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Associate Hand Book


Neuva Restaurants LLC. & Nippon Bottle Facilities Management
Company LLC.
United Arab Emirates
January, 2015

1. Preface
2. Objective of HR Policy Manual
3. Corporate Vision, Philosophy
4. Our Culture
5. Human Resources Mission and Quality Objectives
6. HR Strategy
7. Who is who
8. Our credo
9. MM & NC Ethic and Service Standards
1. Personal Grooming
2. Uniform handling
3. Lost & Found
4. Use of mobile phone
5. Visit of a personal nature
6. Smoking
7. Alcohol/Drugs
8. Copy Machine & Printer
9. Open door policy-Grievance policy
10. Friend & Family dinner rate
11. Prayer times
12. Useful numbers
Personnel Policies
1. Passport & Visa
2. Probation/ Notice period
3. Resignation
4. Health Insurance
5. Staff meals
6. Salary
7. Tips policy
8. Performance appraisal
9. Working hours
10. Overtime
Leave Procedures
1. Vacation/Annual Leave
2. Passport Collection Policy
3. Public holiday
4. Sick leave
5. Unpaid leave
6. Extension of leave
7. Leave salary advance
8. Encashment of leave
9. Late return

10. Compassionate leave

11. Maternity leave
12. Paternity leave
13. Hajj leave
Emergency procedures
1. Fire Evacuation
2. Accident in the work place


In consonance with the Vision of transforming our Neuva Restaurants LLC. & Nippon Bottle
Facilities Management Company LLC into something thats LARGER THAN LIFE, we
recognize our Associates are our biggest asset. To assist and facilitate transparency, it is
imperative to streamline processes across all functions and hierarchies which are accessible
to all.
The issuance of this Human Resource Manual is an attempt to bring transparency in all that
touches our daily life at our workplace and thus help us synchronize what is expected of us
with what we expect of the system.
This Human Resources Manual is the first building block of this journey on which we are all
This Human Resources Manual provides all information and guidelines but is not a contract
and the information contained herein is not to be considered contractual promises.
The Policies laid down in the Manual are effective from today and supersedes all previous
instructions. The Management reserves the right to modify the provisions of this manual as
and when required

Objectives of Human Resources Policy Manual

The Objective of the Human Resource policy manual is to provide support its Associates

Continuity and consistency of Service.

Better Communication, Internal & External, in the Group.

Enhancing Orientation & Focus.

Mentoring reference.

Improvement of in house customer services on time.

Development is an ongoing process and it is so for our Neuva Restaurants LLC. & Nippon Bottle
Facilities Management Company LLC too. The attempt of putting together this HR. Policy
Manual is part of this initiative keeping in perspective the size that we have grown to. We, today,
have around 50 Associates spread across the two outlets and it is important that we are all in
tandem and on a common page.
The Privileges and Amenities mentioned in the Manual are the current set and obviously will
undergo changes as we progress in our journey.
Amendments in the Policy will be communicated to all colleagues from time to time.


To be a Leader in our chosen Market Segment by 2016 by building a strong bond with our
Customer, our Stakeholders and Our Associates.

1) Managerial Ethics
Our Business ethics are based on Integrity and Commitment towards achieving
organizational goals. Our code of Ethics is enshrined in the values of good Humanity and
2) Leadership
Will encourage & foster Leadership with a Vision to focus on leveraging Opportunities and
meeting Challenges.
3) Customer Satisfaction
We are committed to benchmark our success with Customer satisfaction by attaining,
delivering and maintaining the highest standards of Quality & Cost effective Services and
4) Associate engagement

Ensuring fair Recruitment, enhanced Performance, Promotions, and improved Quality

of Life for Associates and their family members.

Ensuring Care for each other, Transparency & Trust with focus on streamlining the

collective Initiatives of all.

Ensuring Job Rotation, Job Enrichment, Training and Re-training, Career & Succession
Planning, across the hierarchy.

Enabling each Associate to develop to his or her full potential with a shared sense of
direction with a well-defined accountability and responsibility.

Enabling each Associate to evolve into a self-starter Team Leader and meet the fast
changing business environment and maintain a competitive edge.

4) Communication
Our focus is to facilitate free flow of communication with trust on People and Policy and
evolve a participative work environment.
5) Passion for Excellence
We strive for Excellence with passion in all of our businesses and with a focused approach aptly captured in our companys tag line Eminence through Finesse.

6) Concern for Environment

We are committed to preserve & protect our ecological environment and our heritage. We
will do this by adopting an environment friendly attitude and promoting practices that
enhance our esteem.
7) Entrepreneurship
We are committed to develop an Entrepreneurial work culture by fostering an in-depth
knowledge of our core businesses and then attendant opportunities so that all our Associates
can be trustees of our Stakeholders. We will develop Entrepreneurial Managers.

9. Group Synergy
We will build and leverage business synergy in our various Companies and Business Verticals
to ensure overall optimization of cost, improved Quality and Customer Service so that we
gain market dominance. We will adopt State-Of-Art technologies to suit Business needs and
Our Culture

We believe in TTEF and these three words define our commitment to both our Internal and
External customer.





Human Resources Mission

Our mission is to support our Corporate Leadership, Department Heads and Associates in the
achieving their personal and strategic goals. We intend to achieve this by attracting, recruiting,
training, developing and retaining high caliber staff and constantly revitalizing the Associates of
Neuva Restaurants LLC. & Nippon Bottle Facilities Management Company LLC through
Benchmark policies and practices.

Human Resources Quality Objectives

Demonstrate a compelling modesty and act with quiet & calm determination to create an
atmosphere of self-motivation across all levels.

Facilitate people to build a congenial working environment. Promote a culture of Teamwork

amongst Associates.

Strive for continuous improvement in upgrading the competencies of Associates through

focused initiatives.

Focus on defined Values and Principles.

Facilitate people towards a multi skilled and multi-tasking approach.

Human Resources Strategy

Our HR. Strategy is encompassed by:



You can Count on us


Is our Standard


Customer is First. Exceed meeting his needs


Serve people with fairness and firmness


Enabling each to attain his / her Potential.


Care for all as we wish to be cared for


Foster a spirit of Teamwork


Welcome to MM & NBC Family, where we strive to provide our colleagues a life experience rich
in culture, growth and personal fulfilment.
As an organization, MM Dusit Thani and NBC is committed to:
Employing individuals on the basis of operational needs and qualifications, as well as
offering promotional opportunities, compensation, and benefits with the assurance of
equal opportunity and fair treatment.
Offering work conditions, wages and benefits that are competitive with those offered by
comparable employers. Complying with all applicable laws.
Encouraging open and direct dialogue between colleagues and supervisors to foster an
environment of co-operation in the resolution of colleague concerns.
Our mission statement:
Sharp and proficient friendly service
Who is who?

Dilip Awtani, Ashok Awtani,

Karan Awtani & Nitin Kalwani

General Manager:
Executive Chef:
F&B Manager:
Bar operations Manager:
HR Manager:

Chris Argyridis

Chantel Naude
Asmani Subramanian
Assel Myktybayeva
Adithya Iyer

Our credo:
MM Dusit Thani & NBC is all about people, the guests, who stay with us and the Associates, who
are selected and trained to take care of the guests.
It takes all sorts of people to keep our restaurant in the world moving forward. We will give you
the opportunity to grow professionally, and personally. Every Associate within our company is
entrusted with the responsibility to anticipate on and exceed our guests needs.
Managers within the company are responsible, pro-active and caring.
We target to be the preferred employer where our restaurants are situated, offering
opportunities for professional and personal growth in a guest driven environment which is both
fun and rewarding.

We believe that a positive, genuine interaction establishes a level of trust between the guest and
our Associates. This is why guests chose to visit our restaurant, and to come back. A guest, who
feels that his or her unique needs are understood and taken care of, is likely to return again.
Therefore, you must understand and feel that your job at MM Dusit Thani & NBC involves so
much more than performing a list of duties. It means being responsible.
We display genuine warmth, appreciation and professionalism to our customers and colleagues.
We must remember that each customer has a choice: Maison Mathis & Nippon Bottle Company
or other restaurants.
We not only focus on our own responsibility and ask for help when needed, but find ways to
assist colleagues when we know they in turn need a hand.
We support our colleagues when mistakes are made and learn from them.
We are proactive rather than reactive.
We anticipate and plan ahead.
We dont wait to be asked to do something that we know must be done.
We are always open-minded and receptive to innovative and diverse ideas.
We make every effort to satisfy a guest beyond their expectation.
We provide at least 3 alternative suggestions when a negative response must be given.
MM Dusit Thani & NBC Work Ethic and Service Standards:
Be aware of your actions and personal conduct in front of guests, they are always
watching how we do things. We are always LIVE ON CAMERA
Positive Brand Contact is everyones s responsibility for all guests we come in contact
Everything connected to MM Dusit Thani & NBC is a Brand Contact: What we say, How
we say it, Food and Beverage Quality and Presentation, Personal Grooming, Spotless
Glassware and Cutlery, Clean Menus, our PERSONAL TOUCHES.
Make your first impression count. Clean uniforms and a friendly, professional attitude
with a bright smile are what guests see and hear first. Make your guests happy from
the moment they walk into MM Dusit Thani & NBC!
Anticipate guests needs. Offer before being asked. Have it ready or make a move
before its needed. Be 2 steps ahead. Offer a beverage refill when the glass is empty.
Answer the telephone with courtesy, actively listen to the guest, take accurate
reservations and messages, and thank the guest. Everyone should be able to see your
smile on the telephone. Be polite.

Rather than saying NO, offer suggestions and alternatives and let the guest decide
what is best suited for their needs. Treat the guest as the most important part of your
Take personal responsibility for a guest request, rather than saying I dont know or
Youll have to speak to another person. Use the Phrase I will find out for you or Yes
I can help you, I will be back in a moment.
If a guest has a special food or beverage request, reply with I will see what I can do, one
moment please and check with the bar or kitchen. If a guests request is not possible
for some reason, return back to the guest with other alternatives or menu suggestions
for the guest to decide.
Communicate, Communicate, And Communicate! With your guests, with your team,
with the kitchen, with the reception, with your manager, with EVERYONE! Pre-meal
service briefings are for sharing information, guests requests, and co-ordination
between service and kitchen for the meal period ahead.
Master the menu and our product offerings. Have a complete understanding of each
menu item, its ingredients, preparation, wine pairings and dessert recommendations.
When a guest needs suggestions and guidance, be ready!
Correct and accurate order taking. Repeat the guests order to avoid
misunderstandings. Remember Guests are not impressed and dont care if you have a
perfect memory. They are only impressed if they receive exactly what they ordered
with no mistakes and not having to repeat themselves. WRITE IT DOWN!
Serve with confidence, understand your product and use suggestive selling.
Recommend wines by the glass, snacks at the bar, and desserts after dinner.
Small touches make a big difference. Pulling chairs for guests, refolding napkins when
they go to the restroom or a new one when it hits the floor
Escort guests to the restrooms or to other areas they are unsure about. Dont just point
the direction.
Clean, Clean, Clean. We are all responsible for restaurant cleanliness. Always pick up
debris or trash on the floor when you walk by. Check restrooms for cleanliness and wipe
down excess water on the sink counter. Keep your work area tidy and organized.
Check guest satisfaction. Visit every table, see if they are satisfied.
Check the timing of food. Be sure that dishes dont arrive too fast or too slow or worse,
that an item doesnt arrive at all. Each waiter is in charge of the tables timing.
Table maintenance at all times. Keep the table tidy, glasses filled and dirty plates and
trash cleared. When taking a refill order for a beverage, remove the empty glass to
signal to everyone that an additional drink has been ordered. Nothing is more annoying
to a guest than having 3 waiters ask the same question.
When serving drinks or clearing a table, use a tray. Carry plates correctly and dont
scrape plates at the table.
Check the bill for accuracy and mistakes before presenting to the table.
Greet guests when passing by.
Thank the guests when departing.

All staff to be ready for the briefing 5 minutes prior

Accidental bumping into a guest should always be followed by a sincere apology.
Always let guests pass first and give them the right of way. Never cut in front of them.
Enjoy your work! Our guests come to MM Dusit Thani & NBC to enjoy their experience
with us.
Be positive and stay positive! Everyone has a role to play as a contributing member of
the MM Dusit Thani & NBC Team!
No complaining about customers, other staff members, the workplace or about
anything while on the floor/bar/kitchen. Any issues to be dealt with in the office behind
closed doors or away from the restaurant. Any issues must be accompanied by a
solution or they will not be entertained.
Only Bartenders allowed behind the bars unless directed to do so.
Strictly No food or beverage items to be made without first being entered into the POS
and producing a docket. No Docket No Item.
Maximum of 2 cigarette butts in the ashtray.
Never pickup glasses by the rim. Use a tray.
No Eating / Drinking on the premises except during meal breaks or unless authorized by
a manager.
Guest toilets are OFF Limits to staff. No exceptions.
Never discuss personal matters, company policies and procedures with a guest or with
another staff in front of a guest.
No personal phone calls while on duty except in an emergency.
Shouting, arguing, and slamming items or any other negative behavior will not be
tolerated at the workplace.


Personal Grooming:
Our personal presentation and quality of our behavior every day in our workplace should reflect
a professional image for MM Dusit Thani & NBC and establish a positive first impression with our
customers. Our customers perceive our personal and professional behavior and grooming as a
brand contact. This can be positive or negative depending on the quality of their experience
with us. Good manners and a helpful, positive attitude along with good grooming practices will
ensure a positive first impression and image for MM Dusit Thani & NBC.
Our Grooming Standard

Shoes &


Immaculately presented and

well pressed.
No stains, missing buttons or
broken tears.
Should not be worn outside
the restaurant except
authorized Associates.
Undergarment can be worn
but not be visible.
No personal items to be kept
inside uniforms that will be
visible to the guest (i.e.
cigarette, cell phones).
Wear your name tag
Black shoes only.
Polish shoes before work.
Black socks & logo free only.
Should be clean, brushed and styled.
Modest use of hair gel or mousses.
Hairstyles reflecting individual
personality (color, style) subject to
approval by management.

Immaculately presented
and well pressed.
No stains, missing buttons
or broken tears.
Should not be worn outside
the restaurant except
authorized Associates.
Undergarment can be worn
but not be visible.
No personal items to be
kept inside uniforms that
will be visible to the guest
(i.e. cigarette, cell phones).
Wear your name tag
Black shoes only.
Polish shoes before work.
Black socks & logo free only.
Should be clean, brushed and
Modest use of hair gel or mousses.
Hair should be appropriately styled
to maintain a stylish and trendy
Hairstyles reflecting individual
personality (color, style) subject to
approval by management.

Jewellery &

& Hygiene

One simple ring is

permissible for staff in FOH.
One earring or small stud
permitted. (NBC Only)
Kitchen staff is not allowed
to wear any rings, earrings or
watches for safety & hygiene
Neck chains and bracelets
are not allowed during work
Watch: steel/black or grey
strap & black/white dial. No
sports / swatch or rubber
Religious threads should not
be visible.
Only approved pens to be
kept for use.
Only approved kitchen
utensils and materials could
be used & stored in staff
Tattoos and other body
piercings should be covered
in full while on duty. (Only
Cologne/Perfume should be
kept to a minimum usage so
as not to overpower our
Always take a shower prior to
Always shave before Duty.

When working in Front of the

House, the standard company
approved hairstyle must be
adopted. Details can be obtained
from the Manager.
If tied for long hair, please use
discreet black accessories.
One simple ring is
permissible for staff in FOH.
1 pair of appropriate ear
rings. (Not Dangling)
Kitchen staff is not allowed
to wear any rings &
watches for safety &
hygiene standards.
Watch: steel/black or grey
strap & black/white dial. No
sports / swatch or rubber
Religious threads should
not be visible.
No nose rings, earlobe clips,
anklets, thumb rings and
visible body piercing.
Only approved pens to be
kept for use.
Only approved kitchen
utensils and materials could
be used & stored in staff
Tattoos and other body
piercings should be covered
in full while on duty. ( Only
Perfume should be kept to
a minimum usage so as not
to overpower our guest.

Always take a shower prior

to work.
Regular waxing of hands &

Beard Art permitted after

approval from the Outlet
Manager. (Only NBC)
High standard of dental
No offensive body odour.
Use of deodorants/
antiperspirants if required.
Mild colognes and perfumes
Clean Hands & fingertips at
all times.
Maintain fresh breath at all
Brush teeth after meals or
cigarette smoking.
Clean spectacles or contact
Cuts should be covered with
waterproof/ colored dressing.


Always maintain a warm &

genuine smile.
Maintain eye contact with
Greet guest & colleague in
the restaurant.
Walk straight, upright with
Steps to be well paced.
No slouched postures at all
No arm folding during work.
No mingling & grouping in
service area.

Strictly no facial hair.

Apply appropriated colour
lip stick and make up
suiting the complexion.
Nails to be cut short and a
French Manicure or a
transparent nail polish is
High standard of dental
No offensive body odour.
Use of deodorants/
antiperspirants if required.
Clean hands & fingertips at
all times.
Maintain fresh breath at all
Brush teeth after meals or
cigarette smoking.
Clean simple spectacles or
contact lens.
Cuts should be covered
with waterproof/ colored

Always maintain a warm &

genuine smile.
Maintain eye contact with
Greet guests & colleagues
in the restaurant.
Walk straight, upright with
Steps to be well paced.
No slouched postures at all
No arm folding during
No mingling & grouping in
service area.

Uniform Handling:
Uniforms must always be neat, clean and well pressed and laundered on a daily basis. They
should be appropriately fitted (not too big or small). Clean uniforms are issued on a daily basis
at set times and will remain the property of MM Dusit Thani & NBC during your employment. It
is the responsibility of each person to care for their uniform, ensuring it is worn in the appropriate
manner. Uniforms must have:

No spots or stains
No missing buttons or broken zippers
No tears, holes or loose lining
No discoloration or wrinkles

Uniforms are not to be worn outside the restaurant unless on official business and with the
approval of management.
Lost & Found:
When you discover any items in the premises, you should inform the Manager on Duty about
the time and location of the discovery immediately. Under no circumstances may any team
members keep any lost & found items.
All valuables and credit cards must be handled directly by an Outlet Manager.
Use of Mobile Telephones:
Using and carrying personal mobile phones during work is prohibited except for the following
management positions:
Executive Chef / Manager Level
Those allowed to carry mobile phones whilst on duty must ensure that the appropriate Silent &
Vibrate setting is activated during the operational hours.
Visit of a Personal Nature:
Since the public areas of the restaurant are limited, and your colleagues need your help all
throughout the day, kindly refrain from inviting your friends and/or family to come visit you at
the restaurant while you are at work. If you have permission from the Restaurant Operations
Manager you may visit the restaurant with friends/family.
Punctuality and Attendance:
We expect you to start your work on time, well-prepared. If, for any reason, you are unable to be
at work on time, you should inform your Department Head or his or her replacement a minimum
of 2 hours prior to the start of your shift. The same applies in case of illness.
There are rules about smoking for everybodys comfort: you can only smoke off duty and in
designed smoking areas.

Alcohol / Drugs:
Reporting to duty under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be subject to the strictest
disciplinary action. Possession or consumption of alcohol without holding a valid alcohol license
is a severe violation of UAE laws that may lead to instant deportation. In this context you are not
allowed to drink alcohol in our team accommodation premises.
Personal Relationship:
No Associate is allowed to frequent a MM, Dusit Thani or NBC clients. Acting otherwise would
lead to an immediate dismissal.
Associates are strongly advised to avoid having a personal relationship with another Associate.
No couples are allowed to share a room in the staff accommodation.
Pregnancy will lead to dismissal.
Copy Machine and Printer:
The copy machines and printers are for your professional use at the restaurant. The machines
should not be used for private purposes without permission from your Department Head.
Open Door Policy Grievance Policy:
We encourage every Associate to discuss any matter of concern with any member of the
Management Team. If your Department Head cannot assist you, ask another member of the
team that you have confidence in, to help you. Good communication is essential to the proper
functioning of any organisation.
Friends & Family Dinner Rate:
You can dine in MM Dusit Thani Restaurant upon the Restaurant Operations Managers approval
and availability. 50 % discount will be given to you only on Food. No discount shall be given on
alcoholic beverages. Maximum persons allowed for availing a discount is 4 (four) including the
staff member himself/herself. If you are not part of the guests, your friends and family cannot
get a discount.
Prayer times:
There are prayer rooms for Muslim colleagues near our workplace. We expect colleagues to
consider service needs when leaving work to pray.
Useful Numbers:
Directory Enquiries and Yellow Pages
Dubai Municipally
Dubai Police
Fire Department
Dubai RTA (Bus timetables)
Emirates Post
Dubai Taxis

04 2215555
999(emergency), 901(non-emergency)
04 2844444
04 3371500
04 2080808

Personnel policies
Passport and Visa:
Keep a note of your passport expiry date, because it is your responsibility to make sure your
passport is valid. You will be sent a reminder to renew your passport, but make sure you leave
plenty of time as some Embassies/Consulates take a 6 to 8 weeks to process applications.
Non UAE Nationals must have a valid residence and employment visa and be under the
sponsorship of an employer to live and work in the UAE. Visas last for two years and MM Dusit
Thani & NBC pay for the cost of getting a visa (except for the cost of attesting certificates).
Before you get a visa, or have your visa renewed (every two years), you must have a medical
examination. If you fail the medical, you will not be allowed to live or work in the UAE. Once you
have obtained your visa, your authorised dependants can get their visa too. When you stop
working for MM Dusit Thani & NBC, your visa is cancelled or transferred to your new employer.
Probation / Notice Period:
Your contract of employment is a legal document, so make sure you keep it safe. It explains what
you and MM Dusit Thani & NBC have agreed to.
During your first six months with MM Dusit Thani & NBC you are employed on probation.
These six months give you and MM Dusit Thani & NBC the opportunity to find out if theres a
good match between your expectations and ours. During this time you will have regular
meetings with your manager and plenty of opportunities to discuss your role and get the training
you need to do your job. You will have time to settle in, make friends and build the skills you
need to be successful.
During your probation period you cannot take paid sick leave or holidays. If you have an
emergency you may be able to take unpaid leave, if your department head agrees.
In most cases, at the end of your probation you will be successful and will be confirmed by your
department head. In a few cases, contracts are not extended beyond the probation period. This
can happen for many reasons including inadequate performance, not fitting into the team,
poor attendance and punctuality.
When you decide to leave MM Dusit Thani & NBC, there are several things you need to do. You
must give a written resignation letter to your manager. Your Contract of Employment states
how much notice you are expected to give. If you do not work your full notice period you may
have money taken from your final salary for the days you did not work in this period.
On your last day you are requested to hand in your uniforms, keys and other equipment received
from the Restaurant to your Head of Department. We also would like your commitment during

an exit interview, which will take approximately hour. The information given during the exit
interview will be kept confidential and will only be used to improve the working conditions of
our Associates.
Exit interviews
Were sorry to see colleagues go and are interested to know why you have chosen to move on.
If we can learn from your experiences, we can continue to improve in the future. This is the
reason we ask you to come for an anonymous exit interview. We will ask questions about your
work and living experience with MM Dusit Thani & NBC. Answers will not be recorded on your
file and we appreciate you being honest in your interview. A summary of everybodys answers
are put together and are regularly shared with the management team.
Final days
The final days can be very busy, so make sure you leave at least 5 days (not including weekends)
between the time you finish work and when you leave the country.
Statement of Service (Experience letter)
When you leave MM Dusit Thani & NBC, you can ask for a statement of service. This will include
your date of employment and the position(s) you held.
Clearance procedures
When you finish work we need to know you have returned any company property (for example,
ID card, keys, uniform). If anything is lost or damaged, some of your final salary may be deducted
to cover the costs.
You will also need a clearance letter from your bank saying you do not owe them any money.
The bank may charge you for this letter.
Final Salary
We will pay you for your working days, from last salary, and for any pending lieu days and
holidays of that finance year. No carried holidays from the previous year will be paid (unless
authorised by Management). Note that any damaged company property will be deducted from
your final salary.
If you are leaving the UAE, you will have to close your bank account.
End of service benefits (NON UAE Nationals)
The Associate who has completed one year or more in the continuous service, is entitled to the
end of service remuneration at the end of his service. Days of absence from work without pay
are not included in computing the period of service, and the remuneration is to be calculated as
1. Seven days pay for one complete year of service.
2. Fourteen days pay for two complete years of service.
3. Twenty-one days pay for three to five complete years of service.
4. Thirty days pay for each additional year, provided that the entire total remuneration shall
not exceed two year's pay.
Travel and passport arrangements
Remember to make your flight booking well ahead if you are leaving Dubai. Complete a Flight
Booking Form and give it to your Head of Department at least one month before you plan to fly

We will need to have your passport so we can cancel your visa. Your passport will be returned to
you when we take you to the airport to fly you out. If you stay in Dubai, we will give you your
passport, with the cancelled visa, when we/you receive the visa and passport release letter from
your new employer.
Health insurance:
Get a copy of the policy from your Head of Department.
Staff Meals:
You will be entitled to a meal while on duty.
Your salary and any other payments are made into your bank account. If you are new to Dubai,
we will help you open a bank account.
You are paid at the beginning of the month for the hours you worked in the previous month.
Salary reviews will be conducted in conjunction with the annual performance evaluation
(Discretion of Management). Any salary increases will go into effect on the first day of the new
pay period although salary reviews are automatic, increases are not. Salary increases will be
based on performance and merit.
Tips policy:
Cash and credit card tips are divided equally amongst the team and paid each and every month.
Performance appraisal:
It is the Companys policy to conduct performance reviews for each staff member annually.
Each colleague will be given the opportunity to complete a structured self-evaluation to
express how he/she views his/her performance prior to the performance review. Evaluations
are conducted for the purpose of providing staff members with an honest assessment of how
their performance is perceived by their supervisors.
Working hours:
The hours of work will be 54 hours in a week, subject to business requirement.
Over time:
Overtime, if and when paid, starts being calculated after 2 hours of the regular shift timings
and will only be paid in the form of a lieu day at the end of each and every month in the form of
Compensatory Offs. No overtime will be authorized unless signed by the General Manager.


Leave Procedures
Annual leave:
All Associates will be eligible to 30 calendar days of annual paid leave on completing one year of
This leave is in addition to statutory holidays declared by the Government of UAE for private sector
companies. Public holidays falling during the leave period will not be considered as part of the annual
leave. Days of sickness during the leave period will be considered to be part of the annual leave.
Annual leave is earned on an accrual basis. New Associates become eligible for their annual leave
only after completion of one year with the Company. However, for operational reasons, the
Management may approve leave prior to the completion of this period.
Upon the Associate leaving the firm, the prorated days are deducted from Annual Leave balance and
adjustments made accordingly in the Final Settlement. Should the Associate leave the services of
the Company during the year, an adjustment will be made to the Associates terminal benefits to
recover the monetary value of extra leave days taken on a pro-rata basis.
Unless otherwise agreed by the company, on case to case basis, maximum 5 days of leave salary can
be carried forward to next financial year. Failure to take any entitled leave and prior management
approval before end of the financial year will lead to forfeiture without any right to be paid in lieu of
A holiday request form must be filled in and signed off by the General Manager for vacation to be
approved. Approval depends on business activity and on blocked dates from other colleagues on the
holiday calendar. To avoid disappointment, apply for leave at least three months in advance.
You will be provided with an economy class return ticket to the nearest International airport to your
home town once every two years, subject to a minimum of one year service (however, should an
Associate request an airplane ticket to his home destination after one completed year of service, the
company agrees to pay half the trip and the other half the following year).If you leave the company
before your contract period, the company is not liable to buy a ticket to your Home Country. You will
be responsible to buy your own ticket.
Passport Collection:
To be able to collect your passport for reasons such as annual vacation, passport renewal, visa
applications etc. you shall be required to deposit the total amount of your recruitment cost to the
company which can be collected back once you have submitted your passport back to the company.
Public Holiday:
The Head office will remain closed on Fridays and Saturdays and Public Holidays as announced by
the Government of the UAE as applicable to the private sector.
For Restaurant Associates, if they have worked during public holidays then the Associate is entitled
to have off during weekdays. However, this leave accrual cant be encashed.


Sick Leave:
If sick, you are expected to inform a MOD (not a fellow colleague) at least 2 hours prior to duty.
An Associate on sick leave is required to submit a medical certificate (2 consecutive days includes
public holiday/weekend days which precede or follow the sick leave) persistent period of sickness will
be investigated further to ensure that alleged complaints are valid.
An Associate will be entitled to a sick leave either continuous or intermittent each year of service as

The first 15 days with full pay.

The next 30 days with half pay.
Any subsequent period thereof will be without pay and will be reviewed by the Directors on
a case-by-case basis.
However, if the Associate's illness is directly caused by his misconduct, he is not entitled to any wage
during the sick leave.
Any weekend day or holiday falling during the period of sick leave will be included in the leave period.
If sick leave is prefixed or suffixed with any public holiday/weekend, these holidays/weekends will be
considered as sick leave and accrued unless the Associate submits a medical certificate.
Unpaid leave:
Additional leave may be given at the discretion of the appropriate Head of Operations / Partner /
Director on an unpaid basis. Where unpaid leave extends to a month or more, the annual holiday
entitlement is reduced by the appropriate fraction. Deductions for unpaid leave will be calculated
on the basis of calendar days. Gratuity will not be calculated for the days where unpaid leaves have
been availed.
Extension of leave:
Associates are not allowed to extend annual leave by the addition of sick leave. Such time off will be
considered an extension to annual leave and deducted from the individuals annual leave balance. If
the extension has been requested on medical grounds, the Associate should submit a medical
certificate for the period of extension on resuming duty. The Firm may, at its discretion, grant
extension for the period of leave requested, or part of it, or refuse the extension. Any extension of
leave without any specific permission is considered as unauthorized leave without pay.
Leave Salary Advance:
Unless otherwise agreed with the management, on case to case basis, payroll relating to paid leave
period will be credited to Associate along-with month-end payroll process irrespective of the leave
date of concerned Associate.
Encashment of leave:
No payment will be made in lieu of annual leave except in the case of an Associate leaving company
and during separation the balance will be prorated in the final settlement.


In the event an Associate is terminated or resigns and leaves after serving the notice period, an
Associate may only claim remuneration for the annual leave not taken for the last two years of
An Associate will not be entitled to any leave if he/she leaves within 6 months of employment.
Late Return:
If an Associate has returned to work after the scheduled date of arrival after obtaining the prior
permission of the manager, any excess leave taken will be adjusted against his annual leave balance.
If the leave was taken without prior approval, this leave will be treated as unauthorized (and unpaid)
and could result in appropriate disciplinary action.
Compassionate leave:
Compassionate leave up to 5 working days may be granted to allow absence for the death of an
Associates immediate family member (i.e. parents, siblings, spouse, children and parents-in-laws).
Such leave requires approval from the General Manager. The cost of any air travel is the responsibility
of the Associate concerned.
Compassionate leave policy applies to Associates only when they will be serving in Dubai. If the
mishap occurs while on annual leave, compassionate leave is not granted.
Hajj Leave:
To assist Muslim Associates in fulfilling their religious obligation to make the pilgrimage, they are
entitled to Hajj leave of 30 unpaid days.
An Associate is eligible for Hajj leave only once during their tenure of service;
Associates are eligible for Hajj leave only after completing 1 year of continuous service.

Emergency Procedures
Fire Evacuation:
It is the responsibility for everyone to maintain good practice in preventing fire in our restaurant.
As a team member, you should be familiar with the nearest fire exits, escape routes and the
related fire procedures.
In order to prevent fire, the following precautions are highly recommended to follow:

When the restaurant is vacated at the end of the business hour, all department heads
must ensure that non-essential electrical equipment is switched off or unplugged.
Do not overload any electrical points by using adaptors, especially all equipment in the
kitchen and bar.
Do not store fire hazardous goods in the premises unnecessarily. If such goods have to
be stored, it should be handled by the Fire Marshal and keep them away from any sources
of heat or sources of possible ignition.
Do not wedge or otherwise keep open Fire Exit doors.
Keep all Fire Exit routes and firemen lift lobbies clear at all times.

Ensure that discarded cigarettes or tobacco are extinguished before vacating the
Ensure all wiring and plugs are always in good condition. If the items are required to be
repaired or are out of service, inform your department head as soon as possible.
When there is a fire in the restaurant, you must remain calm and follow the procedures below:

Report to the Manager on Duty immediately if you discover a fire.

Manager on Duty and the Fire Marshal will try to extinguish the fire if possible.
If the fire cannot be controlled quickly, then the Manager on Duty will call the Fire
Service Department
Before evacuating the restaurant, the Manager on duty and all Department Heads must
take a copy of their own roster to account their team members at the designated
Assembly Area. When at the designated Assembly Area you must report to a
Department Head or Manager on Duty and wait for further instructions.

DOS and DONT when evacuating the restaurant:

Remain calm & do not panic.

Use the fire exit only.
Department Head should turn off all electrical apparatus except the lights.
DO NOT use water on fires of electrical origin.
DO NOT wedge open the doors.
DO NOT re-enter the building or the restaurant until you are advised that it is safe to do
DO NOT take any personal belongings.
DO NOT run or push people in any direction.
Try to help other injured customers or team members.
Report to your Department Head if you get hurt or need any medical care.

Accident at the workplace:

MM Dusit Thani & NBC have made every effort to provide and maintain a safe, healthy and
efficient working environment for our team. To achieve this, your active co-operation is essential
so that accidents in the workplace could be avoided.
Work injury
Should any work injury happen on the premises, First Aid should be given to the injured person
by a qualified first aider, and should be escorted to the nearest hospital or clinic for immediate
medical treatment.
A Workplace Incident & Accident Report form must be completed by the Department Head
and submitted to Human Resources within 24 hours of the incident.

The concerned Department Head should investigate the cause of injury. Suggestions are to be
given in order to prevent similar accidents occurring in the future.
If there is any sick leave as a result of the incident, the original sick leave certificate from the
doctor or hospital must be submitted to the Head of Department for filing, payroll processing,
and leave application and compensation purposes.
Guest Injury
The Manager on Duty will attend all guest accidents or injuries or attend whenever a guest
requests medical assistance. In the situation where a guest is conscious and alert and not injured
through accident or mishap in the restaurant or as a result of restaurant operations, they must
be made aware of the cost of receiving ambulance service.
First Aid Box
First Aid Boxes are provided to all team members in case of medical emergency and placed at
the following locations:


Handbook Receipt Form

This is to acknowledge that I have received a copy of the MM Dusit Thani & NBC Team Member
Handbook/Human Resources Manual and understand that I am responsible for knowing the
contents of this Handbook/Manual and complying with all Policies & Procedures in MM Dusit
Thani & NBC.
I further understand that my employment with the company is for no definite period of time and
that this Handbook is not a contract or agreement of employment, it serves as the summary of
guidelines of the current polices & procedures of the company. I understand that during the
course of my employment, the company may modify the policies & procedures with or without
prior notice.

Name of Associate

: ____________________

Associates Signature

: ____________________


: ____________________


: ____________________

Please kindly protect and keep this Handbook as it is the companys property and should be
returned to the company whilst on your termination.