What Jesus Has to Say at the Onset of the 21st Century about…

…the Endtime

“The night cometh, when no man can work.” – John 9:4
Soon that which they say now rules the world – money – will be no more, and you will look and it’s gone. First to be
replaced by Satan’s mark for his short time and then to be replaced forever and eternally by My new & everlasting
System of true values.
The hour of darkness is coming. Let Me be your only light, and I will light your path.
They’re all living on borrowed time, and guess Who they’re borrowing it from? I lend it to them, and soon I will return to
see what each man has done with it and reward them accordingly.
When I return, will you cry, ‘If I only had given up this thing and that or the other for the Lord, how many more I could
have saved!’?
Things will NOT continue as they were. And when they will change, when that which is forecast will come to pass, then
you will have your chance, and I will have My chance, if you will let Me work and speak and move and live through you.
That’s why you must train now, so you will be prepared when it happens.
Be like Me. Enduring unto the end. And I am with you always even unto the end of the world, which isn’t that far off
You must work hard to prepare for the calamities that are about to befall the World. And just like Noah needed My exact
instructions in order to be able to build the first ship in history, so will you, if you wish to survive the flood of iniquity.
The time is truly drawing near & you’re feeling the vibes of impending doom. Do what you can & I will do what you can’t.
Lift up the standard of Love, My pioneers! For soon this standard will fill the whole Earth, like a mighty mountain that
will fill the whole Earth, and you will have been My pioneers, the founding fathers, who, in the last & most wicked days
of man will have withstood all opposition to declare & establish this eternal standard.
In My kingdom, that standard of love will be just as tough a law as the laws of man today. If you will break it, you will
reap consequences.
There will be statutes which will have to be kept, and they will all be part of the new standard, the standard of love. And,
oh, how proud I am of those like you who now, when this future is considered nothing more than a wild dream by those
who surround you, already proclaim it.
My day shall come as a thief in the night.
Blessed will those be whom I’ll find lifting up the standard of love in their lives, deeds & actions, and teaching others to
love just the same. For soon that love will be a cutting light in the darkness, which will be seen from miles away. My
sheep will follow your beacon & My voice in you, so, be My standard bearers, My heralds, proclaim My standard of love!
I don’t want to scare you of the future, but if you would see the severity of the impending doom, you would act
differently! You would dig out the Word and start reading & memorizing as if your life would depend on it as much as
breathing. I will have to become your oxygen, if you want to survive the days to come! I will have to become your only
light, your bread, your water, and everything you need to live, for the Devil is going to try to cut all other means of
The less firmly you are attached to the World & the System, the less you’re going to be affected by the cataclysmic
changes that are going to befall it.
The more you stay tuned to Me & move with My Spirit, the safer you’ll be. Being a pilgrim & stranger in this world always
shows its advantages when this world is being shaken up by Me & turning events.
Let Me carry you above all the waves the storms are whipping up. The sea beneath you is seething & foaming, a black,
menacing brew. But you are safe in the palm of My hand.
The forces which will be at work during the time of the Antichrist are already at work right now to bring him to power. A
new world order doesn’t just pop out of nothing without having been thoroughly planned. Some things look simpler on
the surface than they really are, and just because you can’t see the intricacy on the surface, it doesn’t mean it’s not
The Enemy was bargaining with Me & said, ‘Sure they’re all going to serve You with the fear in their necks that this
world is going to pot soon. But give them a little more time & they’ll all fall for me, You’ll see!’ And so, I had to grant him
more time, I had to grant him the ability to display even greater temptations than ever before, make his matrix look more
appealing, more attractive than ever before with all its glittering & shiny toys & distractions & enticements. I had to let
him make Me & My prophets look like fools to have been predicting an earlier doom, and now... It’s true, many have
fallen by the wayside & have given in to the attraction & the lure. Many have been hypnotized by his sirens & have fallen
asleep with the fumes of his opiates.

But I will raise them up again, and you can be there to help them up. To show them you’ve been waiting for them. Yes, it
may still look like the Devil is winning, but not for much longer. Those who discern the signs of the times can tell that
his days are numbered & ‘the wicked shall be turned into hell & all the nations that forget God.’ It will come to pass.
Prepare for the time of the End when you will teach many.
You will be the beacons of My light to the world in the greatest darkness this World has ever known.
The Serpent will spew out a great flood of lies after the Bride, and the Earth will swallow it (Rev.12:15), so be prepared.
Be prepared for the greatest collision and confrontation between My Bride and the World which has ever been, resulting
in the greatest tribulation there has ever been. For I will wreak trouble on those who seek to trouble you. I’ll give them
greater issues to worry about.
The plagues of Pharaoh are a good picture of this. He oppressed My people, and I sent him plagues, and although the
Antichrist will never let up on you voluntarily, nor will he be persuaded, I will give him enough distractions on all fronts
to keep him busy with other matters than persecuting you, My beloved, and in the end he will face his final Nemesis
descending from the sky, namely Me, and he shall taste the white-hot sword of My mouth.
There will be an end to the kingdom of Satan, his world, to be replaced by My Kingdom, with the barrier between the
dimensions gone. I will bring about that End, just like I brought about the beginning of this World.
It’s a rough & tough exam you’re learning for: the hour which is to come upon the whole world to tempt them that dwell
on the Earth. If I am to keep you through it, I must be sure you’re not so attached, so affected by all that’s going on in
the World.
The days of peace & of ease are numbered. The hour of temptation which cometh upon the whole earth to try every
man, woman & child which dwelleth therein will come. Therefore I say unto you: Prepare! Prepare your hearts; for what
you will need most of all is faith to protect you from fear & despair! Faith for miracles to help you rise above the most
atrocious & miserable circumstances of all times!
Blessed are those who are poor now, who are learning to do without, who have already learned to appreciate the little
things, the small things, that which the rich, the wealthy, the mighty & complacent despise, for those who live humbly
won’t fall as hard. Woe unto the mighty, for in that day everyone shall say “How the mighty have fallen, have fallen...”
Marvel not that you are a lone voice of warning... Were there not 400 prophets who foretold victory, & yet the one who
prophesied the king’s death was right? Therefore, redeem the time, for the days are evil! Learn to truly rely on My arm, &
not on your own. The time has come to lean utterly on Me, My child!
These are My judgments on the wicked who forget God. Although they are part of the Evil one’s plot, I allow these things
to judge & humble the wicked, the mighty & proud.
There will be a great Harvest during that time of Great Confusion. The coming crisis will cause a mighty widening of the
eyes of those who have not discerned the signs of the times, & it will open their ears & hearts to your words.
Woe unto the Earth and the inhabitants thereof, for the serpent will soon be cast out, having great wrath, for he knoweth
his time is short! You are My bride, who I will care for and protect and hide in the wilderness, so worry not, but trust!
Trust in Me and forget thine own arm! Lean wholly unto Me and I will carry you and see you safely though the tempest
and raging storm!
Though a thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand, yet shall it not come nigh thee, for I have
chosen you out from among them, thou art Mine. Because thou hast put thy trust in Me and hast said unto Me, “Thou,
Lord, art my rock and my refuge”, therefore will I protect thee and keep thee and carry thee all the days of thy life!
Even though the times ahead will be the darkest in all of history, you will be My shining lights in it, for you hold My truth,
& you are My candles & torches in the night, My diamonds of dust. You were created for this purpose, & I have prepared
you for this. Fear not, but walk into the future with your heads held high & raising high the torch & flame I have given
Fight & resist the oppressing forces of darkness. The Evil one will seek to control every facet & angle of a man’s life.
So, prepare yourselves. Focus on, & guard in your hearts My high calling for you to be My shining lights to the World in
gross darkness!
I will feed you, keep you, supply for you & care for you just like I always have.
It’s hard to believe in the Endtime approaching when you’ve been floating on a cloud of ease for years, & “nothing ever
Persecution & judgment have always hit most of My children by surprise, but I want you to be prepared. I want you to
know that time is short & not act as if things are going to keep going the same way they have been for the next hundred
years, for they won’t.
During the Endtime the Devil will have a lot of power, but yours will be greater! It already is! Use it!

The time of the merging of the spiritual & physical realm is drawing nigh, and I want you to be prepared for it, by
focusing more on the spiritual & less on the physical. I want to use you as My heralds of this event, giving others the
chance to prepare for it, too.
See your job as less that of a prophet of doom, but as a herald who is giving others a chance to prepare for coming
events. John the Baptist was a voice of one crying in the wilderness, "Make straight paths for the Lord", in other words,
"Prepare for the Lord's coming!" - Which is, in essence, what I also want you to do. You're My voices in the wilderness,
telling the people to prepare for My 2nd coming.
The message I want you to give people is to "prepare", & to let them know that you're willing and able to help them to do
It's time for My called-out ones to stop pretending they're just a bunch of nice people. It's time to come forth & show
their true face as what they really are: My prophets of the End, heralding the downfall, the collapse & the destruction of
the System.
There will come a time when you won't be tempted anymore, when you will have abolished the mind frame of the World
completely, & I will have renewed your mind completely, transformed you into a non-conformist of the extreme kind. A
flint against their faces, their proud & haughty looks against Me. Yes, they shall hate you, as they have hated Me, but I
will love you, you will love Me and nothing else will matter.
You'll have much greater help available.
You're going to see. You're going to believe, because you're going to see. You're going to see because you believed, and
then you're going to believe even greater things, and have faith for even greater things because of what you saw.
The more you believe My Words & draw down that miracle power from Me, the more you strengthen your faith to believe
all I'm telling you. This next explosion of faith is going to result in My Endtime Revolution and ultimately in My Kingdom
established on Earth, because the time is drawing near. "They can't stop our reign!"
The Antichrist has his own heralds, & although he portrays his era as an era of peace, "he shall by peace destroy
many", because his is not real or true peace, and the peace the Devil gives is only short-lived. But you can be a herald &
messenger of the Prince of true, genuine, everlasting peace and freedom.
Sooner or later, the "proper" way of doing things is going to disappear. The "proper" way is headed for the mark of the
Beast, & at that point, you will have no part in it anymore, & the sooner you start to prepare & find an alternative way of
doing things, which is Mine, the better off you're going to be.
Don't dream that things are always going to stay the way they are, but keep in mind where it's headed: toward the mark
of the Beast, because this System is of the Devil, and he's not going to give it up voluntarily. I'm going to take it away
from him by allowing him to fully establish his kingdom on Earth, proving to all mankind what an absolute mess he's
going to make out of things, and it's going to be war, and nothing less.
He's going to declare open war on My bride, and that's where he's going to have gone too far, & where he's going to find
out that he can't keep making the bill without the Keeper of the Inn...
It is necessary for Me to bring on the night before I can bring back the Spring. It is necessary to bring on the purging
before all is pure again.
You say, "Bring on the good times! Stop all this suffering," but it's necessary for Me to bring on My judgments first. You
must agree with Me on this, you must desire them as something good.
I'm asking you to agree with Me that judgments must come, and to pray that I bring on that which I know the world
needs most.
My currency is the real thing, the only thing that's going to endure & see you through any crisis! You better start making
full use of it, and getting trained in its usage, because you're going to be more & more dependent on it, no more reliance
on the arm of the flesh in the future!
It's going to be the time that all the prophets have dreamed of and foreseen, the ultimate fulfillment of all I've said &
I want you to praise Me for it! Show the Devil you're not scared of him, nor of anything he can bring about, knowing that
he's only a tool in My hands to bring to pass My greater plan! What must come to pass is going to come to pass, the cup
is almost full. So, it behooves you to invest all your time & energies into preparing for it! Don't be like those who didn't
get into the boat with Noah because they were too busy with the usual affairs of life, their courting and eating and
If you can see the changes happening on the horizon, you better start preparing for them, and not wait until they're here!
And one of the best ways to prepare for them is to let others know about them now, before they come to pass, so that
they can prepare also, and help you.
People have got to see you busy at "building an ark," making preparations for the rain, even though they may not see it
coming as clearly as you do, so that when it comes, when it's going to start pouring, they will know that you have been
prophets among them.

The Antichrist will be the epitome of the perfection of the flesh, of the carnal mind, and it will turn out to be the epitome
of defiance against God.
When nothing on earth will go or flow anymore, no more gas, no more oil, no more water, no more electricity, then My
power will still be running through you!
As the merging of the dimensions approaches, you will first witness that this world is going to become more & more like
All those horror visions of the book of Revelation are real, but some people are afraid to deal with it.
Sooner or later, it's going to be all-out war. No more peaceful coexistence then.
Sooner or later the System won't be there anymore for you to rely on. I don't want you to put your trust or build your
existence on sinking ground, that sinking ship, lest you go down with it.
The greatest need & hunger is for the spiritual riches, and being wise - like Joseph - is storing up a lot of spiritual wealth
to share with the world during its leanest years it will have ever seen. The greatest famine I want you to prepare for is
the spiritual famine.
Show them the signs that show which way the world is going & that confirm to you the things that you believe are going
to happen.
As much as you'd like to have this world be over with, so that I could whisk you away to a better place where you would
enjoy life a lot more, this life is really very valuable, and I'm not going to rescue you prematurely.
The Devil has been brainwashing people with his definition of good and bad, which the AC will take to the ultimate
extreme: it will be him labeling you as the "bad guys" that will trigger the greatest persecution of all times and the
greatest tribulation of all times, consequently.
I have to allow the storms to come, to purge your hearts and make you white. Woe unto them who think that all things
will continue as they were.
Who will be ready when the hour of temptation comes? Who will stand? Who is wise to take heed? Who will not fall for
the apparent, for that which the eyes see; but who sees deeper, below the surface, and can discern what's really going
Right now you're all training with weights, but someday soon you're going to fly!
It's a promise I'm going to keep, as unbelievable as it may sound to unbelieving ears! That age-old dream... I'm going to
fulfill it! I'm going to make it come to pass! It's going to be part of My great "Restoration Act Part 1," at the Rapture,
which will herald the Millennium!
Communication with Me is more important right now than communication with anybody else, because of the great
impending changes in the world and the approaching darkness!
Sometimes it simply isn't appropriate anymore for all that chatter to continue; there will even come a time when there
will be complete silence in heaven for half an hour (Rev.8:1). You're seeking happiness, laughter and diversion, but it's a
time to quiet down and tune in to what is going to happen, lest you be caught by surprise!
Weeds usually grow faster than good crops, and the weeds seems to threaten to choke My good crops, but you know
and can trust that in the end, I, the Wood Chopper will descend with My axe upon all those evil growths of darkness &
will make an end for them & cast them in the fire.
Trust in spite of all that the weeds of darkness can threaten to do; continue to believe & see My light beyond the
apparent darkness, knowing that the darkness - no matter how gloomy - is only temporal, soon to be chased away by
My glorious, eternal light.
The true believers prepare not only themselves but also others for what is to come. Instead of kidding themselves into
believing that they still have forever to reach the lost, they heed My warnings in My Word that time is short, and My
advice to ‘redeem the time, for the days are evil.’
There will always come a breakthrough into the light, even after the darkest night.
Focus on that hope, that dawn that will always be there after a stretch of darkness. As the days grow darker and more
evil, and the fog thickens, remember that glorious dawn that awaits you.
I’ll be back for you, just like I promised. Faith is the ability to enjoy that knowledge and act assured of My promises, to
be so sure of the victory that you can almost act as if I had already come and delivered you.
The closer you get to the Tribulation, the greater the atrocities that are being committed in the world around you, the
less there is time for laughter!

The virgins heard that the Bridegroom was coming, and they went out toward Him, to meet Him. Thank you for meeting
Me half-way! Thank you for preparing for My coming, for making sure you always have enough oil in your lamps!
Satan may attempt to intimidate you with his displays of authority and power, but you know none of it is real, and his
days are numbered. You may be nothing more than a refugee, one of the "underground," one of those he labels
"terrorists," but you know beyond a doubt that you are part of the true and eternal Kingdom which soon is going to be
rightfully restored to the true King and its Maker.
In the times of scarcity to come the pleasures of Egypt will abruptly cease, and survival will become a matter of
continuous miracles.
I'm preparing you for the time when there will be all-out war between you and the System, and that could happen rather
quickly. And like Pharaoh of old, they will have to be shown and taught that you're not afraid of their threats, because
I'm on your side.
Eventually, My Endtime Underground will have to break with the System, its ties with the System, its dependence on the
You know from My Word that eventually they'll start hounding and persecuting you, so you can't live as if your life and
destiny was meant to be one of perpetual peace with the System.
You're the stars of My show, and you become bringers of life in this world, sources of words of wisdom and the pivots
on which hinges the equilibrium of all, without which there would be a false balance which would cause everything to
collapse, which is precisely what will happen when the Enemy will try to wipe you out, My true church, during the Great
Tribulation, the times of trouble and hour of darkness I have foretold.
In that hour of darkness you will shine brightest of all. Right now there's still some twilight, and the world isn't as
desperate yet for your light, but when the devil's light will collapse and turn into darkness, reveal itself as what it really
is, then there's going to be great desperation among those who are My children at heart, and who don't really want to
follow the Devil.
If you discern the signs of the times, you can tell that time is getting shorter, and you'd rather have an impact on
people's lives that's going to cause them to make appropriate changes now than a day too late.
I don't want to scare you, but I also don't want you to be lethargic or take it too lightly, thinking that things are going to
continue forever as they are.
You’re living in times that will just continue to wax worse and worse. The world is getting ready for the Devil's version of
"Pentecost," when he will pour out his spirit in such measure that he and his angels will literally possess those who will
follow him and his "son," his chosen one.
There will be no compromising with the antichrist. You'll be either for him and against Me or vice versa. The ultimate
decision and choice will be required, and from then on there will be no more double-minded compromising. It will be
either all or nothing at all.
There is a maniac at the controls of this world, and he's planning to take over completely.
The Scriptures and prophecies and warnings about the antichrist were not just empty scare tactics, or a fairy tale that's
suddenly going to happen at the end of the world, and then it's over.
The author of confusion has been marshaling his forces for a long time now, and the New World Order has been in the
careful planning and making.
Few have the guts to face the coming Tribulation with courage and the faith, that I am going to manifest My power on
their behalf in an unprecedented manner, because that's going to be what it takes to face the unprecedented flood of
evil that's almost upon you.
The winds of change are blowing, but man's nature is thus that he often ignores them and resists them. He tries to keep
things the way they are, tries to preserve and conserve them, and continue all things as they have been (2Peter 3:4).
But My judgments usually came swiftly, when they came, and caused a mighty widening of the eyes of those who did
not discern the signs of the times, and thus it shall be again. That's why I need you to be prepared and on guard, and
not slack. I need you to be alert!
The right attitude to have toward the coming AC kingdom is not one of defiance as yet, since it is coming as My final
judgment of the world, and like all things, you must take it as from My hand, and herald and welcome it as My course of
events that I have chosen for the world, not like many of those who think they've got to prevent it at all costs, in order to
preserve the freedom of their oh-so "godly" nation.
There will be Heaven on Earth, because a good deal of Heaven's population is going to come down to invade the earth
and take it over by force, by battle, and by an actual, physical revolution.

The tyrant who will have usurped this earth for too long will finally be toppled and disposed of, and the King of Heaven
will reassume His rightful title of King of Heaven and Earth.
When I apply judgment to people I'm trying to finally get their attention.
The judgment scare is very impressive and sobering, and I'm afraid we're not going to get around it in the long run.
One of the first Endtime events that has to unfold is, "And this Gospel of the Kingdom must be preached in all nations,
and then shall the End come" (Mt.24:14). I still need you to do a bit more preaching, before I can ring in the last act!
So, if you want the judgment to come, just make sure you do your part and warn them first!
In Heaven it will be a very interesting and fascinating study for untold millions and billions yet to come, what voices of
truth were around during the great era of lies, the Endtime, when the Enemy was given full rein, and only a relative
handful withstood the lure and magic of his mass hypnotism (Eze.33:33).
Satan may pretend to be the hero of the "free thinkers," but in reality, he's not nearly as much into free choice as I am,
as his "New World Order" will show, at the latest when he will make the mark obligatory for anyone who wishes to
He's really a dictator at heart, and all his "goodie-goodie" show that he's pulling off right now, of being a promoter of
democracy, etc., and "let the kids have some fun," is just that: pure show. As soon as they're all in the trap, he's going
to pull the plug, and the fun will be over, once and for all.
It's not going to be called the "Great Tribulation" for nothing: the fun will be over, period.
He's going to come up with what he's really good at - the only thing: creating hell on earth.
He'll show his true face, eventually.
The Enemy is going to be instrumental in bringing about My plan, since the world won't be ready for My one-world
religion until the Devil will have imposed his on them. They'll appreciate what I have to say, once they'll have known the
kind of spirituality or moral code the Devil had to offer...
All the terrible ways in which today's unwise leaders are leading the world down the drain serve My greater purpose of
bringing about the Endtime scenario: It's all getting to the point where they will desperately need supernatural help and
guidance. And so, first the Devil will have his turn, through the Antichrist, and upon having failed utterly, the world will
finally be ready for My supernatural intervention.
So, if things were a lot better than they are, it would mean that the time of My Coming would still be more in the
distance. But with things becoming so bad, you can tell, "Oh, redemption must be drawing nigh" (Lk.21:28).
The Devil and his forces permeate this present reality and influence it according to their liking.
They go, "C'mon, let's have some fun and mess up God's creation and the beauty of things some more!"
When he'll pose as the great "solution giver" through the antichrist, he'll just tell'em to stop all the things he's been
egging them on to do all along thus far.
It's not that he would really care about the environment, much less the survival of mankind. He's just interested in
lording it out over creation for as long as he possibly can get away with it, but he knows his time will be short once he'll
be down here for his "grand moment."
We have to bring this big lesson for all mankind and the whole universe to a close. We've got to wrap it up, and there's
just no happy ending without his innuendo.
Are you actively feeding My flock on a professional level, in order to ensure not only your own, but also their survival
through the rough times in the near future?
When trouble comes - and trouble will come - who is likely to stand their ground and not lose their faith? Those who
have been strengthening it and feeding it and investing their time in it, right? So, you're going to be a very substantial
and needed help for them in order not to lose it, during those times, and that's a calling. You could call that a profession.
It's a profession you've taken on by faith, for a need you believe by faith is going to arise, based on My Word, that things
are not going to continue the way they are.
You have believed in change, and have invested your time accordingly, not in the ways of this world, which you know
are going to change, but in My eternal and everlasting and unshakable values. You've been growing something and
building something that might not make much sense to the onlookers, similar to the way it must not have made sense
for people that Noah was building an Arc on dry land, and on top of it, housing thousands of animals in it...
Even so you see a lot of people deserting you and running off, following the lures of this world... The Devil knows how
to get them and how to tempt them. Yet, when the flood came, it sure was a good thing that Noah had built that thing,
wasn't it? And even so, when the Devil's flood of iniquity and lies is going to sweep this world for it's greatest hour of
temptation yet, you're not going to be sorry you've been investing your time in building your faith.
The time you're going to have invested in strengthening your faith and establishing this line of communication with Me
will seem anything but wasted then! You'll be one of the few who are going to turn out to have done the right thing!
There's going to be a huge vacuum for the kind of stuff that you've got to offer, when the time comes. They'll come
running to you for answers.

It will be evident that you will be among those whom I have elected to lead My people out of this mess!
Those which I'm referring to as My professionals are the very elect, the ones whom Satan won't be able to deceive,
because they've been so busy soaking up the truth, they will be immune to his poison flood!
When all the others will run out of their professions and jobs and their usefulness, then it will show who will have been
the wise investors and real professionals in My eyes!
Relax and enjoy your days while you can! The rough times are going to come, and they're also going to work for you in
making people more receptive, making the truth you've got to share more obvious, easier to receive and believe. The
coming events will confirm what you've got to say, just as current events are already preparing the way and hearts of
the people.
Time is on My side! The Devil would have you believe the opposite, that it's on his side, and in some ways it's true: time
will eventually play the world completely into his hands. But only for Me to snatch it away from him again forever!
The flesh thinks and trusts that all things will continue as they are, that’s why they will always continue to work as they
have been for all these years and decades. No major changes have happened yet, so it’s unlikely to assume that they’re
still going to happen, so, why make any unnecessary preparations or adaptations? Like the parable of the frog: If you
put him in hot water, he’ll immediately jump out but if you heat up the water gradually, he’ll stay inside until the water
starts boiling.
So, if circumstances are becoming quite uncomfortable and almost unbearable for you, maybe it’s because something’s
severely wrong, and going to become worse. Maybe it’s an indicator that the water is becoming very hot, and it’s time
for drastic changes, time to jump out, before you’re going to boil.
The Enemy’s the one who started the fire, and he’s cooking his great final meal, his final empire and World Order.
I want you to be open for greater changes rolling in with the future, and prepare for what’s to come.
Things are going to tighten up. They’re not going to become more open. Authorities worldwide are soon going to start
clamping down and closing in on the “undesirable elements” of society, as they already are, making it more and more
difficult for people to lead alternative life-styles…
I want you to be aware that changes might be required in the future, and not to be stuck in your present mindset, but
realize that you may have to adapt to times becoming darker and more severe, even darker than the Roman persecution
and the Inquisition!
So, it behooves you to walk wisely toward them that are without, and to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.
In light of what’s coming at you - the Tribulation - you will want to avoid sticking out unnecessarily.
People aren’t exactly becoming more tolerant as the times wax worse & worse and the days grow darker!
With the severity of troubles increasing, you had also better learn to turn up your prayer power accordingly.
In order to prepare you for the Tribulation, I sometimes have to allow little foretastes and shadows of tribulation in your
life, to get you into praying mode, desperate mode, no-longer-things-as-usual mode…
“It’s the end of the world as we know it,” and you’ll only feel fine if you have truly learned to put your trust in Me to the
extent where it really won’t faze you if it’s going down.
We’re developing personality here, and leadership qualities of the kind that will be needed during the days to come; the
kind of light that can shine its way through the darkness of the Tribulation. Lights and energies that will rely on others
will peter out sooner or later… Only those who are plugged in directly to Me and My power will have what it takes to
make it through the night.
Even in the midst of the greatest darkness on earth, we can have the fires of love burning! That’s the fire the world will
need then, the fire by which they will warm themselves through the long, cold, lonely winter before I finally come to take
you all Home with Me.
You’ll need to learn endurance to make it through that period. You can’t become impatient about My return, nor can you
become weary of hardship so easily. The best is yet to come, but unfortunately, the worst is also yet to come, so you’ll
understand that it takes a few more lessons on endurance before you’ll be ready for that darkest chapter of man’s
What you’re witnessing right now is only the beginning of sorrows, as you know from the book of Revelation.
Things are going to get worse, and I need for My children to have a mature attitude and wisdom.
Before an impending storm, crisis or famine, it’s a good & wise thing to collect wisdom and experience that will see you
through the storm, and when the time comes, others with you, hopefully.
The battle you’re having to fight now will make you strong for that time. You will need that strength then.
You’re learning things right now that are going to come in handy when their System has long gone down the drain.
The time of physical dearth will be a time of spiritual harvest.

The confusion that is coming in the world will straighten the path for greater acceptance of My simplicity, clarity and
That’s one of the great secrets: the stillness, the acceptance of yielding to the hand of God in your life, even if it brings
times of trouble and sorrow, to just let it be.
Most Christians rebel against that idea and say, “No, we are God’s children. We shall not see any sorrow. He’s going to
whisk us into Heaven before the Tribulation comes.”
But My children need to pass through the Tribulation in order to be cleansed and purified from their sins, from their
many lacks and ways in which they are failing to love Me truthfully, genuinely and sincerely.
Part of loving Me is manifested in loving the truth, and not settling for any comfortable half-truth and compromise with
the truth, such as the easy-way-out Pre-Tribulation-Rapture doctrine, etc.
They want Me to whisk them out of this world and into Heaven before the Tribulation that would make them clean and
pure and white for Me. They want the easy way out; they don’t want to go the full length of the path for Me.
You don’t have much to do with the governing politics of today, this is not your time, it’s the day of the usurper, and he’s
going to have his heyday soon.
We’re entering a dark period – the darkest, in fact – of history where man will be deprived of more liberties, luxuries and
benefits than he has ever had to do without, and that after the time of his greatest indulgence… That’s going to be quite
a test, and I’m just giving you a little bit of training at that in order to make the transition not all too hard for you.
Many won’t be able to cope with being deprived of and having to give up so many of the things they had grown
accustomed to, and that they have been taking for granted all along.
As you know from the Scriptures, one of the signs of the time of the End in which you’re living is that “Because iniquity
(or unbelief) shall abound, the love of many will wax cold.”
He’s trying to kill the love, not only in the world, but also in My people around the world.
He manipulates people subtly and cleverly into operating out of selfish interests, and so selfishness, sometimes subtly
disguised, is often the true incentive that motivates people, even if they may claim to be acting out of love.
John and Daniel had to “earn” their laurels, in order to receive such high-ranking, high-quality revelations from Me, and
their revelations had virtually no relevance for themselves, but they were principally for your purpose, upon whom the
ends of the world have come.
You notice it says “ends,” signifying that there are various incidents that could constitute “the end of the world as we
know it” for some people.
You never know just how much longer the whole “money game” is going to last. It might be over sooner than some
people think, and “Show Me the Money” will acquire another meaning then. It will mean, “Show Me the goods! Show Me
what you have learned and earned with all that’s been given you and invested in you.”
When the money will collapse, it will become evident what people will have invested their lives in, and whether it will still
be worth anything or not.
It’s a dying world. They may not know it yet. In a world where the young are giving the impression that they rule,
because all that is portrayed all over is youth, and “youth rules,” they don’t realize that they’re in reality only
manipulated by a few greedy old men, who hold them like singing and dancing puppets on a string, like Pinocchio, while
they’re raking in the money, rob them of their liberty and suck the very life out of them.
It’s hard to see the reality behind this farce, that in spite of its phony youthful appearance, this world is really rotting and
dying, and almost decaying. There’s nothing fresh about it. They have allowed sin to enter, and the wages of sin is
death, a death that is now rapidly creeping all over the world. They may not notice it while the music keeps playing and
the laughter drags on, and their fancy dances, but it’s all just a farce the Devil keeps going, under the motto “the show
must go on,” only to hide what’s truly happening beneath the surface: they’re getting ready for the total enslavement of
They’re dying, and they don’t even know it. They keep dancing and fiddling on their fancy big boat, and don’t even
realize that they’re already up to their necks in icy water…
Keep preaching and broadcasting that truth by any means available, so that at least they can’t say they never heard it,
they’d never been warned. Of course it’s not what they want to hear. It wouldn’t have been very favorably received if
someone had gone around on the Titanic saying, “Excuse me, but this ship is going to sink!” After all, she was deemed
unsinkable. And that’s what they think about their System.
The Enemy’s kingdom is coming into being, the Devil’s kingdom of darkness on earth, the creeping death that’s
inevitably taking ahold of them and their world.
I have sent you to preach the “Good News” of the Gospel, but for those who will reject it, it becomes bad news, because
it signals, heralds and ushers in their doom and downfall.
The truth which has been uttered will come to pass and be fulfilled. As long as there are My voices of truth, I will do My
part to vindicate them and to prove them right. The world may say they’re nuts and laugh about them and ridicule them

and dismiss them, but I will always prove them right in the end. It may not always happen immediately or exactly the
same way it may have been interpreted, but in the end it will happen and come to pass.
On one hand, the times in which you are living are more evil than the days in which I was living, and there will come a
time when it will be necessary for you to curse your enemies and defend yourselves from them with My power.
On the other, you are supposed to show love for as long as you can, and as much as you can. Once you see they
rejected that love for good, then they are basically cursed already by their own decisions, and will bring events upon
their heads that will either make them repent eventually, or, if they continue to close their hearts, they’ll eventually go
down into the pit without you adding any efforts to their misfortune.
The Enemy is feverishly establishing his New World Order, which he will raise from the crumbled ruins and the ashes of
the chaos and confusion and downright anarchy he’s creating right now.
He’s creating the disease in order to present the cure to it all with his phony imitation of My Kingdom. The world is
going to have to go through that in order to find out where it’s not at.
Tough changes are up ahead, and the sooner you get ready for change and for what’s ahead, the better equipped you’re
going to be.
You’re going to have to bear and put up with worse evils than the ones you’re currently having to fight and put up with,
so, be thankful for the ones you’ve got, for they will prepare you for the tougher road up ahead, greater obstacles and
fiercer adversaries.
Tough jobs in the present are ideal preparation for the tough job the future is going to bring, of survival in a wicked
world ruled by the incarnation of the Devil himself.
Never before has any nation or world power had the same ability to make all other nations as drunk on its wine as
They live in their illusion of “We Are the Champions,” while even some of their own prophets are proclaiming that
attitude an illusion, proclaiming the fall of the American Empire.
She tries to get a free ride on the back of the power and the strength of this world, because that’s where her love lies.
She doesn’t truly love Me, My meek and seemingly weak and humble ways. She prefers the pride of life, and so she tries
to get a ride on the back of the Beast and pretends to be the Queen of the World, but only until that Beasts gets tired of
her and rends her into pieces.
The Antichrist will be the final instrument to bring on that judgment over her, to let her reap what she has sown, and to
fulfill My commandment to give her double of the cup and portion of destruction and suffering that she has given to the
It’s not only going to be the Antichrist destroying her, but also the 10 kings who will give him their power. It will be
almost like a collective judgment of the main leaders of the world on the great culprit, and along with her they will of
course try to wipe out and destroy all she stood for, including her supposedly Christian values and everything
associated with them.
As time goes by, the puzzle will become clearer, and reveal the whole picture. It’s part of your ministry to decipher and
discover the meaning of these things. You learn to read My handwritings on the wall and interpret them for the world,
just as Daniel did for the “bear” of his day, the Medo-Persian empire and its ruler.
You’re having another “dual kingdom” represented by a bear right now, ready to devour the Babylon of this day and
age… It’s also significant that the Medo-Persian bear had three ribs in his mouth, just as 3 horns of the ten will be
uprooted before the Antichrist…
The Devil chose this time of technological advances to make his big appearance and reveal himself to the world, a time
during which man is showing the ultimate of his strength, wit, achievements and knowledge.
It makes Me and My life seem more irrelevant, more distant, more humble and smaller, less impressive to those who are
carnal minded, compared to all the “great achievements” of man and the supposed “progress” he has made
scientifically, socially and in the ways he’s making his presence on the planet seen.
Man has become “somebody,” and it’s in that kind of environment that the Enemy would like to present himself as the
greatest “somebody” of all.
Some of the things that are being said right now, some of the Endtime interpretations, etc., are still hanging in the
balances. But the actual development of those events are going to tell the true from the false interpretations, and that
which has been truth all along will then crystallize and show and reveal itself to have been the real thing, and stand out
as such, apart from all the other, false or incorrect interpretations.
Time will tell who’s been right or wrong.
People basically love to be manipulated, and that’s also why they will receive the Antichrist with wide open arms, since
he will be the chief manipulator of all times.

“Hold that fast which thou hast. Behold I come quickly.” I may not have returned as soon as some of you would have
wanted Me to, but all in all, you’ll see that this whole story is going to be done and over with relatively quickly, and as I
said, “When you see these things begin to come to pass, look up, for your redemption draws nigh.”
It won’t be long now, before the world is going to get so bad that many will say, “Stop this world, I want to get off!” And
those that will call upon My name will be saved out of it.
There is a path of much suffering ahead for the world, and I need you to brace yourself for it, but I also need you to
focus on the glorious happy ending, and instill hope.
The days are evil indeed, and time needs to be redeemed, not wasted. Every moment is precious, and I truly need you to
invest your efforts in the spreading of the truth.
The winter of the world is coming on. It’s not anymore the days of joy and merriment, although you may still have time
to enjoy a few more of those, but in general, it’s a time of warning, of desperation, because soon all these things must
come to pass that I have spoken through My prophets.
Since death entered through disobedience, things naturally tend to decay. Things are getting worse, not better, and that
process isn’t going to be reversed until I return to restore things to the way they were before…
The same power that brought the original positive chain reaction of Creation into being, will restore it in the end, too,
when the big basic chapter of this part of history will be concluded. “The Era of the Fall” will soon come to an end, to be
replaced by a better one.
You shouldn’t worry about the state you’re in right now, the way you’re prone to make mistakes and allow sin to enter in
your life, as much as you should look at Me and the fact that I’m going to put an end to all that soon, because that is
what really matters.
What matters is not that you’re bad, but that the end of badness is in sight, and your actual, physical redemption from
all of this, at My return, is drawing closer and closer.
Only those with great faith can see the extent to which the Enemy has taken over this world, but still know that in reality
it is I Who have got the whole world in My hands, and only allow him to pull off his little game of playing “god of the
world” for a little while, along with all his little “gods” who follow him and his “let’s all be gods” scheme.
He may still feel all-powerful as long as he’s in My Realm, the Spirit Realm, but once he’ll be confined to the limitations
of the physical world, the magic’s going to wear off real fast.
He’s going to turn out to be just as much subject to sin as every other slave to their own lusts and evil in their hearts
since the beginning of time. The evil he actually introduced into the world at the beginning will turn out to be his own
demise and Achilles heel, as it will turn on him and cause him to make the mistakes that will cost him the ruler-ship over
this world, which presently he may still think is rightfully his.
But in the end it will be mighty clear that he will have muffed it, and that the world would never survive if he would stay
in power. All creation groans to be delivered of the grip of the usurper.
The fulfillment of My Promises requires supernatural measures. Things unseen and unheard of since the beginning of
time, although My prophets have foretold it from Enoch to John, that I would come with tens of thousands of My saints
in the sky…
That’s definitely something hard to picture for the average rational mind, and probably the majority of folks around you
would call you a lunatic if you told them that you believe that that’s what’s going to happen some day soon. Well, but if
you’re going to believe that outrageously impossible happy ending for the sad story the history of this world so far has
been, then you can also start believing Me for smaller “impossibilities” today, and allow Me to work contrary to natural
reasoning in your life.
If I’m going to intervene supernaturally and save this whole world from the mess it has gotten itself into, then am I not
going to be able to do the same for you and change any less than favorable situation you’re in into a better one?
Except for the last 2 witnesses who are going to make a lot of worldwide noise via the media, what My church will
basically have to do is patiently wait it out until My return during the Tribulation, because it’s going to be “the night,” of
which I spoke, “which cometh, when no man can work.”
That’s why it’s very important that you give the world the message as much as you can beforehand, before the
Tribulation, and before the mark of the Beast will be implemented and the church will be persecuted, because “the night
cometh when no man can work.”
I’m literally having to allow this world to die in order for it to become desperate enough to finally accept and welcome
My return to reclaim My own.
The Antichrist is going to prove just how much better the world will be without religion altogether, and that’s when
things will get so bad that I’m simply going to have to come to the rescue.
The “New World Order” will be one last pitiful example of an empire built and founded on the wrong values based on
man putting himself above Me in his own mind and set of priorities, one last glorious attempt of man to rule over the
earth in all the splendor and greatness he can come up with, only to once again fail because of the corruption of his
own heart, and to be conquered by Me and My lasting Kingdom to once and for all show how it’s really done properly.

It takes a genuine King and ruler in order to rule properly and justly, not a fake and usurper such as Satan, who is
getting ready for his final and “supreme” act of posing as king of the world, adored and worshiped by all those he has
led astray by his false doctrines, morals and rules that blatantly defy Mine.
Time is short because the night comes when no man can work, and you’ll be thankful for everything you did before that
to strengthen your own faith as well as that of others.
You’ll be thankful for every moment you invested in your spiritual preparation and strengthening for that time. Even if
you’re not to experience the Tribulation yourself, you’ll be grateful for every moment you invest in the eternal instead of
wasting time on trivial, earthly matters and personal entertainment.
There’s nothing like trouble to awaken people’s interest in the truth.
The trouble with the truth is that there’s nothing like trouble that makes people want any of it…
Until then, they’re perfectly happy and content living in the lie. The lie becomes the new truth, the new gospel, the new
credo by which everything works, and if you don’t adhere to it, you’re “out,” “old-fashioned” or “conservative.”
The best camouflage for an old, rotten lie is youth. If the Devil could get youth to adopt his gospel of selfishness, greed
and sheer egotism as the only existing truth, then nothing was going to be able to save the world anymore from his
reign, and that’s just about what has happened.
Now they’re all enslaved by his evil dogma, and soon he’s going to come up with the great solution for his own problem
that he caused, but as usual, will blame someone else for, and you know who his favorite scapegoat is…
Only, since he is declaring that I’m only a myth, he’s going to make those the scapegoats who have the audacity to cling
to their belief in Me… His scapegoat is going to be the church.
There were those who denied My existence and becoming flesh during the time of the Roman persecutions, but the
great apostasy or “falling away” will be that despite the fact that My existence as an actual living Person had been well
established for centuries, a resurge of that “spirit of antichrist” will occur, where people simply deny that I ever existed
The “Jesus Myth” is the Devil’s great and final campaign to gather his forces against Mine. What better way to eliminate
your enemy than just reducing him to a fairy-tale?
That’s why only those are going to be able to survive this onslaught and evade his deception who cling to Me as their
only and ultimate Reality, and why clinging to Me is your only hope.
He will try to destroy people’s faith in Me on such a large scale that only those who really know Me will not fall for his
flood of lies.
Let Me do My job of taking care of you while you do yours of taking care of the sheep and seeing to it that there will be
material to feed them when the time comes and they will be more desperate for it because My prophecies of old will be
fulfilled before their eyes, and it will be harder for them not to believe then, and they will be desperate for guidance and
spiritual nourishment.
Right now it’s still pretty much by faith, and some of those events look as if they might happen or not, but once they will
be happening, those who have read and heard the prophecies of old won’t be able to deny their authenticity anymore,
and they will know that the Bible was right and truth all along, and those who proclaimed My Words had been in the
right all along…
When trouble comes you won’t be able to rely on any group. You’re going to have to be able to rely on Me; that’s what
matters, and that’s what will count: how much will you have learned to truly rely on Me?
That will determine the extent to which you will panic or not – even when everyone else around you will be panicking.
The extent to which you’re learning to trust Me calmly now in the face of adversity and loss will determine how well
you’ll be faring then, when adversity and loss will reach unprecedented proportions.
The story is nearly done being told, and though there’s yet one last dark and fierce chapter to be written and told, the
glorious ending is also coming into sight.
The greatest slaughter since the beginning of history is still before us and impending, and it’s not as if I particularly
enjoy that sort of bloodshed. But just as My blood had to be shed, and the blood of Abel was shed, and the blood of
every lamb of sacrifice since the beginning of the world, so the world needs to pay the consequences for having chosen
the way of sin over and over and over again.
The lesson has to be made unequivocally clear. It has to stick.
Mankind will only appreciate peace and reconciliation with Me after the most horrible wars have been fought, that will be
remembered as signs and tokens of warning, so they will truly be able to say from their hearts, “never again.”
Sooner or later things will become bad one way or another.
Perhaps I’m preparing all of you for that time right now.
Perhaps it has come to that…
Perhaps things could be worse, and perhaps they will be. Perhaps My Word is right, after all, about its prognosis as far
as the future of the world is concerned, and the sooner people learn to depend on Me, the better off they’re going to

The hard times are a much more excellent preparation for what’s to come than the easy times, which only tend to
further spoil you, so just try to enjoy the hard times for what they are, because for one thing, they’re not nearly as hard
as they could be, and are inevitably going to be.
You know from My Word that the Antichrist and his reign must happen, because they have been prophesied and foretold
thousands of years ago. What has been written must come to pass.
Making people aware of only one side of the truth is not going to help much. They need to know both the truth about the
System, as well as the truth about Me, the only Way out!
The world around your ears may be crumbling and falling apart, and all the while, from its ashes, another better one is
rising, a lasting one. You are only the tip of the iceberg, the tip of the mountain that will one day fill the entire earth, as
Daniel prophesied (Dan.2:35, 44).
Compared to all the mayhem and destruction around you, that tiny tip may not seem like much, and all the evil in the
world may seem overwhelming by comparison, but just wait and see: I’m not done yet. It’s merely the tip of the iceberg
that’s going to sink the Devil’s proud and haughty Titanic, and that mountain is going to fill the earth, even as I have
Many atheists want the glory and credit for themselves, which is exactly what the Devil wanted, too, and it shows just
how much alike their ways of thinking are, and another factor why they refuse to accept him as a reality: If they would
accept the Devil as a reality, they would actually recognize the similarities between their trains of thought.
If there would be a party presenting Lucifer as the “cool dude” that he makes himself out to be, they would rally behind
him and say, “Yeah, we can relate to his way of thinking,” and that’s what’s basically going to happen when the
Antichrist arises; they will recognize him: “Now that’s our man!”
Some people’s motivation for rejecting the biblical truth is in part fear. They cannot associate My Return and “the end of
the world” with anything good: they would prefer to see it keep going, so that no evil should befall them and their
What they fail to realize, though, is that the longer this world goes on, the more likely evil is bound to befall them, and
that My Return will be principally for the purpose of putting an end to all that evil.
They want war? They can have it, and they’re going to have it, and they’re also going to find out that they’re going to
lose it. I’ve been letting them run this show for so long now, they think they’re practically invincible: “Come, Let us
break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us…” They think they can get rid of Me and of My authority.
But you know the end of that chapter, and Who it is that will laugh last… (Psalm 2).
The Enemy certainly landed a genius master stroke with this camouflage of disguising the greatest perpetrators of evil
in the world as “Christians” and as those supposedly faring under My flag.
It’s the ultimate atrocity, what the Bible used to call an abomination, which will ultimately be instrumental in bringing
about the Devil’s final abomination of Desolation.
Remember My warning that the time before My Coming was going to be like the days of Noah, where they married and
gave into marriage, ate and drank and didn’t take heed until it was too late…
It’s a heavy burden to be hated by the world, but it’s one you’re simply going to have to get used to in the light of
unfolding Endtime events.
The end of the world as you know it is before you, just as it was in the days of Noah, and preparations must be made,
and work invested that will ensure the salvation of the chosen.
in the end, only what you will have done in preparation for the other world really counts.
Never before was the world as much the Devil’s as today, filled with his ways and workings, and the more it becomes
his, the less I am welcome in it, and the less welcome I am, the less are you.
There is plenty of reason for concern, alertness, and for being on guard. The Devil is still walking about as a roaring
lion, seeking whom he may devour, and just like I, he has gathered himself an army that has outgrown any previous
His power on earth is greater than ever before, soon to burst into his notion of all-powerfulness that will lead to the
dreadful final chapter of world history.
I’m giving you glimpses of what things really look like behind the scenes, and the aspects aren’t rosy right now for the
world, and even My brides will have to brace themselves for what’s to come!

Those who claim “I am my own wheel” only wind up as another cog in the same old rut and machine that will effectively
get them nowhere, except the same starting point when the race of this world will have reached its finishing line: the
end of the old and beginning of the New. (2011:9)
Just as it was the case with the precedent, so it will be with the sequence and final events. Those things happened as an
ensample – a prototype – of what would happen unto you, upon whom the ends of the world have come.
They went through it and came out alright, and so will you. (2011:19)
The System is based on war, and it is war at its core: basically everyone fighting to the death for their own cause. That’s
what’s so fiendish about this whole world, and the main reason why I have no part in it and why I am their worst Enemy,
in fact, the One to bring about an end to this selfish, cruel and murderous game in due time. (2011:94)
Life may be hard at present, but it’s going to get harder, and it behooves you to appreciate these times, instead of
complaining about them, for if you think this is as tough as it gets, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.
So when life tends to overwhelm you, think about how much worse things could be and most likely will be very soon,
and make the most of what you’ve got right now, because it won’t last forever.
I know, those are not very bright prospects, nor is this counsel very effective in cheering you up, but it should come as
no surprise to you, since I’ve been preparing you along with others of My children for years, that there’s tougher times
coming up ahead, and complaining about the present is just about the most useless thing you can do in order to get
You ought to redeem the time and take advantage of every moment you’ve got right now to strengthen you for
potentially much bigger trouble and problems and challenges on a much larger scale than you or anyone have ever had
to face before. (2011:100)
Things keep going in ways and directions that cannot be identified as Mine. The world is programmed for trouble, but
those who stick to My program will learn to rise above and survive the troubles to come. (2011:110)
Ultimately, when all else fails, it will take My intervention to save things. At the rate things are going, that’s even a safe
prognosis on rational terms, and it’s simply the course history is taking. - Which doesn’t mean that everybody won’t
have learned an awful lot from the gigantic failure that will ensue. (2011:124)
The art of Endtime prophecy that people of the world would send each other gifts for having killed two “terrorists”
always sounded a bit unrealistic – but coming to know the mentality of people in other parts of the world, one can see
that this very easily might happen in the not too distant future! (2012:172)
Everyone fending for themselves is the path of destruction mankind, and not really the way to go, as the tale of history
will show in the end, when man in all his glory will have reached his destination, which will turn out to be a dead end
street. (2012:185)
The big test is to see who’ll be left standing when all the rest of the world has thrown in the towel, bowing down before
the Beast! (2013:2)
When your world comes to an end, remember that the end of your world is the beginning of Mine. (2013:46)
If I’m already your only Hope right now to help you make it through your current mess, it will be much more the case
then, when the lines will be drawn much more clearly. And by exposing himself, the Devil will lose much of his power of
enchantment over those who will know better that his reign couldn’t possibly be it, especially when they’ll be
persecuted for their beliefs.
Another factor is that money will become extinct and replaced by the mark during the final period of his reign, and since
money and the acquisition thereof still plays a major role for most, currently, that will give you and them a lot of time for
other things, and a lot more incentive to seek My face and aid for survival, and I won’t be playing a mere side role in
your daily affairs anymore, but the major one, as I did in the lives of the early disciples. (2013:85)
The help that the earth gave the woman from the flood from the dragon’s mouth in John’s vision was that it opened up
and swallowed it. They may swallow it, but you don’t have to. Or, better put: They swallow it so that you don’t have to
and drown in it!
The earth swallows the flood of lies so that you don’t have to be affected by it – since it’s obvious by the effects on them
that no drop of it would do you any good… (2013:104)
People may not be receptive now, while they’re having everything they need and more; but what if and when “all they
need and more” will be pulled out from beneath them? (2013:121)
In general, the world is becoming tougher and more difficult. Remember that it’s all directing towards Endtime, and the
world isn’t all as glorious in the shape & situation it’s in, even though a lot are pretending…

I’m really the only One Who can really help to see you through what’s coming…
You can tell the world isn’t getting better right now… A lot of stuff seems to get worse… (2014:6)
To put up and bear with suffering and hardship will make you more able to bear what’s expecting and bound to hit the
world… Remember that a great tribulation has been predicted, and there’s obviously some rough time to deal with and
overcome. (2014:21)
It’s important to learn to make it through times with My help, as it will be during the Endtime…


Are you beginning to realize how rare true and real Christianity and faith in Me and true discipleship is? And thus, how
close to be extinguished by the System which is becoming more and more anti-Christ?
See, just because the Endtime was postponed a bit, doesn’t mean it’s not happening or going to… (2014:53)
Sometimes it takes a few things happening to remind you that the world isn’t governed by Me right now, but the Devil
has taken it over, and he’s still planning to establish his own world government eventually, even though it hadn’t
happened as early or soon as expected…
But eventually, the end of the world is coming, and it’ll be better than what’s largely happening now. (2014:56)
There’ll be tough times in the Endtime, where folks will have to get through rough times and situations… a time to
overcome things…
The world ahead isn’t exactly becoming a party time… You’re the best off learning how to really find Me during tough
situations and timings. Learning how to get ahold of Me is pretty much the most valuable you possibly can learn.

It’s a dangerous and tough time. The enemy’s trying to get rid of all those who might get in his way during the last time
on earth where he’ll put on his supreme reign of the Endtime. Being a top liar, he can’t stand those who know the truth
about him and who’d be able to warn the others… (2014:66)
Keep holding on to Me, lean on Me and depend on Me as much as you can when you realize that you need Me in a weird
situation… Just remember it won’t get any better with the Devil taking over the globe soon as the AC.
He’s been working against Me as much as he could already since centuries… but knowing that his last round is coming
soon where he’ll rule the world in person for 3½ years of Great Tribulation… it should get you a bit desperate. So far
you’ve been spared from it; but what’s happening right now could be a sign that the tribulation’s coming closer, so you
might as well get and be ready… (2014:67)
You were taught that the world was going to get into having to deal with and handle the Enemy’s forces in the Endtime…
so you might as well get used to and prepared for it. (2014:68)
There are quite a few signals that show that the Earth is being governed by the enemy, and there’s some work
happening to get together and build his last world empire. (2014:72)
It’s pretty close to the time of the end; so you must learn how to resist and strive against the attacks of the Devil, who’s
the closest to his world-take-over, ever.
Most people aren’t aware of his planned world-takeover or his methods and effects on the world, but he’s still quite busy
trying to make the world his as much as he possibly can. (2014:82)
This pretty dark piece of Endtime will have some changes going on in it that won’t be too easy to take!
You notice and view a lot more influences of the enemy around you. Well, is that sort of strange for the Endtime?
That’s one of the tough versions the Enemy wound up thinking of to present as the Endtime: making everything without
faith and God look so wonderful that the world by itself would look good enough, so people would wind up thinking,
who needs Heaven anyway?
Get ready for the Endtime!
The Endtime was supposed to be pretty close, and just because you didn’t exactly see it coming, didn’t mean that it was
just going to disappear. Wake up a bit more to it and what’s coming. The more prepared for the time of the End, the
better. (2014:83)
With the world continuing to go down, it seems to be a good thing to become familiar with the way I can save your life,
instead of leaning on how you were able to maintain it the way you did before… Certain things can occur in history
during which you can’t lean on and confide in your own abilities anymore, but need to trust in Me and My help for you to
survive… And, trust Me: It’s the best time to start getting into that habit of trusting in Me for your survival now.
The way things are developing and bound to develop in the Endtime, you’re going to have to trust more in Me than your
own capacities the way you did before. (2014:86)

The devil will try as hard as he can to persuade you that money is the most important… so that eventually he can get
folks to take on his mark to replace money and its power… sort of to show whose power that power of money actually
was all along… (2014:87)
The world has become worse, and the appearance of the enemy as the antichrist to physically rule the whole world must
be coming closer. The Endtime’s coming nearer.
The devil is getting more and more into power, which means that some of the great troubles you expect, are about to
Life on earth is becoming a tough one, and especially a tough battle if you’re trying to stay on My side, which – with
greater darkness approaching – you can imagine will become a harder fight, the darker the scene on earth gets, and the
greater the force and power of the enemy across the globe. (2014:101)
The Endtime will start because of the time when the large masses started to be taught, think and believe that everything
came into being by itself via evolution – no creation – no God or creator… - In other words, no one to create any rules
except for the politicians who tell people how to earn their money, and create the places to earn it.
It was necessary for you to find out that in general, the world has become more evil; in other words, closer to the time of
the end. (2014:105)
Efforts to kill My servants are being made through the enemy and his followers pretty much all the time…
It’s what has been happening in the world for centuries and will keep happening on a worldwide scale, once the AC will
be in power, and it’s going to be worse in many aspects.
What do you expect from a world preparing for Satan ruling over it for 3½ years?
- The Great Tribulation that’s expecting the world!
It may be bad right now, the world, but it could be worse, and eventually, for 3½ years, will be. (2014:110)
Change you’re experiencing is a good opportunity to prepare for rougher times bound to hit the earth… in fact, pretty
much the roughest ever.
Things could be worse, and they will be, eventually, so you’ll probably appreciate the preparation for it you’re
experiencing now. (2014:125)
Life is going to be a little tougher, with the Endtime approaching, and it’s good for you to be prepared for it, and not
expect what’s coming at you being a permanent vacation. (2014:134)
If you think about the martyrs during the Roman Empire: somewhat comparable to what things are going to be like
during the Great Tribulation, which is before you…
It’s a time coming that My followers and believers in Me need to be well prepared for. (2014:135)
It may seem like a pretty bad world to you right now. But it’s only the beginning of bad, evil, and actually the worst times
ever. It’ll be rough times.
So get prepared for them and learn to be ready to take’em and overcome them somehow to make it through them!
Get ready for it! – Ready for something worse! (2014:136)
Spirits quite a few around you on earth are obsessed and ruled by, are about to take over the earth for a time of
The best to trust in to make it through what the world’s becoming is Me, My help to you, and the only force that’ll help
you make it through the wicked period that awaits the world. (2014:140)
It takes some big and strong preparation for you to withstand that change of the world into the hell on earth and
kingdom of Satan that it’s going to become! Get ready for it! (2014:146)
It’s a rough time, close to the Endtime announced in the Bible… But you might as well be grateful that the end hasn’t
been there yet! It makes you wonder whether it’ll come at all, and God’s Word is true at all… Well, you’ll see. Right now
it may not seem much like it, after things having developed so differently from the way predicted they would… But what
if the Devil just changed things around so much to get people to stop believing in the Endtime?
Things look different from the predictions of the Bible because the enemy does all he can to make things contradict
those predictions. A lot of people started believing during the 70s and 80s, and so he figured, things had to be
changed… And they did. For him it’s always better to make it sound untrue what God’s Word is predicting… for him, the
less believers in God, the better.
All the more will wind up believing in him when he takes over the last world ruler and makes him the AC.
Remember it won’t be so long before folks will see Me, and things on earth will change again in a truly good way.

When the world was looking too good for you to prepare for My coming, or the coming of the AC before that, or
whatever crisis, there wasn’t much motivation that made you get closer to Me…

So, letting the world become the world again, the way you remembered some of it, just reminds you there’s something
better waiting for you and drives you back closer to Me. (2014:150)
If you believe that it’s true what the Bible says about Me getting rid of the enemy’s rule over Our creation not too far
from now, then there have got to be some more important things for you to do as a receiver of My Word in these times
to come, and you shouldn’t be too shocked about Me having to allow things to happen to you that would bring you back
to the basics of the importance of what’s coming ahead of you! (2014:152)
Things are going to get worse eventually, and it’s good to be prepared for it, having learned not to have to make it
without God’s and Heaven’s help.
If you’re filled with worries and fear that you’re not going to make it, well, it’s good preparation for the time coming when
nobody’s going to make it without My help, unless they accept the Mark of the Beast, which true believers wouldn’t
want to…
And even before that’s going to happen, it’s quite likely that the world is going to go through one of its worst economic
crises that will make survival quite rough in general… only to be “salvaged” by the AC’s mark of the Beast solution.
So, if you think your life’s too terrible right now, remember that there were worse times predicted which could have
already happened sooner, but didn’t yet… so, it’s good to become prepared for it!
All in all, you can tell that the world is pretty much almost completely run by the enemy already, especially countries like
the one you’re in right now, and you can tell the Endtime is getting closer, so you might as well get prepared for it.
It’s dark and evil times that are a-coming… prepare for it! Since I, the Father and Our saints and heavenly helpers are the
only hope for folks like you to make it through what’s coming, you better get closer to Us and learn how to depend on
Us and get ready and prepared for what’s coming. (2014:153)
You know that the future of this world isn’t something pleasant for now, since you’re aware of the Endtime coming, the
tribulation, and … well, the end of the world as you know it, before the Father’s Kingdom will take it over… (2014:159)
It’s the roughest time of world history approaching, and thus it’s quite necessary to stay in tune with Us!


With the nice times coming to an end, you just need to realize that what’s coming up is the world’s toughest time, and
having to deal with the enemy and what he’s coming up with in not too far a distance…
The end is coming soon, and I need to give folks the largest amount possible of preparation for it.
These are not the roughest of all times yet to come. What’s happening now is merely preparing you, and making you
hope and strive to be more prepared for even rottener times to come, which, unfortunately, the world still has to go
The best you can do is to prepare for them. (2014:174)
I am, capable of protecting My disciples, followers and brides through any evil times, and currently preparing you for
the worst one to make sure you’ll make it through it. (2014:175)
If you have to go through some rough times, remember that the world is expecting something even rougher, and you
ought to get as well prepared for it.
Even tough the times right now may not be as splendid as the ones before, just take them as preparation for what’s to
come. (2014:181)
Depending on Me and the Father for Our help, with the Endtime eventually showing up, is the only way you’ll make it.
For believers to depend on themselves and their own abilities won’t be quite enough… so, the more you depend on Us,
the better.
It’s also better to really trust in Us than putting or keeping your trust and confidence in money, which, as you know from
the prophecies about the Endtime with the Mark of the Beast, won’t endure for ever.
So, it’s a preparation for a rougher future, during which you’ll be dependent on Us and Our help more than ever. (2014:184)
With as desperate and tough times as are up ahead, you’d better get focused on trusting above all in Me, the Father, and
any heavenly help you can get, because this world isn’t heading for its best times ever, but its worst. So prepare for it,
the bad and evil time bound to happen!
If it seems tough and rough to you right now, calm down, because things will get tougher and rougher eventually for
everyone, especially those who won’t be too fond of who’ll be taking over the world completely toward its end! (2014:194)
Prepare for the hereafter that might be harder to take than the here and now, which doesn’t seem so rosy to you, either.
Just prepare and get ready for the future, which, in any case, you’ll need My strength and help for… (2014:207)
My Word does not predict this world to last forever in its current state! (2015:1)

Don’t be too dismayed about any of the unpleasant incidents happening! After all, you know who was practically
chosen as the chief of this world, and that there’s a big lesson following for all of the Father’s children, after this!
Sometimes things just happen to let you know for certain who’s stronger: the devil, or Me! And you might need it for
some extra faith in the right Guy in case you’ll still be around when he takes control over it all for the world’s darkest
season. (2015:2)
What can you expect from a world that’s just about totally being taken over by the enemy and his lot?
Of course, he makes it the most difficult for any followers of Mine.
It’s not gonna be pleasant for believers and followers of Mine to deal with a time when he’ll totally reign and rule the
earth and entire world… (2015:6)
It’s good to get prepared for the worse times.
Rely more on Me, because in the relatively near future you might have to depend on that!
Depend and lean on Me for greater help than what you could possibly establish yourself in darker times to come!


It’s good if you’re looking, calling for Me and seeking Me quite desperately. - Mainly because the times ahead of you in
this world aren’t going to turn into something much better. You know from informations you read before about the
Endtime that it’s going to be a tough one, including from the things I said about it in the book of Matthew. (Mt.24)
So, it’s good to become prepared for such things and not just expect pleasant times during your life on earth. (2015:12)
It won’t take that long until Satan’s takeover down there, resulting in his final reign… and it’s understandable that it
won’t be an easy time for My followers and believers. But that’s precisely the reason why I’m having to put you through
this training and course of making you dependent on Me, My help and the Spirit, along with all Our helpers for the times
to come. (2015:15)
Changes are coming upon this world, for which it will be better for you as a believer in Us to put your trust and
confidence in Us, instead of yourself, in order for Us to help you make it through what’s coming… a phase during which
trust in Us will be better than in your own abilities. So, to lean not on the flesh and your own abilities, but in Our help
instead, is pretty important concerning the future of this world, and along with that, your own and that of your family.
There comes a time when folks have to decide which and whose help they’re going to rely on… that from above or the
one from below… (2015:16)
You know about a time coming in which the devil is going to reign on earth. And don’t you think that’s pretty much hell,
where he reigns and takes over? So, this time is basically preparation for that. Get ready for Satan’s takeover as the
Antichrist, winding up forbidding worship of Me and My Father.
So, no wonder the days and times on earth are becoming less pleasant! So, you better prepare and get ready for that,
and not just keep expecting heaven on earth kind of times. That’ll come afterwards! But first it’s the biggest and
toughest lesson for mankind to learn…
I like for My followers to be able to enjoy life for as long as possible. But as you can tell and see, that part is pretty much
practically over, and dark times are up ahead to get prepared for…
if you cling close to Us and even get closer, the better off you’ll be in the end.
Relying on the flesh may seem okay in the beginning, but trust Me: it won’t be toward the end you’re getting close to.
So, the more you can rely on Us, the better it’s going to be. (2015:20)
If the Endtime is coming and it’s approaching, it’s a good time to get ready for, and prepared for it, and get used to
what’s coming up ahead!
If the Endtime is coming on, you’d better get ready and prepared for it, and don’t be too shocked that the enemy is able
and allowed to do things you may not have expected or been ready for. They’ll be rough times, and you’d better get or
be prepared for them.
In order for things to get a whole lot better, first they’ve got to get a whole lot worse… (2015:26)
The world is changing, and not for the better, but that the evil and bad times we were predicting are coming. (2015:27)
Even though your previous times had been better than the current ones, it’s good for you to know that the world is
changing, and not for the better, but that the evil and bad times we were predicting are coming.
And if the conditions are taking away your faith in the current world, it means, it’s better to place it in what’s to come,
and not in what there is.
You’ll need some supernatural help to make it in the future of this world. (2015:28)
It’s good for you to be prepared for even rougher times and learn how to make it through them with My help, and thus
get into that habit of depending on Me.
If you become weaker in your own strength, that should give you the opportunity to rely more on Mine. And trust Me: it’s
always greater than your own, and in the times to come you’ll have to rely on it more than ever before!

So, strengthen your trust and confidence in Me every morning and every day, because you’ll need it more than ever
before in times to come! Relying on yourself won’t be nearly as helpful and effective anymore in times to come; and you
can see and recognize the darkening of times, and things becoming a lot harder in some aspects. Things just won’t
continue forever as they are right now, and you’ll be best off by preparing for it.
You’ll become more dependent on heavenly help as times on earth are getting rougher. So tune in to Us more, and stay
tuned in! Depending on Us is what will see you through!
Hanging on to Me and becoming more dependent on My and Heaven’s help should draw us closer, and get you more
into My gear and way of doing things… something you might have to re-learn in large part, due to your former
confidence in yourself and your own abilities. Just get used to having to lean on and being more dependent on Mine.
With the worldly condition becoming rougher, there’s really not much else of another option to make it through the way
the world has developed and will develop even more…
While they are going to depend more on him who’s our enemy, you’ve got to get more into depending on Me and confide
in the facts you’ve learned, that in the end, we will win, not he! So, keep on hanging on to the victory you’ve got by faith,
and let that faith in Me and My Realm become the strongest force in you! Keep trusting in Me, in spite of the enemy’s
growing powers around you and things he’ll try to cheat you out of it!
As you can tell, those good old days are getting over, and it’s important for you to get into that effort to stay tuned in to
Me all the time! Don’t give him a chance to drag or knock you down.
Rely on Me and My protection, as it’s becoming more important for you now than ever before! Stay tuned in to Me and
thus resist his efforts to drag you down.
The more the world is being taken over by his input and wavelength, the tougher it’ll be to stay in My Holy Spirit, and the
more you need it. (2015:32)
There’s a time coming you won’t be able to make it without preparation for it… such as My Word has been predicting for
quite a while. So, get ready, and be prepared. If these times already make you seem weak, imagine how much more so
those coming might. So, just get prepared for the way to go by My strength and depending on the help from Above!
You’ll make it if you hang on and hold on to Me and Heaven’s help, and that’s what the current time and episode is all
about and meant to teach you.
Life could be easier, and has been, but the easy ways aren’t necessarily the ones teaching you to get ready for what’s to
come! (2015:36)
Don’t be too shocked or surprised that this earthly life is getting tougher. It’s something you should have expected,
believing in the prophecies about a darker future coming and being on its way, and what the Word says about who’s in
charge of it spiritually right now due to people’s choices for him. (2015:37)
You ought to remember the warnings of the times up ahead, during which you’re going to need Me and your connection
with Me desperately!
Remember that those dark times are coming and are up ahead, so it would be better to get prepared for them, instead of
remembering and yearning for all the good, easy and rosy times you had before.
It’s a rough life, but with the Endtime coming closer, it might and will easily get rougher, and it’s a good advice to get
prepared for it.
Keeping the faith may be getting rougher these days, but that doesn’t mean it may not be getting more important with
the way the world is developing. The enemy may be taking over more and more power and influence in it, but does that
mean one should yield to it, or make a stronger effort to resist his influences? (2015:43)
I’m definitely going to need some followers who manage to stay close to Me during those dark days of the Endtime,
and… well, some of the folks who thought they were and made the statements accordingly, didn’t turn out to be quite
that ready yet. How about you? Are you going to be ready for that Great Tribulation when it comes?
In order to get prepared for that stage means that one has to get away from foolishness, and you should be able to tell
that there were efforts made to get you away from that.
If you’d manage to get altogether more closely into My Spirit, the Holy Spirit, instead of some of those vibes of
worldliness, you’d definitely be making that effort to become more prepared for the Endtime. Of course, some are
waiting to get more serious about matters until the Endtime comes… (2015:53)
You’re not enticed by the world around you, but wondering how you’ll make it through, and that’s pretty much how you
can imagine the Endtime as well.
It would definitely be better to get more into a gear of trusting Me for your family’s survival, and not too much in the
support of the world, which is doomed to be taken over entirely by the enemy as the AC, eventually. (2015:54)
You can pretty much tell, the overall condition of the world tends to get worse in a few aspects, and you can somewhat
see the Endtime approaching. Even if you wouldn’t get around to experiencing it yourself, it should be good to get
prepared for it in such a way that you can help others to become prepared for it, and not expect too much of the world in
the state that it’s in and the worse one it’s heading for, according to My Word and the prophecies you’ve read and
studied about the Endtime. (2015:55)

Your toughest and hardest times you’re going to have to make it through, in order to be strengthened for what’s coming
up ahead, which won’t be any easier to deal with.
In the older days of the followers, folks were expecting the Endtime earlier, and that’s why they and their children were
much more on the ball in many ways than what you’re having to deal with right now…
These may be rough times, and for you, the roughest ever, but keep in mind that this is happening to prepare you to
make it through the roughest times ever in history, if you can make it through there. So, don’t be too negatively minded
toward these times of preparation! Tough times will strengthen you to make it through even tougher ones that might and
eventually will be coming, so be thankful for this tactic of strengthening! (2015:56)
Times are getting hard, but that’s why you’ve got to make a greater effort to rely fully on Me and your help from above,
and don’t listen to the devil’s input trying to tell you We’re not even there to help you! He’s the enemy, and trying to stop
folks like you, since he’s seriously planning to take the world over eventually as its supreme ruler… Now, that’s bad
news, but you’ve been familiar with those for quite a few years. Just because they hadn’t come or arrived yet, you didn’t
really get more prepared for them. Well, the time to get prepared for those tough times up ahead is right now, because
you see what’s happening, and that the world is getting darker.
Can you see that the end is coming nearer?
Even though that might be dreadfully bad news in parts, it would definitely be good to prepare for it as much as you
Trouble’s up ahead, you can tell that from what’s going on around you.
You can tell somehow by your perception of things that trouble’s up ahead.
Sorry that things are getting quite worse, that the final Endtime will make things quite a bit tougher!
So, can you believe Me and trust Me that trouble’s approaching you? Because there’s greater trouble up ahead, and you
should do some things to prepare for it and be preparing to get out of the regions where that trouble will be worse and
into those where you’ll have better chances to make it through those dark and evil times coming up ahead!
I’m not letting you enjoy your life the way you used to, because there are tough times coming up ahead which you ought
to prepare for, and stop suffering because things aren’t as rosy as they used to be. Who ever said that things were
going to stay rosy down there until the very end?
The world seems to be offering whatever folks want and physically need… But the dude running it is a trouble maker,
and in order to get ultimate control, there’s going to be a lot more trouble; and didn’t I call you to follow Me to help folks
exactly through those times coming and lead’em Up to Me?
I’ve promised you I’d help you to make it even during the Endtime and its Tribulation when there’ll be no more cash, but
only the mark of the Beast, which true believers won’t accept and will have to make it through those 3½ tough years
only through help from above.
There are some tough times coming to prepare for… possibly the toughest ever. (2015:58)
That’s the groove in which you’re more likely to make it through times to come: clinging to Me and all the heavenly help
you can get, through prayer, fueled with some of that desperation the pretty hellish state of the world ought to be
getting you into, if you’re not one of the enemy’s, but My follower.
I know it’s tough for you in comparison to the fairly easy preceding times you’ve had, but unfortunately, the easy times
didn’t really prepare you for, nor enabled you to cope and deal with the rough times up ahead, and even what you’re
having to deal with now. And it’s another confirmation of what I told you, that the desperate times, as hard as they may
be or at least seem, are the best factor to prepare you for even rougher times ahead, prepare you for troublesome times,
and give you a better and stronger character… qualities that will enable you better to make it through not as easy times
ahead, than those easier times you had before did, and you can probably see how those who’ve been spoiled by their
past are going to have the hardest times in the near future and rougher times up ahead, so just do all that you can in
order to prepare for those much rougher times bound to come toward you!
Depending on Me and asking for My supernatural help is the only way you’ll make it through what’s coming up ahead,
and that’s why I’m trying to get you into learning all those things you’ll need to have in mind and do when the
troublesome times will have reached you to the full.
You know what sort of future there’s in store for this world: the darkest ever. So, prepare for it, and be ready when it
They’re rough times, and certainly not the only ones, or the worst yet. The worst are still coming. And what’s happening
right now is in order to help you to prepare for it. (2015:60)
The best way to prepare for rough and dark times up ahead is not as much through material support and preparations,
but lifting up your faith in such a manner that you’ll be able to cling to and trust in Me to help and see you through even
when the times get the roughest ever!
I’ll be around to help see you through, even when the roughest time of world history will finally arrive… (2015:61)
By staying tuned in to Me instead of any negative train of thoughts the devil would like to get you into, you will! He may
look like a temporal winner in the worldly and even global situation to come, but only briefly so, since We’re going to
wind up re-conquering Our territory, and you won’t be sorry you stuck with Us, I promise and can guarantee!

So, as far as the choice is concerned to trust who will win the final match, even if the enemy seems like he may be
running the momentary scenery, you’re wise to believe and trust that We’re gonna win and conquer it all back in the
end, since it’s really only a procedure for Us to find out who are really the good ones who are going to join us to reign
this world in the end, and who are the ones on Our side who will deserve it. (2015:66)
You can’t make it on your own through what’s coming. It’s really necessary for you to clearly depend and rely on Me in
order to make it through the times to come.
Once the AC is there with his abilities above the natural, you’ll recognize just how important it will be to rely on My
strength instead your own, former, physical ones.
You may be a bit disappointed that you can’t make it anymore in your own strength, but trust Me that there’s a divine
reason and purpose for it, so that you can fully rely on Mine and the Father’s instead, and thus will make it through the
times to come… and the only way you will!
Rely on that from Above; and it’s the only one that will help you do some good in the times to come.
You’ll be able to do more and greater things through My strength and power directly, and not relying on your own
abilities that I had blessed you with beforehand, but that you need to swap now, for another mode is necessary in these
changing times to come!
Times are changing, and for those coming ones you need to get used to your appliance of My strength and power.

Yes, it’s a rough time; I see it. But you should be aware of the fact that what’s coming up is going to be even rougher; so
you should get used to being able to handle these rough times.
Stay in touch with Me constantly, as the Bible says (“without ceasing”), and put your energy into applying for My help!
After all, this will be the only way you’ll make it through the hard times to come, and the sooner you start really getting
into the gear of depending on Me and all your help available to you from above, the better. (2015:68)
Having one of the roughest times currently? Who’s the one in charge of that? You know it’s the enemy, and the fact that
he’s giving you the hardest times shows who and what he’s mostly against!
And if that drives you into My arms and makes you beg and ask for My help, well, that’s not anything negative,
considering that that’s the only way believers are going to make it through the Tribulation.
So, consider this time a necessary preparation for the time of tribulation ahead of you, without which you might not be
able to make it through it! Learning utter dependence on Me will be something necessary to make it through that time of
the end. (2015:69)
Even though you had some pretty good times down there, remember who it is that runs the place, and is preparing to
get his last big scene all set up… and that’s not really a time you could compare to a great holiday, or even anything
near paradise!
Remember that no matter how great your time on earth has partly been… that time eventually is going to be over.
Helping others to prepare for the time to come would be a good choice of a task to get into. (2015:70)
A greater need for Me in your conscience is something quite necessary for you in your world’s future and upcoming
What if there’s a time coming when people will have to choose between My aid or their reliance on the enemy’s power
and temporary takeover of the globe?
Even if it wouldn’t be coming all that soon, you can somehow sense that the pretty much worldwide dependence on the
enemy’s groove is there already. (2015:73)
I know, it’s a tough situation for you right now; but just let it serve as preparation for the toughest one to enter that
world’s history, and let your current experiences strengthen you to help you make it through what’s to come!
Being prepared when that time arises will be what you’ll be most grateful for, instead of being spoiled by the easy
tactics of life you enjoyed before.
Don’t be so spoiled from the easier times in your past!
Of course, anyone would prefer the easier and more fun times. But what do they teach you? - Especially concerning the
overcoming of the difficulties and hardships that will encounter you during the Endtime? (2015:79)
The Roman Empire was pretty much a solid example of what the AC’s will be like in many aspects… just that that’s even
going to be worse, generally.
So, yes, it’s a tough and rough time ahead of you – and not just you – and it’s good to get prepared for it, and that’s
something you ought to do, and not become so discouraged and weakened by the current circumstances, since they’ll
become worse, which means, it’s something needed to get used to.
Get used to handling the trouble striking this world, since it definitely won’t get less, at least not for right now, and not
before My return after the AC’s rule of tribulation… (2015:80)
Turn towards the Light and get filled with Our Spirit, in order to help you overcome all that negative input from the
enemy taking over the world.

He’s pretty much been ruling it since Adam and Eve’s fall, but – even though it may not have seemed so, temporarily, it’s
getting worse, and that means you’ve got to grow stronger against his evil forces and resist them with Our help and
force at your aid!
You’ve just got to learn to be ready to deal with it, whatever it is the world hands you to be ready for and resist… learn to
overcome all that evil there put to force by the enemy! (2015:83)
Don’t take the momentary crisis as a reason to complain. If you start complaining now… how do you think you’ll be able
to manage the even larger crises ahead of time?
Try to take it as well as you can, what you’re having to deal with right now, and let it teach you to avail yourself of My
help and strength! That’s the way you’ll learn to handle what’s coming! (2015:84)
Even right now it’s comparatively easy compared to what might come…
…and will come in the end, as you know by faith.
Well, making you stronger in Me through the hard times you’re having to deal with right now is the goal, and getting you
to cling more tightly to Me and the strength from above is the only way to make it through those dark times to come; so,
just take this time right now as preparation for greater challenges ahead. Depending on Me, and learning to do that, is
what will help you make it through what’s up ahead, and one of the main reasons for what you’re having to go through
right now.
Take it by faith, that I’m not letting you pass through anything that’s too tough… just tough enough to teach you to make
it through even harder times up ahead. The more you learn to lean on Me, instead of keeping trusting in your own
abilities, the more chances you’ll have to make it through what’s up ahead!
To gain greater trust and confidence in Me instead of in yourself, is what it’s all about, and a lesson you won’t regret
having learned once you get there, to the time and circumstances you’re being prepared for.
I know, it’s a tough battle, and a hard one to get through, but the closer it draws you to Me, and the more it makes you
depend on Me and causes you to rely on Me instead of yourself and your own abilities, the more of an advantage of
being taught wisdom that’ll help you through the times to come!
Another part of tough times up ahead, and preparation for tougher ones yet to come; and you need to be prepared for
what’s coming, if you want to make it through that…
You’ve got My strength and power to help you, which should more than enable you to deal with them, the hard times up
And dealing with the ones you’re experiencing right there and now should help to strengthen you toward what’s coming
up ahead. (2015:86)
It’s pretty important to keep your faith at the top of things and in a good condition, as much as you can tell that evil’s
pretty much ready to take over the world.
Sorry, if life is so rough for you right now, but you’ll also see that your faith grows stronger that way, which is something
you’ll need quite desperately in times to come. So, let all this you’re going through right now dawn on you as valuable
preparation for some rough times ahead.
The more dependence on Me, the more chance of survival there’ll be… the more overcoming, the greater victory.
If the times are rougher than what you can handle, see them as preparations for the even rougher times coming up
ahead with the Endtime! Life may be pretty rough for you right now; but see it mainly as a preparation for the even by
far rougher times up ahead that are coming! Life may have been fairly pleasant for you beforehand, and you wound up
disappointed by the recent times, but then: see how much extra time I gave you to prepare for what had been predicted
as coming up ahead…
But did you?
It may look like a fairly rotten time to you right now, but it’s only to get you prepared for one a lot more rotten and
miserable to come; and making it through that is not going to be something for spoiled kids from a golden past! So,
make it through this here, and you might make it through that…! (2015:87)
All in all, the world you’re in is pretty much falling into the enemy’s grip completely, and there’s just not much Heaven
on earth left to expect right now. Unfortunately, the current state of the earth drives more into the direction of hell, at
least as far as the spirit goes…
So, if life is getting rougher than it has ever been to you before, don’t be too shocked, but remember that you were told
quite some years ago about rough changes coming, and you might say you’re just being prepared for the worst of it
right now. (2015:88)
With the biblical factor that the enemy will ultimately replace cash by his own mark on humans, you can somewhat see
that making folks dependent on money will leave them ultimately dependent on his mark of the Beast, which will show
the spiritual connection between the two, and how the overall plan was, in general, to make folks dependent on him,
instead of trusting in the Father and their Creator, faith in Whom they’re trying hard to extinguish by modern education,
which becomes providence for their systematic source of income…

It’s not like the enemy created what folks actually need to survive and live of. All he was mainly involved in was the
invention of the paper stuff that has become pretty much necessary to get ahold of food, and planning to change it
eventually to a replacement, first of credit cards, then obligatory reception of a mark of his on human skin…
Knowing that that’s where the world is heading should explain to you why you’re having such a rough time there right
now, and why you put more emphasis on preparing for the Hereafter: a much differently run and established Kingdom
than what sort of governments the enemy has tricked folks into establishing!
So, the more you can do to resist him and withstand his attacks, the better, and the stronger you’ll be and wind up
against his full-fledged, world-wide attack when he takes over the AC.
So, just be prepared for that roughest part of world history, which might not be all too far away! (2015:89)
Sometimes I need to remind you to have desperate prayers, for the times up ahead are pretty ugly. So, it’s a reason to
have desperate prayer, and not just seek the usual happy and cheerful times all around.
I know, that’s pretty sad, but – hey, you’ve been warned of rough times coming up ahead decades ago. And
unfortunately, soon they’re coming. So, is that a reason to get desperate, or not? It’s definitely a reason to stay in
Could it be that folks will need you once the times on earth are going to get worse?
Having lived in a world taken over by the enemy because of people’s bad choices, the lesson that’s there is to make
good choices, instead. (2015:94)
It’s a rough time, I know; but what’s coming up ahead will even be significantly rougher. So, learning to make it through
the rough times is what it’s all about right now, so, just continue trying to make it!
Getting stronger is definitely what you need for what’s up ahead!
It’s important for you to learn that We are more important for you than that paper stuff soon to be replaced by marks of
the Beast, which will announce My Return.
Keep trusting in Me and looking forward to My Return!
Times will definitely get better once I’m back. (2015:95)
How dependent you are on staying in contact with your heavenly helpers in order to make it through the dark times to
While those times are coming soon for all believers, the sooner you get used to asking for help, the better! (2015:98)
Your times aren't rosy, but count them and appreciate them as preparatory times for the worst part of world history!
There's a time coming in that's evidently a bit harder.
You may think you're under tough circumstances right now, but believe Me when I say, they're gonna be tougher! And
the more you get used to having to handle tough circumstances, the better it'll be for you to handle the tougher ones.
So, learn how to deal with and handle these tough and rough times in order to be able to cope with the even rougher
and tougher ones coming up!
Don't be freaked out by what's coming at you, but develop the ability to deal with things coming at you, so that you'll be
able to handle the definitely worse state of the times to come!
It still may be a bit rough for you, temporarily, but the sooner and quicker you'll learn to deal with it and handle it, the
sooner you'll also be ready for the even tougher times to come! Learn how to handle and deal with the crisis of today so
you'll be ready and able to deal with what's going to come! (2015:99)
Knowing that it'll require miracles in just about any case, to make it through the dark times ahead, should give you faith
for it, and get you into the custom of depending on miracles… the force and power from above, instead of your own of
the flesh! See? – Another factor why the subject of flesh vs. Spirit is so important, and one ought to learn it, in order to
make it through the Endtime… (2015:101)
There’s the dark side of the spirit world taking over your entire planet soon, but you also know the end of that event, and
that We’ll take it over again, after a relatively short – although awful – time.
So, trust Us, that We’re in control, and whatever trouble there may come, arise, or will be, We’re above it, can handle it
and will get you out of it – eventually. (2015:103)
Don’t just assume that every day you wake up is a normal and peaceful day, while the enemy is at it with his host,
preparing for a total takeover of the world you’re living in, preparing for getting down there and inhabiting and
possessing a large part of the entire population!
Sorry, that it’s so rough, but remember: it’s the result of man’s choices! And it’s a lesson that will be there for quite
some time, on what the choices for either good or bad will do to people, and ultimately, the entire world. Compromises
with, and acceptance of the enemy will have their results, and that’s a lesson for all to learn.
I know it’s a rough time for you, and harder, rougher and tougher than any of the previous ones right now; but the bad
news is, that it’s even going to get tougher, so you need to prepare for what’s coming and learn how to deal with the
enemy, and resist all his attacks! – One coming advantage being, that during the Tribulation it won’t be spiritual

anymore, and thus, things should be a bit more under Our control than right now, when you’re being attacked in the
spirit, and often only realize it a bit, afterwards.
Don’t be so upset about times being so rough, unpleasant and tough for you right now, but remember that they’re
preparing you for the roughest time in all of history… to make it through the darkest times ever.
It depends a lot on you right now, and how willingly you’re being prepared for the roughest of all times by having to go
through some training! So, ready to be prepared for what’s to come?
Honestly: if you can’t make it through these days right now and go through them a bit more victoriously and positively,
trusting in Me and the strength from Above, it’s unlikely that you’ll make it through the darkest and roughest times to
Learn to make it through the rough times now, or you might not make it through the even rougher ones up ahead! Trust
in Me and all help from Above to help you through what you’ve got to make it through! Otherwise, it would be unlikely
that you’ll make it through what’s coming up ahead!
Having rough times now? Deal with them, and learn to cope with them, knowing there’ll be rougher ones up ahead!
Behave a bit more victoriously now, trusting in Me more, that I’ll help you to make it, for it’s a necessary faith and
positive attitude you’ll need to help you overcome the evil that the even by far rougher times up ahead will have to offer!

Because the Endtime is getting nearer, you should be capable of understanding what’s going on, and prepare for that
last stretch of world history before My Return.
Deal with, and handle this tougher part of your life, being aware of the fact that there’s an even much tougher one
heading your way, and the only way to make it through that is by learning how to make it through the rough times right
now. (2015:105)
The times awaiting this world are going to be the toughest ever, with the enemy winding up ruling the entire globe…
thankfully, only for 3½ years, but… tough enough!
It’s getting to be a rough world, and a tough world, and you don’t have much of a clue if or how you’re gonna make it
through there… but… well, eventually you will, since it will reach its end, and you’ll be in your true Home that’s awaiting
Life may be tough for you right now, but let it be a preparation for even tougher times approaching that you’d better get
ready for… And the way to get ready for what’s up ahead is learning to depend on Me!
It’s the only way you’ll make it through what’s coming.
Surviving what’s coming will depend on your connection to Me. That’s why I’m pulling you so much closer these days
and am working on making you more aware of your dependence on Me.
There’ve been times you had bigger chances to make it without My aid, but what’s coming up ahead is definitely
different and going to be tougher to make it through. That’s why you’ve got to learn more to lean and depend on Me. The
good old days are nearly over, and the times up ahead will require My help desperately. (2015:107)
A state in which you need and depend on My help more desperately than ever is a necessary preparation to help you
make it through the even rougher times up ahead you ought to know by faith are going to get there soon.
It has a positive purpose, namely to strengthen and prepare you for what’s up ahead and about to come. You need to get
strengthened and prepared for it, and as I’ve told you, you don’t just get strengthened through having nothing but easy
and enjoyable times. You need some rougher times to strengthen you, especially to strengthen and enable you to make
it through the roughest times of all to come!
So, don’t see it as something so negative you’re having to go through! See it as necessary preparation for what’s up
ahead, and that should enable you to take it all a bit better, and most of all: learn to seek My help on a regular basis to
make it through the tough times, since there are still tougher ones on their way to make it through and bear with…
Learning to apply My help and make it, through My Power, well, that ought to do it for you, so, don’t take it as something
too negative you’re passing through right now, put see its positive side and point of preparation for the time ahead of
If it’s a rough time for you right now, just let it prepare you for the world’s roughest time up ahead! (2015:108)
Stay on guard against the devil’s attacks, and his hellish efforts to defeat you, causing you to be a lot more dependent
on Me than before… but, hey… that’s what the term “Endtime” ought to have made dawn on you!
You’ll know, that if you should ever make it through the times to come, it won’t just have been you, your own power and
abilities, but Me doing it through you.
Having to cling to Me more is definitely something positive in the light of the fact that hardly anyone will make it through
what’s to come without Me.
Dependent on Me every child of God will have to be during the times to come…
Help from above in times to come will be greater than your own abilities.
Rougher times than before preparing you for what’s to come, should make you stronger, so that you’ll have chances to
make it through at all.
Current times are difficult, and harder for you to go through than pretty much most of, if not all of what you’ve had to go
through before; but the reason and purpose for that is to prepare you for the roughest time ever, up ahead in history.

With the most evil time up ahead in the near future, you’d better get prepared and learn how to deal with it and defend
yourself and your folks from it!
Get ready for the tough times to come, up ahead, and don’t just keep expecting more easy times!
So, ready for some rough times, even though you’d so much prefer to have some more easy and enjoyable ones?
I know it’s especially rough when you still see others going through good times. But then see it this way: They might get
shocked when the bad times roll in, and that’s something I was planning to avoid in your case, even if that preparation
for times up ahead may still strike you as pretty rough. But pretty rough is pretty much something that will apply to
what’s coming up ahead, and so, the earlier and the more you get prepared for that, the more chances for you to make it
through that, which isn’t something to be taken for granted. Especially not for those who’ll refuse to take on the mark of
the Beast and sink all the way deep into the devil’s final world system. Rough times to come, yeah, that’s why we also
need a bit of rough times to prepare you for what’s up ahead, or at least get you into a shape to prepare others to make
it through it, in case it won’t come that soon. But who knows? Maybe others will make it thanks to your current
preparation. (2015:109)
It’s like every day being a fight, but that’s just how it’s going to be with rough times approaching this world!
There’ll be a time when money won’t be around anymore, but will be replaced by the mark of the Beast… which sort of
shows just where the whole spirit behind money comes from, in the first place.
The current system is on its way down, and to be replaced by Satan’s ultimate rule in the end, where you won’t be able
to rely on the system anymore at all, but only your help and supply from Above! (2015:110)
Depend on Me and Our help, something necessary for the times coming and what’s ahead of you to go through.
So, put up with the toughness of the time you’re having to go through, and accept the fact that it’ll help you become
stronger for the even tougher times up ahead!
Try to bear with the roughness and toughness of the current stretch of your life, and let it serve to make you stronger,
so that you’ll also make it through what’s up ahead! (2015:112)
The first apostles didn’t make it without help from Above, and if they thought they would, something not so nice usually
happened to them. And times are going to become a lot like that, and even worse, with a worldwide government of the
enemy’s power!
Getting used to dependence on My Power and the protection from Above is something that’s absolutely necessary for
those who will go through the Endtime, so… Get ready!
You must become prepared for those days, so that you’ll make it through there!
The world is getting into a worse shape than before, and it may quite well be the worst shape ever… something that has
been termed already 2000 years ago as the Great Tribulation. So, better to get prepared for it than surprised and
shocked by its coming!
The Father knew that it would be absolutely necessary someday for true believers to survive and make it through the
Without Our help and protection you won’t make it through the days to come.
That’s what you’ll have to expect of the Endtime, when it’s there: every day will pretty much be tough, and there won’t
be any “days off” or “holidays”…
Just get prepared for some tough times… the toughest in all of world history, and don’t be too shocked by the
toughness of your present time that’s supposed to prepare you for what’s coming up ahead!
Don’t keep expecting days of fun, relaxation and easy, good times when the toughest time of world history is
approaching! Just let these times help to prepare you for what’s coming, and don’t resent that preparation, but consider
it a blessing!
I know it’s not easy for you, when the previous years had quite a bit more fun and easy, relaxing times for you, but you
desperately needed some time of preparation for what’s up ahead, otherwise you’d never make it through it.
So, even though right now it’s rough times, know that those up ahead will even be rougher, and the present ones are
just to help you to prepare for what’s coming up ahead. (2015:113)
I expect those who know that the enemy rules the world, to play a role for Me and help Me to win others to My Kingdom,
which is going to take over the earth soon!
Sometimes you’ve just got to cope with what’s going on and happening, and I told you why, many times: the worst
times of the world are coming toward you, and you’ve got to get prepared for them and get ready… become stronger.
Cling to Me and My help… your help from Above, the only way you’ll ever make it through those hard and dark days to
You may strongly dislike your current state and situation, but see it as the best preparation you could ever get for the far
worse times to come!
Remember to rely on My strength, not your own capacities! Eventually you’ll never make it without that, anyway, since
the world is becoming too dark, and too much taken over by the forces of the enemy, for a “good” person to make it on
their own and in their own strength…
The only way to make it through what’s up ahead is through relying on My strength, the Power from Above!

Learn to depend on My strength instead your own, and on your help from Above… the only way you’ll be able to
manage to make it through what’s to come!
I don’t want you to worry about it, but prepare for it, because that’s quite necessary. (2015:117)
To become dependent on Me is basically what you need to learn to make it through the rough times ahead!
If you want to make it through the tough times up ahead, you need to get into the habit of clinging to Me… not trying to
make it on your own, or assuming that you can.
You may need more help from Above to make it, but that will be the case all the more in times to come. So, let’s get you
prepared for it! Trusting in Me and My help that you’re going to make it… that’s the groove and gear into which you’re
going to have to get! The times of relying completely on yourself, just feeding your spirit with a bit of daily input from
Me are over. You need to rely on Me in order to make it through the dark days to come, so get ready for it!
You need Me more than ever right now, and will need Me and My help and Spirit even more when times will get worse.
Just get used to the fact that you need Me more than ever, and with the dark times ahead, will need Me even more in the
near future!
Everything will turn out alright, even if there’ll be times of trouble on earth so hard, that even in Heaven there’ll be
complete silence for some time, as you’ve read in the Book of Revelation. (2015:118)
You won’t make it through the Endtime without Our help, and what you’re going through right now is just some training
and preparation for that period, so you’ll get into the right groove and rhythm. Don’t act like you can make it on your
own! Those days are over. And the miserable times you’re going through right now are just there to prove it to you!
Drawing you closer to Me and making you more conscious of the degree to which you need Me, and will need Me and
My help in times to come, are definitely some positive things when you know what I know about the future ahead of you!
The times may have been relatively easy and pleasant for you in the past; but those easy days are just about over, and
it’s absolutely necessary for you to get into the gear of depending on your help from Above in order to make it through
what’s coming at you!
Depending on strength from Above, not just your own abilities, is what will help you make it through times to come….
The enemy and his crowd will soon burst into the physical part for the time of the Great Tribulation… leaving you and
others of Our folks to cope with evil from the physical realm.
So, even though there’ve been attacks from the other side that made it quite tough for you to rely on Our help from this
side, there’ll be a time when you’ll be completely dependent on it, with the advantage that the enemy and his force won’t
be hindering anymore from the spiritual side of things, while they’ll be taking over the physical for the Tribulation.
Quite some changes to get ready for, and that’s the main reason We’re working on getting you in tune with and
depending on Us, so that you’ll definitely make it through those times to come.
Stay on guard and on the alert, so you’ll make it through what’s coming up ahead!
The negative situations are there for you to learn to cope with them, since what expects you in the future will even be a
lot tougher than what you’re having to face and deal with right now! (2015:121)
Let Me and the heavenly Kingdom play that part to help see you through, and get out of that gear of reliance on your
own strength and abilities of the flesh, which are going to serve anyone less in the times to come who wants to stay on
My side and not yield to the enemy’s reign! (2015:122)
Depend on your help from Above, not thinking you could make it on your own, because that’s what the times coming
towards this world you’re in are going to be like!
The more you get into the gear of relying and depending on Me to make it, the better prepared you’ll be for what’s
coming up ahead.
Relying on own abilities, which basically means, on one’s own flesh… well, you ought to be learning by now from all I’ve
given you on that topic, that it’s not really the blessed way to handle things and lead your life for Me, playing a part in
that world soon to be taken over completely by the enemy, as if you could handle it all in your own strength and deal
with it in your own wisdom.
Not being able to manage your present situation is a taste of what things are going to be like in a darker future with the
enemy gaining more power over the world! (2015:123)
The Tribulation is coming closer, and thus, you’re having to get prepared for it by depending more on Me. Sorry you
can’t feel anymore like you can make it by yourself, but it’s preparation for worse times up ahead, in fact, the worst.
It’s better not to think you’re going to make it through times coming. At least like this you’re more desperate for My help,
and knowing you won’t make it without My help makes it more likely that you are going to make it: dependence on Me
and help from above, instead of relying on your own abilities, which actually won’t be enough to help anyone to make it
through what’s coming.
So, don’t be too downhearted over having gotten into this state in which you’re much less able to do things by yourself
and have become much more dependent on Me and your help from Above, since that’s the only thing that’s going to
help you make it through what’s coming.

Seeing and recognizing that you won’t be able to manage it without the help from Above you’ll need to make it through
times to come, thus brings you into the gear of asking and applying for that help to be much more able to make it
through times to come.
If you think you can’t make it, let it be the move of seeing and recognizing that you won’t be able to manage it without
the help from Above you’ll need to make it through times to come, and thus bring you into the gear of asking and
applying for that help to be much more able to make it through times to come than what you could have popped up with
by yourself! (2015:126)
Learn to overcome those fears that life is handing you about things the world, run by the enemy, threatens you with!
With what’s coming at the world, you ought to get prepared and learn to overcome it, get the victory over it through My
aid, and let that faith and trust in Me and all your help from Above grow stronger!
Consider this you’re going through now preparation for what’s to come, and believe Me that you’ll need it!
You’ll definitely need My strength and help then, so it’s good that you’re having some training of becoming dependent
on it now.
There’s a tougher time coming that you need preparation for, and training of depending on Me and help from Above in
order to make it.
It’s a rough stage of your life, and pretty much the roughest, but trust Me that it’ll serve to pep you up for the even
rougher times to come!
I know you’ve never been through periods like this, but neither have you had to face times as such that are up ahead,
so, you just need to get prepared for those in order to make you stronger… strong enough to face and handle them!
It’s necessary for you to be prepared for the times up ahead where your faith and trust will be what’ll have to pull you
through, and not your own abilities!
Let faith and trust grow so that it’ll help you overcome all your fears and worries that the times that will come might
tempt you with and throw at you!
Things get tougher, and you’ve just got to get ready and prepared for that!
I love you and want you to trust in Me to help you through what’s to come! (2015:128)
Let there be a reminder to you of who’s running the world, and how you’ve got to stay on defense against the evil that
rules it, especially since it’s getting worse!
I know it’s a hard time for you. But as I told you, it’s just a supposedly helpful preparation for the even harder times to
Things could be better; but it’s good to get used to when it becomes obvious they’re not becoming better, but rather,
Putting up with that and getting used to and prepared for it is the momentary challenge, and the attitude everyone ought
to have: to get prepared for what’s coming! It takes a bit to get used to the way things are running… but let it prepare
you all for what’s up!
Applying for help from Above is a wise movement and preparation for what’s to come, which you might not appreciate
so much right now, but you will when those times arrive you’re being prepared for!
Things could be better, true, but they could also be worse, and, unfortunately, they will be, and that’s what I’m trying to
help you get prepared for. There’s that human desire for constant improvement… a way for things to get better… but
sometimes folks ought to get prepared for things getting worse, especially when taking into consideration who was
granted to take charge of their world 6000 years ago, and, as predicted, that reign will have a limit in the days soon to
come, and ought to be gotten prepared and ready for, if the plan is to survive – especially, in order to help others, who
won’t quite know yet what will be going on, to realize what’s happening, and tell them about the positive change coming
up ahead, through Me and My return! (2015:130)
Learn how to make it through rough times, because the roughest ones of all history are on their way, and you need to
learn how to bear with that kind.
The Power from Above will be quite necessary to help you make it through what’s coming, and becoming of the world:
the enemy’s global empire, thankfully for a limited period!
Feeling like you can’t make it is a good beginning, for on your own you won’t, and it’s absolutely necessary to learn to
depend on Us, and all the help from Heaven you can get! So… not feeling strong enough? Apply for the strength from
Above that will help you to make it, and don’t assume you’ll be able to make it on your own. That’s the main reason and
purpose for weakening: to prepare you for the times to come, during which you’ll be absolutely dependent on Us, and
all the help from Heaven you can get! So, get into the gear of receiving the strength from above that will be the only one
to help you make it through the times to come! (2015:131)
In the Tribulation, every day you’ll be able to survive will be a miracle! (2015:133)
You can’t take anything for granted in that world currently run by our enemy at large, and not too long from now pretty
much completely, except for the few chosen ones to make it through the Tribulation… Plus that amount of people that
will fight against the AC is the end…

So, get ready for the tough times, during which you won’t be able to take planned incidents for the coming day, week or
month for granted, either.
With the world soon to be taken over by the enemy entirely, you’ve got to get used to things changing fast, and that
things are simply not bound to stay forever the way they are.
Remember the prophecies about the unpleasant, temporal changes in world history that will bring about Our takeover in
the end. So, even though temporarily worse, ultimately a lot better! (2015:134)
You’ve had it a lot easier in the past, but with the Endtime visibly growing closer, wouldn’t you agree that you would
very well need some necessary preparation, in order to help you make it through the coming rough times?
I understand you wouldn’t really want to make it through them, but what if I want you to, and still have a plan for you?
Wouldn’t it be better to yield to that and submit your fate to Our will? – Even if it may not be that easy? Okay, so maybe
it has been a little too easy for you to prepare you for the rough times… unless there’s still enough time left to finish the
preparation task… and what counts is whether you can put up with it and bear what it brings…
It may not be easy what you’re having to go through. But did anyone ever say that these times – especially the ones still
coming – would be easy? (2015:135)
Prepare you for the times to come when it won’t just be difficult, but pretty much impossible to make it without the help
from Above you need to learn to apply for and lean on right now! (2015:136)
It’s a very rough and drastic change from the way your life used to be, but the change into the Endtime will even be
more drastic; and what you’re going through now is supposed to help prepare you for that.
Consider it preparations for the rough times to come, and trust Me that you’ll be thankful for that preparation once you
get there! (2015:137)
You’re getting some confirmation input on news about the Endtime, that it’s not all that far away.
if you feel weak in your own strength right now, let that process strengthen you in Mine, the only one that will help you
make it through the dark times coming! (2015:138)
After the AC takes over the world, you just ought to learn to get used to things not working by themselves, but through
My supernatural help, since the “normal” ways won’t continue to keep working, but things will get rougher and tougher
as time goes on.
So, hang on to Me in order to ensure you’re going to make it! Amen?
It may be a bit of a drastic change not to be making it without My supernatural help at all through the days, but… well,
that’s preparation for the Endtime, when you’ll definitely not make it without My help!
Having to depend on Me is the only way in which you’ll make it through the days to come with the enemy taking over
that world completely, and you need to get used to it!
They’re going to be tough times, with the Enemy taking over the earth just about completely. (2015:140)
The world must get prepared for development and changes into more obscure scenery that folks like you will have to
learn how to face and deal with… to be overcomers of the toughest times ever… (2015:141)
See the advantage of putting your confidence more in Me, which will be a great advantage during the dark times to
come that will require a lot of miracles to see you though!
I know, it’s a normal state of nowaday’s males to be confident in their own capability, but with times turning into a
determinant choice between good and evil powers to serve, trust Me that you’ll be better off serving the good, even if
We may not be running all the visible action in the world during that time – the greatest of all tests of mankind.
If you’ll choose Me instead of the great, visible ruler of the masses of that time, and might even get others into choosing
Me, trust Me that you’ll be better off in the long run than all the other ones that will follow the pressure into serving him,
who has been deceiving this world pretty much since the beginning.
Things you’re learning and experiencing and going through right now are the best preparations for the tough times
coming ahead of you and the rest of the world.
Cling to Me! Depend on Me! Lean on Me! For those are the only conditions and ways you’ll make it through the times to
come! (2015:142)
You’ve heard that not all electric functions will continue to work when the troubled times start! So, get used to trying to
hear from Me without a laptop or computer!
It’s a tough time, but all the more tough the times ahead of you will be that I’m helping you to prepare for. Trust Me that
even tougher times are coming, and the best that can happen is to get prepared for and learn how to handle them,
letting them cause you to lean closer to Me and My help, which is what you’ll surely need in the days to come. So, get
ready by learning to get ready, prepared, and deal with things you simply won’t be able to handle by yourself anymore!
If you feel like you can’t manage things by yourself anymore, don’t see it as too negative, but remember the positive
side, that it will prepare you for times to come, when leaning on Me and your help from Above will turn out to be the best
you could have ever learned!

You’ve been brought to the facts about the Endtime awaiting this world, so you shouldn’t be too shocked!
Just let it all cause you to rely more on Me, not on what you had learned from the way things used to be! Sometimes
things change drastically, and believe Me that you’ll be grateful for having been prepared for what’s to come when it
happens! (2015:143)
In order to get prepared to make it through the roughest time on earth ever, it’s better to learn how to make it through
rough times, than to continue to be spoiled.
How were you going to get prepared for the times of trouble just by being used to good times?
Life may be full of trials and tests for you right now, but like this you’re going to learn how to handle the trials and tests
that the Endtime is going to bring along; and not having been prepared for it might make it even tougher. At least like
this you’re beginning to learn how to take and handle tough times.
There are tougher times to prepare for, and if things just always flow smoothly, that might not happen so easily.
There’ll be times coming when you won’t make it without depending on My help to make it through each day of
tribulation! (2015:144)
The world is tending to become a lot worse through future changes it pays to be prepared for, and that’s what I’m
causing you to become! (2015:146)
Living in a world run by the enemy of God and those who try their best to follow His Son couldn’t be easy. But it’s what
keeps you more aware of your dependence on Me and your help from Above, without which you won’t be making it in
the long run, the darker the world situation gets.
You’ll need to get into that groove for the sake of making it through times to come. Dependence on Me is what will help
you to make it through those times.
The times to come require more than what you’ve got to offer yourself in order to make it through there!
There are dark times heading toward the world, and it’s better to get prepared for them! Things just won’t go and flow
the way they always have!
They’re rough times heading towards you, and that’s why I’m letting you feel like they’re just about there, so that you
can learn how to get into the gear of making it through Me and any help from Above you can muster to get down there!
I wish I had some better news for you… but then, these bad news had already been expected decades ago, and it’s time
to get ready and learn how to deal with them once they’re there. It’ll take miracles to survive through the days to come,
and so, you’ve got to get used to the rhythm of asking and applying for miracles.
Sorry there aren’t any better and easier times for you to expect right now, but then, those bad times had been forecast
long ago.
Hard times unfortunately is what you’re going to have to get used to!
Good news is, they won’t last forever.
Don’t be too shocked by the bad times coming toward you, but keep looking Up ahead, a bit further beyond them, and
know that it’ll be worth it all… any hard times you’ll have had to go through! (2015:148)
Though the hard times upon Earth have lasted longer than many would have hoped or expected, don’t worry: there’ll be
an end to it.
Stay on guard or on the attack, which is a mindset you’ll desperately need during the times to come… the Endtime!
The End-time as in, end of the world as it currently has been, and the wicked forces pretty much run it.
To learn how to handle the tough attacks from the enemy is necessary for you to make it through the even darker times
to come.
Handle rough times, in order to make it through the dark future up ahead!
Learning that you can’t make it on your own without My help through everything is a good, important thing to learn,
because that’s exactly what it’s going to be like during the Endtime, which is not that far away anymore!
Maybe the Roman Empire was bad and rough, but next iIt’s going to be pretty much the whole world taken over by the
Enemy, with technologies that didn’t exist back then!
So, get ready to deal with it – the fact that the greatest miracles of all time will be needed to help folks survive the global
rule by the enemy! He wants to make it look like a curse to be a believer in Me, with the persecution he’ll give them hell
on earth with. But let’s just see if My strength and the Father’s Power can’t enable you and other believers and followers
to make it through that, anyway!
I know, it’s gonna be a tough test, and a rough time, but that’s why I’m teaching you right now to get into leaning and
depending on Me as much as you can already, so that it won’t be too tough for you to make it through it all then! Right
now you may not feel capable of making it through anything like that… worldwide persecution and tribulation… but
maybe – or let’s say, hopefully – once I’m finished with preparing you, it won’t all look that impossible anymore.
Miraculous to survive it, yes… but that’s why you’ve got to learn to depend on My miracle power to make it, instead of
any of your own strengths or even wits… So, get ready, learning to use the right kind of supernatural aids and weapons
I’m working on preparing you with!
It’ll be fairly desperate times of becoming desperately dependent on Me, but that’s the way – the only way – you’ll be
able to make it through them! (2015:149)

What do you expect from a world which the enemy pretty much rules, and gearing toward a time when he will pretty
much completely do so as the Antichrist?
Becoming more desperate, dependent on and clinging to Me and any help from Above, will be the only factor to help
you make it through the times to come!
Some folks – or even most of them – don’t believe in anything else but the world around them, while other religious
groups are causing havoc that will give the AC a reason to abolish all other religion but faith in him. Yes, it’s a world
getting worse, but remember, there’ll be an important job for true believers to do for Me and the Father!
Get ready for what’s to come! And be prepared for the enemy’s strikes, since the peace that seemed to be there for
some time was just to get you off guard!
Constant enjoyment of life may have been okay while it worked, but you can tell that times are getting tougher and
worse, and you need to get ready to deal with those changes up ahead!
Expect miracles and the ability to call on that power when you need some, which you will, as you’ll see, in the times to
The enemy’s take-over of the world government will be the final stage in which you’ll be utterly dependent on
miraculous help from Above to make it through that time.
Making other things more important than material possessions will make more of a true follower of Mine out of you than
that whole bunch of materialistic Christians that are helping the enemy to turn the world against Me. (2015:150)
The enemy has gotten so many folks interested in raising their own material and physical gains, that it has become
more difficult to win others to Me, but with the way the times will be changing soon, that’s quite likely to change again.

It’s part of the necessary preparation for the Endtime to let the Spirit play a greater role in your mind and life in general
than the physical part, which isn’t going to get any better, but more disastrous as time down there goes on towards its
If the enemy and all his demons will come from the spirit world to take over the earthly rule and large part of the
population, it’s going to be all the more important to get your help from Our side!
It’s good for you to find out and learn that life can have its tough and challenging sides, especially the closer it gets
toward the Endtime!
Be prepared for the fact that things won’t continue to go on in the same old way, but it will get harder and tougher for
the majority of the masses to cope with the coming drastic changes. (2015:152)
Getting in tune with Me, learning to depend on Me, and all these things I’m pointing out to you will be helpful and
essential keys for you to make it through what’s coming! I know, they’re rough times for you already right now, but at
least like this you won’t be too shocked when the global rough times will hit, and you’ll be a bit more prepared than if
they’d strike you in shock, unexpectedly and unprepared.
Learning to count on Me in a stronger way than ever before is what will get you through what’s to come; so, keep
trusting Me that I know what I’m doing in letting you go through a desperate time already, in preparation for what’s to
There’ll be many situations people haven’t learned how to cope with in this day and age; and since it’s going to be the
largest takeover of the enemy’s forces ever in history.
The ability to keep seeing the Light instead of the greatest darkness ever taking over requires the ability to tune in to the
Spirit from Above more than ever before.
As times get darker in the world, the physical standards will go drastically downhill, and the most important thing you
can do is to raise the standard of the spirit in your life high above the physical one!
Turning toward the importance of the Spirit above that of the flesh is one of the key points to make it through the times
to come. (2015:153)
While seeking pleasure was the number one goal in life so far, there’s coming a time when it’ll be survival. Especially for
those who won’t feel like they belong to the Beast’s crowd, the AC who’ll wind up ruling the world in times to come.
So, it’s necessary to get prepared to make it through tough times up ahead, and you don’t have to feel weird about it.
Getting prepared for tough times to come you’ll appreciate as a gift then, when it happens, and you realize the value of
times of preparation for it.
With not so much pleasure around right now as you used to have, trust Me, that it’ll be better preparation for what’s to
come up ahead! (2015:154)
It’s definitely becoming more necessary to prepare for the rough times awaiting the planet!
Strength from Above will enable you to make it through times that not everybody or too many will manage on their own!
It’ll be a part of world history during which the enemy will try to get everyone he can to make the decision to follow the
one he’ll possess… and subsequently get rid of all who don’t. (2015:155)
Don’t let the financial income play the leading role in your life! Be content with less, because there’ll be a lot less
available in the future, and the sooner you get used to it and prepared for it, the better!

It’ll be one of the toughest times for those who’ve been used to material surplus, to make it through times with a lot less
again, changed only in the end by the ACs demand to receive his mark, which will draw the difference between people
belonging to Me or Him…
Learning to put your entire trust completely in Me and the help from Above and quit leaning on your own capacities to
make it in the system will play a major role of times of preparation for what’s to come: the enemy’s ultimate and final
ruler-ship over the world.
The hardest times of history are still before you, so, instead of trying to escape and avoid them, seek to make it through
them with My help, and all help from Above you can get! It may be quite of a bit of a challenge, but then, it’ll also be a
proof for many others that there’s a way to make it, and a better Source somewhere than what the enemy will put on
display. When he takes over the world’s rule, it’ll be the time of greatest trials on earth, but as you keep making it
through it, you will give hope to others who will somehow have been expecting and dreaming of it, since what the
enemy offered didn’t ring their bell… (2015:156)
Things could always be even worse. And you know from My Word, that the world will be, so, learn to cope with
whatever’s out there to deal with!
If things get tough for you down there, remember, there’ll be tougher times coming, and all the times do you’re having to
go through is prepare you and make you stronger to deal with it then!
The hard times you have to deal with are making you stronger to deal with the times to come!
The tougher the times to come, the stronger your faith better be! And you know from the Word, that the toughest are yet
to come. (2015:157)
It’ll get so tough towards the end that it’ll be pretty much impossible to make it through that time without your aid from
It may seem like hard times for you when you can’t make it without Our supernatural help, but that’s the way things are
going to be in times to come, so, the sooner you get used to it, the better!
Being weak and going through low energy times during which you just need and are dependent on Our help from Above
is the perfect preparation for dark times to come!
Don’t think you’ll have to make it through the rough future on your own! That’s why I’m trying to teach you to depend on
Us: all your help available from Above! Without Us you might not make it, but with Us and Our help, you will!
The more you depend on your help from Above, the surer you’ll make it through the rough times to come!
I’m letting you go through some rough times already, so that you’ll get into the right groove to make it through what’s
up ahead.
You had been told, that that some hard and tough times were coming eventually… and, well, that time is getting closer.
So, just trust and confide in Us and that We’ll help you to make it, and that’ll give many others some faith to make it
through the difficult times coming, too.
Rely more on the strength from Above, the kind that you’ll need to make it through what’s to come! The more you’ll
depend on Us, the more you’ll make it through times to come.
Learning to let Me help you to manage and make it somehow is the only way you’re going to make it through what’s to
come. (2015:158)
Most people don’t believe in the existence of the enemy (nor Mine), nor his rulership of the world, but you’ve come to
experience it as a fact. So, consider that an important preparation for what’s to come!
Of course, he keeps many people blinded against the existence of evil, mainly out of fear of it, one of his greatest
weapons. But being aware of the fact that Our Power’s greater and his will come to an end, should deliver you from any
fear of him, even if he’ll rule the world for a time at the end of his earthly rulership.
Just keep your faith in Our Strength and Power superior to his!
Keep in mind that his is coming to an end!
Not too many folks consider themselves dependent on Our help, but once the Endtime will have arrived, you’ll be
grateful for having been prepared for it, and having learned to cling to Our help from Above!
You’re in desperate need of Me and My help, and some day you’ll recognize this as having been the perfect preparation
for what was to come! (2015:159)
The existence of paper money will soon reach its end to be replaced by the enemy’s ultimate system of control through
his “mark of the beast.”
Taking a distance from current materialism is a first step away from accepting the devil’s ultimate mark of the beast
system that will bring an end to his running of the world, and a start to its new beginning!
When the worldly system’s on its way down, that’s a good time to look Up to Me and all the help you can apply for from
Up Here, getting fully into the state of leaning on Me and your help from Above for your survival… not knowing yet
exactly what will result from it on a globally political basis, but you know in theory that WWIII might result from a
worldwide Crash, and after that… latest, the man who’ll be the world ruler to be taken over by the enemy after basically
having been killed.
Not very nice prospects for the coming world situation, but it’s better to be prepared for it than shocked when it appears
and happens. Definitely a reason why We’re trying to get you out of the groove of seeking much fun and enjoyment,

since there are some pretty troublesome changes approaching world history, and it’s definitely not going to be
permanent party-time!
Keep it in your mind, that it doesn’t look as if the end’s too far away! (2015:160)
Tough times can test your faith in a God of Love… But if it’s a tough test now, how much tougher do you think it will be
with the big troubles on Earth coming, with the final part of the devil himself ruling pretty much the whole world during
the last 3½ years of world history known as the Great Tribulation? (2015:162)
Depend on Me and the Power from Above, so that you’ll make it through the times to come, where survival of a
miraculous kind will be necessary!
Your way down is quite likely due to the fact of the world’s general way down, and it’s a preparation for even harder
times to come, so that you’ll manage to make it through them.
Trust that I and the Father know what We’re permitting, even if it’s becoming rougher as time goes on!
Part of the reason folks were told about the impending trouble long before: to get ready and prepared for it!
The time of its greatest darkness is approaching the Earth, and it’s better to get prepared for it!
You need Me and all help from Above you can get now, and even more so in times to come!
It’s time you get used to the fact of darkness approaching and tougher times coming toward you and the world for
which you’d better be prepared. If you think times are tough right now… well, you’ll remember them as comparatively
easy ones during times to come! (2015:163)
What’s coming about, is some severely tough times… And, well, you’ve just got to get ready to deal with that. And it
means, not to keep allowing yourself what you used to! It may have been acceptable and pardonable in times before,
but they are changing, and you’ve got to get ready to deal with, and handle rougher ones!
Some things just change in life, and with the world about to face its roughest changes in history, you’d better get used
to that!
You were wondering, why is life such a misery on earth for you? But, well… what do you expect from a world expecting
to be run by our enemy, the devil? While you had been enjoying a bit of nearly heavenly life down there, it was
necessary to remind you of who’s ultimately in charge of most of what’s going on down there, and soon will be
governing just about everything in the flesh, as the AC! (2015:165)
Try to make it through every day with a trusting heart- and mind-set, instead of worrying about that dark future you can
see appending!
Yes, times will get hard, but didn’t I have to care for and take care of you all along? And even though it wasn’t as hard
yet as you know it’ll be during the Endtime, having taken care of you previously, don’t you think I’ll still make it through
the rougher times to come?
To lean on help from Above is pretty much the only way to make it through the dark future up ahead!
The roughness of your situation is the only way to get you halfway prepared for the much rougher one on its way. It
may be way much harder what you’re having to go through than what you’ve been used to, but not as hard as what’s yet
to come… So, getting prepared for tougher times than ever is what’s on the schedule, and not much use complaining
about it! (2015:167)
What can you expect to look rosy in a world in which the enemy has brain-washed the large majority of the people into
believing his lies? – And getting ready to rule and reign it all as a guy who’ll seek to abolish faith world-wide…
The ones believing in creation giving the coming world government a reason and excuse for abolishing religion.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God” (Mt.6:33) is another verse that still makes more sense than ever, especially with the
carnal distractions having grown into a bigger size and proportion than ever before, and getting close to the physical
reign of the tempter… fortunately his last one for a while… to be followed only once more, after the Millennium…
Learn how to bear and put up with tougher strokes from life, to make you stronger for the toughest times to come…
There’s the toughest time of world history coming toward you, which is definitely the price mankind will have to pay for
the choices it made, of pro-evil, instead of good, selfishness instead of love, etc.
The tough times upon the world are coming soon to let unbelievers reap what they’ve sown. (2015:169)
If the AC-kingdom should be coming up after a worldwide financial crisis, pretty much resulting in the disappearance of
finances printed on paper, the Endtime will introduce itself to you requiring miracles to happen in order for you and
your family to make it through it.
A life clung to and upheld by the system’s procedures seems like solid preparation for the predicted Endtime with the
Mark of the Beast as international cash replacement…
If you think they’re hard and tough now, just bear with the fact that times are going to be even harder and tougher, so
definitely something to learn how to cope and deal with when they come…
The toughest of all times on earth is pretty much right before you, and something for you to get ready to deal and cope
with… so, let My help get you ready, okay? (2015:170)

There’s still stuff that We’re doing in the world, even though it’s the case of the enemy soon going to take it over, this
time almost completely… except for guys like you and the ones you’ll find out about. We’re preparing some to help keep
the good part of mankind alive, even during the worst part of all of history! (2015:171)
What you’ll have to keep in mind to prepare for the Endtime: to constantly be on guard!
It’s not going to be much fun, having the enemy running and ruling the globe.
You’re wondering, “What on earth am I doing here?”
Especially if what you’re going through strikes you as the roughest, toughest time you ever had… but then you know
from My Words, that it’s just preparing you and getting you halfway ready for the even tougher time, in fact, the toughest
ever to hit that globe!
And no wonder you’re not quite sure whether you’ll manage it!
On the other hand, it also means, don’t let the current negative incidents drag you down too much. There’ll be worse
stuff coming, and especially to hit folks who only live for money that’ll lose its value!
So, get ready for the times of trouble! (2015:173)
Once you’ll see the Endtime happening… don’t you think there’ll be something to tell people? (2015:175)
Get prepared and ready for the final days of the earth in Satan’s grip! (2015:179)
You will need Our help desperately during the times to come when the devil will reign down there in the flesh… along
with all his fallen angels, the demons, taking over those who’ll take his mark on their skin, like saying, “Yes, we belong
to him!” (2015:180)
In the end, it’ll turn out you’re one of the ultimate winners on Our team, even if the enemy will make you feel like losers
for as long as you’re down there while he’s taking over the power, which you need to know and trust, he’ll definitely lose
in the end. (2015:183)
Having been told about the Endtime of this world so long ago, you should be prepared for and ready to deal with it in
some way, don’t you think?
The enemy’s giving you hard times, but We’ll help and pull you through. That’s what you’ll have to get used to for the
Maybe time to learn how to deal with and handle the tough times is right now, and better now than never or too late…
since you wouldn’t just want to learn how to handle it when the worst trouble starts.
Get ready, get prepared for it, and don’t let it all weaken you, but strengthen you to learn how to handle the times to
come, which are going to be a lot rougher yet than what you have to go through right now. (2015:186)

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