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Issue 36 19th November, 2015

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Friday 4th December
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Wednesday 9th December
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RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge

LAST chance for Book Fair till 4pm
Prep-2 Swimming
Tootgarook Market 3A rostered
Grades 5 + 6 @ Gravity Zone
Parent Helpers Morning Tea
School Choirs Big Day Out
Grades 3 + 4 @ Inflatable World
Grade 6 Graduation
8am Rotary Parents End of Term Breakfast

Out of Uniform Day FRIDAY 27TH NOVEMBER

Children are asked to bring along a Xmas item for the raffle.
Please make sure items sent are within a use by date.
Raffle books will be sent home within the next week AND will need to be returned by
9.00am Thursday 17th December.
After several more weeks of additional monitoring, we are pleased to confirm the following grade structure for
2016. Several changes have been made as a result of recent fluctuations to student enrolments at specific year
We will continue to build on our intervention and extension model across ALL levels of the school to ensure
that staff work across the school on a daily basis to further personalise the learning for our students. To this
end, four of our experienced teachers, 2 in each unit, will be responsible for ensuring outstanding provision
through all of our intervention and extension endeavours.
As you can appreciate, there are many complexities to juggle when structuring the classes each year. Our
compelling goal is to ensure we have established the best learning environments possible for all of our
students. We are delighted that we have been able to forge this structure within our budgets for 2016.

Grade Structures as follows:

Chelsea McGhee
Nat Quintin
To be confirmed
Frankie Kain
To be confirmed
Sandra Walton / Louise Bruin


Mandy Bos
Lynne Baird
Donna Johnstone
Skie Arnold
Alicia Perkins
Merryn Staley
Adele Read

Specialist Program Staff

Christine Young
Physical Education Brent Kitchin
Amelia Davey
Amanda Lee
Gwen Clements

Administrative Staff
Assistant Principal
Office Manager
Office Assistant

Wayne Whitworth
Paul King
Fran Parsons
Judy Stephens

Educational Support

Carolyn Jenkins,
Jackie Waycott,
Justine Beagley,
Graham Sharrock

After more than 30 years as a member of the Tootgarook Primary School community, Mrs
Hughes is retiring and leaving the Peninsula to be closer to her daughter and grandchildren.
She would like to thank the staff, parents and children both past and present for the wonderful
memories she will take with her.

YEAR 5 & 6 and 4/5 MULTI-AGE CLASS

In the above structure you will notice three multi-age classes in our senior school. Please note that
this is not a traditional composite class where Year 4, 5 and 6 children would be working on
separate programs. None of our learning programs across the school are based on chronological
age; our learning programs will always be based on the data we collect to determine the next stage
of learning for each child. To this end, a multi-age class presents us with few challenges because of
the way in which we already personalise the learning programs across the school.
There will be times however, where all of the Year 6 children will be involved in separate events. At
these times, some minor reorganisation of the students will ensure that the experiences of all Year 6
students will not be diminished at any time. When selecting the students to be in this class, we will
ensure that there is a sensitive balance in all factors to be considered (as with all of our classes). The
only slight difference with students selected to be in this class, will be further consideration given to
students who display higher levels of self-discipline, initiative and engagement to their learning.
Please be assured that all of the students in the multi-age classes will not be disadvantaged in any
way; if anything, they will be exposed to a broader range of experiences across the course of the

The Annual General Meeting for the Tootgarook Primary School Co-Op will be held at
6pm on Monday 14th December at a venue to be determined at a later date.

Swimming for Grades Prep Two will begin next Monday 23rd November and is
a requirement of the schools Physical Education Program. All lessons are run by
qualified and very experienced swimming instructors at the Peninsula Swim and
Aquatic Centre. Permission slips and payment was due last Monday 16th
The cost is $65 per student for a total of seven 30 minute lessons. CSEF may be used for this activity.
A Big Thankyou to all our parent helpers for making our Grade 2 Sleepover so successful, Kevin,
Jo, Nicole, Leza, John, Rachael, Kristen, Kate, Meagan, Jenine, Lisa, Michelle, Alison, Rebecca and a
special thankyou to Stephen for stepping in and doing all the shopping.


We are looking forward to our Prep Parent Information Afternoon next Thursday 26th November
from 2:00pm in the Library. Speakers will provide an engaging presentation on how parents can
establish a seamless transition to school for new prep students. All families will receive an
information pack, with all of the important dates and information needed for 2016. There will also
be a chance for parents to ask any questions about their childs transition to school.
We hope all of our new and existing families with 2016 prep students will be able to attend the

The concert on Friday the 13th of November came together beautifully. The students had practised for most of term
3/4 and had all learnt at least one song for each grade, as well as the opening song, I Wish. The focus, concentration
and enthusiasm shown in all the acts were fantastic and the
feedback from all concerned has been positive. The development
the students have gone through from when they shyly started out to
the end product is amazing. They all are more confident and their
voices have grown proud and loud. A BI G THANK YOU TO ALL
I MUST mention the costumes you have prepared at home too.
Overall a lot of effort was put into hair, makeup and outfits and they
looked awesome on the night. I truly thank you for aiding us in such
a creative and elaborate way.
The market and parking created a challenge this year. On behalf of
the school community I would like to extend our thanks to the 7 representatives in
the Rovers division of Sorrento Sea Scouts who organised the parking on the oval.
I would also like to extend a thank you to Tootgarook Preschool for preparing their
song and props and joining us on the concert night. It is great to have upcoming
students being part of our big celebration.
I sincerely thank all the people who helped one way or the other; you all know who
you are. You are all generous and you form the foundation of our big night.
Lastly we need to acknowledge Christine Young for the massive and diligent role
she performs each year. On behalf of the community, Thank You Christine.
On the wall in the Bendigo Bank Hall, you can find a small exhibition displaying props, the backdrop and accessories
used in the concert. Please come and have a look!

On Friday we had a concert and I was nervous. At the end it was funny, everyone was laughing at the
teachers. It was so
funny I lost my yell. It
was funny because
somebody ripped Miss
Quintins arm off.
Ashton Prep R
On Friday night I had
my concert. I felt
nervous. I went to the
market before the
concert. Tayla Prep R
On Friday night my dad
came and watched
Tarkyn and I on the
stage. I felt scared, I

was going to cry and I was looking at my dad. Dad was smiling at me. He was part of the audience. When we
finished the song I felt happy because I love singing. Rhiannon Prep R

Orders are now being taken at the school office cost $20 each. Please detach and return
with payment by Friday 27th November. SORRY NO LATE ORDERS CAN BE ACCEPTED after this

I enclose $20.00 for a concert DVD

Childs Name: .


Prep B - Mrs Prossor Lola Cooke for the great efforts she is making to extend her sentences by using
Prep R - Mrs. Read Taya Walker for the great effort she has made during working times.
1H - Mrs Hughes Asia Scollo for all of the extra learning she does independently both at school and home.
Great work!!
1P - Miss Perkins - William Campbell for the time he took with his reading assessment. Your results were
amazing and you have demonstrated your comprehension skills well.
2B Mrs Baird Grace Bell for her excellent progress in reading. Congratulations on achieving your new
2J Mrs Johnstone Liam Clifford Congratulations, Liam, on all the progress you have shown with Literacy.
We are really enjoying your Reading and Writing.
3A Miss Arnold Ella Giarrusso for your kindness and generosity towards everyone. You always
demonstrate our School R.I.C.H. Values. Great job!
3W Ms Walton Tyler White for making a fantastic contribution in Maths lessons with your number facts.
Keep it up!
4S Miss Staley + Miss McGhee
5Q Miss Quintin Oliver Humble - For taking on the challenge of writing a rhyming picture story book! Youre
certainly a poet, and now you know it! Well done Oliver!
6W - Miss Withers Harry Read 6W for his fantastic effort at the RACV Energy Breakthrough. Well done
Harry, you displayed maturity and represented Tootgarook P.S. with pride.
Art / Craft Miss Davey Kade Penzo 1P for workings hard on his finger puppets. You should be very
proud of your work. Well Done!
Music - Mrs Young Harry Read and Obelia Wycisk 6W Fantastic job on your brilliant performance at our
School Concert last Friday. You worked hard to get the script ready and you handled the MC role with
authority and grace. Thank You and Well Done!
Phys Ed Mr Kitchin Chelsea Forster + Ellie Papadopoulos 6W for being selected in the Nepean Netball
team. Well done on an outstanding achievement.
Indonesian - Ms Lee (Indonesian)

Tootgarook Primary School TOOTSTARS

RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge
Would like to thank the following sponsors who have made it possible for
Our students to attend this event.

Peninsula Service Centre Rosebud

Thankyou to the

For your donation to R.A.C.V.

1773 Pt Nepean Road, ROSEBUD