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A country, raised from the trenches of dependency is, unfortunately, tumbling back to it once again.

Pakistan is losing its self-dependency despite keeping abundant natural resources to produce, soils to
cultivate and ladders to climb high in its economic expedition. Electricity Blackouts of 2006, 2008 and
2014 nudged Pakistan into public riots and chaos. Power shortages had its worse impacts on the industrial
growth of Pakistan and pushed this country far away from the track toward prosperity. The present
scenario of power shortage, motivates me to think what makes my country suffer? Why is it striving
haphazardly for its survival and what can sail this ship out of the tempest, intrigues me even more.
The curiosity to delve into finding my answers brought me to the footsteps of Electrical Engineering in
2011. Professional scholars and professors at university added their diligent and dedicated efforts in
setting my direction to strive for excellence in my academic pursuit. The bachelors education assisted in
polishing my skills to tackle different engineering problems analytically and to develop mathematical/
logical approach to formulate their solutions. Electives in Power Generation, Power System Analysis and
Power Transmission along with the final year project on Harnessing Tidal Energy to Generate
Electricity provided solid footing in the field of Electrical Power Engineering and particularly
Renewable Energy Technologies.
Pakistan is a country seeded with the enormous potential in renewable energy, but unfortunately is
lacking novelty in its power systems. Lack of research facilities and unfamiliarity with technological
trends give birth to the need of qualified engineers, well versed and equipped with methods being
executed in developed countries and potential to share their versatile experience in bringing positives in
Pakistan. Particularly the region of Pakistan I belong to, the state of AJK, a disputed territory between
Pakistan and India, has always been deprived and lacks the Engineers and professionals educated and
trained from technologically advanced countries. This vision inspired me to apply for masters from USA
in Sustainable Energy Systems, an area that can remarkably play its role in coping with the rapidly
growing energy demands of Pakistan. Courses on Renewable Energy Integration and Sustainable
Energy Systems fascinate me even more to pursue graduate studies. Particularly, my research area will
include Sustainable Energy Systems, Distributed Generation Techniques and Solar Photovoltaic
Technologies. Research in this field will acquaint me to train and educate youth regarding renewable
energy and its efficacy.
Luckily, our country stands among the regions with highest solar indices in the world and therefore can
supply its total demand of 19,505MW solely through solar energy. Recent installation of solar
photovoltaic, wind power plants and other renewable energy projects in Pakistan are signaling a brighter
future for Power Engineers. If provided with the opportunity, my knowledge and research work will add
its significant share in taking such projects to new heights with better out comes.
After completing my studies I intend to establish an independent research organization which will help by
providing consultancy to industry for manufacturing energy efficient products, train power engineers to
enhance their productivity and efficiency. This organization will take existing issues in the renewable
energy industry as research projects and will propose cost effective solutions. It also aims to bridge the
gap between educational institutes and industry through professional training for engineers. I am therefore
confident that my research work will effectively contribute toward the realization of my future goals.