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TechExcel CRM

Setting the new standard for high-end CRM:

Powerful, configurable, affordable and easy to use.

In today's fast-paced, competitive business environment it's more important than

ever to create and maintain long-lasting business relationships. TechExcel has
designed a unique, feature-rich CRM solution to aid you in that task. By combining
the full power and flexibility of a high-end solution with quick deployment and an
affordable price, TechExcel CRM truly is unique in today's CRM market.
Your company needs to have a CRM solution that is capable of optimizing your
business processes regardless of the size of your budget. TechExcel has designed a
solution with all of the following features that can be deployed under budget in
days or weeks, not months or years, whether you deploy the entire suite or any
combination of components that you desire:

Seamless integration across your organization

TechExcel CRM is designed to improve the effectiveness of teamwork across
development, marketing, sales, and customer support by connecting your multidepartment teams seamlessly. Choose the modules you need without worrying about
integration costs.

Manage your customer's complete lifecycle

From the initial marketing lead to purchase order, through customer technical support
and your customer's involvement in your product development as a beta customer,
TechExcel CRM manages the entire customer lifecycle.

Complete process customization

No matter how complicated or simple your CRM business practices are, if you can design
your processes on paper, then you can implement them with TechExcel CRM.

Quick deployment
Using TechExcel's Solution Templates, TechExcel CRM can be pre-configured to match your
business type to speed evaluation and deployment.

Intuitive administration
Point-and-click administration empowers you and your team to customize and optimize
your business processes without requiring special IT or programming knowledge.

Fully customizable user interface

Fully customizable interface allows you to design your fields and forms to suit your
specific business needs.

Built-in reports and analysis

Over 150 predefined, presentation-quality reports and graphs with the power to easily
create additional custom reports.

TechExcel CRM
Marketing Campaign Management

Manage the entire customer lifecycle

with TechExcel CRM
s success

These days mass email campaigns are not enough to stay

ahead of the competition and that's why TechExcel has
designed a sophisticated tool to generate, track, analyze and
qualify your marketing leads. By transforming your company
Web site into an interactive marketing tool with detailed use
tracking, automated form management, and on the fly content
based on survey responses and customer profiles, your
company Web site can become one of your most important
marketing tools. MarketingWise focuses on your target
customers and manages the complete Marketing Lifecycle from
first impression to qualified prospect, tracking each prospect's
qualification status throughout. MarketingWise even escalates
qualified prospects automatically into SalesWise, initiating your
critical Sales process.

Sales Force Automation

s why
CRM solution that allows
you to carefully manage
each step in the
customer lifecycle across
your marketing, sales,
customer support, and
d e v e l o p m e n t

omer lifecycle views and
s allowing you to easily
analyze each step the

Connecting your teams

with TechExcel CRM
Successful cross team integration breaks
down the traditional barriers between
teams and allows individuals and
teams from different departments
to collaborate more efficiently and
to serve your customers better. The
TechExcel CRM Suite connects your
marketing, sales, support, and
development teams through truly
seamless application integration. It
gives every team a complete view of
your customer information and all customerrelated activities, while still providing each team
with the functionality specific to their roles. All the
products in the TechExcel CRM suite were designed
to work together from the very beginning, so
integration between these products is built-in,
virtually eliminating integration costs.

TechExcel CRM's sales module provides your sales team with

the tools they need to capitalize on more opportunities. From
initial contact through quote management and order
processing, SalesWise allows you to track all of your critical
customer data and related sales events. By managing every
aspect of your sales process, SalesWise prevents opportunities
from slipping through the cracks and provides you with the
feedback and analysis you need to further refine your sales

Comprehensive Customer Support

Delivering superior customer service is a key ingredient to
maintaining your customer relationships. ServiceWise helps
you optimize your support process by providing your support
team with all of the tools necessary to meet or exceed your
customers' service expectations. In addition to increasing
customer satisfaction, using ServiceWise to refine your support
process also increases efficiency and productivity while
reducing your overall support costs by reducing the time
required to resolve incidents. Through sophisticated process
automation, knowledge base management and the availability
of customer self-service through the Customer Web Portal your
support team can resolve issues more efficiently improving your
bottom line.

Asset Tracking
If your marketing, sales, and support teams don't know exactly
what products and services your customers have how can they
have a complete understanding of your customers' needs? The
better your Customer View, the more likely you are to capitalize
on potential opportunities and to maintain or exceed your
customers' service expectations. By including AssetWise in
your CRM Solution, your team has a truly complete customer
view. AssetWise tracks every phase of a product's lifecycle from
acquisition, through customer purchase, field service, support
incidents and customer product returns.

Setting the new standard for high-end CRM:

Powerful, configurable, affordable and easy to use.
TechExcel CRM Integration

Integrated Knowledge Base

No one else knows your business as well as you do. TechExcel
KnowledgeWise capitalizes on your expertise by providing a
forum to share it. Included with TechExcel CRM is a complete
solution for knowledge base management. You can build your
knowledge base easily by adding existing knowledge
documents and Web pages, and by publishing knowledge items
from resolved support incidents. A centralized knowledge base
of important company documents can increase efficiency,
prevent lost or misplaced information, track document histories
and reduce your system and maintenance costs.

Custom Online Forms

Gathering and managing business data plays a critical part in
running your successful company. Redundancy and inefficiency
increase your costs in both storing and maintaining your
business data. TechExcel FormWise is a Web-based forms
solution that manages the flow of information exactly the way
your business requires. It integrates fully customized online
forms directly into all of your TechExcel CRM processes,
streamlining the data gathering, tracking and storing process.
Forms can even be routed automatically to the appropriate
individuals for completion, approval, and processing, improving
your team's efficiency.

Built-in Reporting and Analysis

TechExcel CRM has a complete set of reports and graphs for indepth analysis of business processes. Presentation-quality
reports include pie charts, line graphs, bar charts, and tabular
reports that are specifically tailored to the individual module that
you are working in. The source data for any report can be easily
copied to a spreadsheet for further manipulation. All marketing,
sales and support activities, including Web activity
analysis, sales forecast, and customer surveys are
tracked automatically. With TechExcel CRM builtin reports and analysis you always have a 360
degree view of your customers.

TechExcel CRM can be fully integrated with other

TechExcel product lines and third party applications.

Track is the premiere defect- and
project- tracking tool for product development
organizations, helping to ensure quality products are
developed and delivered on time and on budget.
DevTrack comprehensively tracks and manages all
product defects, change requests, and all other
development issues. DevTrack facilitates teamwork
between different users, teams, and even customers.

Plus connects to the
TechExcel CRM database and automatically links all
download activity to the appropriate customer. This
gives sales, marketing, and support team members a
complete history of all downloaded files for a
customer, so they can identify sales opportunities,
track customer interest, and manage all aspects of
the customer lifecycle. Access keys can be
associated directly with a customer's status in
TechExcel CRM, so a customer's download privileges
automatically increase as they progress through the
customer lifecycle.

Third Party Applications

LinkPlus enables automatic real-time data
synchronization between TechExcel CRM and other
applications. LinkPlus is a COM module,
implemented as a set of ActiveX components that
allows you to exchange and fully synchronize data
between TechExcel CRM and your existing business
software. LinkPlus may require additional
professional services to implement the often-complex
integration but based on our integration experience
and pre-existing LinkPlus modules we can quickly
deliver a cost-effective solution.

For more information, please visit us at:


Solution Templates help speed your successful deployment

TechExcel is excited to offer a new tool to speed your deployment and process optimization.
With the addition of Solution Templates, TechExcel solutions can be pre-configured to deliver
powerful business configuration out-of-the-box. Solution Templates are tailored to support a
variety of business types and by selecting the template that most closely matches your own
business, you can quickly begin to evaluate our solutions and recognize their power to
optimize your processes. The combination of the ready-to-use business solutions with the
ability to further customize and refine helps keep your evaluation and deployment cost down
and minimizes time-to-deployment while maximizing immediate gains in your investment and
business efficiency.

TechExcel guarantees the success of your deployment

TechExcel CRM is a high-end solution with complete functionality and full power. It is 100%
configurable, so that you can configure the solution to completely fit your business.
TechExcel is so confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase that we guarantee your
satisfaction. With the purchase of our recommended training class and our installation and
configuration service, we offer a standard 90-day product return policy with an 80% refund
(for more information please see our return policy). Implementing a CRM solution is more
than just installing and configuring the software; optimal results require a careful review and
analysis of your current business processes. By training you and your team to use TechExcel
CRM, we're confident that you'll get the most significant benefits from our solution.

System Requirements
 Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0 or above
 Pentium PC with 32MB memory and 100MB disk space
 Pentium PC with 256MB memory and 500MB disk space
 Windows NT Server 4.0 or above (recommended), or
Windows NT Workstation
 Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0 or higher
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Supported Databases
 Microsoft SQL Server
 Microsoft Access
 Other ODBC compliant databases

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