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Construction of WKUC HQ on Course WKUC plans for the next 4 years


September 2015

Mission Like Never Before

The Official Paper of the West Kenya Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

2014-2018 Strategic Plan

A new day has dawned
The new office building for West
Kenya Union Conference (WKUC )
is set to be officially opened before
December 2015, according to the
President of the Union Pastor Ken
Pastor Maena was leading some
government officials who stopped by
the site to observe the progress of the
new Union office structure.
The officials included Tourism Cabinet
Secretary Phyllis Kandie, ICT Cabinet
Secretary Fred Matiangi, and the
Kenya National Highways Authority
Director Meshack Kidenda among
The national leaders appreciated the

work that is going on at the site.

Dr. Matiangi appreciated the plan of
the church to have a modern Media
Centre at the offices for spreading the
He promised to cooperate with the
Church in meeting her goals
for media evangelism.
The leadership is keen on ensuring
that the structure is built with quality
material and in a cost effective way
that demonstrates good stewardship
of resources.
The focus of this Union is evangelism
and structure is just a vehicle for
facilitating evangelism within the
Union territory.

After several months of serious strategic planning

meetings, the WKUC finally launched a strategic plan
document that will guide the activities of the Union in
the next four years to 2018.
The plan covers the period from 2014-2018, and
includes activities for every department of the Union.
The five key focus areas dealt with by the Strat Plans
include Soul Winning, Leadership, Spirituality, Unity,
and Self Support.
The aim is to have a very united Union territory from
the leadership, the pastorate and the local church
entities leading to one united force in winning souls
and nurturing them for effective witness to the
Kingdom of God.
This will require effective discipleship processes that
will result in every member living as a disciple of Christ
in every sense of the word.
The union has already embarked on serious city
evangelism where most of the cities in this territory
were reached and will continue to be reached during
this five year period.


In This Issue...

Editorial Team

2014-2018 Strategic Plan

WKUC Office Complex construction
Excecutive Secretarys Report
Editorial 3
Presidents Message 4
Health 4
Childrens Department 5
Family Ministries 5
Youth Ministries 6
Publishing 7
Newly Elected GRVC and NWKC Officials 7
Treasurers Report 7
Stewardship 8
WKUC Education Awards
Chaplaincy 8
KAC Graduation Ceremony

Editor in Chief
Pr. Samuel Misiani
Communication Director, WKUC

Lenin Were
Volunteer, WKUC Communication Dept.

Layout and Graphics

Joel Okoth
Volunteer, WKUC Communication Dept.

Executive Secretarys Report

The average growth rate in 2015 second quarter was 15.7% union wide. This growth has never been reached before. Dr. GT
Ng reported a growth of 1.8 % in 2006 the growth rate was almost 5% worldwide making it one of the best years in terms of
membership growth. At a growth rate of 1.85% per annum, the Seventh-day Adventist Church is considered one of the fastest growing churches in the world. With this, WKUC could be the fastest growing churches in the region.
Mission Challenges
We pride ourselves for being the most widespread church in the world, established in 91% of the countries and areas of the
world recognized by the United Nations. We congratulate ourselves for having been true to our prophetic mandate of prophesying about many peoples, nations, tongues, and kings (Rev. 10:11). We have been rather successful in implementing the
Great Commission to go and make disciples of all the nations (Matt. 28:19 and Luke 24:47).
When we think of nations, most of us think of countries like Mali, Egypt, or Brazil. However, the words in Greek are panta
ta ethne, which goes beyond geopolitical entities. They more realistically point to the ethnolinguistic people groups within
every nation. Jesus was not saying the gospel must be proclaimed within the borders of every politically definable country,
but rather in every cultural grouping within those countries. Jesus command was not merely a mission to enter as many
countries as possible, or to reach as many people as possible, but to reach all the peoples of the world. The fulfilment of the
Great Commission is measured by the extent to which we disciple all people groups and establish congregations in all nations. Biblical discipleship goes beyond establishing congregations to nurturing and retention of the members to be authentic followers of Christ. WKUC strives to meet this call to discipleship.


Churches Companies Attendance Attendance Membership Members Added During Quarter

2nd Sabbath 7th Sabbath at Beginning
of Quarter
Baptisms Professions Letters
of Faith

Central Nyanza









Greater Rift Valley










Kenya Lake








North West Kenya









Ranen Conference




















September, 2015
evangelism like never before

It is a joy and a privilege to

serve in West Kenya Union
Conference where unity,
commitment, purpose,
passion for Gods glory, and
service to the constituency
seems to drive every worker.
Enthusiasm for Gods work
and love for one another are
evident values cherished
among the workers. There
is a strong commitment to evangelism and the leadership is empowering all the departments to achieve their
goals. This team spirit is a sign of good Christian leadership. It is indeed evangelism like never before. We have
witnessed the birth of two Conferences: Greater Rift Valley
Conference with its Head-Quarters in Eldoret, and North
West Kenya Conference with its Head-Quarters in Webuye.
The Union office building will house the Media Centre for
Radio and Television production in local languages, and
also in English, to meet the high demand for local content. The government of Kenya has given the Seventh-day
Church one frequency enabling Hope Kenya to be viewed
in the entire country. Hope Kenya will receive programs
produced in Nairobi by EKUC as well as from Kisumu, by
WKUC to help meet the need for variety of high quality
content for media evangelism.
The question of spirituality, and retention of members, is a
great challenge facing many Christian denominations. As
the WKUC launches its Strategic Plans for 2014-2018 it will
have to pay close attention to the issue of spirituality to
deepen the members knowledge, experience, and commitment to Christ. As the Union President has stated in
His report, spirituality of our members will play a central
role among the five key focus areas in the Strategic Plans
for the Union. This calls for a serious attention and emphasis on Biblical discipleship. The Seventh-day Adventist
Church lays emphasis on discipleship because it is at the
core of spirituality and evangelism. If the Church is to lift
up Christ and His righteousness, as the GC President Ted
Wilson called in his closing Sabbath message at the last
GC Session, then discipleship will have to receive a serious
Members Subtracted During Quarter

A true disciple is simply an authentic follower of Christ,

living by the principle of not I, but Christ, and is fully committed to the Lordship of Christ. Christ and His glory is at
the center of every genuine disciple. There is no room for
self-glory and self-seeking. The spirit of self seeking is the
spirit of the enemy of Christ. It is the spirit of the world.
Christ called the Church out of the world, but also sent the
called out ones (the ecclesia) into the world. So the Church
must of necessity be in the world, but not the world in the
Where self is the motivating principle, there will tend to be
constant change of leadership because everybody wants to
be a leader. I have observed that this culture of self seeking creates instability, uncertainty and insecurity, making
the work of God to suffer. When leaders are insecure they
spend time protecting their positions rather than providing
the necessary service for the Master. Christ prayed for unity
of the believers and love for one another as the evidence
of true discipleship. Growing up into Christ must lead the
disciple to a life of fruit bearing. That fruit is not bananas
or guavas, not strife and contention with one another, but
righteousness, love, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. That is
the kingdom of God we are called to build (Romans 14:17).
Leadership and unity are key focus issues in our Strategic
It is when each member is an active follower of Christ that
the Church hopes to finish the gospel commission under
the leadership of the Holy Spirit. To be an active disciple
one needs to engage in some intentional, biblical spiritual
habits of Christ in order to emulate the life of Christ. It is
impossible to reflect the character of Christ unless one
practices living as He lived. It involves practicing the same
spiritual life habits that Christ practiced such as prayer,
Scripture reading and study, meditation, fasting, and communion with God, to mention a few.
As WKUC begins a new quinquennium, let us pray that the
elected leadership will receive great support and will work
together to achieve the goals of the Strategic Plans already
laid down. Let us arise and shine because Jesus is coming

ship at End School AtLetters Deaths Dropped Missing of Quarter tendance 2nd

School Attendance
7th Sabbath








































Believe His Prophets, the sequel to

Revived by His Word, is a five-year
program reading through the Bible
and selected Ellen White writings.
You can receive daily Bible
readings, participate in interactive
blogs and read select inspirational
Find out more at


Presidents Office

office by 13%, Increased number of baptisms and

The sub-division of WKC into two conferences that is
Greater Rift Valley Conference and North West Kenya
Conference by August 2015.
For all the above we give thanks to God the source of all
blessings. For without Him we can do nothing, but with
Him all things are possible. Because God is on our side
we have great plans for the future, which include:
The full completion and official opening and dedication of the new Union Offices by November 2015
The start and completion of the Union Staff Houses
Apartments by December 2016
The organization of CNF into conference status by
December, 2015
The sub-division of RC and KLC to form the proposed
Lake Victoria Conference preferably by December
The construction of a Centre of Influence within Kisumu
Municipality by December 2018
Reduction of un-entered locations and sub-locations
within our union territory.
Enhanced engagement in city-to-city evangelism across
the union territory.
Improved services and management of KAH within the
next few months.
Increased returning of faithful tithe and giving offerings
In closing I would like to remind us of the insight from sister
EG Whites pen of inspiration:
The Lord is disappointed when His people place a low
estimate upon themselves. He desires His chosen heritage to
value themselves according to the price He has placed upon
them. God wanted them, else He would not have sent His
Son on such an expensive errand to redeem them. He has a
use for them, and He is well pleased when they make the very
highest demands upon Him, that they may glorify His name.
They may expect large things if they have faith in His promises. - {DA 668.1}

Our deep appreciation is

first to God for allowing this
Union to come to existence. We have seen Him lead us as we
went about this work since inception of the Union 21 months
ago. We are grateful to our ECD Officers and Departmental
officials, who have not only supported us in putting up the
necessary structures to make us operational but have paid
several visits to our territory in this few months of existence.
Some of the achievements that the Lord has enabled us to
realize include the following:
The putting together of a plan for staff residential houses
and ground breaking for the same in readiness to have
the construction started before the end of 2015.
The fundraising and building of the new Union Offices
Headquarters almost to completion with a plan to
officially have the offices opened and dedicated by
November 2015
Setting a straight path for mission emphasis and
evangelism among pastors and lay persons under the
motto: Mission Like Never Before
The putting together and launching of a finished WKUC
Strategic Plan (2014 2018) during the 2015 Mid-year
With this in mind we are ready for mission like never before.
We are ready to arise and shine as one united team because
Increased tithe return for the period we have been in
we believe that Jesus is coming soon.


The health ministries department

conducted a successful health expo in
conjunction with Women Ministries Department at Kamagambo in April 2015.
The department continues to offer health related services in
the union territory in various forms under what we now call
comprehensive health.
In conjunction with the Publishing Department it is involved
in the distribution of the Missionary book of the Year 2015,
Health and Wellness


September, 2015

Childrens Department

Child evangelism is to preach and instruct a child in the gospel of Jesus Christ,helping them to grow to maturity in faith
and ensuring the foundation of the church tomorrow is sure
and sound today.
Well trained children are agents of God in mission just as
Naamans maid was used to reach out to the family of the
Syrian captain of the army.
God through his son Jesus Christ chose to enter this world as
a baby not as a king, rabbi or high priest to offer free salvation to all mankind.
According to George Barna, ages 5-15 is when one forms
lifelong habits, values, beliefs and attitudes, Coupled with
proverbs 22:6: Train up a child... It is true that if a person
does not embrace salvation before teenage years chances
are that they never will. Margaret Mead adds The society
that neglects its children is one generation away from
destruction Thus let us consider children as a people who
need to experience the love of God in tangible ways. They
are the greatest potential agents for change and transformation in the world today.
1. Improved trend in childrens activities as a resulting from
the Sabbath school workshop at Gendia in 2014.
2. The number of VBS and childrens camp activities has also
increased. This is because of the child evangelism training
done throughout the union in March which identified VBS
and childrens camp as part of the avenues for evangelizing
and discipling children.
3. WKUC sent 25 delegates to ECD children leaders convenThe family
has been the
focus of the
enemys attack worldwide. WKUC
family department is
to work
with families training them to
learn to put first things
first. In the divine order God comes first then family before finances and friends. It is still true that the family that
prays together stays together. We train families to worship
together and to share deeply in all areas of intimate relationships including emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.
The following are recommendations and strategic guidelines for Family ministries.

Tegeiyat Sabbath
school established
after Childrens
evangelistic campaigns

tion held at Arusha Tanzania in August, 2014.

4. Child evangelism was
the most outstanding
activity as is evidenced in
the special report presented to ECD & GC CM
leaders present at the
children leaders convention in Arusha, 2014.
Strategic directions for childrens ministries, 2015
1. To reach out children with special needs and street
children from June, 2014 and during city evangelism in
2015 at Field and conference level.
2. To train leaders on Grace Link curriculum in collaboration with Sabbath School Department.
3. To promote, order and distribute Great Hope for children or celebrations as a tool for evangelism.
4. To collaborate with F/C CM leaders to identify and develop talented children to become evangelists.
5. To constitute childrens song book taskforce in collaboration with music department to start collecting and
compiling childrens songs per age group.
6. To encourage field and conferences to launch childrens
Bible reading Plan in preparation for contest starting
at church level on a monthly basis then to District per
quarter, station by mid-year then field/conferences at
the end of November to climax at the union level.

Family Ministries

GC FMD conducting seminars for pastors families all

over WKUC territory accompanied by WKUC president


WEBUYE- North West
Kenya Conference

1.To work with F/C FMD to identify, train and involve role
model Families in soul winning activities.
2.To ensure that F/C FMD encourage couples to occasionally
renew their marital vows during wedding anniversaries as
well as conduct baby showers celebrate birthdays with CM
department & Bridal showers with WM department.
3.To source, produce and distribute relevant resource materials for soul winning activities.
4.Conduct seminars on reaching out to non believing
spouse jointly with WM IMAPA program.


Youth Ministries

How much would you pay to learn

the secrets to lifelong health and
Health and Wellness: Secrets That
Will Change Your Life shows you
spectacularly simple ways to avoid
such chronic killers as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Youll
learn how good nutrition heals the
body and boosts the mind; how purpose increases resilience; how love
and forgiveness mend the heart!
Health and Wellness caught the attention of award-winning documentary filmmaker Martin Doblmeier.
While there are countless self-help
books on the market today, Health
and Wellness: Secrets That Will
Change Your Life stands apart because it speaks from proven success.
Contained in these insightful chapters is an emphasis on making wise
choices about the riches entrusted
to each of usa body that has the
potential to heal itself, a mind capable of the extraordinary, and a spirit
that longs to be reunited with the
Creator. This book not only offers a
road map for a healthier, more productive lifeit provides the greatest
gift of all: the reason for the journey.


In December, 2014 West Kenya Union

Conference Youth Ministries Department organized youth congress that
was convened at Onjiko Secondary
School from December 15th -21st 2014.
In which 1620 young people attended.
This brought youths from four conferences and one field:
RANEN Conference 360 youths
Kenya lake conference 160 youths
Central Nyanza field 140 youths
Western Kenya conference 960
Senior youth conducted youth congresses in all parts of the Union Conference in the month of April 2015 and
many young people were baptized.
In Ranen Conference they held
meeting at Kadika Secondary
School 891 young people were
In Kenya Lake Conference they had
it at Omboga Secondary School 80
delegates attended.
Central Nyanza Field organized
meeting at Maliera Secondary
School, where 80 young people
turned up.
North West Kenya Conference met
at Sangalo institute Bungoma.
More than 572 young people attended and 42 young people were
Greater Rift Valley Conference met
at Segero National Adventist High
School. More than 1520 young
people attended the congress and
246 people were baptized.
Youth ministries department joined
with treasury conducted evangelistic
campaign in Kendu-bay in the month of
June 2015, that resulted in baptism of
92 people and new congregation was
organized called Voice of Hope church.
Master Guide training
All Conferences and Field have conducted trainings. Western Kenya Conference
conducted one at Henry Kosgei primary
school, and more than two hundred
Master Guides attended. WKUC has just

finished West Kenya Union Master Guide

convention was conducted from July
6th to 11th 2015 at Chebwayi Adventist
Teachers college.
Youth world impact day.
WKUC participated in youth impact days
held on March 15th 2014 and on March
21st 2015. Young people visited the sick
in hospitals, donated, visited inmates
and gave food for the needy.
Progressive classes curriculum
The union has availed all curriculums in
booklets to every age group from Adventurers, Pathfinders, and young adult
clubs, for record keeping and follow up
for instructors and accessers.
Youth Music Sabbath.
The youth conducted music Sabbaths
all over the Union. We have conducted
music In North West Kenya Conference
more than ten thousand young people
in AYS uniform converged at Matungu
primary school (Mumias) on July 18th
2015 to sing to their God and socialize
with each other.
Way forward
As we begin the new quinqueinnum the
youth are upbeat with plans for greater
To make pastor/ elders youth
ministry hand-book available to all
church pastors and church elders to
help them understand how to nature young people in their churches.
To have union path finder camporee
2016 the venue is at Migori show
ground in Ranen conference.
To have all senior youth participate
in youth activities inter-conference
To have all clubs registrations in local churches.
To have all clubs members be in
true uniform.
To have missionary and evangelism
as main activity of youth ministry as
it was in the past.
To print our fundamental beliefs in
a simple way for senior youth study
share with their friends.

September, 2015


Literature evangelist trainings have

been conducted in all Conferences and
Fields, both in 2014 and 2015.
In WKC it was done in Eldoret Adventist Guest house.
CNF had the local institute at Migosi
SDA primary school
Ranen Conference had their institute
at Migori east church.
KLC had their institute at Nyomolo
SDA church

The Department added ONE ABC in

Migori Town
Western Kenya Conference Publishing
ministries sent LEs to Lodwar to begin
the work as we look forward to open
Book Depository in Lodwar Town in
Turkana County.
Beside economic/ revenue challenges
in the country we have not dropped
much in terms of sales it is only few
book depositories that dropped but
collectively we almost reached our year

Newly Elected NWK Conference and GRV Conference Officials

Dr. Blasius Ruguri
handing over certificate
to the newly elected
Conference President
for North West Kenya
Conference, Pastor
Samuel Mbayi.

Pastor Misoi Executive Director,

Great Rift Valley
Conference (GRVC)

Pr. Boaz
ouma-treasurer NWKC

Pastor Benjamin
Tanui: Executive

Pr. James
Boiyo Executive Secretary

Mrs. Rebecca
Rutto: TReasurer


Bring the whole tithe into the store house, that there may be food in My house. Test me in
this , says the LORD Almighty and see if I would not open the floodgates of heaven and
pour out so much blessings that there will not be room enough to store (Malachi 3:10) The message here is simple and is
still important to us as it was important then. The Lord asks each one of us to return a faithful tithe and offering and when
we do that, He blesses us.
It then becomes the responsibility of those of us as treasurers and administrators to demonstrate faithful stewardship of the
blessings He has given. The funds received each week by our local churches combined together can be generally divided
into three categories as tithes, local offerings, and mission offerings. With our tithes we demonstrate faithfulness to our God
who is the Lord and provider of everything we have.
Gross tithe per Capita
Liberal freewill offerings demonstrate our love to God
who is both Lord and friend.
YEAR 2013
YEAR 2014
JUNE 2015
Our offerings show that we are in a loving relationship ENTITY
with our God and Father. With our offerings we can be RC

Treasurers Report

extravagant in giving to Him because He did not spare

His one and only Son when we needed redemption.
Such love demonstrated on the cross is what leads us
to give both ourselves first and everything we have
we hold in trust for the Masters use as He needs it.

WKUC( Union)





September 2015

Stewardship andPastors
Chaplains in
learning and
sharing session at
Kendu Adventist

Contributions of WKUC
chaplains recognized by
GC chaplains department

Chaplaincy department is probably one of

the most delicate and misunderstood, yet
extremely vital department in the church
organization. In hospitals chaplains deal
with people who are in cross roads and
have challenges that Jobs friends failed to
deal with while visiting their sick.
The gift of empathy is one of those needed
by chaplains for people in crossroads
who long for answers. Chaplains have
learnt that sometimes all that is necessary
is a respectful presence that says God
still cares. In schools and colleges our
chaplains handle the delicate issues of
the young and restless in our public and
private institutions, providing mentorship
and coaching as needed.
The contributions of our chaplains has
been recognized by the effective training
that they are being given such as the
one conducted by the GC chaplains
department at Kendu Adventist Hospital in
the month of April, 2015

Female inmates in
Kakamega receiving
The Great Hope.


Education Awards

The WKUC spent a total of

Kshs.3,953,500.00 on Education awards
to the best performing students and
schools. This was done during the 1st
WKUC Education day in Kisumu at the
Union headquarters. Over 30 different
church maintained schools attended or
were represented.

KAC Graduation

for ICT,
Dr. Fred
Most of the awards were collected
by the Segero group of schools. The
Board Chair, Engineer Meshack Kidenda
department of education hopes to
led the KAC family in their graduation
raise the standards for all the schools
to reach such levels of excellence in
The KAC Board was restructured to allow
education in the true sense of the
word: the development of the physical, more Adventist Lay professionals.
mental, social and spiritual faculties of The current team includes Eng.
MeshackKidenda, Dr. Lorna Okotto and Dr.
the student. Education that prepares
the individual for excellence of service Patrick Ojera.
here on earth and for higher service in The team has been given a three-year
term, beginning August 2015
the world to come.
Chaplains being awarded
certificate of achievement
after attending the chaplains
training at Kendu Adventist
Hospital by the GC chaplaincy

Baptism of
inmates at
Shikusa main

elders from WKUC had a week of
revival in a stewardship seminar
conducted at University of Eastern
Africa, Baraton. The week long event
was graced by Pastor Baptiste of
Maxwell Academy and Pastor Misiani,
the Communication Director as the
two main speakers plus several other
presenters from the Union territory.
The approach to stewardship was
enlightening as it became clear that
stewardship is not simply the return
of tithe and offerings but the very
lifestyle of a child of God who is in a
saving and loving relationship with
Christ as Lord. Stewardship is putting
God first in everything, not just
money. It is moving from a life of self
to a life of love and learning to put

God first.
Stewardship is understanding that
everything I have belongs to God,
said Baptiste. In the book of Acts the
people were able to give everything
because once they understood the
concept of the Lordship of Christ they
knew that ownership belongs to God.
It is submission to Christ Jesus as Lord
that shifts the mind of the believer
from ownership to stewardship.
Stewardship requires a new mindset,
that is, a mind focused on Gods
Kingdom and His righteousness. God
reigns as King and all the citizens
serve at His pleasure, (Colossians 3:
1-3; Philippians 3:20).
Pastor Baptiste illustrated that
everything flows from God to the
steward who directs it to where God
intends it to be for His glory.