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outstanding local newspaper

For Five Consecutive Years
St. Peter Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards

vol. XXII, NO. 52


regional exponent for progress

Bicol, the philippines

sept. 27 - oct. 3, 2015


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Naga City Mayor John Bongat, Vice

Mayor Nelson Legacion, Robinsons
Land Corporations Commercial
Centers GM Arlene Magtibay and
Corporate Project Planning Head
Boyong Aquino pose with the
R loves Naga Installation at the
groundbreaking. -- InterAksyon.

Answer raps, Ombudsman tells

Rep. Fuentebella affirms
Mayor Gaite
loyalty to VP Binay

By Frank Peones Jr.

Baao, Cam. Sur -- The Office of

the Ombudsman has ordered Mayor
Melquiades I. Gaite of this town to answer in a counter-affidavit the charges
filed against him by incumbent municipal councilor, Dante O. Bismonte on the
lease contract the mayor forged with the
Lamver Consolidated Complex Corporation, Inc. or LCC.
In two separate complaints, Bismonte
charged Gaite for violation of R.A. 3019,
or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act;
and R.A. 7160, or the Local Government

Code of 1991, and Municipal Ordinance No.3,

Series of 2012 or the Revised Market Code of
Baao, Camarines Sur.
The complaints stemmed from what Bismonte alleged as Gaites deliberate and calculated acts in concluding a contract with LCC
for the lease of a portion of the 1st and 2nd
floors of the Baao Public Market Building totalling 1,704.4 square meter, for a period of 25
Bismonte maintained that the 25-year period violates Municipal Ordinance No.3, which
provides a 5-year limit to such a similar contract. The contract, he maintained, accorded
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Naga City -- Camarines Sur 4th

Disrict Representative Wimpy Fuentebella expressed resentment over the
issue on his alleged support of Presidential candidate Grace Poe. Cong. Wimpy
raised this concern after a radio station
in Camarines Sur intimated a shift in
loyalties by the young solon.
"The intimation that I have breached
my relationship with the Vice President by
shifting camp is an affront to my dignity.
I have been unequivocal in our position
of confidence in the competence, capability, and character of the Vice President.
My father, Speaker Noli Fuentebella and
brother, Tigaon Mayor Arnie, share the
same sentiments".
The Fuentebellas, an influential name
in the political landscape of Partido, the
4th District of Cam.Sur, have long been
a staunch ally of Vice President Jejomar
Binay, who is eyeing the Presidency this
coming May 2016 election.
"Our family has always regarded the
virtue of loyalty as the most essential. It is
the essence of relationships; one that can
never be compromised." He further said
that the Fuentebella's enduring leadership
in the political arena can be attributed to
the loyalty that they accord their party, allies, friends, and constituents.
VP Binay is a close ally of the Fuentebellas. Cong. Fuentebella knew of Binay's

Rep. fuentebella
industry and dedication when they worked
together in the housing and urban development sector. "I believe that VP Binay's track
record as a compassionate human rights
lawyer, an accomplished executive, and a
humble public servant augurs well for the development and change the country needs. He
will always have my respect and unflinching
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bikol reporter

Signs of the Times
September, agaw-eksena with Inas
By the branches of trees or electric
posts, their faces announce they join
the celebration or are welcomed by
groups who obviously are beneficiaries of their generosities. Tarpoliticians they are called.
More will surely be coming after the
deadline for the filing of candidacies.
Perhaps, part of the COMELECs or the
DENRs concern should be protecting
the trees or peoples unobstructed
views. If these tarpoliticians have the
right to display their faces, perhaps
the people too have the right not to
see them.
Yet, somehow, tarpaulins have their
uses too. They provide business
for one. A politician for example
in Rinconada has cornered the
business by requiring all applicants
for permits to have their tarps printed
in his shop. They do not have conflict
of interests or ethical conducts
obviously out there.
They are certainly propaganda
materials and provide tips for
examination of conscience. For
instance, that tarp near the PiliNaga boundary takes off from the
questions priests asks sponsors
in baptism. Isinisikwal nindo
an korapsyon, pan-aabuso asin
biyolensya sa Kapitolyo? Such a
sharp and terse question. It makes
you see the devil grinning in front
of you.
This is just of one of the coming
signs of the times. Ano, isinisikwal
mo an demonyo asin an saiyang mga


Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

ed g. yu


Lee G. Dullesco II

Head, Advertising Associates


sept. 27 - oct. 3, 2015

North Mindanao Visit

(Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co.,
CPAs-DFK International is past chair
of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA
past president and Hall-of-Famer,
and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement
CDO REVISITED: I was again in
Mindanao last week accompanying
the Healing Priest of Quezon (Fr. Joey
Faller) for his praying healing sessions
at the Lim Kit Kai commercial center
(Cagayan de Oro) and at the Divine
Mercy Shrine (El Salvador City). During
our trip from Laguindingan airport
to CdO we saw on going massive
construction works private and public
infrastructures. My prediction: the City
of Golden Smiles may overtake Davao
City in the next decade as Mindanao
industrial center.
Having finished our religious chores
on our first day, our organizers brought
us the following day uphill to Bukidnon
- rich agro-agricultural province. We
had whole day stay at the Forest Park
Resort owned by former Cong Jess
Paras. Going there, we passed by
the (former) Dole pineapple plantation
and the classy Menzi Housing Project.
Forest Park is favorite tourist park,
complete with adventure activities. The
100-hectare (combined areas) parks
are owned by the Paras siblings.
Exporters are
working to achieve the 8-10% exports
growth target this year amid softening
of major overseas markets, banking on
the implementation of trade facilitation
measures. Such measures should be
able to cover for areas where there
could be market failures, according to
PhilExport president Sergio Ortiz-Luis
Jr. He cited studies that indicated trade
facilitation is the key to reducing cost of
international trade transactions through

simplification and harmonization of
Another study made for ASEAN
and East Asia revealed that inefficient
trade procedure such a days delay in
a shipment reduces trade volume by
at least one percent. The exporters
group identified other proposals and
programs such as self-certification and
e-certification, e-filing of government
documents, virtual trade repository,
one-stop shops and similar projects
which are deemed complementary
trade facilitation moves. These are the
only ways for our countrys business to
be competitive!
POLITICS: The early filing of
Certificate of Candidacies (7 months
in advance) is clearly advantageous to
politicians allied with the Administration.
There are available funds that can be
released by government to candidates,
Malacaang. Indeed, our Philippine
elections favor those aligned with the
More money means
more campaign funds whether these
be in the form of campaign materials or
In due time as election time nears
and as party affiliation shifts, it will

be clearer later as to who are for,

against, the Pinoy-anointed ones.
Since Budget Secretary Florencio
Abad is not expected to resign his
post, he would still be in full control
to implement the presidential budget
instructions. Truly, money will talk
bringing campaign advantages. Our
voters should be wary and wiser of
these election realities. Tanggapin
ang pera at bumoto ayon sa
BIRTHDAY: Instead of a lavish
party, our family celebrated my 74th
birthday by conducting a FREE
MEDICAL CLINIC for indigents.
With our volunteer doctor-friends,
we treated 257 patients yesterday complete with blood typing, urinalysis,
BP and FBS checking and individual
medical consultation. All
were provided with free medicines,
modest snacks, milk and canned
goods. Many are asking what position
I will run for? We can give without
thinking of recompense!
celebrates family birthdays and
occasions by conducting activities
giving away benefits for our indigent
brothers and sisters. This is our way
of thanking our Lord for the blessings
that He bestowed on me and my
family. I was orphaned as a young
age, left by poor, uneducated parents.
We were squatters in the Catholic
church orchard in Paete, Laguna. As
a young boy, I ventured out, worked
and studied in Camarines Sur and
became a CPA-Lawyer! We must
share our blessings!
EPISTLE: Seek first the Kingdom
of God and His righteousness, and
all these things will be given you

Mayor Arnie Fuentebella for Governor & Atty. Peachy Alfelor for
Vice-Gov., Rep. Wimpy Fuentebella affirms loyalty to VP Binay
Forerunners in surveys should
publish their past and present track
It now seems that the people clamoring
for change in the province were able
to convince Arnulfo Bryan Arnie B.
Fuentebella, Mayor of Tigaon, C.S., to
run for Provincial Governor in the coming
May 2016 election. Arnie preferred Cong.
Dato Arroyo to be Governor but did not
like to run. An alliance of leaders in the five
districts were able to form an opposition
ticket that will run against the incumbents
in the Capitol. Their battlecry is to fight
abuses, violence and corruption and bring
back respect to the people. The line-up is
complete from Governor, Vice Governor,
Board Members and Mayors and Members
of the Municipal Councils.
Atty. Peachy Alfelor-Moraleda, daughter
of former Cong. NancingAlfelor of the 5th
district will be his running-mate for Vice
Governor. She is the President of the
University of North Eastern Philippines. She
was formerly President of the Integrated
Bar of the Philippines in Camarines Sur.
Like what he announced on radio, Cong.
Rolando Andaya, Jr. of the 1st district will be
the campaign manager and will also take
charge of the 1st and 2nddisrtricts. Cong.
Wimpy B. Fuentebella of the 4th district who
is not running for reelection, will also be a
campaign manager for the national and
local candidates. I was informed that former
Cong. Luis R. Villafuerte has expressed
support to the entire team.
Who is Arnie B. Fuentebella? He
is the son of former House Speaker
NoliFuentebella and Mayor Evelyn
Fuentebella, a younger brother of Rep.
Wimpy. He is a Philosophy graduate of the

nenita fuentebella-peones
University of the Philippines (UP Diliman)
and an entrepreneur.
Mayor Arnie Fuentebella has so many
accomplishments but Ill just mention a
few in this issue. In setting the goals of his
administration for Tigaon, Arnie adhered
to the objectives of his father, Cong.
NoliFuentebella, called HEEWI to provide
health, services, education, energy, water
and infrastructures and to make Tigaon
the agri-business center of Partido.
Under Arnies leadership, Tigaon
received the Department of Interior
and Local Governments Seal of Good
Housekeeping in 2011 (Gold) and
2012 (Silver) for good planning, sound
fiscal management, transparency and
accountability and valuing of performance
He established Tigaon Infirmary as
a 24/7 hospital that can respond to
emergencies and provide curative health
care, acquired two ambulances, one thru
sisterhood with Makati City. Provided
funding for a pharmacy at the infirmary.
Improved tax collection by more than
300% in 2008 from 2006 and increased

the municipality gross income.

Set up new primary schools in
barangays and completed grade
schools in others. Established day care
Concreted access roads to barangays
and improved farm to market roads.
Distributed certified seeds, organic
fertilizers to farmers to ensure ample
production of food locally.
Mayor Arnie can render the same
service to the people of the province
and even more.
If he and his team-mates are elected
by the people this coming election. If
the incumbent officials have the CWC,
Arnie and his ticket has HEEWI as its
Even if the candidates for next
years election have not yet registered
their candidates, the election fever
is alreadywith us and with it comes
propagandas and misinformations. In this
connection, Cong. Wimpy B. Fuentebella
of the 4th district of Cam. Sur refuted
reports that the Fuentebellas of Bicol
shifted their allegiance to independent
candidate Sen. Grace Poe ahead of the
May 2016 presidential race.
He said: I believe that VP Binays
track record as a compassionate human
rights lawyer, an accomplished executive
and a humble public servant augurs
well for the development and change
the country needs. Vice Pres. Binay will
always have my respect and unflinching
Our family has always regarded the
virtue of loyalty as the most essential. It is

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sept. 27 - oct. 3, 2015

Bikol reporter

DswD Bicol hosts skills enhancement training

on sheltered workshop for social workers
the Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office 5 led by
the Social technology unit
conducted skills enhancement training for Lgu social workers on sheltered
workshop for Persons with
Disabilities and Senior Citizens held at Pepperland
Hotel recently.
Sheltered Workshop for
Persons with Disabilities
(PWDs) and Senior Citizens
(SCs) provide a wide range
of opportunities for elderly
persons and the PWDs to
realize their aspirations to
achieve economic self-sufficiency, live a full life and
contribute to the progress
and development of our
country. It also allows them
to participate in meaningful
work or training activities in
a safe environment. The pro-

gram provides a venue for

the development of residual
capacities and learning of
positive attitudes toward the
work elderly persons and
Ms. Nida Macinas, Social
Welfare Officer III and the
head of the Social Technology Unit shared that the three
days training is a venue where
the LGU social workers and

key players were trained

along the implementation of
the sheltered workshop for
senior citizens and persons
with disability.
Thirty four (34) LGU social workers from the different provinces of the region
were the participants. Technical staff from TESDA, DOLE
and DTI were the resource
persons. - eejerusalem

Village anti-drug abuse groups undergo training

LEgazPi City -- in
line with the nationwide revitalization of the Barangay
anti-Drug abuse Councils
(BaDaCs), various government agencies jointly conducted a seminar-workshop
for the BaDaCs of the 44
villages in Polangui, albay.
The agencies involved
were the local government
unit of of Polangui headed
by Mayor Cherilie Mella-

Sampal, Polangui Municipal Police Station headed by

Chief Insp. Joseph Marribay,
Municipal Social Welfare
and Development Office and
Philippine Drug Enforcement
Agency Regional Office V.
started on Sept. 14 and ended
on Sept. 24 with two or more
barangays as participants
each day.
Members of the PDEA

ROV Preventive Education

and Community Involvement
Team headed by lawyer Teodoro Caparroso discussed
topics on drug identification
and the penal provisions of
the Republic Act 9165 otherwise known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs
Act of 2002 and shared some
tips for citizens arrest.
Marribay also imparted
ideas on how the BADAC

His excellency, President Benigno s. Aquino III(center), confers the Apolinario Mabini Hall of
fame Award to sM Cares Program on Disability Affairs, (L-R) senate President franklin Drilon,
Mrs. Milagros G. Drilon, Chairperson 2015 Apolinario Mabini Awards Committee;Mr. Manuel
V.Agcaoili, President,PfRD, President Benigno s. Aquino III; Ms. Annie Garcia, President sM
supermalls; Mr. steven tan,senior Vice President sM supermalls, engr. Bien Mateo, Vice
President for operations and Program Director for sM Cares Disability Affairs.

sM cares program on disability

affairs wins hall of fame award
the Sm Cares Program
on Disability affairs bags
the Hall of Fame award at
the 2015 Apolinario Mabini
awards held at the malacaang Palace.
The Hall of Fame recogni-

tion given for the first time,

was conferred by His Excellency, President Benigno
S.Aquino III. The Apolinario
Mabini Awards recognized
the SM Cares Program on
PWDs, for being a catalyst

members can assist the law

enforcement agencies in
clearing their barangays of
any drug problems.
The MSWDO gave participants tips on strengthening family ties and empowering families so that they can

avoid being involved in any

drug problem.
As part of the culminating
activity of the seminar-workshop, a random drug test for
the employees of the Polangui Municipal Hall was also
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for change and going beyond full compliance of

PWD laws.
Aside from this, SM also
received 10 awards for being
disabled-friendly establishment of the year, in compliance with BP 344. These
include SM Aura Premier,
SM City Clark, SM Makati Supermarket, SM Tarlac Supermarket & Mezza
Savemore, SM City North
EDSA, SM City Cauayan,
SM City Bacolod, SM City
BF Paraaque, and SM City

bikol reporter

tip of an
homar murillo

Email: homar.murillo@gmail.com

Heneral Luna
Dae ako nagkaugwa nin pagkakataon na madalan an
pelikulang Heneral Luna alagad base sa mga nabasa ko
sa mga blogs, Facebook posts asin dyaryo, saro daa ini sa
pinakamagayon na pelikulang Filipino na naguibo. Dakol na
pag-omaw hali sa mga kritikong pampelikula an naresibe
kan Heneral Luna. Ini saro naman sa kinokonsidera na
opisyal na entry sa Oscars sa kategoryang foreign language
film. An nasabing pelikula guinibo sa direksyon ni Jerrold
Tarog asin sa pangenot kan actor na si John Arcilla sa papel
bilang Antonio Luna. Apuera kan critical acclaim sa pelikula,
ugwa man ining dakulang ganansya sa takilya. Ini ugwang
mahiwas na atraksyon sa mga paradalan lalo na sa mga
Binuhay kan pelikula an interes kan mga paradalan sa
historya kan Pilipinas na ugwang napapanahon na tema.
Masasabing makatutubod ang pag-ganap kan mga actor.
Dakol an nagsasabing nagsimpatya sinda ki Luna sa pelikula
asin garo nailaag ninda an saindang sadiri sa mga sitwasyon
na pinag-agihan kan karakter. Naipahiling na an satong mga
bayani, particular si Antonio Luna, mga totoong tawo palan
na kumplikado asin bakong perfecto. Epektibong naipahiling
kan pelikula na dakol sa mga problema kadto kan satong
mga ninuno problema pa nangad hangang sa ngonyan.
Kabali na igdi an pagkawatak-watak kan mga Pilipino dahil
sa regionalismo, kapretso asin pampersonal na interes.
Si problema kadto na pagigin makasadiri asin makitid
na isip kan ibang mga lideres yaon pa man. Kan panahon
ni Heneral Luna ugwang mga kapareho nya opisyales na
habong magsunod saiya dawa aram nindang tama sya por
dahil lang ta habo nindang masapawan o suyado sinda ki
Luna na sa heling ninda arogante asin mayong pakisama.
Siguro masyadong nagin buta si Heneral Luna
sa pagsunod sa saiyan prinsipyo asin ideyalismo na
pagkasararoon, gibuhon propesyonal asin disiplinado an
mga rebolusyonaryong soldados kan pinakaenot na republika
sa Asya. Bilang eksperto sa mga taktika asin stratehiyang
militar, si Luna dapat an nagin komandante sa giyera laban sa
mga mananakop na Amerikano. Ini kuta dapat dae nahaluan
nin hababaw na pulitika. Alagad maski si Presidente Emilio
Aguinaldo dae man tulos tinubod si dakol na mga swestyon
ni Luna arog halimbawa kan taktikang girilya. Kan kasuarin
padaog na asin mayo na nin makusog na motibasyon si mga
rebolusyonaryo saka lang naguiromduman ni Aguinaldo na
guibuhon si swestyon ni Luna. Dakol man an nagsususpetsa
na si Aguinaldo mismo an nagsugo o nagbasbas kan
paglikida ki Luna.
Kun ugwa man pinaka-importanteng manunodan sa
pelikula, bako ini si mga historical facts o mga detalyes
na nakapalaog igdi. An pelikula ni Tarog nagpamata sa
mga paradalan na an pinaka dipisil na kalaban ta na mga
Pilipino kadto asin ngonyan iyo man lang an satuyang mga
sadiri. Dakol na mga pagkakataon na natawan kita para
magtriunfo asin maabot ta an kadakilaan bilang sarong
nasyon alagad an mga ini nasayang gabos por dahil sa
satuyang pagka-watak-watak. Hangang ngonyan dae pa
talaga naitatadom sa satuyang mga puso an patriotismo
asin an pusog na paninindugan bilang sarong nasyon. An
kakusugan kan karakter ni Luna na iyo man si nagin dahilan
kan saiyang kagadanan iyo an saiyang paninindugan na dae
makipagkompromiso. Arog ngani kan saro sa mga dialogues
sa pelikula, naghapot ni Luna: Negosyo o kalayaan? Sarili
o bayan? Pumili ka!

Answer raps . . .
unwarranted benefits to
LCC, and was manifestly
and grossly disadvantageous
to the local government of
Baao, Camarines Sur.
In his complaint, Bismonte said that the Department of
Interior on Local Government
(DILG) Region V opined that
for Gaite to conclude a contract of lease that has a 25-year
lifetime, it is necessary that
he first secure a separate authority from the Sangguniang
Bayan because Municipal Ordinance No. 3 only authorizes
a 5-year contract, and that the
contract concluded between
the respondent (Gaite) and
the LCC was unenforceable
under Article 1403 of the
Civil Code being entered into

by one party in excess of the

authority given him by his
Opinion No. 2014-02 dated June 20, 2014 was issued
by the DILG Regional Office
V in response to the query of
Vice Mayor Cherry P. Sapugay inquiring on the matter,
including the power of the
Market Awards and Regulation Committee, a body tasked
to oversee the award, use and
occupancy of the stalls in the
public market of the town, to
grant authority to the mayor
to enter into a 25-year lease
The Ombudsman has given Gaite ten days from the
receipt of its Order dated September 11, 2015.


sept. 27 - oct. 3, 2015

DOLE Bicol hands out livelihood tools

Sorsogon, Sorsogon -- The benefit of having a new sewing machine to
be used as a source of livelihood is having more income
and food on the table.
This was proven and attested by Nelia San Gabriel,
36 years old, a veteran sewer
and a recipient of DOLE Kabuhayan Starter Kit (DKSK)
from Barangay Tugos, Sorsogon City.
An makina ko second
hand raot-raot pa. Nagtatahi

ako ki mga kurtina, jogging

pants at iba pa sa minimal na
kantidad kaya dakul an nagpapatahi sakuya. Dakul an
sakuyang mga kliyente kaya
nagpursige ako na maghagad
ki tabang sa samuyan barangay na maka avail sa DOLE.
Niyan, napapadali na an
sakuyang pagtahi ta bag-o na
an makina ko. Makadeliver
ako sa tamang oras kan mga
order. Kadukalang tabang ini
sa pagangaipo kan mga aki
ko na nag eereskwela. Sub-

rang pasasalamant sa prebelihiyo na itinao sakuya kan

DOLE. (My sewing machine
is old and just a second hand.
It always breaks down and
I could not finish on time. I
sew curtains, jogging pants
and all sorts of things and I
have lots of clients. Thru our
barangay, DOLE gave me a
new machine. It was such a
great help! I could finish in
time thereby increasing my
income which a great help
to my kids who are going to

school. Thank you very much

DOLE! Nelia San Gabriel
exclaimed). Nelia San
Gabriel said in native tongue
during the simple awarding
ceremony held at the Barangay hall in Brgy. Tugos, Sorsogon City.
The testament of Nelia
San Gabriel is among the
many testaments during that
fateful day wherein DOLE
Bicol thru its Sorsogon Provincial Field Office (PFO
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IPs Education Month celebration set

By Ana-Liza S. Macatangay
Department of Education
(DepEd) has prepared a
month-long advocacy campaign including series of
activities in time for the Regional Indigenous Peoples
Education Month celebration come October.
In a regional memorandum
issued by DepEd Region V, all
Schools Division Superintendents, Chiefs, Section Heads
and DepEd ROV teaching
and non-teaching personnel are enjoined to promote
awareness among the school
children regarding the IPs. It
is through their participation
in various activities or other
events that recognizes the IPs
defining features.
Before the actual roll-off
of these lined-up events, a
three-day division training

of teachers and school heads

serving the IPs education was
conducted at Eurotel Naga,
here over the weekend.
These education personnel
are expected to spearhead the
realization of these activities
specifically in their respective areas of assignment. The
Regional and Division IPED
coordinator and the alternate
focal person are given the task
to monitor the activities.
This include hanging of
streamers highlighting the IP
celebration and conduct of
convocation program on October 5 by all DedEd ROV
employees introducing the IP
month celebration after the
flag ceremony. The 2nd Regional Indigenous Peoples
Education Summit in line
with the National Celebration
on IPs shall also be conducted

inner chess
by j. henry danican

from October 21 to 22.

A mini exhibit featuring indigenous artworks and crafts
at the Regional and Division
office, including the publication of readings and articles
on IPs are also part of the activities. This intends to identify, familiarize and respect indigenous equipment, facilities
and supplies of the IPs.
All throughout the monthlong celebration, partakers are
also encouraged to wear ethnic accessories like earrings,
bangles, wristbands, scarf,
muffler and pins as part of
their daily uniform. Teachers
are likewise enjoined to also
put up a mini museum or bulletin boards inside the classroom showing IPs equipment
and supplies.
As part of the classroom
activity, the educators are also
directed to include Indigenous
Knowledge Systems and Prac-

tices (IKSP) across the discipline reflected in the lesson

plans to develop the IPs sense
of pride for their indigenous
culture and ancestral domain.
Serving as Honorary
Chairman of the Executive
Committee who shall oversee
the activities is DepEd Bicol
Regional Director Ramon
Fiel G. Abcede. Dr. Jerome
Baldemoro shall also serve as
the alternate focal person for
DepEd Camarines Sur.
The activity is also pursuant to DepEd Order No. 32
series of 2015 which endeavors to provide guidance to
schools and other education
programs as they engage with
indigenous communities in
contextualizing the K to 12
Curriculum based on their
respective educational and social contexts or the adoption
of the IPs Education Curriculum Framework.

sept. 27 - oct. 3, 2015

bikol reporter

SSS picks PEPSI as Best Employer

By Ana-Liza S. Macatangay

NAGA CITY --- Pepsi

Cola Products Philippines,
Inc. based here was adjudged by the Social Security System (SSS) as this
years Top Employer. The
regional search was part of
the SSSs Balikat ng Bayan
Awards as one of the highlights of their 58th Anniversary celebration.
This is the first time that
a private employer was given such recognition, giving
PEPSIs General Manager
Oliver U. Onrubia II an entwining feeling of fulfillment
and gratification that they are
on the right road in terms of
giving back to their employees the services they truly deserve.
I am overwhelmed with

the recognition. This is a testimony where we stand right

now as a company and as a
reflection where we are as an
organization. It also shows
that we are growing as a highly competitive organization
and we humbly appreciate the
challenge to further improve
our services and to be more
consistent in what were doing. This is aligned to our core
values- which are upholding
professionalism, service and
integrity, Onrubia added.
SSS Bicol Division Head
Nilo D. Despuig raised his
hats off to PEPSI for providing a meaningful social security protection to its members.
We need to recognize
employers who are giving

New OB-Gyne Diplomate

The daughter of a leading OB-Gyne practitioner
in Naga City (in Bicol),
Chiara Mae Nidea Chia is
now a new Diplomate of the
Philippine Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
A Diplomate is one who
holds a diploma in a specialty society, a physician qualified to practice after completing advanced training
and experiences by passing
an intensive examination by
a National Board of Senior
The young Chia graduated her B.S in Medical Technology at Far Eastern University- Dr. Nicanor Reyes
Medical Foundation, where
she also finished her Doctor
of Medicine. She passed the
Medical Licensure examination on August, 2009, she had
her residency training in the
Department of Obstetrics and
Gynecology at the Manila
Doctors Hospital and graduated in December, 2013.

Dra. Chia
After completing the requirements for the Diplomate
examination, she passed her
written examination (Part I)
for the Philippine Obstetrical
and Gynecological Society
in July 2014 and the Oral
(Part II) examination in August 7, 2015.
Chiara Mae is the 3rd of
4 children of Dr. Oswaldo
S. Chia, an Anesthesiologist
and Dr. Elna Nidea-Chia, an
-Jennis Nidea

Winners of DSWDs
listahanan at work
photo tilt awarded

Legazpi City -- The

awarding ceremony of the
DSWD's Listahanan at Work
Photo Contest happened yesterday at the 2nd floor Annex,
Pacific Mall, Legazpi City.
The ceremony was conducted during the opening of the
National Statistics Month celebration which carries the theme
" Pagyamanin at Gamitin and
Estadistika, Kalusugan para sa
Lahat ay Abot-Kamay na".
Participants representing

the members of the Regional

Statistical Coordination Committee (RSCC), students and
general public took part in the
According to Assistant Regional Director Arwin Razo,
the Listahanan at Work Photo
Contest with a theme Listahanan at work: identifying
families in need of social protection aims to promote transparency on the process of iden(Turn to page 7)

due importance to the social

protection of their employees,
thats why we give the Top
Employer Award to deserving
employers. This is also to recognize their role as partners
or kabalikat of SSS and to encourage employers to uphold
and comply with the provisions of SSS law, Despuig
said in an interview.
The search is open to all
regularly paying employer,

both for contribution and loan

repayments and those who
submits collection list electronically ( EDI, flash disk, or
thru the web) and is registered
as an SSS web user.
Pepsi Cola Products Philippines, Inc. was chosen for its
compliance to the provisions
of SSS law such as the reporting of newly hired employees
to their office within 30 days
from date of employment by

submitting SSS form R1-A.

This includes the willingness
of the employer to present
documents to prove that the
employees are covered by the
social security.
Thirty (30) per cent for the
collection, which include the
up-to-date payment of contributions and loan repayments
as of March 2014 and the advance payment of sickness/
maternity benefits, including the filing and processing
of claims/ loan applications
formed part of the criterion
for the Top Employer selection.
SSS also gave 20 percent
rating to companies or organizations that have submitted
accurate reports on time including participation in SSS
programs which endeavors

to raise the awareness of the

companys human resource
and its programs.
Aside from hailing employers who have responded
to their call of providing their
employees with social security blanket, Despuig stated
that they are also actively
pursuing cases against erring
employers who are not giving
their workforces the services
that they ought to receive.
SSS have added at least 3
lawyers to help prosecute erring employers here in Bicol.
Despuig stated that among
the provinces with a high
prevalence of employer who
have violated SSS rules are
their Sorsogon branch, followed by Daet, Camarines
Norte, Legazpi and the City
of Naga.

sept. 27 - oct. 3, 2015

bikol reporter

DepEd: Bicol Public school teachers . . .

On the part of DepEd,
a guideline issued by Sec.
Armin Luistro says that PBB

shall be given to all personnel

in accordance with their contribution to the accomplish-

Republic of the Philippines

Province of Camarines Sur
City of NAGA


In compliance with Section No. 5 of R.A. No. 9048, a
notice is hereby served to the public that MARIO D. GATIK
has filed with this Office, a Petition for Change of First
Name from INES to ANIE in the birth certificate of INES
GARCIA MAIMOT who was born on JANUARY 21, 1961
at Naga City, Camarines Sur and whose parents are LUIS
Any person adversely affected by said petition may
file his written opposition with this office not later than
OCTOBER 4, 2015.


City Civil Registrar

Published: SEPTEMBER 20 and 27, 2015


Notice is hereby given that the named parties are
the surviving heirs of the late Sps. REYNALDO R.
who passed away on April 24, 2000 and August 22,
2015 respectively at Naga City, without any Will nor
Debts, left parcels of land located at Sagnay, Camarines
and residential houses located in Naga City; that after
adjudicating the properties unto themselves, the Heirs
FOREVER QUITCLAIM by way of Absolute Sale the
described properties unto CARMEN A. BONGALONTA, her
heirs, assigns and successors in interest, as acknowledged
before Notary Public Atty. Carlo C. Villanueva, Jr. Doc. No.
170, Page No. 34, Book No. 151, Series of 2015.
Published: September 20, 27; October 4, 2015

ment of their departments

overall targets and commitments.
To be eligible for PBB,
the performance of each
agency shall be measured
using verifiable and credible indicators based on the
pillars of the Results-Based
Performance Management
System (RPMS) that include
Major Final Outputs (MFOs)
and Performance Targets as
specified in the Organizational Performance Indicators
Other RPMS pillars are
good governance conditions

Rep. Fuentebella affirms . . .

He further said that lest
some spin doctors wield their
hand on the purported "shift"
story, he is quick to dispel the
rumor and stand on his ground
as a zealous Binay supporter.
"Kan sinda kasurog ni Binay,
omaw ninda si Binay. Bida
si Binay. Kan magdeklara si
Binay na ma-Presidente, kinalaban na si Binay asin pigraraot. Maray na sana at dakol
an nakahiling, nakamati asin
napaogma kan higos, humility asin serbisyo ni Binay,"
remarked the congressman in
addressing Binay's critics.
In the toxic political environment of the province of

Congressman and Senator.

What has he accomplished in
those positions? He was an
ally of former President Gloria
Macapagal Arroyo so I presume
he was given pork barrel or
PDAF. He was Rehabilitation
Czar for Yolanda victims. He
was the Presidential backdoor negotiator to China..He
was appointed Sec. of the
Department of Transportation
and Communication by Pres.
Benigno Aquino; then Sec.
of the Department of Interior
and Local Government. Police
matters and local government
units are under his departments
Similarly for Sen. Grace Poe.
What are her accomplishments
as Chairman of the Movie

Camarines Sur, Fuentebella

professes his optimism for
good governance practices
if only Camarines Sur votes
intelligently. "Camarines Sur
to benefit more under the
Binay Presidency- specially
in the area of public education, health and job generation. VP Binay's record of
giving GINHAWA to Makati
residents, specially the senior
citizens, can be replicated in
Camarines Sur through a Binay presidency."
He also said that the call
to address the abuses, violence, corruption and government mismanagement in

Job hiring at CamSur PESO . . .

are for local deployment only
and those qualified will be
immediately hired.
Those needing work and
interested to apply must
bring with them in 2 sets

the essence of relationship; one
that can never be compromised,
Fuentebela said.
I wish the forerunners in the
surveys: VP Binay, Mar Roxas
and Grace Poe will publish
their past and present track
record. That will show if they
are compassionate to the poor,
that they are for human rights,
that they have managerial
capability and above all have
integrity with competence,
integrity with honesty, fairness
and justice. This will be my
basis when I vote. I will not be
guided by black propaganda
that is not proven in a court
of justice.
For example, Sec. Mar
Roxas, He was a former

based on the performance

drivers of RPMS, namely, financial stewardship, process
efficiency, and leadership,
learning, and growth.
Once the agency acquires
eligibility to PBB, the DepEd
guideline says, the delivery
units and personnel shall be
evaluated according to their
performance in the achievement of the agencys performance targets by the task
force assigned to oversee its
The DepEd, according
to Abcede, qualified to the
top-up PBB for its personnel
this year as it has achieved at

and Television Review and

Classification Board and as a
Senator. What bills did she file
and made into law? She was the
presiding officer of the Senate
Committee investigating the
Mamasapano massacre
of 44 SAF but no Senate
report had been published. In
fact, it was reported that the
report was not made public
to protect somebody. I hope
this is not true. About Grace
Poe, why should we elect a
former American citizen to be
President of the Philippines?
VP Binaysqualficiations
and track record are published
and in the internet. It would be
good to compare the records
of the candidates and be

their comprehensive resume

with detailed job description with 2x2 size photo in
decent attire; one (1) piece
each 2x2 size and 1x1 size
pictures; original and photocopy of school credentials (Form 137, diploma,
& transcript of records);
certificates of employment
(if available); certificates
of trainings; and seminars
For more information,
queries, and other details, the
CamSur Employment Center
may be reached at telephone
09198775952/ 09175020406
or you may browse their
email address and Facebook
account: camsur_peso@yahoo.com.
The continuous effort
by the CamSur PESO to
be an effective conduit for
legitimate employment opportunities to the provincial constituents is just one
of the many basic services
provided by the provincial
government under the direction of the young governor.
JMTS/MMEC with reports
from CamSur PESO.

least 90 percent of last school

years targets of each MFO,
Support to Operations, and
General Administrative Support Services as well as of
its priority program/ project
It was also able to satisfy
100 percent of good governance conditions event as
those who have qualified from
the central office, regional offices, division offices and attached agencies, shall be further evaluated based on the
said guidelines and on their
individual performance.
As for teaching and nonteaching personnel of the
the province is in order given
the machinations of the incumbent governor and his
puppet-masters at play in the
provincial arena.
Cong. Fuentebella expressed high hopes for discernment of the voting populace, and for responsibility of
media practitioners to uphold
the truth.
"After the feast of Our
Lady of Peafrancia, there
is much work to be done - to
build a stronger Partido, to
protect Camarines Sur and to
build a strong nation!"

schools, there will be no individual ranking at the school

level, thus, the performance
category of the school shall
determine the level of PBB
that each employee will receive.
employees who are recipients of awards such as the
literacy swards and national awards from the Civil
Service Commission and
Metrobank Foundation last
year are guaranteed beneficiaries of the Php35,000
bonusthe highest incentive level of PBB.
On the contrary, employees who received a Below
Satisfactory rating or who
are guilty of administrative and/or criminal charges
shall automatically be disqualified from receiving the
The PBB acts as an incentive in addition to the
across-the-board bonus of
the Productivity Enhancement Incentive and will not
replace any given incentive,
Abcede said, adding that it
aims to promote excellence
and accountability among
government employees, thus,
providing their best public

Notice is hereby given that CECILLE IGNACIO-BENDIDO,
is the surviving SPOUSE of the late JIMMY AUSTERO
BENDIDO who died intestate on October 11. 2013 at
Naga City, Camarines Sur, left a certain motor vehicle
described as follows: MAKE-Honda, BODY TYPE-TC
Hire, SERIES-TMX1559; CHASSIS No. KB509337031;
ENGINE No. KB509E337048; PLATE No. 2049EW; CR
No.162638825; OR No. 409701795 (9/10/2014); hereby
adjudicate unto herself the described motor vehicle,
including the Provisional Authority for Motorized Trimobile
Operators Franchise MTOP under case No. TC-LIB-CS2012-450 with the use of One (1) Unit by means of this
affidavit with the request that said Adjudication be made
effective without judicial proceedings; as acknowledged
before Notary Public Atty. Redentor M. Castaeda., Doc.
No. 23, Page No. 6, Book No.LXIX, Series of 2015.
Published: September 20, 27; October 4, 2015
Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the
surviving heirs of the late ROLANDO CANDELARIA who
passed away on November 2, 2013 at Sipocot, CamSur
died intestate without any Will nor Debts, left a parcel
of residential land located at San Bartolome, Sipocot,
CamSur covered by TCT No. 15918; the parties all of
legal ages adjudicate among themselves the described
property; that For and in Consideration of the sum of
EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND (P800,000.00) pesos,
SALVACION O. AMADO, the Heirs do hereby SELL,
CONVEY and TRANSFER by way of Absolute Sale the
described property; as acknowledged before Notary
Public Atty. Arle Azela M. Guererro-Delos Santos, Doc.
No. 106, Page No. 47, Book No.XXIV, Series of 2015.
Published: September 20, 27; October 4, 2015

Name of Deceased

Date of Interment

Concepcion D. Odavar September 5,2015

Christine Rose T. Bilason September 7,2015
Merlinda G. Requillas September 12,2015
Julio B. San Andres September 15,2015
Josefina M. Salvador September 21,2015
Eleanor Timotea B. Epres September 27,2015
Eva Phoebe L. Gapit September 30,2015

sept. 27 - oct. 3, 2015

bikol reporter

LGU Caramoan hosts Abot Alam Integration

By Ana-Liza S. Macatangay
NAGA CITY --- Bannering on the slogan Walang Kabataan Maiiwan
(No Filipino Youth is left
behind), the Department of
Education (DepEd) and the
Local Government Unit of
Caramoan, Camarines Sur
hosted the Integration of
the Abot-Alam Program on
Friday, September 25 at the
CMC Villa Caramoan in
Barangay Caputatan, in the
said municipality.
The activity intends to put
into action the vision of helping community-based youth
to become more productive
through opportunities for education, possible career and
employment. In charge of this
collaboration of various government agencies are DepEd
and the National Youth Commission (NYC), together with
the various national government and non-government organizations.
More than a year after
the Abot-Alam Program was
launched in Caramoan on September 8, the second phase
took place on September 25
this year and was marked with
the conduct of the Integration
With the full backing of
LGU Caramoan under the
stewardship of Mayor Constantino Cordial, Jr., a total
of 98 Out-of-School Youths
(OSYs) from the 49 barangays

of the municipalities together

with its Punong Barangays
gathered at the CMC Villa
Caramoan for the said Integration.
Windel V. Alvarez, ALS
Mobile Teacher said that a total
of 5,364 OSY was mapped out
in Caramoan as of July 2014.
These OSYs were then tracked
down based on their needs
and preferences. Of the 5,364
OSYs, 2,095 OSY signified to
continue their education, 1,097
wants to pursue entrepreneurship, while 2,172 would like to
seek employment.
In his Inspirational Message, Cordial expressed his
full support to the program.
This program, he said, goes
hand-in-hand with the development that the town is currently undertaking particularly
concerning road infrastructure
and promotion of the tourism
industry in the said municipality.
Also present during the Integration were representatives
from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST),
the Technical Education and
Skills Development Authority
(TESDA), and the Philippine
Information Agency (PIA),
who each gave their messages
of support and roles in the program.
Dr. Zenaida B. Llorin, Service Provider for the AbotAlam Program in Caramoan

oriented the participants and

the 98 OSYs who will be undergoing a one-month training
under the said program. She
stressed that aside from the
technical skills that they will

be providing, the OSYs will

also be taught good manners
and proper behavior in preparation for their actual job right
after the training.
The Abot-Alam is a na-

DOLE Bicol hands out . . .

Sorsogon) awarded a total
of P186,000.00 worth of
tools and equipment to 31
beneficiaries from said Barangay.
The beneficiaries received
an assortment of tools, depending on their skills set,
which they could use as alternative livelihood.
Ricardo Lopez, 49 yrs.
old, a driver turned Car
Wash businessman was also
among those who were lucky
to receive a tool kit. He said
that when he was a driver he
spend aout P170.00 every

Winners of . . .
tifying the poor. It also raises
awareness and understanding
on activities involved in the
2nd round of assessment.
Mr.Victor Angelo Roco
from Tiwi, Albay took home
the grand prize of P 10,000 in
cash and plaque of recognition.
He also bagged the Most Popular Photo Award with 2, 000
for getting the most number of
likes on Facebook.
The other winners were
Jerry Jethro Calag at 2nd
place with P 7,000 in cash and
plaque of recognition and Judy
Anne Bon at 3rd place with
5,000 & plaque of recognition.
Special award was also given
to Crizziel Medilo as the Most
Promising Photographer, being
the youngest among the contestants and ranking 4th.
Other participants also received consolation prizes and
tokens from DSWD.
The actual taking of photos was conducted on August
4, 2015 at barangays Padang,
Bogna and Bitano Legazpi
The juries who selected the
best 3 photos among the 10
entries were Mr. Felipe Jose
Peralta, veteran photographer,
photojournalist and media specialist/professor, Dr. Xavier
C. Cabredo, MD, President of
Mayon Photography Club Inc.,
Ms.Anna Bajamundi, Statistician II, Philippine Statistical
Authority, Mr.Mark Alvic Esplana, Photojournalist, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Managing Director of PULLOUT
Digital & Creative Productions
(PDCP) and Ms.Jesseshan
Regional Social Marketing Officer.
The photos from the Listahanan Photo Contest is exhibited on October 1-2 at Pacific
Mall, near food plaza along
with the statistical exhibit of
other government agencies.

time he goes to a car wash.

The amount takes a tool at
his meager income. This
prompted him to think of the
carwash business and employ himself thru the help of
Niyan saakon na nagpapawashing kan mga tricycle
nan mga sasakyan. Nadagdagan ang income ko. Nakabulig sa pang uru-aldaw. Salamat talaga sa Department
of Labor and Employment.
(Now the tricycles and jeeps
are going to my carwash.
It gave me greater income
opportunities which really
helped in our daily needs.
Thank you very much Department of Labor and Employment). Ricardo Lopez

tionwide program that envisions a Zero OSY Philippines

come 2016. It is a national
program for the OSY from
15 years to 30 years of age
who have not completed ba-

sic higher education by providing them opportunities

to finish basic education or
acquire skills that will help
them get employed or go into
a small business.

DOLE Bicol regional director Nathaniel V. Lacambra said that the concept of
the DKSK is really to create
an alternative livelihood for
its beneficiaries. He said that
this is the solution specially
that formal employment in
Bicol is limited.
Well they will really
start small. We hope that
from what we give them they

will grow into a successful

business one day and in turn
provide jobs to others. RD
Lacambra explained.
The beneficiaries were
composed of farmers, fishermen, food processors and
vendors, carpenters, drivers
and other skilled workers.
they received tool kits such
as sewing machine, car wash
equipment, automotive tools,
& wood lamination tools.

Village anti-drug abuse . . .

Caparroso said barangays,
being the grass-root level of
the society, should be empowered against the dangers
of illegal drugs.
Seminar-workshops such
as these will help them understand their power, duties

and responsibilities, not only

as BADAC members but also
as part of the community.
As BADAC members,
they should become more
vigilant in protecting and in
clearing their barangays of
any drug problem, the PDEA
ROV legal officer said. -PNA

Visual Artists in OK Bicol

Local visual arts group,
Burikbutikan Arts Collective, will participate in the
Orgullo Kan Bicol(OK Bicol)
2015, at the Megatrade Hall
2, 5th Level, Bldg. B, SM Megamall from October 8-11,

this year.
The participating artists include Burikbutikan president
Bernadette de los Santos, Fr.
Nunilon Bancaso, Raul Alcomendas, Franklin Oliva, Pen
Prestado, and Frank Penones


De Los Santos said the

groups participation is in response to the invitation of the
DTI Region V Director Engr.
Jocelyn Blanco to showcase
the regions artistic talents.

regional exponent for progress

DepEd: Bicol Public school teachers

to get performance bonus for 2015
By Danny O. Calleja

outstanding local newspaper

For Five Consecutive Years by the St. Peter
Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards


sept. 27-oct. 3, 2015


over 35,000 public school
teachers in Bicol will start
receiving their Performance-Based Bonus (PBB)
for this year early next
month, the regional office
of the Department of Education here on Monday announced.
Each classroom teacher,
both in the elementary and
secondary levels, will receive
starting this Oct. 5 the amount
ranging from Php5,000 to
Php35,000 based on their performance, DepEd Regional
Director Ramon Fiel Abcede
on Monday here said.
The DepEd, he said, eval-

uates and grants the PBB to

all its bureaus or delivery
units and employees who
have worked diligently and
have performed well according to their contribution to the
achievement of the departments overall performance
targets, which, in turn, will
determine the amount to be
Abcede said the DepEd
regional office has already
received the amount from
the Department of Budget and Management and it
will be distributed upon the
completion of requirements
that schools division heads
should submit prior to the
Only classroom teach-

Job hiring at CamSur PESO

The provincial government of Camarines Sur under the helm of Gov. Migz
Villafuerte through the
resources of CamSur Employment Center (CSEC)
or better known as CamSur PESO is again offering jobs for hire as one of
its reliable client-agencies,
Southern Global Services
Multi-Purpose Cooperative
(SGSMPC), is conducting
another Special Recruitment Activity (SRA) for local employment on October
9-10, 2015, Friday and Saturday, from 9:00 AM until
4:00 PM at the Capitol Lobby, Main Building, Cadlan,

Pili, Camarines Sur.

In a list distributed by the
CamSur PESO, Southern
Global Services MPC is in
need of the following skilled
manpower with specific qualifications: Production Operator male/female, 18-28
years old, high school graduate or vocational level/graduate or college level/graduate,
and with 20/20 eye vision;
HR Supervisor male/female, 27 years old and above,
graduate of BS Psychology,
preferably with 2-3 years experience in recruitment; Admin Staff male/female, 2125 years old, graduate of any
4-year course, with or with-

out experience; Accounting

Supervisor male/female, 27
years old and above, Certified
Public Accountant (CPA),
preferably with 2-3 years
work experience; Company
Driver 20 years and above,
at least high school graduate,
preferably with experience
in driving with drivers license 1,2,3; Skilled Workers
(Electrician, Painter, Welder,
Plumber, Carpenter) male,
18 years old and above, high
school graduate or vocational level/graduate or college
level/graduate, willing to
work in NCR; Construction
Worker male, 18 years old
and above, with or without

experience, willing to work

in NCR. All job vacancies
(Turn to page 6)

Director ABCEDA
ers are to receive their PBBs
out of this initial release and
other DepEd personnel such
as non-teaching staff and
employees assigned with the
regional and division offices
are not yet included, he clarified.
The grant is based on Executive Order No. 80 signed
by President Benigno S.
Aquino III in July 2012, directing the adoption of the
Performance-Based Incentive System (PBIS) consists

Naga City Mayor John Bongat recently inspected the status of the Panicuason-Malabsay Road
being implemented by the TIEZA.

(Turn to page 6)

Sm Little Stars 2015 winners named

It was a shining night for
Annastacia Beatriz Penny
and Lei Andre Navarro,
both 7 and representing SM
City North EDSA, when they
were named SM Little Stars
2015 during the grand finals
held recently at the SM Mall
of Asia Center Stage.
They bested over 17 finalists in the annual nationwide
search for cute, adorable and
talented kids, and as Grand
Prize Winners, they each re-

ceived amazing prizes. These

included P200,000 worth of
cash and shopping money, and
a five-day and four-night trip
to China for two with round
trip tickets, hotel accommodations and tour. They were also
entitled to a four-year college
scholarship grant from National University; a one year
Talent management contract
with TV 5, P15,000 worth of
Gift Cards from Toy Kingdom and a Ride-All-You-Can

2015 sm little stars winnerS


of the Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI) and the

top-up PBB for government
EO 80 is based on the principle that service delivery by
the bureaucracy can be improved by linking personnel
incentives to the bureau or
delivery units performance,
and by recognizing and rewarding exemplary performance to foster teamwork
and meritocracy.

passes from SM Storyland for

one year
Other shining stars were
First Runner-Up Dawn Arione Angela Ilagan of SM
City Naga; Second Runner-up
Seth Levi Salada of SM City
Davao; and Third Runner Up
Aian Kurt Garcia of San Fernando Downtown.
The SM Little Stars pageant is one of the many exciting events of the SM Supermalls.

(L-R ) Lei Andre Navarro and Annastacia Beatriz Penny, both 7 represented SM North Edsa,
First Runner up Dawn Arione Angela Ilagan of SM City Naga and Second Runner up Seth Levi
Salada of SM City Davao during the Search for SM Little Stars grand finals held recently at SM
Mall of Asia in Manila.

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