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Online Reservation System

TORR Equipment, Inc.

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements

For the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Information Technology and Allied Programs
of the College of Arts and Sciences
San Beda College Alabang

Presented by
Gumapas, Joaquin Vincent R.
Fernando, Justin Amiel V.
Catalan, Danielle John G.

Presented to
Mrs. Ma. Bernadette Bautista

San Beda College Alabang


I. Introduction

Specific Objectives

. 3

Scope and Delimitation

.. 4

Significance of the Study

Definition of Terms

... 5

II. Systems Analysis and Design of the Existing System

Analytical Tool Used in the Existing System
Description of the Existing System
Context Diagram
Existing Flow Diagram
Exploded Diagram
Problem Recognition

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...... 6

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San Beda College Alabang


All gratitude to BSIT3As beloved Systems Analysis and Design

Mrs.Bernadette Bautista, without whom none of these would have been

Many thanks to the personnel of TORR Equipment, Inc. who

were kind enough to lend their time and attention in all our interviews
and inquiries with them.

San Beda College Alabang


This project is honorably dedicated to family and friends. Their

encouragement, and constant love have sustained us throughout the
process. A
special feeling of gratitude to our loving parents who push us to work
and study
hard. They are our strength. Of course, to God be all the glory.

San Beda College Alabang

Chapter I
In todays rapid globalizing world, information and communication
technology has played a crucial role in thriving organizations. The new
economic model brought about by technology is mainly characterized
by the speed and increasing competition of the market today, as sales,
cost, and estimation goes high with the help of technology backing the
organizations in the world. Most organizations are being left out and will
continue to fall due to the impending imbalance that technology brought
about. With the help of technology and programming, Individuals can
now stay informed concerning their business exchanges and wage by
utilizing bookkeeping programming. The procedure of following the
stream of products is currently capable by the improvement of stock
More importantly, information technology has become a key
component in the economic development of many countries in the
world. Over the years, many innovations have taken place in the world,
the most striking and most celebrated is the aspect of information

San Beda College Alabang

technology or as we prefer the evolution of the world through
technology. Organizations today are confronted with rapidly changing
market conditions indicated by high merger rate and strong competitors.
Under these conditions, traditional management approaches the focus
on financial figures and on centralized, analytical planning methods are
considered to be insufficient for effectively steering the organization in
dynamic environment.
Information Technology is the bedrock for national development
in a rapidly changing global environment, and this challenges us to
devise bold and courageous initiatives to address problems in work of
major businesses such as banking, networking, airlines and more. In
addition to this, many banks have installed up-to date modern
computers that will enable them to achieve communication and
multimedia connection online.
The internet-enabled mobile phone has spread rapidly in many
markets. The rapid growth of mobile devices has made the mobile
phone ubiquitous in nearly all parts of the world. The majority of the
mobile devices are still in development stage for testing new software
and adaptability, and is one of the popular demand in the world today
and that's why many companies today switch or upgrade to a more
technological approach for their business. Therefore it would be more

San Beda College Alabang

user oriented and more likely to be of benefit to the companies with lack
of technological knowledge.

A. Background of the Study

TORR Equipment, Inc is a heavy equipment rental company
with small numbered staff managing system records for their orders and
how it is delivered through the workplace. The equipment includes
cranes, wheel loaders, excavators, generators and the like. Ordering
can be done personally or by contacting the companys landline and
then staff who receives the order inputs the order details manually on a
computer and paper. In the current system, there is a chance for human
errors, misplaced documents and time consumable compared to an
automated process of recording the requests.
The developers aim to build a computer based reservation
system that will enable the companys staff to respond and
accommodate customers faster. By introducing this system, they can
provide a quick and accurate record of the order of the customers. It
can certainly be less time consuming and definitely less energy

San Beda College Alabang

consuming and can provide a better professional service. Another
purpose of this system is to solve the problem encountered during the
manual ordering database system. Recording and the transactions will
be done quickly and be more accessible unlike the manual transaction.
The time consumed during the manual work for the database and
phone calls can be more effectively used in making the design ordered
by the user.

B. Objectives of the Study

The objectives of this study is to create an online reservation
system for TORR Equipment, Inc.
Specific Objectives:
1. To give a quick response to the customers with additional
2. To produce an online reservation system.
3. To provide a user friendly ordering system software .
4. To guarantee a productive and effective way of recording of

to close the gap for human errors.

C. Scope and Delimitations

The coverage of our study will be about the online reservation
system for TORR Equipment, Inc. in Makati City. It focuses on the

San Beda College Alabang

reservation system used by the customers as a subject of our study.
The proponents of the study will create a reservation system in which
the staff can easily access and forward to a database of information and
help lessen the time consuming works. This study limits its coverage in
reserving the equipment together with its rental fee.
Its main purpose is to be able to identify and help lessen the time
consuming works to be done with manual recording. When customers
call and no answers or the limit of just the phone or email ordering that
the availability of the needed equipment may be not always available
unlike online reservation it can be accessed and viewed anytime to
check whether the equipment is available or not. The system does not






D. Importance of the Study

With this study, the administration or owner can easily access
and know the current profit they have obtained since the proposed
system will help company to monitor the availability and database of the
orders placed.
For the staff or employees, they can easily manage the
ordering system. The tendency of conflict time and work will be
lessened. And with that, they can provide better service to the benefit of

San Beda College Alabang

the customers. As for the future researchers, it will be easier for them
to know how to improve this kind of system. They can use this study as
a guide for them to be able to create a more advanced system.

E. Definition of Terms
Business - an organization or enterprising entity engaged in
commercial, industrial or professional activities. A business can be a forprofit entity, such as a publicly-traded corporation, or a non-profit
organization engaged in business activities, such as an agricultural
Internet - an electronic communications network that connects
computer networks and organizational computer facilities around the
Technology - the scientific method and material used to achieve
a commercial or industrial objective.
Automated - to control or operate by automation.
Software - he entire set of programs, procedures, and related
documentation associated with a system and especially a computer
system; specifically: computer programs
Equipment - supplies or tools needed for a special purpose such
as cranes, forklifts and such.