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18/04/2013: Some people claim that it is acceptable to use animals in medical

research for the benefits of human beings. While other people argue that it is
wrong. Discuss both views and give your opinion?
It is argued that global population/humans can take advantage of medical experiments
on animals. While reasons can be given to justify this, I would contend that the this
unethical way can be substituted with other measures.
On the one hand, there are those who believe that animals can be used for crucial
scientific research. Firstly, it may be beneficial for researchers to develop medical and
scientific knowledge. A variety of medical discoveries is originated from
experimentations on animals, and the effectiveness of new drugs are is also tested.
Scientists also aim to minimize the suffering that animals with human-like genetic
structures experience. For example, operations on monkeys gain popularity in medical
research. By dint of clinical trials on their bodies, scientists can reachgo to decisions
conclusions about whether new treatments save many patients' life lives and create
have significant impacts on the development of the human race. on ny em c 1 idea,
vy khng c dng Firstly. Mnh expect v d. Nu b , hy dng if not: Without
testing new drugs on animals, no one would be able to confirm the effectiveness of new
drugs on human bodies.
On the other hand, I agree with those who argue that aforementioned experimentations
have several drawbacks. Primarily, on moral ground, all the lives of all creatures should
be respected. Because experiments can be risky to lives, we have no right to deprive
animals of their survival/humans have no right to cause animals to suffer. Another
justification would be that the ecological imbalance may take undesirable influences.
Continuous lines of the failure of medical operations on a certain creature are likely the
precursor of its extinction. There is an inextricably link among animals, and a lack of one
link in food chain tends to result in a globally environmental disaster. As a result, the
mankind's existence seems to be strongly affected. Furthermore, it is advisable for
environment-friendly measures to be applied. For instance, research on man-made
bodies should be taken into consideration. Idea ko ngi c. People often claim that
the extinction of a certain species may lead to an unbalanced ecosystem, but this is not
true. The mass disappearance of the dinosaur had no significant impacts on other
animals on Earth. It even triggered the rise of humans.
In conclusion, while medical trials on animal prompt enormous advantages to human's
life, alternative methods can be manipulated with the aim of creature protection.
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Commented [V1]: It is necessary to use / there are those

who are in favour of/who advocate the use of animals in
medical research

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Commented [V3]: Ko bm cu hi. However, I side with

those who loathe using animals in medical research.
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