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What is the Personal Project

The personal project is a significant body of work produced over an

extended period. It is a product of the student's own initiative and
should reflect his/her experience of the MYP. The personal project holds
a very important place in the programme. It provides an excellent
opportunity for students to produce a truly creative piece of work of
their choice and to demonstrate the skills they have learnt in
approaches to learning.

As shown on the MYP curriculum model, and exemplified in the subject

group guides and other MYP documents, the five areas of interaction
form the core of the programme: they are addressed through the
subjects; they bind various disciplines together, they are the basis of
varied learning experiences through project work, interdisciplinary
activities, and 'real-life' community involvement. Although the areas of
interaction are not directly assessed or awarded individual grades, they
are central to the experience of the personal project which is intended
to be the culmination of the student's involvement with the five areas;
the project is thus normally completed in the last year of the student's
participation in the MYP.

The IBO places great importance on the expression of the student's

personality and potential as measured by means of a personal project.
It provides an opportunity for students to select a topic or theme about
which they are enthusiastic, and to show commitment to the
completion of their own project. It is designed to assess their ability to
organize and create, and thus must not be part of the coursework for
any other subject. Grades are awarded for the personal project in the
same way as for the eight subject groups of the MYP curriculum. In
addition, for schools requiring IB certification, candidates must have
completed a personal project that is at least worthy of a grade 3 in
order to be eligible for the MYP Certificate.
Form of the Personal Project

The personal project may take many forms, such as:

• an original work of art (visual, dramatic, performance, etc.)

• a written piece of work on a special topic (literary, social,
psychological, anthropological, etc.)
• a piece of literary fiction (creative writing)
• an original science experiment
• an invention or specially-designed object or system
• the presentation of a developed business, management, or
organizational plan. i.e. for an entrepreneurial business or
project, a special event, or the development of a new student or
community organization.

Whatever form the personal project takes, as agreed between the

student and the supervisor, the finished product must include a
personal statement in the form of a piece of structured writing.

The personal project should use a combination of skills developed in

the various subjects and through approaches to learning. It must not
be limited to one specific subject but rather be inspired by the areas of
interaction, and must demonstrate the student's understanding of the
chosen areas.

The Personal Project should include information on:

• information on the choice of product and the production steps

• the inspiration, research and influences guiding the work
• a description of the various characteristics, aspects or
components of the work
• an account of the special challenges or difficulties encountered
and solutions chosen
• a self-assessment of both the process and the product with
regard to the initial goal(s).

It is the school's responsibility to ensure that each student engaged in

the project is under the direct supervision of a qualified person in the
school, who can provide appropriate guidance and vouch for the
authenticity of the work submitted. This teacher or other professional
within the school is termed the supervisor.

Although the supervisor does not need any specialist knowledge in the
area selected by the student, outside help may be requested in some

In all cases, students should be guided in the planning, research and

completion of their projects. They should receive formative feedback
on their work and be encouraged to test and develop their own ideas
and to respect established deadlines.

To fulfill the Personal Project requirements, you must:

· Select a mentor who supervises the Personal Project
· Record process and progress in a Personal Project Journal
· Incorporate three of the five Areas of Interaction in the project, with
one area being Approaches to Learning
Personal Project News - All Personal Projects for the past three years are available in the
library, and well worth while looking at. Marking sheets are not with the projects.