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Match Mates Hat & Bag Set Pattern

This free pattern originally published in: Belastraw Fashions

DRITZ Luxury Belastraw Art. 110, 2 tubes each for Bag and Hat
DRITZ Metallic Yarn Art. 114, 1 tube each for Bag and Hat
DRITZ Gate Top Frame No. 6236/2
DRITZ Metal Crochet Hook No. 2 Lining material
GAUGE: 6 sc = 1"
BOTTOM: With Belastraw ch 4. Join with sl st to form ring.
1st rnd: 7 sc in ring. Mark last st of every rnd to insure proper shaping.
2nd rnd: 2 sc in each sc (14 sc).
3rd rnd: * Sc in next sc, 2 sc in next. Repeat from * around (21 sc).
4th rnd: * Sc in 2 sc, 2 sc in next. Repeat from * around (28 sc).
5th and 6th rnds: Sc in each sc increasing 7 sc evenly around (42 sc).
7th rnd: * Sc in 6 sc, 2 sc in next sc. Repeat from * around (48 sc).
8th rnd: Sl st loosely in front loop of each sc. Cut a piece of cardboard same size as this piece.
SIDE1st rnd: Sc in back loop of 1st sc (behind sl st), * ch 9, sc in back loop of next 2 sc. Repeat from * around ending with ch 9,
sc in back loop of last sc (24 loops).
2nd rnd: Skip 1st sc, * sc in 4 ch, 3 sc in next ch, sc in 4 ch, skip 2 sc. Repeat from * around. Hereafter work in the back loop only
of each sc.
3rd to 6th rnds incl: * Skip 2 sc, sc in 4 sc, 3 sc in next sc, sc in 4 sc. Repeat from * around. At end of 6th rnd drop Belastraw, pick
up Metallic and work 1 rnd as before. Drop Metallic, pick up Belastraw and continue working 5 rnds of Belastraw and 1 rnd of
Metallic alternately until side measures about 6" ending with 5th rnd of Belastraw.
Next rnd: Skip 2 sc, sc in next 2 sc, * sc in 5 sc, skip 6 sc. Repeat from * around. Join and end off. Mount on Dritz Gate Top No.
6236/2. Line with lining material.

Work same as Gate Top Bag; then make Bead-ing as follows:

Attach Metallic in center st of a point, ch 8, * dc in center st of next point, ch 5. Repeat from * around joining last ch-5 with sl st in
3rd st of starting ch-8. Ch 1, turn.
EDGING:In next space make * sc, ch 1, hdc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, (tr, ch 1) twice; dc, ch 1, hdc, ch 1 and sc; sl st in next dc. Repeat from
* around. Join and end off. Line with lining material.
DRAWSTRING(Make 2): Cut four 2 yd. strands of Belastraw. Follow directions for Twisted Cord on patternbook page.
Work same as Gate Top Bag; do not end off but decrease as follows: * sc in 12 sc, work off next 2 sc as 1 sc. Repeat from * until
desired headsize. Work straight until 4 rnds of sc are complete counting from last rnd of points. Drape as desired.
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