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Course : Business English (1510BE10)

Bachelor in Economics (S.E): Manajemen

UWIN eLearning Program

Session Topic : Communication

Course: Business English
By Sugeng Riyadi, S.Pd., M.Hum.


Part 1


Part 2

A phone call

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S. 3

Part1: Communication

Communication: Overview

a. Vocabulary:
Words related to telephone,
Email, &

b. Focus:
Request with could,
Can, &
c. Skills:
Making a phone call &
Sending emails
d. Case study/discussion
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S. 5

Communication: Telephone

1. Types of telephone
a) Public telephone/payphone
b) Mobile/mobile phone (BrE), cellular/cellular phone/cellphone (AmE)
c) Cordless phone/cordless
d) Extension
e) Webcam, videophone, videoconference
2. Number
a) Access code
b) Country code
c) Area code
d) Phone numbers
3. Special phone numbers
call center
information line, reservations line
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helpline, hotline,
S. 6

Communication: Phone & Letter

On the Phone


a. Dial the number

b. Direct number get through
c. Operator switchboard
extension put through
d. Engaged tone/busy tone hold
the line hang on hung up
e. Cut off
f. Voicemail, return call/call back

a. Letter of introduction/application
b. Letter of apology
c. Invitation to interview

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Letter of
d. Reference
e. Rejection
f. Appointment


Written warning
Letter of dismissal
Letter of resignation
Acknowledgement of resignation
Letter of complaint
S. 7

Communication: Parts of a Business Letter


Letterhead or typed heading



Body (Text)



Type name
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S. 8

Communication: Email

Reply to all: send an answer,

to the person who sent an
email, &
everyone who received a
copy of it

Forward: send an email you

have received to someone

Attach: send a document,

for example a picture,
with an email

Reply: send an answer to the

person who sent an email
Delete: get rid of an email
you dont want

Send & receive: send all

the emails youve written,
& receive all the ones...
that are waiting for you

Cc: send a copy to

Bcc: send a blind copy to
(the other people dont know
youre sending this copy)

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S. 9

Communication: Email (Cont.)

Thanks for your email asking for ways of reducing the sales force. Please find
attached a Word document with specific plans for this. Please let me know if you
cant read this attachment. Im copying Ruth Mitchell in on this. Do forward it to the
rest of the board if you feel thats appropriate. Looking forward to your reaction.
Best wishes,

You can end with:

a. Best wishes
b. All best wishes
c. Regards
d. Best regards
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To people you know well, you can end

All the best
Or even just:

S. 10

Communication: Texting

a. AAMOF: as a matter of
b. ASAP: as soon as possible
c. BRB: be right back
d. FCOL: for crying out loud
e. FWIW: for what its worth
f. FYI: for your information
g. HKOK: ha ha only kidding
h. HTH: hope this helps
i. IANAL :I am not a lawyer
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j. IMO: in my opinion
k. OIW: in other words
l. KISS: keep it simple, stupid!
m. MEGO: my eyes glaze over
n. MYOB: mind your own
business (informal)
o. OTOH: on the other hand
p. WRT: with respect to


S. 11

Communication: Memory

Check your memory !

a. I need reply from you urgently. Please call me ASAP.
b. Must go to a meeting now. BRB.
c. Thanks for sending the contract. BTW, have you received our
latest catalogue ?
d. I still haven't received your reply. FCOL, what are you
playing at ?
e. I'm sorry the boss was so rude to you. FWIW, I think you've
done a fantastic job.
f. Here's the information you asked for (see attachment). HTH.

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S. 12

Part2: A Phone Call

Communication: A Phone Call

This is

X (here)

! You dont say I am X

Could I speak to Y, please?
Is that Y ?

Y speaking.

Is this a good/convenient time to call ?

Im (rather) tied up at the moment

Could you call back later ?

Im afraid Y is

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nt at his/her desk.
on another line.
with someone right now.
in a meeting

not in the office.

out of the office.
off sick today.
on holiday (until ).
S. 14

Communication: Giving & Taking Messages

Im calling about
Im calling to confirm that
Could I leave a message ?
Could you tell Y that ?
Could you ask Y to call me back ? My numbers

I wonder if you call back later ?

Can I ask whos calling ?
Whos calling please ?
Which company are you calling from ?
May/Can I ask what its about ?
May/Can I take a message ?
Would you like to leave a message ?

Ill ask him/her to call you (when he/she gets back)

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S. 15

Communication: Pattern & Notes

Notice the pattern !



speak to Y, please ?
take a message ?
ask what its about ?

call back later ?

tell Y that?
ask Y to call me back ?

a. May, could, & can are used to make request if the subject is I or You
b. May & could are more formal than can
c. Could & can are used with both You & I.
May is used only with I.
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S. 16

Communication: Request & Answer

Make a request form each of

the situations below !
You want
1. to borrow some money from
your best friend.
2. your boss to send you a
document via email.
3. to meet your boss this
4. your supplier to send you
the latest product catalogue.
5. to use your colleagues
computer for a few minutes.

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Possible answer
1. Can I borrow your money ?
2. Could you send the document
via email ?
3. Could/May I see you this
afternoon ?
4. Could you send your latest
product catalogue ?
5. Can/May I use your computer
for a few minutes ?


S. 17

Communication: On your own

You are going to throw a surprise birthday party for a

friend, &
You need to borrow some items from your friend.
Write an email to your friend & make some requests to
borrow some items from him/her, & explain why you
need those items.
Also ask if your friend can help you to prepare for the
Use any abbreviation whenever necessary.

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S. 18

Course : Business English (1510BE10)

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