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Codex: Armageddon Part One Contents of Codex: Armageddon Part One

The Space Marines Setting up your Marine Army

 The Armageddon Force Organisation Chart
Welcome to Codex Armageddon: Fifth Edition Redux  The Allies System
Welcome avid Armageddon players! This is the beginnings of my latest project,  The Space Marine Coalition
the fully Open Book Armageddon campaign! Within this, I will lay out the first list Using the Salamanders on Armageddon
available to players.  The Army List
 New HQ: Chapter Master Tu’Shan
I am of course talking about Space Marines – or everyone’s lovable scamps and  New HQ: Master of the Fleet, Lavias
punching bags. During the war for Armageddon, there were numerous chapters  New Elite: Dragon Head Veteran Squads
assigned to duty on the ash wastes. Alongside many unnamed chapters, the main  New Troops: Fire Warden Tactical Squad
presences were the Black Templars, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, and Crimson Using the Space Wolves on Armageddon
Fists. All fought frantically in the name of the Emperor to stem the tides of the
 Army Lists for: Standard Wolves, Egil Iron Wolf’s Company, The 13th
Orks attacking the important hive world.
 New HQs: Wolf Lords Bran Redmaw and Egil Iron Wolf
The aim of this Codex is to allow players to reenact the vast battles involving the
 New Elite: Ragnar’s Warband
Space Marines. There are new units for each of the above chapters, as well as a
 New Fast Attack: Stern Hunter Squadrons
full Fifth Edition Redux codex for the Black Templars. Want to fight with the true
 Numerous units for your Thirteenth Company, including
representative of the Salamanders in Chapter Master Tu’shan? This will let you
o New HQ: Howling Battle Squad
do it. Want to have Logan Grimnir’s infamous Counter Attack on Angron, for
o New Elite: Bane Priest Squad
example? Sure, go ahead. How about the final act of Captain Tycho? Hell, might
o New Elite: Sternhammer Wulfen Squad
as well.
o New Troops: Karan the Tainted One
o New Psychic Powers: The Gate and Divine Wrath
To use some of the content within this book, you may need the following
Codexes: Using Blood Angels on Armageddon
- Codex: Space Marines  Army Lists for: The Blood Angels, The Redemption of Gabriel Seth, and
- Codex: Space Wolves Captain Tycho’s Army of Death
- Codex: Blood Angels  The Army of Death is an entirely new and updated codex to use
- Codex: Imperial Guard Using Black Templars on Armageddon
 Army Lists for: The Second Crusade Fleet, and Grimaldus’ Vanguard
Enjoy!  The Black Templars are included as an entirely updated codex to use
The Armageddon Force Organisation Chart The Allies System
One key change within all of the Armageddon series of campaign books is that In addition to the standard chart, there is a certain allocation of Allied Choices.
there is a totally different FOC. This is for three core reasons: Allied Choices allow you to take units which you wouldn’t normally be allowed to
- Allowing for more epic battles without resorting to Apocalypse field – such as the finest soldiers of the Witch Hunters, or the zealous Grey
- Making things even more awesome on the field of battle Knights. In addition, they may be used to link two chapters together – with 6
- To give access to Allies and the such. Allied Choices in a normal game, it is very easy for a player to make a nicely
As well as the chart shown here, however, there is also a number of additional themed army for themselves.
FOCs within the actual Mission Book which is packed into a separate document.
These charts give even more variety to your games! Within each specific section, there will be a list of the Allied Lists you may take in
that army. Unless noted, you may not take allies which are not listed.
The Common Armageddon FOC for Space Marines
Space Marines use the following FOC, regardless of their chapter: Allied armies have one MAJOR restriction – you must have more of your own
1-3 HQ Choices this does not include Retinues or specially indicated choices within choices in the list than you have as Allied Choices. Note that this does NOT
each Space Marine section. include HQ choices. So an army will usually have a minimum of three Allied
1-4 Elite Choices Choices if they take the bare minimum of their chosen force’s chart.
2-8 Troop Choices
0-4 Fast Attack Choices If a player wants to make a full army, they can simply choose a different force
0-4 Heavy Support Choices altogether. If you’re so bothered about Witch Hunters that you’d buy fifteen
0-6 Allied Choices choices as your allies, then why don’t you just use your Space Marines as the
allies? That way you get the full power of the Inquisition as well as the Emperor’s
Larger Scale FOC for Space Marines finest!
As well as the normal FOC above, there may be certain games above 2500 points
which require a new chart. Instead of using multiple Detachments, you may The following forces may be used as allies (unless noted) in an Armageddon
choose to agree with your opponent to use the following, larger, FOC: army:
2-4 HQ Choices - Codex Witch Hunters
0-10 Troop Choices - Codex Daemon Hunters
2-6 Elite Choices - Codex Imperial Guard
0-6 Fast Attack Choices - Codex Space Marines
0-6 Heavy Support Choices - Codex Space Wolves
0-2 Warmachine Detachments - Codex Blood Angels
0-10 Allied Choices - Codex Dark Angels
Special Rule: The Space Marine Coalition
While at the start of the Battle for Armageddon the Marines were unblooded and
generally aloof and alive, they soon found themselves embedded in the middle
of the largest Waaaghs! The Imperium had ever seen. Desperate times call for
desperate measures, and so the rapidly shrinking detachments were forced to
merge like common Guard regiments, forming alliances and such to survive.

This sort of army is represented very, very differently to the standard

Armageddon FOC. Unlike normal armies, the Coalition is formed of far greater
numbers of allies. In fact, there are so many that the list itself is forced to change
to accommodate them. In a Coalition list, you may use units from any of the
Space Marine Chapter Lists included in this campaign book. So if you want the
untamed wrath of the Space Wolves to mix with the noble yet tainted assaults of
the Blood Angels then go ahead!

For each Space Marine army included in the Coalition, you must use the
following chart:
1 HQ Choice
0-3 Elite Choices
1-3 Troop Choices
0-3 Fast Attack Choices
0-2 Heavy Support Choices

In addition to this, you have the following Allied Choices:

0-2 Inquisition Allied Choices
0-2 Imperial Guard Allied Choices
0-4 ‘Floating Choices’

Floating Choices are special in that they are UNALLOCATED. Any army within the
Coalition may choose to use these choices to bolster their own forces. If
anything, this is the true strength of the Coalition army.
The Salamanders Forces of the Salamanders
Bring me your men, your boys, your children and I will forge you The Following may be used in a Salamanders force within Armageddon
anew. And then, together, we will take back this world. HQ 1 Chapter Master Tu’Shan
Forgefather Vulkan He’Stan
Space Marine Captains (may use named Salamander Captains)
When the Third War of Armageddon arrived to the hive world, it was the Elites 0-3 Chapter Command as one choice from Chaplains or Librarians
Salamanders who were among the first Space Marine chapters to answer the call. 0-3 Masters of the Forge (deployed separately)
From the planet of Nocturne, the entire chapter was summoned to strike the Orks 0-1 Techmarine per Master of the Forge (do not count towards
from both on and off of the world. FOC)
Terminator Assault Squad
Terminator Squad
The chapter master of the Salamanders, Tu’shan, is one of the most noble
Dragon’s Head Veteran Squad
Masters on the world – he bears the strength of Calgar but tempers it with the Venerable Dreadnought
caring hand of one most concerned, at heart, with the common man. Under his Troops Tactical Squad
guidance, the Salamanders would fight any odds to end the threat of the Orks – if Scout Squad
not for the Imperium then for the men who die every day on the planet to 0-1 Fire Wardens Tactical Squad
attempt to allow its continued existence as an Imperial world. Fast Attack Assault Squad
Land Speeder Squadron
Bike Squad
The key strengths of the Salamanders as a Chapter is mainly in their superior
Dreadnought (deploys as a Scout. +5pts)
worksmanship and their companionship with the Mechanicus. The Salamanders Heavy 0-3 Land Raider Redeemers (deployed separately but count as one
maintain the largest number of tanks of all the Codex Chapters, and only the Dark Support choice)
Angels bear more Land Raiders than the sons of Vulkan. They are also the most Land Raider
stalwart defenders made available to the beleaguered people of Armageddon, as Land Raider Prometheus
the Salamanders’ steady pace makes their actions slow but always with purpose. Devastator Squad (Multi Meltas cost -5pts)
Ironclad Dreadnought
0-3 of any single type of Rhino Variant (Vindicator etc) as vehicle
Forces of the Salamanders on Armageddon squadrons
Tu’Shan and the 1st Company Dedicated Land Raider Redeemer (any unit which may take a Rhino or Land
Half the Librarium, Detachments
Tu’Shan and of Reclusiarch.
the 1st Company Transports Raider transport)
Three Battle Companies (Fully Mechanised) Land Speeder Storm (Scout Squads)
Three Assault Companies (Two Mechanised, One Jump Pack based) Rhino
Three Devastator Companies (One detached in Chapter Tanks) Razorback
One Tactical Company (Currently un-mechanised due to battle damage) Notes No limits to Terminator Squads which may use Land Raiders as
One Scout Company (Out of Action due to battle damage) transports
The Mounted Assault rule does NOT apply with Salamanders
Chapter Master Tu’Shan of the Salamanders Captain Lavias of the Salamanders (4th Company)
Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Tu’Shan 250 6 5 4 5 4 4 4 10 2+ Lavias 215 6 5(7) 4 4 3 5 3 10 3+
Unit Type: Infantry, Independent Character Unit Type: Infantry, Independent Character

Special Rules: Special Rules:

And They Shall Know No Fear, Stubborn, Combat Tactics, Furious Charge, And They Shall Know No Fear, Stubborn, Combat Tactics, Furious Charge
Blessings of the Omnissiah Drop Co-Ordinator: Lavias’ speciality as Master of the Fleet is the co-ordination
Chapter Tactics: Any army which includes Tu’Shan may choose to replace the of all orbital facilities. As well giving Lavias the Orbital Bombardment special rule,
Combat Tactics rule with the following Chapter Tactics (and subsequent rules). an army which includes Lavias may choose to re-roll the scatter of any Deep
The unit has the Slow and Purposeful special rule except from when charging, Striking troops while he is still alive.
and always count as armed with Defensive Grenades. If Tu’Shan and Vulkan Heroic Sacrifice: When he is close to death, Lavias will call one final
He’Stan are in the same force, you must use Tu’Shan’s tactic. bombardment upon the foe. This ability may be used at any part of the Assault
The Chalice of Fire: Such was the seriousness of Armageddon’s plight that Phase (friend or enemy) when Lavias is down to a single wound. Immediately
Tu’Shan was forced to make the decision to bring the ancient icon of the place a single Orbital Bombardment directly onto his position, which is Ordnance
Salamanders, the Chalice of Fire, to bear. Each turn, Tu’Shan may make a single 3 (Barrage) instead of the normal profile. The barrage does not scatter, but any
Orbital Bombardment. This Bombardment ignores cover saves. damage caused counts towards Combat Resolution.
Double Cross: A single unit in Tu’Shans army may Outflank.
Dragon’s Fire: Any Melta or Template based weapon in a squad led by Tu’Shan Wargear:
counts as Twin Linked. In addition, all Land Raider Redeemers in a force led by Lavias wears Power Armour, and bears a Master Crafted Boltgun (with Special
Tu’Shan may fire their Flamestorm Cannons as if they each had access to Power Issue Ammunition) as well as Frag Grenades and Melta Bombs. Lavias has the
of the Machine Spirit (so all three guns may be fired in one turn) following unique Wargear:
The All Seeing Eye: This large scale set of Bionics allows Lavias to co-ordinate his
Wargear: force’s firepower. If a blast weapon is fired and it’s central hole is in Lavias’ line
Tu’Shan wears Artificer Armour, and bears a Master Crafted Infernus Pistol (see of sight, he may use his own Ballistic Skill to modify the scatter dice. For this
Codex: Blood Angels) as well as Frag and Krak Grenades and Melta Bombs. purpose, use the BS in the brackets.
Tu’Shan has the following unique equipment: Commander’s Blade: The Blade is passed down from Master to Master, and it
The Unbound Flame: If the foe uses any Flame based weaponry (including would be a dishonour to let it fall to mangy Orks. As well as being a Power
Plasma and Melta weaponry) Tu’Shan and any unit within 2” will not be affected. Weapon, this blade will make any squad which Lavias has joined Stubborn if they
Pyre Maul: This is a Two Handed Weapon which gives Tu’Shan a strength bonus die within 12” of him when he uses Heroic Sacrifice.
equal to his remaining wounds. In addition, it is Rending and will rend on a 5+.
Elites Choice – Dragon’s Head Veterans Troops Choice – Fire Wardens Tactical Squad
Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Drake Superior 150 4 5 4 4 2 4 3 10 2+ Sergeant Tobias 300 4 5 4 4 2 4 3 10 2+
Dragon Head Veteran - 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 10 3+ Fire Warden - 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 10 3+
Unit Type: Infantry. 1 Drake Superior and 4 Dragon Head Veterans Unit Type: Infantry, Unique. 1 Sergeant Tobias and 9 Fire Wardens.

Special Rules: Special Rules:

And They Shall Know No Fear, Combat Tactics, Combat Squads, Blessings of the Fearless, Combat Squads, Slow and Purposeful, Stealth, Scouts
Omnissiah (Drake Superior only) The Finest: The Fire Wardens are an example of Salamanders at their best. Any
Special Issue: Dragon’s Head Veterans are the equivalent of Sternguard Veterans friendly unit which is within 6” of the Fire Wardens may re-roll failed Leadership
in other chapters. As well as using the usual Special Issue Ammunition from the based tests, including the Wardens themselves. In addition, the Fire Wardens will
Space Marine Codex, these Veterans have access to Krakendoom Ammunition not suffer from No Retreat if defeated in close combat.
and Mobfeller Ammunition. Into the Breach: Tobias deploys his men where they will prove the most useful.
Never Falter, Never Fall: If a unit of Dragon’s Head Veterans chooses to Fall Back, Before the game begins, you may choose to redeploy the Fire Wardens and then
they immediately rapid fire at the nearest enemy unit. They may then regroup make their Scout move.
immediately after the Fall Back move.
Wargear: All the Fire Wardens bear a Boltgun, Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Frag Grenades, and
All Veterans are armed with Boltgun, Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Frag Grenades, and Melta Bombs. Tobias himself is armed with all of this and a Relic Blade. Tobias’
Krak Grenades. The Drake Superior has a Power Weapon. Boltgun also has Special Issue Ammunition.
Up to five Dragon Head Veterans may be added to the squad for +25pts per Up to two Fire Wardens may replace their Boltguns with a Twin Linked Flamer or
model. a Twin Linked Meltagun for free. You may choose to instead have a Twin Linked
Any Dragon Head Veteran may replace their Boltgun with a Twin Linked Flamer Plasma Gun for +5pts each instead.
for free, or purchase a Twin Linked Meltagun for +5pts. A single Fire Warden may replace their Boltgun with a Twin Linked Multi Melta or
A single Veteran may replace their Bolt Pistol with a Twin Linked Multi Melta for Twin Linked Heavy Flamer for free. You may choose to instead have a Missile
+15pts, a Twin Linked Heavy Flamer for +10pts, or a Heavy Bolter for free. Launcher or Lascannon for free instead.
The Dragon’s Head Veterans may be deployed in a Rhino, Razorback, or Land The squad may be upgraded to set up Cluster Mines for +10pts.
Raider Redeemer. The Fire Wardens may be deployed in a Rhino, Razorback, or Land Raider
The Space Wolves Forces of the Space Wolves
No decent citizen of the Imperium could possibly stand by The Following may be used in a Salamanders force within Armageddon
HQ The Great Wolf, Logan Grimnir or Ragnar Blackmane
lax when such a war lies mere light years away! Ulrik the Slayer
The Space Wolves home world of Fenris is among the nearest to Armageddon, Bjorn the Fell Handed
and so it was unsurprising that their Chapter Master, Logan Grimnir, would react 0-1 Wolf Lord (may be a named Wolf Lord)
aggressively to the Orkish assault upon the world. So it was that eleven Great Elites 0-3 Chapter Command as one choice from Wolf or Rune Priests
0-3 Wolf Guard Battle Leaders (deployed separately)
Companies descended upon the world a few months into the siege. So it was that
0-6 Iron Priests (deployed separately)
the tide of the war shifted. Wolf Guard Pack (selected as 5-20)
Lone Wolf Brotherhood (1-3 Lone Wolves deployed separately)
Before the arrival of the Space Wolves, the Orks held the upper hand (or choppa) Ragnar’s Warband (in an army including Ragnar Blackmane)
in the war. The unprepared Imperial Guard regiments and their few Space Marine Venerable Dreadnought
allies were like lambs to the slaughter when it came to fighting off the bitter Troops Grey Hunter Pack
Blood Claw Pack
mobs of Orks running at their lines, and suffered dearly to any determined attack
Wolf Scout Pack
by the besieging Greenskins. However, the Space Wolves in comparison are a
Fenrisian Wolf Pack
feral chapter which can easily hold its own against the brutality the Orks exude Fast Attack Skyclaws
with every blow. Likewise, unlike the untamed ‘magic’ harnessed by Orkish Swiftclaws
Weirdboyz, the Rune Priests of the Wolves tap into pure forms of the warp Stern Hunter Squadron
allowing for far more refined techniques to be used. Land Speeder Squadron
Attack Bike Squadron
Thunderwolf Cavalry Pack
It was also a great help that the Space Wolves were easily the chapter which
Heavy Land Raider
contributed the most to the war effort with the amount of troops they could bring Support Land Raider Redeemer
to fight against the hordes. While the marines were outnumbered 100,000 to 1 Land Raider Crusader
on the field, they did have one advantage – the effect of force modifiers. While Vindicator
one marine would be equivalent to five orks on the field, two would become Whirlwind
equivalent to thirteen. So the usage of over 1500 marines in one particular battle Predator
– which quickly descended into the biggest single infantry battle of the entire war 0-3 Long Fang Squads (deployed separately)
– would show that this many marines could topple countless millions of Orks
Dedicated Rhino
which attacked on particular hive. Transports Razorback
Land Raider (Wolf Guard only)
So it is that the Orks knew the wolf pelts to be the marking of their dooms…
HQ Choice – Bran Redmaw (Wolf Lord) HQ Choice – Egil Iron Wolf (Wolf Lord)
Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Bran Redmaw 225 6 5 4(5) 5(6) 4 5 4 10 3+ Egil Iron Wolf 350 5 6 4 4 3 5 4 10 3+
Unit Type: Cavalry, Unique, Independent Character Unit Type: Infantry, Unique, Independent Character

Special Rules: Special Rules:

And They Shall Know No Fear, Stubborn, Berserk Charge, Furious Charge, And They Shall Know No Fear, Counter Attack, Acute Senses, Fire Control
Rending (Close Combat only, apparently) Men of Iron, Bodies of Steel!: The use of Egil Iron Wolf in your army means that
The Bear Lunges: Bran Redmaw is well known for his synergy with the beast, you may not use ANY other named characters except from Bjorn the Fell Handed.
breaking in his mounts in little time. Bran receives +2 Strength from Furious This is because of one major fact – the use of the Iron Wolf enables the use of a
Charge, but LOSES -1 Initiative from the same rule. Such is his ferocity that any totally different Space Wolves list, described after this one. The use of this list is
casualties which are caused on the charge will be doubled, or trebled if used optional, but is made available for those who want to recreate the might of this
against a unit with the ‘Mob Rule’ special rule. Lord’s Great Company.
Many Sagas: Bran is one of the few Space Wolves to have multiple Sagas. Bran The Jaws of Russ: Egil Iron Wolf begins the game not in his own personal Land
possesses a single special Saga which combines both of his main traits – the Saga Raider… but controlling it. The Jaws of Russ is a special Land Raider which Egil
of the Blooded. This is a Saga of the Bear which also allows Bran to roll a d6 for operates. As well as having all the standard Land Raider rules, it may use Egil’s
each casualty he causes in Close Combat. On a 6 he will regain a single wound Fire Control and Acute Senses special rules and also his BS of 6. In addition, it is
lost earlier in battle. equipped with a Frag Missile Launcher on the front which may be fired every
turn in addition to other weapons.
Wargear: Bail Out!: If the Jaws of Russ is destroyed, Egil may immediately be deployed in
Bran Redmaw rides the Thunderwolf Vulfak, whose bonuses are included in his base contact with its wreckage. He may not take command of another vehicle.
profile. In addition, he wields a Power Weapon and Storm Shield as well as Frag
Grenades and Krak Grenades. Wargear:
Bran must purchase 2 Fenrisian Wolves – included in his points. However, you Egil Iron Wolf is equipped with a Bolt Pistol, Frost Blade, Frag Grenades, and Krak
may add up to 8 more wolves for +9pts per model. Grenades.
If Bran is included in the army, you must have at least one unit of Thunderwolf The Jaws of Russ may be a Land Raider, Land Raider Redeemer, or Land Raider
Cavalry. In addition, you may take up to half the choices of your army as Crusader with three Hunter Killer Missiles and a Frag Missile Launcher added on
Thunderwolf Cavalry – these choices all count as Troops. top of its basic equipment.
Elites Choice – Ragnar’s Warband Fast Attack Choice – Stern Hunter Squadron
Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Grimm Hundsson 430 5 5 5(7) 4 3 5 3 10 2+ Stern Hunter 33 4 4 4 4(5) 2 4 1 8 3+
Old Claw - 5 4 4 4 2 4 2 9 2+ Unit Type: Bikes. 3-10 Stern Hunters per squadron.
Unit Type: Infantry, Unique. Grimm Hundsson and 9 Old Claws Stern Hunters count as Grey Hunters for the purposes of Wolf Guard deployment.

Special Rules: Special Rules:

And They Shall Know No Fear, Headstrong, Stubborn, Berserk Charge, Furious And They Shall Know No Fear, Counter Attack, Acute Senses
Charge, Relentless, Fleet Severe Measures: Normally a squad of Grey Hunters would not mount up onto
The Old Wolves: Only Ragnar may join this unit. Grimm Hundsson counts as a Bikes, but Stern Hunters have been forced to. You may not have more units of
Wolf Guard Battle Leader but may not leave the unit. While Ragnar is in the unit, Stern Hunters in your army than you have Swiftclaws and/or Skyclaws.
he gains the Fleet and Stubborn special rules. Old Rumblers: Even if they don’t like bikes, Stern Hunters know how to ride
Fine to Stand Around: Ragnar’s Warband count as a Scoring Unit in all missions. them. Any Biker unit within 3” of a Stern Hunter Squadron has the Skilled Rider
Vengeance for the Fallen: Every single member of Ragnar’s Warband counts as a special rule. This includes the Stern Hunters themselves.
Lone Wolf, and has all of the Lone Wolf’s special rules. The only exception is that Fine to Stand Around: Stern Hunters count as a Scoring Unit.
they form a squad and may have a character join the unit..
All Sagas Come To Ends: If Grimm is killed, Ragnar gains the Rage and Fleet Wargear:
special rules until the rest of the game and will charge as a beast. All Stern Hunters are armed with a Boltgun, Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Frag
Grenades, Krak Grenades, and a Space Marine Bike. The Bike has a Twin Linked
Wargear: Boltgun which may be fired in addition to the Hunter’s own Boltgun.
All members of Ragnar’s Warband bear a Power Weapon, Master Crafted Bolt For each 3 models in the unit, a single member may take a Flamer, Meltagun, or
Pistol, Frag Grenades, and Krak Grenades (they also wear Runic Armour). Grimm Plasma Gun for the usual Grey Hunter cost.
Hundsson uses a pair of Frost Axes instead of the Bolt Pistol, giving him +2 A single member of the unit may be given a Wolf Standard for +25pts. Up to one
Strength to his profile. Grimm also has a Saga of the Bear. Wolf Standard may be taken per army.
A single member of the Old Claws may be given a Wolf Standard for +20pts. This A single member of the unit may be given a Power Weapon for +10pts, or a
counts as the single Standard allowed in the army. Power Fist for +20pts.
Up to three Old Claws may replace their Bolt Pistol with a Flamer or Meltagun for Any Stern Hunter may be given Melta Bombs for +5pts.
free. Alternatively they may replace it for a Plasma Gun for +5pts. Any Stern Hunter may be given a Teleport Homer for +10pts.
Any member of the Old Claws may replace their Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, or a
Frost Blade for a Power Fist for +15pts or for a Storm Shield for +5pts
The squad may be mounted in a Rhino or a Land Raider (any variant)
Space Wolves - Army of Egil Iron Wolf Space Wolves - The Thirteenth Company
This is Egil’s list, which may be taken as a Space Wolves Allied Force A Thirteenth Company list is one filled with combat monsters which walk like
HQ 1 Egil Iron Wolf, in the Jaws of Russ men. Every model must have a Mark of the Wulfen (unless noted), but this costs
0-1 Bjorn the Fell Handed +4pts per model instead of the normal cost.
0-1 Venerable Dreadnought. This gains the Saga of Majesty for free HQ 1 Wolf Lord. This Lord gains a single Psychic Power from The Gate,
Elites 1+ Wolf Guard Battle Tank. This is a normal Vindicator, Predator, Storm Caller, or Living Lightning for +20pts.
or Whirlwind controlled by Wolf Guard. The tank costs +20pts, but 1 Howling Battle Squad
fires one more weapon than usual each turn. 1+ (max 10) Wolf Priests, deployed separately, do not count
Venerable Dreadnought. May be in Drop Pod towards FOC. May only be joined to Wulfen units.
Troops 1+ Dreadnought. May be in Drop Pod Elites Bane Priest Squad
Ironclad Dreadnought. May be in Drop Pod 1 Sternhammer Wulfen Guard
Wolf Scout Pack Wolf Guard Pack (Scoring Unit, may not be split)
Fast Attack Dreadnought. May be in Drop Pod. This is a special Dreadnought Grey Slayer Squad (Grey Hunters, Scoring Unit)
which counts as Fast and has the Scout special rule for +15pts. Troops Storm Claws (Grey Hunters with the Furious Charge and Berserk
1-5 Predators as a single squadron Charge special rule, no Boltguns, +3pts)
1-3 Iron Priests (deployed separately, minimum 1) Karan the Blighted One
Heavy Long Fang Battle Tank. This is a normal Land Raider, Land Raider Wolf Scouts (gain Berserk Charge. +3pts)
Support Redeemer, or Land Raider Crusader controlled by Wolf Guard. The Fast Attack Skyhunters (Skyclaws which have the Grey Hunter statline. +3pts
(MIN ONE) tank costs +40pts, but gains the Fire Control special rule. each)
1-5 Whirlwinds as a single squadron Stern Hunter Squadron (limit may be exceeded)
1-3 Vindicators as a single squadron Thunderwolf Cavalry
2-4 Long Fang Squads (deployed separately) Wulfen Pack (Blood Angels Death Company with Berserk Charge)
Heavy 0-1 Long Fang squad
Support 0-1 Dreadnought
Of all the Great Companies, it is Egil Iron Wolf’s that is known to use the most
0-3 Iron Priests (deployed separately)
tanks and Rhino Variants, and it is said that it would take three other companies
Spare Heavy Support or Fast Attack choices may be used as allied
to even match the numbers that the old Wolf Lord uses. Therefore it is choices
unsurprising that in any single battle involving the Iron Wolf there could be as
many as two hundred armoured vehicles charging the enemy, all manned by Though their presence was seldom seen in the Battles for Armageddon, there
enthusiastic Wolf Guard or Long Fangs were always rumours around various fronts of strange marines who stalked the
battlefield, destroying both the friends and enemies of the Imperium in a bitter
rampage. It was never confirmed whether these were parts of the Thirteenth
Company or just insane marines.
HQ Choice – Howling Battle Squad Elite Choice – Bane Priest Squad
Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Lord Priest 450 6 5 4 4 3 4 D6 10 3+ The Priest Anointed 500 5 5 4 4 2 4 D6+3 8 3+
Wolf Priest - 5 5 4 4 2 4 D6 9 3+ Rune Priest - 5 5 4 4 2 4 D6 9 3+
Unit Type: Infantry. 1 Lord Priest and Four Wolf Priests Unit Type: Infantry, Unique. The Priest Anointed is joined by four Rune Priests.
(note: all are armed as standard Rune Priests. No space to say that here)
Special Rules:
Fearless, Fleet, Acute Senses, Counter Attack, Berserk Charge, Furious Charge, Special Rules:
Scouts, Stealth, the Mark of the Wulfen Fearless, Acute Senses, Counter Attack, Furious Charge, Scouts, Stealth, the
Masters of Battle: Each Priest takes a certain skill to their unit, allowing them to Mark of the Wulfen. Each Priest is a Psyker
act together as a gestalt whole. The unit and any characters which join them gain Psychic Powers: Each Rune Priest may select 2 Psychic Powers from the selection
the Preferred Enemy (All) special rule. available in the Space Wolves Codex and/or choose The Gate. The Priest
Fury of Russ: The Howling Battle Squad form a single unit of Wolf Priests, Annointed may choose 4 Psychic Powers from between the Space Marines and
bringing the redemption of death to their foes. On any turn that the squad Space Wolves Codexes and/or choose The Gate or Divine Wrath.
charges, they may re-roll all failed rolls to hit and wound. I Go Forward To Death: When a Rune Priest is anointed, they know that their life
Calm the Spirit: Without the Wolf Priests, the Wulfen would likely dissolve will soon come to an end… and they will soon rejoin Russ, waiting for the
altogether and fight forever as individual monsters. If a unit with the Mark of the Wolftime. While the Priest is alive, the unit gains the Rage and Fleet special rules.
Wulfen is within 12” of any Wolf Priest or the Howling Battle Squad will ignore The Gate: This is a Psychic Power used at the start of the Movement Phase while
the Feral Fury special rule. Reserves are rolled for. The Psyker may choose a unit – friendly or enemy –
within Line of Sight. The unit is immediately placed back into Reserve, and if it is
Wargear: a friendly unit they may be rolled for immediately. When the unit returns from
All of the Priests bear Wolf Tooth Necklaces, Wolf Pelt Talismans, Power Armour, Reserve, they are Deep Striked by the Thirteenth Company player. If an enemy
and Frag Grenades. The Lord Priest bears a Frost Axe and may choose between a unit was chosen to return to Reserves, they may choose to resist with an
Twin Linked Bolt Pistol, Plasma Pistol, or Storm Shield. Each Wolf Priest has a Initiative Test. If the majority of the unit fails, the unit is placed into reserve. In
Crozius Arcanum and a Bolt Pistol. addition, any model which fails must take an Armour Save.
The Wolf Priests have the options indicated in the Space Wolves codex. Divine Wrath: This is a Psychic Power used at the start of the Shooting Phase. If
the psyker successfully passes their psychic test, they and the unit they are with
will gain the Fleet special rule for the rest of the game turn. In addition, the unit
will charge as a beast. Finally, the psyker doubles their strength for that game
Elite Choice – Sternhammer Wulfen Guard Troop Choice – Karan the Blighted One
Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Pts WS BS S Front Side Rear A Ld
Sternhammer 400 5 5 4 4 3 6 4 10 2+ The Blighted One 225 7 7 8 13 13 11 5(7) 10
True Wulfen - 5 4 4 4 1 5 D6+2 10 3+ Vehicle Type: Walker, Fast, Unique
Unit Type: Infantry, Unique. Sternhammer, joined by 9 of the True Wulfen.
Special Rules:
Special Rules: Venerable, Saga of the Warrior Born, Saga of the Beastslayer, Psyker
Fearless, Fleet, Acute Senses, Counter Attack, Berserk Charge, Furious Charge, Curse of the Blighted One: Karan’s long life in the warp has not been one of
Scouts, the Mark of the Wulfen (except Sternhammer) peace – his well deserved rest was cut short by the Canis Helix. At the beginning
Saga of the Sternhammer: This is a unique Saga born by Sternhammer. The user of each game turn, roll a d6 On a 4+ Karan suffers nought. However, on a 1 Karan
must attempt to use this ability to save at least 10 models with the Mark of the goes into a Fire Frenzy – for this turn he is controlled by the opponent and must
Wulfen. Sternhammer has the ability to purge, or at least pacify, the Canis Helix fire all weaponry (opponent’s choice) at the nearest unit. On a 2 or 3 Karan
within models in the Space Wolf army. To do this, he must be within 6” of a such desires nothing but raw bloody flesh, and gains the Rage special rule (this is in
a unit. On a successful leadership check, each model in that unit must make a addition to charging as a Beast. Ruh-roh)
successful Weapon Skill test. If passed, the model always counts as rolling a 4 for Psychic Powers: Karan has The Gate and Jaws of the World Wolf as his Psychic
Wulfen attacks and is ‘saved’. If failed, the model always counts as rolling a 2 and Powers. He may use either on any turn, and counts as Leadership 7 for this
must immediately take an Armour Save. purpose. On a Perils of the Warp roll, Karan takes a glancing hit. However, he will
The True Wulfkund: The Wulfen who join Sternhammer in battle are the most also make TWO Curse rolls (above) next turn as well.
lost of all his subjects. They may not be saved by his Saga. In addition, they Rend Gravitic Pulse Enhancers: Karan’s The Gate is maintained by a combination of
with ALL Close Combat Attacks – even those with Power Weapons – and the tech and magick. The opponent must halve their Initiative for their tests for The
entire unit rolls 2d6 for Fleet movement. Gate.
The Internal Battle: While Sternhammer is not a fully realised member of the Brothers! Gather! An army which includes Karan uses Venerable Dreadnoughts
Wulfen yet, he does share one of their quirks. In each turn of combat, as Heavy Support and Dreadnoughts as Troops. Karan is deployed as a HQ Choice
Sternhammer gains 4+d3 attacks. If a 1 (on the d3) is rolled, Sternhammer
immediately falls prey to the full Mark of the Wulfen. Wargear:
Karan is equipped with Wolf Tail Talismans. In addition, he has a pair of
Wargear: Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons (the attacks in total are in Brackets) which
Sternhammer is equipped as a Lord Priest (see Howling Battle Squad). The each have a single Twin Linked Storm Bolter each.
Wulfen each bear a Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, and Frag Grenades. They
also have the options of a Wolf Guard Pack – see Codex Space Wolves
The Blood Angels The Relentless Blood Drive
Do not expect us to simply wait for your orders like another chapter The Following may be used in a Blood Angels force within Armageddon
would, sir. Only a fool would expect one of my descents to heed such HQ As normal Codex: Blood Angels, except Chapter Master Gabriel Seth or
Captain Tycho (in either form)
Elites 0-3 Chapter Command as one choice from Chaplains or Librarians
Of all the chapters deployed to Armageddon, it was the Blood Angels who were
Up to 1 Sanguinary Priest for each unit in the army. Not a FOC choice.
the most tactically sound. After a disastrous deployment to the Eastern Fringe to Terminator Assault Squad
participate in what would become the Damocles Gulf Crusade, the warriors of the Terminator Squad
Blood Angels were sent to Armageddon as a mission of vital importance. This Sternguard Veteran Squad (Scoring Unit)
choice was not in vain, for the Blood Angels were the ones who led the charge Sanguinary Guard
during the Second War for Armageddon and proved just as, if not, more useful Venerable Dreadnought
during the Third War as well. Troops Death Company Squad
1+ Tactical Squad
1+ Assault Squad
Second War for Armageddon Third War for Armageddon - last
Fast Attack 2-4 Baal Predators as a Vehicle Squadron
recorded M41.998
1st Company: 60 lost, 30 unconfirmed 1st Company: At the Ready Vanguard Veteran Squad (Scoring Unit)
2nd Company: Last seen at 2nd Company: No Survivors Land Speeder Squadron
Tempestora Hive. Tycho Condition: 3rd Company: No Survivors Bike Squad
Unknown 4th Company: Rebuilding Furioso Dreadnought
3rd Company: Undeployed 5th Company: Rebuilding Baalite Scouts
4th Company: No Survivors 6th Company:10 Lost, 25 Unconfirm Heavy 0-1 Land Raider per HQ Choice
5th Company: No Survivors 7th Company: At the Ready Support Dreadnought
6th Company: Undeployed 8th Company: At the Ready Devastator Squad (Weapons cost -5pts)
7th/8th Companies: Unknown 9th Company: At the Ready 1-2 Vindicators as a Vehicle Squadron
9th Company: Undeployed 10th Company: At the Ready 1-4 Predators as a Vehicle Squadron
10th Company: 100 lost, 40 Imperial Casualties: 70% (so far)
1-2 Whirlwinds as a Vehicle Squadron
unconfirmed Enemy Casualties: 54% (rising)
Dedicated Land Raider
Imperial Casualties: 35%
Transports Land Raider Crusader
Enemy Casualties: Total
Land Speeder Storm (Baalite Scout Squads)
Notes Most of the force uses standard Blood Angels codex
All models cost 1 less point – so Tactical Marines are 15 each etc

(All other Dreadnought choices are unchanged)

The Redemption of Gabriel Seth Captain Tycho’s Army of Death
The Following may be used in a Flesh Tearers force within Armageddon The Following may be used in a Death Company force within Armageddon
HQ 1 Chapter Master Gabriel Seth HQ 1 Death Company Tycho
Astorath the Grim, Sanguinor (either form), Brother Corbulo may be used 1 Astorath the Grim
Unnamed Blood Angels HQ choices may be taken 0-1 Reclusiam or Sanguinor (either form)
Elites 0-3 Chapter Command as one choice from Chaplains or Librarians Elites Deathbringer Terminator Squad
Up to 1 Chaplain for each unit in the army. Not a FOC choice. Skull Warden Veteran Squad
Terminator Tactical Squad (combine the options of both Terminator units. 0-2 Sanguinary Guard Squads (maximum 10 man, 40pts each model)
Any model may have a Power Sword) Venerable Deathnought
0-2 Sternguard Veteran Squad (Scoring Unit) Troops 1+ Death Company Squad (do not count towards FOC)
0-2 Sanguinary Guard Squads (Scoring Unit) 1+ Assault Squad
0-1 Venerable Dreadnought Death Company Dreadnought
Troops 1+ Death Company Squad (no limit to number of squads, Scoring Unit) Fast Attack 1-4 Baal Predators as a Vehicle Squadron
1+ Assault Squad Blood Sanctuary Veteran Squad
Tactical Squad Death Company Biker Squad
Fast Attack 2-4 Baal Predators as a Vehicle Squadron 1-5 Furioso Dreadnoughts as a Vehicle Squadron
0-2 Vanguard Veteran Squad (Scoring Unit) Heavy Support 1-2 Vindicators, Predators, or Whirlwinds as a Vehicle Squadron
Land Speeder Squadron Land Speeder Squadron
Bike Squad
Furioso Dreadnought Death Company Scout Squad
Heavy Land Raider Dedicated Land Raider
Support Dreadnought Transports Land Raider Crusader
1-2 Vindicators as a Vehicle Squadron Land Speeder Storm
1-2 Predators as a Vehicle Squadron Rhino
1-2 Whirlwinds as a Vehicle Squadron Razorback
Dedicated Land Raider
Transports Land Raider Crusader Notes The vast majority of this force is actually crazed, and is thus mostly
Land Speeder Storm (Baalite Scout Squads) contained within this book.
Rhino The list is purely for FRIENDLY GAMES. It is not balanced for regular
Razorback gameplay
Notes Most of the force uses standard Blood Angels codex
All other Dreadnought choices are unchanged
Death Company cost 17pts each in a Flesh Tearers list