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a. Explain the different types and functions of the music of Palawan.
b. Classify each of the different indigenous musical instruments of Palawan.
c. Sing samples of the music of Palawan.
II. Subject Matter
Topic: Music of Palawan
Reference: MAPEH in Action 7, Callo, Lualhati F., Lacia, Gerardo C., Operario,
Marissa R., and Poquiz, Ma. Luisa D., pp. 38-43
Materials: PowerPoint presentation, speakers, Pictures, Audio clip.
III. Procedure
Teachers Activity

Students Activity

A. Preparation
Checking of Attendance
Warm up
B. Review
Class, before we proceed to our lesson lets
have a short review regarding our lesson Last
What was your lesson last meeting?
It is all about the music of Palawan.
Ok! it is all about the Palawan which is the
Largest province in the Philippines.
Palawan belongs to what region?
Region 4b (MIMAROPA Region)
Very Good! What is the capital city of
Puerto princesa.
Correct! What are the most visited places in
The El Nido and the Underground River.
Right! Which is one belongs to the 7 wonders
of the world?
Underground river.
Very Good! Will you name indigenous group
of people in Palawan?
-Taut Bato
What is the dominant religion in Palawan?

Roman Catholic.
Very good. I am glad that you remember your
lesson last meeting. For that give yourself a
good job clap.

C. Motivation
D. Presentation
You already know many things about Palawan
so Today class we are going to proceed with
the music of Palawan. Lets start!
Will you read!
The Indigenous music of Palawan
Folk songs of Palawenos are simple yet full of
wisdom and practicality.
Their folksongs serve as part of their social
activity and everyday living.
Ok Do you what are folk songs?
Folk songs are songs that are related to the
culture of the people in a particular country or
place. Example atin cu pung sing sing for
pamulinawen for Ilokano.
The folk songs/music of Palawan are just
simple and they have meaning or function to
their everyday life.
Some of the social functions of Palawan folk
songs are: (eto yung kung saan nila nagagamit
ang folk songs or music nila sa Palawan)
Lullaby - Is a gentle song sung to send a child to
1) number 1 function of music of Palawan is
to send child to sleep the mother or the
parent sung a lullaby song example Ili-ili..

For serenading - Songs that are used during

2) Number 2 is for serenading or
panghaharana kapag umaakyat ng ilagaw
ang isang lalake sa Palawan

Ballads - It is also known as composo. It tells

3) Ballad are songs that has a story so kung
ano yung ginagawa nila kinukwento nila sa
pamamagitan ng pag awit or pagkanta

about the factual events in peoples everyday life

Cuyunon folk song - Is a song about peoples

4) number 4 is for occupation are you familiar
with magtanim ay di biro? That is an
example of occupational song so sa
Palawan they have their own version of
occupational songs such as song for
fishermans, for farmer and etc
5) the last function of music in Palawan is

to entertain the bereaved family

(namatayan na pamilya). From the
word to entertain ibig sabihin masaya
ang mga songs na ginagamit para
mawala ang lungkot sa isang
namatayan na pamilya.

activity and occupation such as: fishing, farming

and weaving

Songs for the dead - Used to entertain the

bereaved family.

Ok again what are the 5 function of music of


Alright! Ok next is the musical instrument of

Musical instruments of Palawan are classified
according to their type namely: (sulat mo sa
1) Chordophones
2) Membranophone
3) Idiophones
4) Aerophones

For Serenading
Cuyunon folksong
Songs for the dead

What are Chordophone instrument?

- Are instruments that can be plucked,
Ok chordophone instruments are also called as
struck or bowed.
stringed instruments. And they are played by
strumming, plucking or by using a bow like the
violin. So will you give another example of
chordophone instruments?
Verygood! How about Piano Organ is it Guitar, Violin,Octavina, Banduria.
belongs to the Chordophone?

Very Good!
Next Classification of instruments s is
Aerophones. What are Aerophones please

Yes! Because inside it, it has astring that

produces the sound.

Ok! Aerohone are also called as Wind
- Are musical instruments that produce
instruments and they produce sound by
sound by blowing.
blowing (hinihipan) so will you give an
example of Aerophone?
Thats Right! Next classification? Please read.
Bamboo Flute, trumpet etc.

Ok Membranophones are instruments that are

made up of animal skin. Actually drums are
classified as membranophone even though they
are not made from animal skin.

Are musical instruments made of
animal skin and other materials found in their

Last Classification is the Idiophones.

- Are musical instruments that produce
Ok! Examplesof idiophone is Gong. You have
sound by means of striking, shaking or
to strike (paluin) it to produce sound right?
vibrating itself.
Another is the tambourine (yung ginagamit
niyo kapag nangangaruling kayo) that is an
idiophone you have to shake it to produce
Will you give another example?

What are the musical instruments of Palawan?

Kudyapi pahaba siya na may dalawang string
at pineplay siya by strumming.
Tipanu hinihipan sa bibig
Beberek hinihipan sa ilong
Aruding hinihipan na parang yung sa dahon.
Babandil small gong and it is played by
striking (pinapalo).
Gimbal Eto yung made of animal skin na

Xylophone (lyre), gong, Maracas etc.

Ok so those are the musical instruments of

Palawan. So you have any questions?
E. Generalization
Ok let us summarize our lesson again what are
the functions of music in Palawan? Will you
give 1?

Correct! What are the four classifications of


For Serenading
Cuyunon folksong
Songs for the dead

Very Good! Will you give example of
Chordophone instrument of Palawan?
That Right! How about Aerophones?
Alright! I am glad That you understand and
you remember our lesson.
F. Application
Ok now class let us study and sing the example
folk music from Palawan which is the
Kingking-Tarinting-Layang Pasyak.
IV. Evaluation
Ok now kindly get sheet of paper and we will have a short quiz.
1. These are instruments that produce sound by strumming? Ex. guitar and violin
2. These are instruments that produce sound by blowing? Ex. Bamboo flute
3. These are instruments that produce sound striking or shaking? Ex. Gong and maracas
4. These are instruments that are made of animal skin?
For items no. 6-10 I am going to show you the musical instruments of Palawan and classify it if
it is Chordophone, Aerophone, Memranophone, or Idiophone.
V. Assignment
Review your lessons for your Pre-Lims tomorrow.

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