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About the Author

Dr Olayinka was born in London in 1970. She spent most of her childhood in Nigeria where she trained as a medical doctor. She returned to the UK in 1999 to continue her postgraduate training in the field of Psychiatry. She is happily married with two beautiful children. She lives with her family in Rotherham where she also works as a Psychiatrist.


This book is dedicated first and foremost to GOD ALMIGHTY for his mercy and grace to my family. Secondly to all my sisters out there crying unheard, Sighing unnoticed under heavy burden of psychological harassment and maltreatment that continues to thrive unchecked behind the shackles of many marriages. May the Good Lord send you peace and happiness.











The right of OLUFUNMI OMOPARIOLA-OLAYINKA to be identified as author of this work has been asserted by her in accordance with section 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

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ISBN 9781785545924 (Paperback) ISBN 9781785545931 (Hardback)


First Published (2015) Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd. 25 Canada Square Canary Wharf London E14 5LQ

Printed and bound in Great Britain


Love and kisses to all my little helpers namely Morayo, Anthony, Tolulope, Alex, Debby, Ayomide and Abiola who all worked hard with me to make this book a reality.


Suddenly, her body had become very heavy; it felt like she was putting on an armour of steel. She pushed, pushed and pushed, but only managed to open one eyelid by a tiny fraction.

“What is this doctor adding


my drip

this late


night? Where is Nurse Ciara?” Kim was screaming, but no sound came out of her mouth.

She watched helplessly as her murderer increased the flow of her drip after injecting a colourless liquid into it. Soon even the opened eyelid became too heavy and snapped shut.

“Thank God,” said Kim, sitting up at the foot of her hospital bed, “I’m feeling much better now.” She got up, glanced at her bed and froze in shock. “Why is my body still lying on the bed? What did you put in my drip? Answer me! You killer doctor!” She screamed and screamed but the man in the white coat could not hear nor see her transformed form. Tearfully she sat at the foot of the bed again and thought about her life.

Kim Richards was a successful beautician with a booming beauty clinic for the rich and famous of society.


Looks can be deceptive, because despite her petit size with soft, delicate and flawless chocolate skin, when it came to business, she was bold, fiercely independent and astute. She resisted several subtle suggestions by her husband over the years that she should sell the business and go into a partnership venture with him, claiming that he too was about to sell his dental practice. He’s been saying that for the past six years, yet his practice has continued to expand.

Perhaps the only thing Kim loved more than her business were her children, Olivia her daughter is twelve while her son Junior is nine. Kim was utterly devoted to her children, which is why she had put up with their father despite his flaws. She tried desperately to cling on to a picture perfect family.

Her husband, Jim Richards is every woman’s fantasy in the looks department, tall with dark smooth milk chocolate skin, complete with a heart melting smile that reveals perfect set of even white teeth. His low cut afro hair is always fashionably styled.

Unfortunately, Jim Richards’ shortcomings are also every woman’s nightmare. Serial unfaithfulness! First there was Angela the child minder, next it was Bree his secretary at the dental surgery, oh, not forgetting Nurse Kelly. Each time Kim discovers his indiscretion, Jim becomes very emotional and remorseful. He swears by heaven and earth that it was the last time, saying, “None of these women mean anything to me babe, you will always be the only woman for me! Let’s fight for what we have!” Sadly his promises have the lifespan of a bottle of fresh milk.




Shade, her best

friends, have

called her crazy several times for taking Jim back after


initially insisting he packs out of the family house following discovery of another indiscretion. Nevertheless are friends were always there to pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

The public scandal caused by Jim’s affair with Cheryl - a sixteen year old medical student whose mother threatened Jim with a lawsuit if he did not leave her daughter alone, was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. Kim finally took her friends’ advice and called a divorce attorney. She smiled when she remembered how pleased her friends were that she’s finally woken up to the fact that ‘Jim will always be Jim,’ regardless of what he says and how he says it.

However, instead of pressing ahead with the divorce suit, Jim once again convinced Kim to give him one last trial. Even though her friends were tight lipped about her decision, she knew she broke their hearts!

A great suctioning force sucked Kim Richards out of the recovery ward of the GESTALT HOSPITAL. To where? It is uncertain, but of a certainty the remains of her beautiful trusting body would be discovered in the morning.

After waiting for a few minutes, the doctor took Kim’s pulse, satisfied that there was none, he disconnected the IV drip and stuffed it inside his leather bag. He went gingerly out of the ward. Ciara the staff nurse on duty was fast asleep, head slumped on desk at the nurses’ station. All thanks to the spiked coffee the doctor gave her around 10pm just after he had finished handing over to night on call doctors.


was offering to get drinks for both of them from a nearby vending machine. It was bread and butter easy to slip a pill into her drink on the way back. The doctor made sure he left for home long before the Xanax pill began to take effect, giving him an iron clad alibi should the need ever arise for one.


he had



flirt with her

a little before

The drug Xanax is a wonderful multipurpose tool, in small doses it induces a narcolepsy like state, and the individual simply drops off to sleep for several hours. In higher doses, especially in the intravenous form, such as he’d administered to Mrs Kim Richards, the drug causes the brain to rapidly shut down the central nervous system leading to generalized paralysis, gradual loss of consciousness culminating in death. The beauty of it is that the drug is almost immediately broken down into a naturally occurring chemical that leaves no detectable trace in the body.





and the two other patients on the

recovery ward were concerned, he left the ward around quarter past ten last night. Only Kim new that he came back after midnight and she would never be able to tell.



Beverley Jones opened her eyes reluctantly as her bedside alarm went off. It was 7am. “Time to get up!” her brain screamed. “Just ten minutes more!” her body countered. Just then, her mobile began to chirp loudly, bringing her out of the inner struggle. She groaned and reached for the phone, flipping it open, she said, “It had better be an emergency Fiona!” Fiona is one of her three best friends. The problem is that it is difficult to stay mad at Fiona, despite her flair for the dramatics.

“Kim is dead,” screamed a hysterical Fiona. “I know she should have divorced that bastard when she had the chance, that bastard must not get away with this!” Fiona raved on. “Calm down and tell me what happened,” said a dazed Beverley, “What do you mean Kim is dead? Didn’t we all have dinner two days ago? What happened between yesterday and today to make her dead?” Beverley fired questions helplessly in desperate bid to prove Fiona wrong.

“I don’t know the full details yet,” replied Fiona tearfully, “I called her house to cancel an appointment I booked with her for facials later today and got Olivia instead. From what I gathered, Jim spilled hot coffee on her accidentally two days ago and rushed her to the Gestalt hospital where she was treated for the burns injury and admitted overnight for observation. Only for the hospital to


call yesterday morning saying that Kim had a bad allergic reaction and died during the night.”

“Allergic reaction to what exactly?” asked Beverley sternly. “I don’t think anyone knows right now, all I know is that she should have divorced that poly-timing bastard when she had the chance. How convenient that she should die just after he convinced her to withdraw the divorce suit?” said Fiona suspiciously.

“Ciara, one of my neighbours is a nurse at the Gestalt hospital. I will pay her a visit and see if she can fill me in on some of the missing details. Does Shade know about this development?”

“Jim may have told her.”

Dipo, but I have not spoken to

“Why don’t you contact Jim, find out what the hospital told him, is there going to be a post-mortem? What arrangement needs making concerning burial?”

“Slow down counsellor, we have not even confirmed the story yet. For all we know there could have been a miscommunication somewhere,” said Fiona wishfully.

“I doubt it,” said Beverly realistically, “anyway, always better to be ready for the worst but hope for the best. “Remember my vet, Dr Amanda Sharpe?” said Fiona.

“Yes, what about her?”



it funny

that just


months ago, she

developed a sudden stomach upset, was rushed to the Gestalt hospital, and had emergency operation for appendicitis. To cut the long story short she died a couple of days after the operation. The official story was that she died of septicaemia, in this day and age!”

“Now, slow down Fiona, I know how that crafty mind of yours works. Your dislike for Jim is no ground to begin


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