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Technical Information 20

Selection of Nodularizers
Among foundries there is always a debate about the selection of nodulizer for their
particular process. The two diagrams below show some variables that will affect the selec-
tion of magnesium ferrosilicon alloy. The diagrams can help you to find the right alloy com-
position for a given process and equipment. On the next page, recommendations to alloy
composition for special processes like in the mould, flow through, and sandwich pocket
processes are also given.

Effects of Process Variables on Magnesium Ferrosilicon Alloy Selection:

Lower Mg-recovery and increased

> 1480oC violence. Use high Ca in alloy.
Better Mg-recovery. Low Ca in alloy
< 1480oC can be used.
Violent reaction and low Mg-recovery.
1:1 H:D Use medium Ca in alloy.
dimensions Less violent reaction and better
2:1 H:D Mg-recovery. Low Ca possible.
Variables Fume and flare. Use low Mg and increased
No Ca in alloy. Normally, use 4-32 mm sizing.
cover Very little fume and flare. Better Mg-yield. Higher Mg
Yes and lower Ca in alloy possible. All sizes possible.
Use more fine sized nodularizer.
< 500 kg Less than 12 mm sizing recommended.
weight Use coarser nodularizer.
> 500 kg Typically 4-32 mm or 1-20 mm.

Effects of Iron Composition on Magnesium Ferrosilcon Alloy Selection:

0.5-1.5% Use a 5% Mg-FeSi alloy

content 1.5-1.8% MgFeSi/low Si nodularizer mixture
or 10% Mg-FeSi alloy
> 1.8% Low Si nodularizer

< 0.025% All type of nodularizers can be used.

Base Iron Sulphur High Mg/RE alloys recommended. Increased slag

Composition content 0.025-0.04% formation. Desulphurization recommended.

> 0.04% Desulphurization before Mg-treatment

High purity Use nodularizer with low RE-content or low

Charge steel scrap Mg with increased RE.
Materials Low quality Requires increased RE-content to balance subversive
steel scrap tramp elements.

Carbon Not generally significant in product selection, but

Content 3.2-4.0% Mg-recovery slightly lower at high carbon contents.

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Technical Information 20 2

Nodularizers for Continuous Treatment:

The following are typical specifications for MgFeSi alloys for different treatment processes:
Treatment process
Specification In the mould Flow through
Silicon 44-48% 44-48% 44-48%
Magnesium 5.0-6.0% 2.8-3.5% 3.5-4.0%
Calcium 0.4-0.6% 1.1-1.6% 1.3-1.8%
Aluminium 0.8-1.2% 0.5-1.0% 0.5-1.0%
Lanthanum 0.25-0.40%
Rare earth’s 1.1-1.4% 1.1-1.4%
Sizing 1-4 mm 2-12 mm 2-12 mm

Important notes:
• Calcium is included to reduce reactivity and give optimum Mg-recovery.
• Low aluminium decreases the tendency to give slag related defects.
• These are typical analyses, and other alloy compositions are also available to meet
individual requirements.
• For details on the sandwich pocket process, see Elkem Technical Information
Sheet No. 11.