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Thank you for purchasing Lost Horizon !

Technical details

16 bit / 44,1 kHz

214 MB (44 single wav files)
49 nki files (11 basic, 28 single, 10 multi patches)
slightly chorused electric guitar samples serving like sci-fi, dreamy,
somnambulant soundscapes
- attack/release, filter, reverb, flanger, delay and other FX GUI controls
- Kontakt 5 full version required for unlimited use

More info
I have used slightly effected (a drop of chorus) samples of my trusty electric companion Yamaha
RGX 721 DG sampled from E1 to E4. Gently picked long flat tones. Those went for the "basic"
patch. Then I had chosen few more interesting among them and had processed them further in a
DAW. Added few more effects and exported them again to obtain some variations to acompany the
basic sample set in K5.

Basic patches. The first one, Lost Horizon Basic, is mentioned above. The next patches are
derived from particular samples of this one. Except LH Basic, Bright and Crystal are all
patches looped. Some are nicer, some are brighter, some are twisted.
Various presets created using Kontakt 5 effects adjustable from GUI serving like an inspiration for
your own creations.
Combinations of presets for your inspiration (or instant use of course) as well.
Space for your own creations.

General User Interface Effects

There are these effects used and options available:

Attack and Release controls Determine whether sample starts suddenly (if you are going for
shorter and mallet-like, more percussive sounds, or gradually, for longer pad-ish soundscapes, or
Frequncies (Filter) Equalization actually. Consisting of Cutoff, Resonance and Bandwidth
controls you can shape character of a sample from more or less trebly or bassy to more bright and
resonant, or dim and vague.
Stereo widens the stereo image.
Roto, Flanger and Dirt they add some rotation, weirdiness and overdrive to the sound.
Delay and Reverb are always helpful :-)
Brake (Limiter) is preventing sound to become too loud and overfed. But it has one more function
here in conjunction with another effects (mainly Freq, Reverb, Dirt, Flanger and loudness of a
preset) it can make sound become overloaded creating kind of dithering effect adding a drop of
unpredictability and unstability to the sound (and complete the gif-animated shining/flickering
behind the aperture you are looking through) this is what I particularly like about the soundscapes
created with Lost Horizon. Just check out the Close To The Edge preset.
In case of need - hovering your mouse over a knob, or a button, will activate a help text shown in
the info bar at the bottom of the window.

Patch list



Have a nice trip when searching for your lost horizon... and be sure to check out those 3 books I am
talking about on the website... without them, this instrument would not be possible.
Thank you one more time for your purchase. Use your library anyhow you like, commercially or
noncommercially, except reselling it or its parts further anyhow and in any form.
if any problem: info@atomhub.net
sincerely yours
Mato Huba

Released in 2014