tastes
and hunger for
(Judaism) a member of an ancient Jewish sect novelty.
that was opposed to the Sadducees. teaching >> The town's philistines who think that
strict observance of Jewish tradition as spending on the arts is a waste of taxpayers'
interpreted rabbinically and believing in life after money
death and in the coming of the Messiah. Syn: conformist, conventionalist, pedant,
sycophant, boor, common, pragmatic, lowbrow,
phenomena: materialist.
(A) trader
(B) connoisseur
(C) atheist
(D) commoner
(E) cynic
observable facts; subjects of scientific
philology: n.

philanderer: (n)

man who does this. science or studyof the development of language

or of a particular language.
philanthropist: (n)
phlegmatic: (adj)

calm and even-

tempered; showing the
quality of phlegm.
person who helps others. esp through charitable (A) showing excitement
work or donations of money. (B) displaying
philatelist: (n) (C) distractible
(D) self- conscious
(E) innovative

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(A) vivacious piecemeal: adv.
(B) valiant
(C) arid
(D) healthy
(E) mature

phobia: (n)

piece by piece; a part at a time.

pied: (adj)

extreme or abnormal dislike or fear of sth;


phoenix: (n)

having mixed colours. esp black and white.

(A) delicately formed
Mythical bird of the Arabian desert. said to live (B) precisely detailed
for several hundred years before burning itself (C) solid – colored
and then rising born again from its ashes .. (D) smooth
phylum: n. (biology ) major division in the (E) luminous
animal or plant kingdom.
piety: (n)
physiognomy: (n)

features of a person's face.

devotion to God and respect for religious
physiological: (adj) principles; being pious.

pigment: n.

of or concerning physiology.

piebald: (adj)

colouring matter used for making dyes. paint.


pilfer: v.

covered with irregularly-shaped patches of two

colours. usu black and white ..

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(B) lament
(C) forgive
(D) enjoy
(E) exalt

pinch: (v)

~ (from sb/sth) steal (sth. esp of small value or

in small quantities).

pillar Box (n)

take or hold (something) in a tight grip between
the thumb and finger.
(A) important accomplishment
(B) apt translation
A pillar box is a postbox shaped like a pillar. In (C) abundant amount
Britain, postboxes are painted a bright red (D) opportune acquisition
colour and bear the royal crown and initials of (E) unfamiliar period
the reigning monarch at the time when the box
was erected. Thus, pillar boxes erected after 1952 pine: (n)
are marked 'E II R' signifying the reign of queen
Elizabeth II.

(also `pine tree) any of several types of

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shaped leaves growing in clusters.
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(A) fall apart
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STMicroelectronics, NIT Allahabad, IMI, IILM, (E) stand firm
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NITIE, BITS Pilani, BRCM CET Bahal pinion: n.

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pillage: (n) outer segment of a bird's wing.

pinnace: (n)

(esp formerly) stealing or damaging of property.

esp by soldiers in war ..

pillory: n. small motor boat carried on a ship for taking

Wooden framework with people ashore. loading goods. etc ..
holes for the head and
hands. into which pinnacle: (n).
wrongdoers were locked
in former times. so that
they could be publicly ridiculed.
(A) foster

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soft spongy substance that fills the stems of

certain plants. eg reeds.
(A) unsound opinion
(B) previous statement
small pointed ornament built on to a roof or (C) erroneous judgment
buttress. (D) insignificant part
(E) inconclusive evidence

pious: (adj) PITH

(A) untimely action
(B) insufficient attention
(C) routine treatment
(D) rigid formulation
(E) superficial element

having or showing a deep devotion to religion. pithy: (adj)

piquant: (adj)
Having a pleasantly sharp taste.
(A) delicacy
(B) solidity concise and full of meaning; terse.
(C) acidity PITHNESS
(D) wholesomeness (A) elegant expression
(E) blandness (B) attractive subtlety
(C) unusual pungency
pique: v. hurt the pride or self-respect of (sb); (D) unwarranted verbiage
offend. (E) impertinent speech
(A) poke fun at pittance: (n)
(B) give hope to
(C) neglect
(D) mollify
(E) dissuade

piscatorial: (adj)

of or concerning fishing or fishermen.

pitfall: (n)

unsuspected danger or difficulty.

pith: (n)
very small or insufficient amount of money paid
or received as wages or an allowance.

pivotal: (adj)

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one rope-like length.

planchette (n)

of or forming a pivot.
placate: v. make less angry; soothe or pacify.

placebo: (n)
A planchette is a piece of heart-shaped board,
mounted on supports, two of which are casters,
fixed at the broader end, with a pencil at the
(medical ) harmless substance given as if it were other, so that it can move easily over a sheet of
medicine to calm a patient who mistakenly paper when hands are placed lightly on it. The
believes he is ill. planchette is used by some mediums and
mystics for supposed contact with spirits, who
placid: (adj) cause the pencil to write without volition from
the person touching the board.

plane: (n)

Calm and peaceful; undisturbed.

(A) avert (geometry ) surfacesuch that a straight line
(B) antagonize joining any two points in it touches it at all
(C) procure points.
(D) subside
(E) revolt plaster: (n)

plagiarize: (n)

soft mixture of lime. sand. water. etc that

becomes hard when dry and is used for making a
smooth surface on walls and ceilings.
steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another)
as one's own:use (another's production) without
plasticity: (n)
crediting the source.
State or quality of being able to be
moulded or shaped.
plaintive: (adj)
(A) purity
(B) solidity
(C) rigidity
(D) sternness
(E) massiveness
sounding sad; sorrowful.
plait: (v) (A) tightness
(B) contiguity
(C) stasis
(D) rigidity
(E) order

platitude: (n)
commonplace remark or statement. esp when it
weave or twist (three or more lengths of hair. is said as if it were new or interesting.
straw. etc) under and over one another to make PLATITUDE
(A) concise formulation

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(B) original observation

(C) insubstantial claim
(D) relevant concern
(E) insincere remark

platonic: (adj)
Platonic of or concerning the Greek philosopher
Plato or his teachings. full supply.

plaudit: n. plethora: (n)

quantity greater than what is needed; over-
(A) degradation
(B) flourish
(C) paucity
(D) vacillation
(fml ) applause. praise or some other sign of (E) affirmation
plausible: (adj) (A) viciousness
(B) narrowness
(C) choice
(D) dearth
(E) confusion

pliable: (adj)

seeming to be right or reasonable; believable.

plebeian: (adj.)

easily bent. shaped or twisted; flexible.

of the lower social classes.
pliant: (adj)
plebiscite: (n)

(decision made by a) direct vote by all qualified bendin g easily; supple.

citizens on an important political matter.
plight: n.
plenary: (adj)

attended by all who have the right to attend.

plenitude: (n)
serious and difficult situation or condition.

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plenary (Adj). plume: (n)

feather. esp a large one used as a decoration.

E.g.: Ple means all. So in plenary meeting all
have to present. plummet: (n).
Related root Words: Plethora, Plenty

ploy: (n)
words or actions. eg in a game. intended to win
an advantage over one's opponent.
pluck: (v)
plump: (adj)

sth gather or remove sth by pulling; pick sth. (esp of an animal. a person. parts of the body)
having a full rounded shape; fleshy.
plumage: (n) PLUMP
(A) lofty
(B) light
(C) thin
(D) reversed
(E) horizontal
feathers covering a bird's body.
plush (adj)
plumb: n.

P + lush – In front of your home where is a lush

free park how is it ? Too luxurious, if we add p
with lush then it becomes p + lush = plush i.e.
richly luxurious & expensive.
piece of lead that is tied to a cord and used to >> A plush campus of IIM Ahmedabad.It was a
find the depth of water or test whether a wall. etc very embarrassing moment for Sachin Tendulkar
is vertical .. when he sought duty exempted for his the plush
Ferrari 360 Mondeina.
plumber: (n) Syn:
>>lucullan, plushy, lavish, lush

plutocracy: (n)

person whose job is to fit and repair water-pipes.

water-tanks. cisterns. etc in buildings.
PLUMB government by a rich and powerful class.
(A) examine superficially
(B) agree podiatrist: (n)
(C) feel
(D) feel
(E) abstain

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chiropodist. poise: (v)

podium: n.

be or keep balanced or suspended.

small platform for the conductor of an orchestra.
a lecturer. etc to stand on. polar: (adj)

pogo Stick (n)

of or near the North or South Pole.

polarity: (n)

A pogo stick is a child's toy invented in the early

1920's consisting of a pole with two handles at possession or location of negative and positive
the top and two foot rests at the bottom, poles.
attached to a powerful spring at the bottom so
that by standing on the foot rests and holding polarize:
the handles one can propel oneself along by to break up into opposing factions or groupings.
polemic: (n)
pogrom (n)

An official prosecution program which usually During polling, Opposition parties trying to
leads to mass killing of a group of people, create polemic situation.
usually for racial or religious reasons. Pogrom is Eg:
a program of official mass killing. >> Exclaimed little Alice, who contrived to feel a
Eg: human interest even in these discords of polemic
State organized pogrom after the Godhera train divinity. Grandfather's Chair by Hawthorne,
carnage. A pogrom ordered by Hitler Nathaniel
Syn: slaughter, mass murder, massacre, Syn:
butchery, killing, wholesale slaughter, general argumentation, assertion, contention, debate,
slaughter, carnage, blood bath, genocide defense, discussion, exchange, expostulation,
Pogrom (Antonym) questioning, remonstration
A) slaughter Ant:
B) schedule agreement, unanimity
C) renaissance
D) persecution polychromatic (adj.)
E) peonage

poignancy: (n)

state or quality of being poignant.

Poly + chromatic ....... polychromatic objects

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have many colors but monochrome computers

have only two colors i.e. Black & white. porous: adj.
>> These thoughts strayed dreamily through the allowing liquid or air to
mind of Prince Michael, as he smiled under the pass through. esp
stubble of his polychromatic beard. slowly.
>> Polychromatic light.
Syn: colourful

polygamist: POROUS
(A) inadmissible
(B) intractable
(C) impermeable
(D) impalpable
(E) implacable

porridge: (n)
man who practices this.

polyglot: adj.

. soft food made by boiling a cereal in water or


portend: (v)

knowing. using or written in many languages. be a sign or warning of (sth in the future);
pomposity: n. portent: n. ~ (fml ) sign or warning of a future
(often unpleasant) event; omen.

portly: (adj)

being pompous.
(A) honesty (esp of an older person) having a stout body; fat.
(B) humility
(C) competence poseur: n.
(D) composure (derog) person who behaves in an unnatural
(E) originality affected way in order to impress others.
ponderous: adj. posterity: n.
slow and awkward because of great weight. following or future generations.
pontifical: adj. of the Pope. posthumous: adj.
happening or given after death.
pore: (n)

any of the tiny openings in the surface of the

skin or of a leaf. through which moisture can
occurring after death.

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postulate: (v)

heterogeneous mixture;.
put (something) forward as a fact or accept
(something) as true. esp as a basis for reasoning poultice: (n)
or argument.

posture: (n)

soft heated mass spread on a cloth and put on a

sore place on the body to soothe pain. reduce
attitude or position of the body. swelling. etc.

potable: (adj) practicable: (adj)

fit for drinking; drinkable ;. that can be put into practice; workable.
practical: adj. concerned with practiceand action
potent: (adj) rather than theory.

pragmatic: (adj)

(of drugs. etc) having a strong effect.

treating things in a sensible and realistic way;
potentate:(n) concerned with practical results.

pragmatist: (n)

ruler with direct power over his people;

autocratic monarch.

potential: adj.
person who acts in a practical way.

prance: (v)

that can or may come into existence; possible.

move jerkily by raising the forelegs and
potion: (n) springing forward from the hind legs.

prank: (n)

drink of medicine. poison or a liquid used in


potpourri:(n) playful or mischievous trick.

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prattle: (v)

Rattle....... Rattle on someone is a prattling; earlier decision. case. event. etc that is regarded
prate: v. ~ (on about sth) talk or chatter too as an example or rule for what comes later.
much (about sth).
Eg: She listened to their foolish prattle. precept: (n)
Syn: blubbering, burble, chatter, clamor, drivel,
gab, gabble, gibberish, gossip, gushing, idle
talk, jabber, jabbering, jargon, murmur,
Ant: quietness, silence, stillness rule or guide. esp for behaviour.
preamble: (n) precinct: n.
area enclosed by definite boundaries. esp the
walls of a cathedral. church or college.

precipice: n.
very steep or vertical face of a cliff. mountain or
opening statement explaining the purpose of the
book. document. lecture. etc that follows. precipitant:
Moving onward quickly and heedlessly..
precarious: (adj)
precipitate: (v)

cause (something) to happen suddenly or

Take care of precarious situation while driving soon(er); hasten.
because of dangerous traffic. PRECIPITATE
Eg: (A) desperate
>> A precarious solution to a difficult problem. (B) determined
>> His kingdom was still precarious; the Danes (C) dissident
far from subdued (D) deliberate
Syn: borderline, chancy, contingent, dangerous, (E) divided
delicate, dicey, hairy, hazardous, iffy, indecisive,
insecure, loaded, perilous, problematic, risky, PRECIPITATE
rocky, rugged, sensitive, shaky, slippery, ticklish, (A) valid
touchy, tricky, uncertain, unhealthy, unreliable, (B) rugged
unsafe, unsettled, unstable, unsteady, unsure (C) cautions
Ant: safe, secure (D) weightless
PRECATIOUS (E) spectacular
(A) sensitive
(B) natural precipitous: (adj)
(C) eager
(D) intentional
(E) well – balanced

(A) safe dangerously high or steep.
(C) rescued (A) dim
(D) revived (B) pointed
(E) pledged (C) old
(D) dry
precedent: (n) (E) level

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precise: (adj) difficult or unpleasant situation. esp one in

which sb is uncertain what to do.

predilection: n.
~ (for sth) special liking (for sth); preference.

predispose: (v)
stated clearly andaccurately.

preclude: v.
~ sb from doing sth prevent (sth. or sb doing
sth); make (something) impossible.

precocious: (adj) sb to/towards sth influence sb (in a specified

way) in advance.


(of a child) having developed certain abilities at

an earlier age than usual.

precursor: (n) having paramount rank. dignity. Or

importance: OUTSTANDING.

to replace with something considered to be of
Pre+ cursor…………When I want to do greater value or priority:take precedence over.
something my cursor always precedes my
action. That is the attitude of a precursor in the preen: (v)
Eg: My washer man's wife was
>> Colonial opposition to unfair taxation by the passionate about her looks.
British was a precursor of the Revolution. She even uses Rin detergent
>> The new principal's precursor was an cake to preen herself.So
eminent educator.A precursor of insulin.8th preen means spruce
century poets like Robert Burns were precursors someone.
of the Romantics. Eg: She would begin to preen herself.
Syn: harbinger, herald, forerunner Syn: spruce, trim, primp, attire, beautify,
embellish, comb, curry, nurture, prep, pretty up,
predator: n. prim, prime, primp, sleek, spruce up, tend, tidy
animal that kills and eats other animals. Ant: fustigate, slog, slug, take down
Preen (Antonym)
predatory: adj. A) Primp
(living by) killing other animals for food. B) Plume
C) Ragamuffin
predecessor: (n) D) Habile
E) Tidy

prefatory: adj. acting as a preface; introductory.

prefigure: v. represent beforehand (sth that will
happen in the future); foreshadow.
prehensile: adj. able to grasp and hold things.
person who held an office or position before sb prelate: n. high-ranking clergyman. eg a bishop
else. or an archbishop.
prelude: n. ~ action or event that happens before
predetermine: v. another larger or more important one and forms
decide or fix (something) in advance; an introduction to it.
premeditate: v.
predicament: n.

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presumptuous: adj.
(of a person or his behaviour) too bold or self-

pretend: v.
make oneself appear to be sth in order to deceive
others or in play.
plan in advance.
preternatural: adj.
premise: n. beyond what is natural or normal; unusual.

pretext: n.

statement or idea on which reasoning is based;


premonition: n. ~ reason given (for doing sth) that is not the real
~ feeling that sth unpleasant is going to happen. reason; excuse.

premonitory: adj. prevail: v.

giving a warning.

superiority of power. quantity.

prepossessing: adj.
makinga good impression; attractive. ~ exist or happen generally; be widespread.

preposterous: adj. prevalent:(adj)

completely contrary to reason or common sense;
absurd or outrageous.

prerogative: n.
right or privilege. esp one belonging to a
particular person or group.
Pre +valentine ....... valentine day is prevalent in
presage: n. the whole world
sign that sth (esp sth unpleasant) will happen; Eg: A prevalent opinionThe kinds of accidents
omen. seen in places where snowmobiles are prevalent.
Syn: widespread, accepted, rife, prevailing.
prescience: prevaricate: v. try to avoid telling the (whole)
foreknowledge of events:a:divine omniscience truth by speaking in an evasive or a misleading
b:human anticipation of the course of way; equivocate.
prey: n.
presentiment: n.
vague feeling that sth (esp sth unpleasant) will
happen; foreboding.

prestige: n.
respect based on good reputation. past
animal. bird. etc hunted and killed by another for
achievements. etc.
presume: v.
prim: adj.
suppose to be true; take (something) for granted.
(usu derog ) (of a person) disliking anything that

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is improper. rude or rough; prudish.

procurement: n.
primal: adj. obtaining.
first or original; primeval.
prod: v.
primary: adj. ~ (at sb/sth) push or poke (sb/sth) with a finger
earliest in time or order of development. or some other pointed object.

primate: n. prodigal: (adj)

Guys are always ready to be a
prime: adj. prodigal for the gals.
most important; chief; fundamental. Eg:
>> Man’s prodigal habits die
primogeniture: n. hard.Prodigal expenditures on
fact of being a first-born child. unneeded weaponry; a prodigal
primordial: adj. >> Prodigal outlays for her
existing at or from the beginning. esp of the clothesNature has been so prodigal of her
world or the universe; primeval. bounty.
>.> The prodigal child always spent her
primp: v. allowance the minute she got it
(derog ) tidy (oneself. one's hair. etc) in a fussy Syn: lavish, extravagant, squandering,
way. scattergood, spendthrift, Profuse, Lavish,
Prodigal, Luxuriant, Lush, Exuberant
pristine: adj. Ant: conserving, economical, economizing,
in its original condition; unspoilt. frugal, scrimping, skimping, thrifty.

privation: n. prodigious: adj.

lack of things necessary for life; deprivation.

privy: adj.

very great in size. amount or degree. so as to

cause amazement or admiration; enormous.
private; secret.
prodigy: n.
prize: n. award given to the winner of a
competition. race. etc.

probe: n.
tool for examining a place whichcannot be
reached otherwise. esp a thin implement with a
blunt end used by a doctor for examining a
person with unusual or remarkable qualities or
probity: n.
profane: adj.
quality of being honest and trustworthy; integrity

proclivity: n.
~ (fml ) natural inclination to do sth (esp sth
bad); tendency.

procrastinate: v.
delay or postpone action. not sacred; secular.

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profligate: adj. PROLIXITY

recklessly extravagant or wasteful. (A) intense devotion
(B) vehement protest
profound: adj. (C) serious offence
deep. intense or far-reaching; verygreat. (D) exact measurement
(E) extreme brevity
profusion: n.
~ of sth abundant supply of sth. prologue: (n)
(A) sequential
(B) shoddy
(C) scant
(D) surly introductory part of a poem or play.
(E) supreme PROLOGUE
(A) soliloquy
PROFUSE (B) trilogy
(A) lucid (C) analogue
(B) concise (D) dialogue
(C) erudite (E) epilogue
(D) affluent
(E) candid prolong: v.
make longer. esp in time; extend.
progenitor: n.
ancestor (of a person. an animal or a plant). prominent: adj.
jutting out; projecting.
progeny: n.
offspring. promiscuous: adj.
not carefully chosen; indiscriminate or casual.
prognosis: n.
(medical) forecast of the likely course of a promontory: n.
disease or an illness.

prognosticate: v.
tell (something) in advance; predict.

prohibitive: adj.
intended to or tending to prevent the use or
purchase of sth. area of high land jutting out into the sea or a
projectile: n. lake; headland ; ..
object (to be) shot forward. esp from a gun.
promulgate: v.
member of the working class.

proliferate: v.
produce new growth or offspring rapidly;
multiply ;.
make (something) widely known; disseminate.
prolific: adj.
producing much fruit or many flowers or prone: adj.

prolix: adj.
(of a speech. writer. etc) using too many words
and so boring to listen to or read.
(A) lucid
(B) concise
(C) erudite
lying flat. esp face downwards.
(D) affluent
(E) candid
prong: n.

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nearness in space or time.

propitiate: v.
win the favour or forgiveness of (sb) (esp when
he is angry) by a pleasing act; appease or
(A) antagonize
each of the two or more long pointed parts of a (B) discourage
fork. (C) repress
(D) forsake
pronounced: adj. (E) deceive

(A) arbitrate
(B) clarify
(C) seek refuge
(D) arouse hostility
(E) disagree violently

(A) elate
very noticeable.
(B) pester
(C) incense
prop: n.
(D) distract
rigid support. esp a piece of wood. used to
(E) forgive
prevent sth falling or sagging.
propitious: adj.
propagate: v.
~ (fml ) giving or indicating a good chance of
increase the number of by a natural processfrom
success; favourable.
the parent stock.
proponent: n.
(A) hesitate to join
~ person who supports a cause. theory. etc.
(B) hope to prosper
(C) decide to accept
(A) detractor
(D) begin to falter
(B) skeptic
(E) fail to multiply
(C) agent
(D) disciple
(E) enemy
(A) regulation
(B) emulation
propound: v.
(C) extirpation
put (something) forward for consideration or
(D) infiltration
(E) revelation
propellant: n.
propelling agent. eg an explosive that propels a
bullet from a weapon. a fuel that provides thrust
for a rocket. or compressed gas that forces out
the contents of an aerosol container.

propensity: n. Propriety is a proper way of doing things.

~ (for doing/to do sth) (fml ) inclination or Eg: She behaves with proprietySome people
tendency. miss the straitlaced propriety that was largely
abandoned in the 1960s.
prophetic: adj. Syn: aptness, suitability, advisability,
of or like a prophet or prophets. accordance, agreeableness, compatibility,
consonance, seemliness, appropriateness,
prophylactic: adj. congruity, modesty, concord, expedience
tending to prevent a disease or misfortune. Ant: indecorum, indecorousness, unseemliness,
propinquity: n.

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propulsive: adj. prosperity: n.

state of being successful or rich; good fortune.

prosperous: adj.
successful or thriving. esp financially.

prostrate: adj.
that drives sth (esp a vehicle) forward. stretched out on the ground face downward. esp
because of exhaustion or in order to show
prosaic:(adj) submission. respect. etc.

protagonist: n.
(fml ) chief character in a drama; hero.
Reading a prose (a piece of writing) is prosaic
task in comparison of poetry.
Protein can take protean
(many form)
>> A prosaic description of her journey.Prosaic
advice.Heroic characters wasted in prosaic lives.
>> He loved to show off his
>> My job at the TV station dealt with the much
protean talent" William >> A.
more prosaic business of cleaning the floors.
Henry III.
>> Prosaic advice on how to remove common
>> A protean actor who is
stains from clothing.
equally comfortable with light comedy and
serious drama.
mundane,humdrum, unglamorous,
Syn: mutable, variable, unsettled, labile.
unglamourous, commonplace
Ant: rigid
proscenium: n.
protocol: n.
system of rules governing formal occasions. eg
meetings between governments. diplomats. etc;
official etiquette.

the part of the stage in front of the curtain. prototype: n.

first or original example of sth that has been or
proscribe: v. will be copied or developed; model or
state officially that (something) is dangerous or preliminary version.
PROSCRIBE protract: v.
(A) exert make (something) last a long time or longer;
(B) permit lengthen or prolong.
(C) occupy
(D) subsume completely protrude: v.
(E) placate lovingly ~ (from sth) (cause sth to) jut or stick out from a
surface; (cause sth to) project.
(A) predict protuberance: n.
(B) sanction being protuberant.
(C) reciprocate
(D) delineate provenance: n.
(E) codify (place of) origin.

proselytize: provender: n.
to recruit or convert especially to a new faith.
institution. or cause.

prosody: n.
science of verse forms and poetic metres.

prosper: v.
be successful; thrive. food for horses and cattle. eg hay or oats; fodder.

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proverb: n. ~ (to sth) nearness in space or time; closeness.

short well-known
saying that states a proxy: n.
general truth or gives person authorized to act on behalf of another.
Eg: It takes two to prude: n.
make a quarrel' or person who behaves in an extremely or
`Don't put all your unnaturally proper manner. esp one who is (too)
eggs in one basket'. easily shocked by sexual matters.

providence: n. prudent: (adj)

A Prudent person uses prudent
toothpaste because it is cheaper
i.e. value for money.
>> No prudent money manager
would authorize a loan without
knowing its purpose.
>> Prudent investors.
prudent advice
way in which God or nature cares for and Syn: cautious, circumspect, provident, frugal
protects all creatures.
prune: n.
provident: adj. dried plum.

prurient: adj.

having or showing wisdom for future needs;

having or showing excessive interest in sexual
provincial: adj. matters.
of a province.
pry: v.
provision: n.
~ of sth giving. lending. supplying or making sth
available; providing sth.

provisional: adj.
for the presenttime only. with the possibility of
being changed. etc later; temporary. ~ (into sth) inquire too curiously or rudely about
other people's private affairs.
proviso: n.
clause. etc that is insisted on as a condition of an pseudonym: n.

provocative: adj.
tending or intended to arouse anger. annoyance.
controversy. etc.

provoke: v.
make (sb) angry or annoyed.

prowess: n. person's name that is not his real name. esp one
outstanding skill or ability; expertise. used by an author; pen-name.

proximity: n. psyche: n.

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raised and enclosed platform in a church. where

a clergyman stands when he is preaching.

pulsate: v.
expand and contract rhythmically; throb.

pulse: n.
regular beating of the arteries as blood is
pumped through them by the heart. esp as felt at
human soul or mind; psychiatrist: n. specialist in the wrist.
psychiatry; psychic: adj. concerned with
processes and phenomena that seem to be pulverize:
outside physical or natural laws. to reduce (as by crushing. beating. or grinding)
to very small particles:ATOMIZE.
pterodactyl: n.
pummel: v.
strike (sb/sth) repeatedly. esp with the fist(s);

punctilious: adj.

extinct flying reptile.

pucker: v.
~ (up) (cause sth to) form small folds or
pudding: n. (Brit) (dish of) sweet food eaten at
the end of a meal; dessert.
very careful to carry out one's duties. etc
puerile: adj. correctly; very attentive to details of behaviour or
showing immaturity; childish and silly. ceremony.

pugilist: n. pundit: n.

pugnacious: (adj)

very learned Hindu.

inclined or eager to fight; aggressive. pungency: n.

powerful; strong; potent.
(A) powerlessness
(B) baseness
(C) liberality
(D) skepticism
(E) knowledge quality or state of being pungent.

pulchritude: pungent: n.
physical comeliness.

pulmonary: adj.
of. in or affecting the lungs.

pulpit: n.

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pusillanimous: adj.

having a sharp or strong taste or smell.

(A) boredom cowardly; timid ;.
(B) redundancy
(C) unresponsiveness putative: adj.
(D) blandness
(E) insignificance

punitive: adj.
intended as punishment.

puny: adj.
(usu derog ) small. weak and underdeveloped. generally supposed to be; reputed.

purblind (adj) putrefy: v.

Blind..... Partly blind
Eg: Purblind to the feelings
of his lover."A purblind
oligarchy that flatly refused
to see that history was
(cause sth to) rot or decay; become or make
condemning it to the
Syn: blind, shortsighted, superficial, dim-
putrescent: adj.
sighted, near-blind, sand-blind, visually
challenged, visually impaired

purgatory: n.
(in Roman Catholic teaching) place or condition
in which the souls of the dead are purified by
suffering in preparation for Heaven. inthe process of rotting; putrid: adj. (esp of
animal or vegetable matter) that has become
purge: v. rotten; decomposed.
~ sb ~ sth (away) make sb clean or pure by
removing (evil. sin. etc). puzzle: n.

purport: n.
~ (fml ) general meaning or intention (of sth).

purported: adj.
alleged; supposed; rumoured.

purveyor: n.

questionthat is difficult to understand or answer;


pyre: n.

person or firm that supplies goods or services.

pushy: adj.
(also pushing) adj (infml derog . ) trying
constantly to draw attention to oneself and gain
an advantage; self-assertive.

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large pile of wood. etc for burning a dead body

as part of a funeral ceremony.

pyromaniac: n.

person who suffers from pyromania.

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Q uack: interj. n

harsh sound made by a

duck. animal or bird that is being hunted.
(A) hard worker quash: v.
(B) true believer
(C) honest practitioner
(D) careful employee
(E) experienced planner

quadruped: n.
four-footed animal.

quaff: v. reject (by legal procedure) as not valid; declare

drink (something) by swallowing large amounts (something) not to be enforceable by law.
at a time. not taking small sips.
quay: n.
quagmire: n.
area of soft wet ground; bog or marsh.

quail: n.
small bird. similar to a partridge.

quaint: adj.
attractively odd or old-fashioned. landing-place. usu built of stone or iron. for
loading and unloading ships.
qualified: adj.
having completed the relevant training or queasy: (adj)
examination. Q+ easy… When you do not feel
easy, you are queasy.
qualify: v. Eg.
~ (sb) (for/as sth) have or give (sb) the qualities. >> Remit had a queasy feeling
training. etc that are necessary or suitable (for about the school day when he
sth). will have to face ragging.
>> He is not queasy about depicting mass
qualms: [ qualm: ] violence, in some circumstances, as a legitimate
a sudden feeling of sickness or nausea. instrument of social transformation" Shaul
quandary: n. >> The queasy lurch of an airplane during a
state of not being able to decide what to do; storm.
awkward or difficult situation. >> Queasy motion.Felt a little queasy after
QUANDYARY eating too much Easter candy.
(A) state of suppressed enmity Syn: sick, nauseated, ill, indisposed, dizzy; Am.
(B) state of complete certainly sick to one's stomach; inf. under the weather.
(C) state of mild hysteria
(D) state of unprovoked anger queer: adj.
(E) state of feeble opposition different from what is expected; strange. esp in
an unpleasant way.
quarantine: n.
isolation for people or animals that may carry an quell: (v)
infectious disease. until it is known that there is
no danger of the disease being passed on to If you not give chance to yell
others. a child, Actually you
quelling his desire to cry.
quarry: n. QUELL
(A) foment
(B) divert
(C) confirm

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(D) convoke (C) rapid decline

(E) delay (D) ambivalence
(E) discourtesy
(A) plead quietude: n.
(B) condone
(C) incite
(D) rationality
(E) action

quench: v.

stillness; calm ;.

quintessence: n.

extinguish (fire. flames. etc). esp with water.

querulous: adj.

the ~ of sth essential part of (a theory. speech.

condition. etc).
complaining; irritable.
quip: n.
quibble: n.

witty or sarcastic remark.

objection or criticism. esp atrivial one.
quirk: n.
quicksilver: n.

= mercury.
habit or action that is peculiar to sb/sth.
quiescent: adj.
inactive; passive; quiet.
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everyday; commonplace.
quisling: n.

traitor. esp one who helps an enemy occupying

his country ..

quiver: v.

tremble slightly or vibrate.

quixotic: adj.

noble. unselfish or gallant in an extravagant or

impractical way.

quizzical: adj.

in a questioning manner. esp when amused.

quorum: n.
minimum number of
people who must be
present at a meeting
(of a committee. etc)
before it can proceed
and its decisions. etc
can be considered

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raffle: n.

abbi (n)

Rab+ bi…………….a
rabid supporter of Rab
(God) Arabic believes
that it is God who does
everything. Then who lottery with an article as the prize.
will be rabbi? Rabbi a
Jewish religious leader rag: n.
similar to the priest of Hindu’s & the mullah of
Syn: rebel, preacher, clergyman, cleric, minister

rabble: n.

odd cloth. usu torn. frayed. etc.

disorderly crowd; mob ;. ragamuffin: n.

Rab + bid ........
Supporters of rub (God)
and bid (lottery) show
rabid support for their
Eg: Rabid hatred. A
rabid supporter. A rabid
football fan. Rabid person. esp a small boy. in dirty untidy clothes.
editorials. Soccer fans whose rabid enthusiasm
makes them o berserk when their team wins. rail: n.
Syn: mad, raging, frenzied, deranged, fanatic, level or sloping bar or
fanatical, overzealous connected series of
Ant: indifferent, moderate bars of wood or metal.
eg forming part of a
rabies: n. fence. the top of a
banister. a protective
barrier. etc.

raiment: n.

fatal virus disease causing madness in dogs.

foxes and other animals. transmitted to humans
usu by a bite ..
rake: n.
raconteur: n.

person who tells stories skilfully and wittily. long-handled tool with a row of prongs at the
end for drawing together fallen leaves.

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smoothing soil. etc. What happened? His arrow formed many

rakish: adj. Ramify: Spreador cause to spread and branch
out; divide into branches or subdivisions.
>> The plant started to ramify.
>> The problem merely ramified after the
unsuccessful meeting.
of or like a rake. >> The rise of cable television ramified the
audience, creating ever smaller segments for an
rally: v. ever growing array of programming choices.
~ (round/to sb/sth); Syn: branch, fork, separate, complexify, branch
~ (round) (of people)
come together. esp to ramp: n.
make new efforts. eg
after a defeat or when
there is danger. need.

ram: n
slope joining two levels of ground. a floor. a
road. etc.

rampant: adj.

uncastrated male sheep.

ramble: v.

flourishing excessively; unrestrained.

rampart: n.

walk for pleasure with no special destination.

ramification: n.

defensive wall round a fort. etc consisting of a

wide bank of earth with a path for walking along
the top.

ramshackle: (adj)
Shackled in the chain
part of a complex structure; secondary Ramu reached in
consequence. esp one that complicates. ramshackle condition.
Eg: Ramshackle
ramify (v) building.
Ram+ify………... Ram, Syn: crumbling,
Ideal of the Hindu, was a rickety, dilapidated,
great warrior. I had seen tumbledown
glimpses of Ram-Ravan
war in Ramanand Sagar’s rancid: (adj)
episode ‘Mahabharat Rain containing acid gives
when lord Ram attacked rancid smell
with his arrows, it Eg: A rancid smell.

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Syn escent, impure, decomposing, putrefied,

musty, rank, fetid, foul
Ant: aromatic, fragrant, fresh, sweet

~ sympathetic and harmonious relationship.

rapt: (adj)
My many friends read
rape news with rapt
attention. So rapt means
Eg: A rapt smile.
bitter deep-seated ill will. Syn: absorbed,
bewitched, captivated,
rank: n. enamored, engrossed, enthralled, entranced,
bad smell. gripped, hypnotized, immersed, spellbound
rankle: v. RANKLE Ant: absent, absent-minded, apathetic, careless,
(A) assuage distracted, distrait, distraught, diverted,
(B) duplicate heedless, inadvertent, indifferent, inobservant,
(C) divulge oblivious, remiss, unconscious, undiscerning,
(D) append unheeding
(E) permeate Rapt (Antonym)
A) Delighted
B) Spellbound
C) Cursory
D) Bewitched
E) Beguiled
cause lasting bitterness or resentment.
rapture: n.
ransack: v.

intense delight.
~ sth search (a place) thoroughly.
rasp: n.
rant: (v)
Landlord rants at mandy for
Eg: Mother ranting with
Syn: bombast, tirade, raving,
coarse file with rows of sharp points on its
rapacious: adj.
raspy: adj.

greedy. esp for money; grasping.

rapport: n. rough; grating.

ratify: v.

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raucous: adj.

make (an agreement. a treaty. etc) officially

valid. usu by signing it.
loud and hoarse; harsh-sounding.
ratiocination: n.
ravage: v.

process of logical and methodical reasoning.

ration: n. damage badly; destroy.

rave: v.

fixed quantity. esp an official allowance of food.

etc in times of shortage.

rational (n) RAVE

Ratio..... Rational numbers are (A) flak
those which can be written in (B) flop
the form of ratio. (C) cant
Syn: analytical, circumspect, (D) pan
cognitive, deductive, deliberate, discerning, (E) snub
discriminating, enlightened, far-sighted, ~ talk wildly or furiously as if in a fever or mad.
intellectual, intelligent, judicious, knowing,
logical, lucid, perspicacious ravel: v.*****
rationale: n. (A) remain silent
(B) increase in
(C) knit
(D) omit
(E) measure
~ (something) (up)
(cause threads or
fibres to) tangle and
fundamental reason for or logical basis of sth. become knotted.
rationalize: ravenous: adj.

to provide plausible but untrue reasons for very hungry.


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ravine: n.

amount by which a debt. tax. etc can be reduced;

deep narrow steep-sided valley between
discount or partial refund.
rebuff: n.
unkind or contemptuous
to destroy to the
refusal or rejection (of an
ground: DEMOLISH.
offer. request. friendly
gesture. etc); snub.
(A) construct
(B) amble
(A) tease
(C) ruin
(B) defy
(D) popularize
(C) meddle
(E) sit quietly
(D) welcome
(E) challenge
(A) construct
rebuke: v.
(B) amble
(C) ruin
(D) popularize
(E) sit quietly

reactionary: n. adj

~ sb express sharp or severe disapproval to sb.

esp officially; reprove sb.

opposing (esp political) progress or reform. rebus: n.

realm: n.


reaper: n.

puzzle in which a word or phrase has to be

person who reaps. guessed from pictures or diagrams representing
the letters or syllables in it.
rebate: n.
rebuttal: n.

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business is stopped. esp in Parliament. the

lawcourts. etc.

recession: n.

act of rebutting or being rebutted.

recalcitrant: adj.
resisting authority or
discipline; disobedient. temporary decline in economic activity or
recant: v. RECANT prosperity.
(A) propose
(B) respond recidivism: a
(C) instruct
(D) affirm
(E) disclose

formally reject (a former opinion. belief. etc) as

tendency to relapse into a previous condition or
being wrong.
mode of behavior; especially :relapse into
criminal behavior.
recapitulate: v.
recital: n.

state again or summarize the main points of.

recast: v.
public performance of music. dance. etc by a
soloist or a small group; recite: v. ~ (to sb) say (a
poem. passage. etc) aloud from memory. esp to
an audience.
~ sth (as sth) put (sth written or spoken) into a reckon: v.
new form.

receptive: adj.

~ sb/sth among sth; ~ sb/sth as sth (not used in

the continuous tenses ) be of the opinion or
consider that sb/sth is as specified.
~ able or quick to receive new ideas.
suggestions. etc. recline: v.

recess: n.

(US also vacation) period of time when work or lean or lie back in a horizontal or near-horizontal

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position. be proved a right recourse in difficult situation

Eg: Death is a last recourse to solution.
recluse: n. Syn: appeal, support, refuge, resort

recreant: n. adj

person who lives alone and avoids other people.

(person who is) cowardly. unfaithful or
reconcile: treacherous.

recrimination: n.

to make consistent or congruous. accusation in response to an accusation from sb

else; countercharge.
recondite: adj.
(of subjects) little known or understood; obscure. rectitude: n.
RECONDITE moral correctness or straightforwardness;
(A) useful honesty.
(B) evident
(C) restored recumbent: adj.
(D) indistinguishable
(E) destructive

(esp of a person) lying down; reclining.

reconnaissance: n.
recuperate: v.

~ (fml ) recover from illness. exhaustion or loss.


recurrent: adj. recurring often or regularly.

exploration or a survey of an area. esp for redolent: adj. ~ of/with sth smelling strongly of
military purposes. sth.
redoubtable: adj. to be feared and respected;
recount: v. formidable.
redress: v. put right (a wrong); compensate for

redundant: adj.

~ sth give a detailed account of sth; tell about


recourse: (n)

Short term courses can

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refute: v.

not needed; superfluous; unnecessary. prove to be wrong.

reek: (n) (A) reveal
(B) associate
(C) recognize
(D) understand
(E) prove

regal: adj.
of. like or fit for a king or queen; royal.
The body of reech (beer) gives bad reek.
Eg: The reek of petrol. regale: (v)
Syn: stench, stink, smell, miasma

refectory: n.

In the realisms of Akbar the Great what was

Birbal doing……………..Regale, yes! , Your
guess is as good as mine regale: entertain with
>> Shekhar Kapoor regaled asan anchor on the
dining-hall in a monastery. convent. college. SAB TV.
school. Etc. >> I used to have gals who regaled me at
REFRACTORY college.Regaled us with tall tales.
(A) reflective >> An inn that rightly regales its guests with
(B) manageable five-course meals prepared by a master chef.
(C) pastoral >> Regaled his grandchildren with stories of his
(D) relaxed time in Morocco.
(E) completed Syn: delight, please, amuse, treat.........

referendum: n. regatta: n.

sporting event at which races are held between

referring of a political issue to a general vote by rowing-boats or yachts.
all the people of a country for a decision; vote
thus taken. regeneration:

refraction: n . refracting or being refracted ..

refractory: adj. difficult to control or discipline;
wilful or unmanageable.
refrain: n. lines of a song or poem which are
repeated. esp at the end of each verse. spiritual rebirth.
refulgent: adj. gloriously bright; shining ;.
refurbish: v. make clean or bright again;

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regent: n. person appointed to rule a country rein (v)

while the monarch is too young. old. ill. etc. or is

regicide: n.

It is difficult to rein the rain.

>> Rein your expenditure.
>> The reins of government.Gave full rein to her
>> After the president resigned, the vice-
president stepped in and took the reins of the
crime of killing a king. company.
Syn: bridle strap, line, control, draw rein, rein in,
regime: n. harness, harness, rule

rejoinder: (n)
George joins the discussion by
giving rejoinder
Eg: She happily back the
Syn: acknowledgment,
antiphon, clause, comeback, comment, cooler,
method or system of government. counterclaim, defense, explanation, feedback,
guff, interpretation, justification, key, lip,
regimen: n. observation, parting shot, pay dirt, plea, quick
fix, rebuttal, refutation, remark, repartee,
resolution, retort, riposte, vindication, wisecrack
Ant: invitation, question, request

rejuvenate: v.

set of rules about diet. exercise. etc aimed at

improving sb's health and physical well-being.

regiment: n.

restore youthful appearance. strength. etc to.

relapse: (v)
Re +lapse………………..After a
(artillery and armour) unit divided into batteries lapse of certain period a disease
or squadrons. when haunt again it is called a
rehabilitate: v. Eg:The vaccine helped to reduce
the likelihood of a relapse in
recovering addicts.
Those participants in the trial who relapsed in to
taking cocaine within six months– said the
euphoric effect had decreased.
restore to a normal life by retraining. medical Syn: reversion, recidivism, backsliding,
treatment. etc. esp after imprisonment or illness. regression, recurrence, decline, deterioration,
reverse, reversal, setback, backsliding, lapsing,
reimburse: v. ~ sth ~ sb (for sth) (usu fml ) pay relapsing, reverting, lapse, reversion.
back to sb (money that he has spent. lost. etc);
refund sth. relegate:

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banish; consign to inferior position. ~ (fml ) careless of one's duty; lax.

relent: v. remission: n.

decide to be less strict. determined or harsh.

relic: n.

pardoning or forgiveness of sins by God.

remit: v.

trace or feature surviving from a past age and

serving to remind people of it.

relinquish: v.

(fml ) refrain from inflicting (a punishment. etc).

remittance: n.

give up or cease to practise. feel. etc (sth);

remitting of money.
relish: n.
remnant: n.

small remaining quantity or part or number of

~ great enjoyment of food. etc; zest. things or people.

remediable: adj. that can be remedied. remonstrate: (v)

reminiscence: n. recalling of past events and
experiences; reminiscing ;.
reminiscent: adj. ~ of sb/sth reminding one of or
suggesting sb/sth.

remiss: adj.
Remonstration is a demonstration against a
particular decision made by governing body;
remonstrance: n. remonstrating; protest ;.

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Eg: Remonstrate against cruelty to women. render: v.

Syn: expostulate, demur, criticize, animadvert,
censure, scold, nag, deprecate, recriminate,
decry, frown upon, disparage,

remorse: n.

~ sth (for sth); ~ sth (to sb) give sth in return or

exchange. or as sth which is due.

~ sense of deep and bitter regret for having done rendezvous: n.

sth wrong.

remote: adj.

~ (with sb) (place chosen for a) meeting at an

agreed time.

rendition: n.
~ (from sth) far away from other communities.
houses. etc; isolated.

remunerative: adj.

way in which a dramatic role or piece of music.

etc is performed; rendering.

renegade: n.


person that deserts a cause. political party.

religious group. etc.

renege: v.
r + end ...... Jackal ended the life of innocent
child after renting him apart.
>> They rend their clothes in grief.
>> "Chip was rent between the impulse to laugh
wildly and a bitterness that threatened hot tears"
Louis Auchincloss. ~ (on sth) fail to keep a promise. one's word. etc.
>> A scream rent the silence.
>> Tales that rend the heart. renounce: v.
>> The prophecy that the disaster would cause
people to rend their garments in mourning.
Syn: rip, rive, pull

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In party Atal Ji given witty repartee

Quick repartee.
>> That repartee to his question drew laughs
from the bystanders.
>> I wish we weren't apart, as repartee is harder
agree to give up ownership or possession of to do in letters.
(sth). esp formally. Syn: retort, quip, banter, sparring

renovate: v. repast:

restore to good condition.
repeal: v. withdraw officially; revoke ;.
(A) design to specifications
repel: v. drive (sb/sth) back or away; repulse.
(B) keep hidden
repellent: adj. ~ arousing distaste or disgust;
(C) cause to decay
(D) duplicate
repercussion: n. indirect effect or result of an
(E) complicate
event. etc; consequence.
repertoire: n. all the plays. songs. pieces. etc
renown: n.
which a company. actor. musician. etc knows
and is prepared to perform.

repine: v.

fame or distinction.

reparable: adj.

imagine pine tree has grapes, and a cat wants to

get to it, but is unsuccessful, then she frets or
complains that the grapes were sour, thus repine
(of a loss. etc) that can be made good. is to fret and complain.
~ (fml ) feel or show discontent; fret.
reparation: n.
replenish: v. ~ sth fill sth again.

replete: adj.

~ (for sth) compensating for damage; making

amends for loss.


~ (fml ) well-fed or full; gorged.

replica: n.

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exact copy. esp one made by an artist of one of

his own pictures. Etc; replicate: v. be or make a
copy of (sth); reproduce.

repose: v.
>>> returning an injury. esp political or military.
done to oneself; retaliation.
>>> a retaliatory action against an enemy in
Syn: retaliation, revenge

reprise: recurrent action; musical repetition;

repeat performance.
reproach: v. ~ sb/oneself (for sth) criticize
sb/oneself. esp for failing to do sth.
rest; lie.
reprove: v.
repository: n.

~ sb (fml ) blame or rebuke sb; censure;

place where things are stored or may be found. reprobation: severe disapproval; reprobate: adj. n
esp a warehouse or museum. immoral or unprincipled (person).

reprehensible: adj. repudiate: v.

deserving to be reprehended.

repress: v. restrain or suppress (an impulse);

reprieve: v. postpone or cancel a punishment for
(sb). esp the death sentence.
reprimand: v. ~ sb rebuke sb (for a fault. etc).
esp officially.

reprisal: n. refuse to have any more to do with (sb); disown.

repugnance: n.

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demand for (esp) the use of property or materials

by an army in wartime or by certain people in an

requite: v.

~ strong aversion or disgust.

repulse: v.

To make repayment or return for

Meaning: To make repayment or return for
~ sth (with sth) give sth in return for sth else;
drive back (an attacker or an attack) by fighting; repay sth.
repel ;.
rescind: v.
repulsion: n.

~ feeling of loathing or aversion; disgust. cancel or repeal (a law. contract. etc); annul.
(A) combination residual: adj.
(B) elongation
(C) attraction
(D) oscillation
(E) illumination

requiem: n.

left over as a residue(1); remaining; residue: n. ~

(of sth) what remains after a part or quantity is
taken or used.

resilient: adj.

(also requiem `mass) special mass for the repose

of the soul of a dead person.

requisite: adj.
springing back to its original form after being
bent. stretched. crushed. etc; springy ..

resolute (adj.)
Resolute…resolution only a
resolute person can make a
resolution to score 100% in
required by circumstances or necessary for his exams. Others always
success. prefer some sort of solution
not a resolution.
requisition: n. ~ (for sth) official. usu written. Eg: A resolute character.A resolute gaze.Was
resolute in my decision to go abroad for my

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junior year, and nothing my parents said could

convince me not to go.
Syn: determined, resolved, steadfast, constant,
earnest, staunch, bold, courageous, serious,
deliberate, inflexible, unyielding, unwavering,
unfaltering, unhesitating, unswerving,
unflinching, obstinate, obdurate, dogged, ~ (through/throughout sth) (of a sound. voice.
tenacious, relentless, dedicated. etc) fill a place with sound; produce echoes.

resolution: n. respiration: n.

(single act of) breathing air.

quality of being resolute or firm; determination. respite: (n)

Eg: To make a firm resolution to do something. Sprite cold drink gives
RESOLUTION us a lot of respite.
(A) vacillation Eg: A respite from
(B) organization punishment.
(C) condemnation Syn: recess, lull, hiatus,
(D) hybridization exculpation, pardon,
(E) altercation immunity, truce, cessation, interregnum,
interruption, surcease
resolve: v. Ant: penalty, infliction, deprivation, penance,
retribution, mulct, reparation, forfeiture, forfeit,

resplendent: adj.

~ on/upon/against sth/doing sth decide firmly;


resonant: adj.
~ (fml ) brilliant with colour or decorations;

restitution: n.

continuing to echo; resounding.

resort: v.

~ (fml ) restoration of a thing to its proper owner

or original state.

restive: adj.

~ to sth make use of sth for help; adopt sth as an


resound: v.

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restless or uneasy.

restraint: n.

~ not revealing one's thoughts or feelings easily;

restraining or being restrained.
retinue: n.
resurgent: adj.

group of attendants accompanying an important

rising or reviving after destruction. defeat.
disappearance. etc.
retort: v.
resurrect: v.

bring (sb) back to life again.

resuscitate: v. bring (sb/sth) back to make a quick. witty or angry reply. esp to an
consciousness. accusation or challenge.

retaliate: v. retract: v.

withdraw (a statement. charge. etc).

~ repay an injury. insult. etc with a similar one.
retrench: v.
retard: v. make (something) slow or late.
retentive: adj. having the ability to remember
facts. impressions. etc .

reticent: adj.

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revulsion: n. ~
feeling of disgust or horror.
recite a rhapsody ; say (something) with great
rhapsody: n.
(often in titles ) romantic composition in
irregular form.
rhetoric: n.
using language impressively or persuasively. esp
make economies or reduce expenses. in public speaking.
(A) improved health ribald: (adj)
(B) extensive attention Ri + band ……. As we, all
(C) increased expenditure know band is a flat,
(D) stubborn resistance narrow strip of cloth,
(E) honest appraisal which is worn around the
head or wrists, quite
retribution: n. similar to this band, ribald
is a narrow piece of cloth
that is used for tying things together or as a
Eg: Barbie wore a frock & a red hat with a rib
Syn: belt, line, strip, tape, fillet, sash, twine,
cincture, cinch, scarf, bandage, meridian, rib
~ (fml ) deserved punishment or compensation rickety: adj. weak or shaky. esp in the joints;
for injury. etc. likely to fall or collapse.

retroactive: adj.
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retrograde: adj.
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revelry: n. noisy celebrations; revels. 399/- at the time of receiving this book.
v. ~ echo or resound repeatedly.
reverend: adj. riband (n)
deserving to be treated with respect. esp because
of age. etc ..
reverent: adj.
feeling or showing reverence.
reverie: n.
idle and pleasant thoughts.
As we all know band is a flat, narrow strip of
revile: v. cloth that is used for tying things together or as a
criticize (sb/sth). in angry and abusive decoration. So same is Riband.
language. Eg: Barbie wore a frock & a red lat with a riband
riddle: n. puzzling question. statement or
revoke: v. description. esp one intended to test the
withdraw or cancel (a decree. permit. etc). cleverness of those wishing to solve it.

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rivet: n.
rife: adj.

(esp of bad things) widespread; common.

metal pin or bolt for fastening twopieces of metal
rift: n. split. crack. break. etc.
together. its headless end being hammered or
pressed flat to prevent slipping.
rig: (n)
Criminals wears wig
riveting: adj. that holds the attention; enthralling.
to rig the elections.
rivulet: n. small stream.
robust: adj. vigorous; healthy and strong.
>> The costumer
rigged out the actors
rococo: (adj)
in peasant clothing.
Rig a prizefight; rig
stock prices.
>> Wore an outlandish rig to the office.
>> The costumer rigged out the actors in
peasant clothing.
Syn: cheat, swindle, articulated lorry, tractor
trailer, trailer truck, trucking rig, semi, fishing
gear, fishing rig, fishing tackle, tackle. sth (with of a style of decorationin furniture. architecture.
sth) fit (a ship or boat) with masts. spars. ropes. music. etc with much elaboratedecoration.
sails. etc. common in Europe in the 18th century 18.
righteous: adj. roil:

when we stir up the liquid, it becomes somewhat

oily or muddy, thus roil is to stir up the liquid.
>>> To make (a liquid) muddy or cloudy by
doing what is morally right. stirring up sediment.
>>> to stir up:DISTURB. DISORDER.
rigid: adj.

stiff; not bending or yielding. having gentle rising and falling slopes;
rigor: severity.
rile: v. annoy (sb); irritate. romp: v.
rip: v. divide or make a hole in (something) by
pulling sharply.

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play about together in a lively way. running.

jumping. etc.

rooster: n. by `rote by heart; from memory. without

thinking of the meaning.

rotunda: n.

cock .

roseate: adj.
type of round building or hall. esp one with a
domed roof; rotundity: n. state of being rotund.

rousing: adj.

deep pink.

roster: n.

vigorous; giving encouragement.

rout: n.

(esp in the army. etc) list of names showing

duties to be performed and the times at which
those named are to perform them.

rostrum: n. utter defeat.

rubble: n.

raised platform from which public speeches are


rote: n. bits of broken stone. rock or bricks.

rubric: n.

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make a deep heavy continuous sound.

words put as a heading. esp to show or explain ruminate: v.
how sth should be done. etc.

ruddy: adj.

~ think deeply; meditate; ponder.

rummage: v.

(approv ) (of a person's face) having a fresh

healthy colour.

rudimentary: adj.
~ (for sth); ~ (about/around) turn things over or
disarrange them while searching for sth.

runic: adj.

existing in an imperfect or undeveloped form.

rueful: adj.

of runes; written in or inscribed with runes.

ruse: (n)

showing or feeling good-humoured regret; rue:

n. type of evergreen shrub with bitter leaves
formerly used in medicine.
Tricksters use rouge to ruse the people
ruffian: (n) Eg: A ruse for gaining time.
Syn: artifice, stratagem, ploy, deceit, intrigue,
machination, maneuver, pretense, wile, hoax,

rustic: adj.
A gang of ruffians who works under a famous
mafia lives a rough life.
Eg: Thieves, murderous, ruffians ..
Syn: miscreant, hoodlum, bully, rascal, rowdy,
hooligan, desperado, killer, malefactor, brut,
villain, thug, ogre, disparate, savage.

rumble: v.

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typical of the country or country people.

rusticate: v.

send (a student) away from university

temporarily. as a punishment.

rustle: v.

make a dry light sound. esp by friction or

rubbing together.

ruthless: adj.

having or showing no pity or compassion; cruel.


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