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1.What’s your Ethnicity? 8.What’s your favorite hobby 9.What’s your guilty pleasure?
Mainly Vietnamese. Both my and why? I love to eat junk food right
parents are Vietnamese, however I love to sing! A lot of people don’t before bedtime! I work on my
I have some French down the realize that I am actually a really laptop while I’m in bed, and then
line. My grandfather is French. good singer! That’s why I have gorge down a HUUUUUGE chunk
But I mostly consider myself my new EP coming out “Welcome of pizza, cheesburger, etc, you
Vietnamese, since I do speak my to the Darkside” that showcases name it, I eat it, right before I go
language very fluently. more of my vocal abilities. The to sleep and my throat doctors get
EP is releasing May 4, 2010 on mad at me for doing that because
iTunes. I also love to play the that gives you acid reflux and it
2.What’s your zodiac sign?
piano. It’s really soothing and I messes up your vocal chords for
I’m a Scorpio!!!
singing! But I guess you
gotta make sacrifices
3.Where are you from and ask yourself what’s
originally? more important to you,
I grew up in the Southside pizza hunger at night
of Houston, Texas. before bed, or having a
beautiful singing voice
4.What did you like for my music career???
most about growing
up in Houston, TX?
Well it’s nothing like 10.Who do you admire?
Hollywood I must say! I admire the strong,
It’s more like “HOOD” but independent people,
not Hollywood! such as myself. I admire
someone who has built
their empire from
5.What kind of mischief scratch. I admire my
did you get into while great friend and mentor
growing up? Russell Simmons. He
So many you won’t have has been there for me
enough pages in this through thick and thin
magazine to cover all the and has taught me a
mischief I got into while lot about becoming a
growing up! mogul.

6.What’s the craziest 11.What’s one of

thing you’ve done? your goals?
When I was 13 years old, Honestly, I just want to
I used to kick it with my have my empire (that
sister and all her friends. I have currently built)
I thought I was soooo to blow up so that I
coool since my sister can truly be the very
and her friends were all first female mogul that
in highschool and I was is young, sexy, yet can
only in middle school. still prove to people
One day we all skipped that just because you
school, stole a car, drove are a young, and sexy
it to the beach, had a little female does not mean
beach party, and then we you are not intelligent!
drove the car into the I also would like to
ocean and all hopped out adopt at least 3 children
before the car sank into in the future and in 3
the ocean. It was funny years I will become
back then, but I look back and the ambassador for Vietnam. The
don’t think about anything else
feel really bad. I was only 13 world will be shocked to see the
while I play the piano. It just
years old. I didn’t know any hard work, and transition that
takes me to a whole other world
better. However if I knew who I have made for myself, on my
that I can get away from when I
that person was today, I would own, once again. I hope to inspire
am stressed. I also write songs
totally buy them a new car! people through my story.
for other people. I love writing
and I am very good at it. That’s
7.What brought you to CA? another thing that a lot of people 12.What do guys compliment
I always knew I was going to be don’t know about me is that I you on the most?
something special. I didn’t call write songs for other people as Guys? OMG… Guys are so easy.
upon Hollywood, Hollywood called well. So I guess you can say I’m They just love everything about
upon me. a pretty talented chick! (laughs) (cont’d on page 11)

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(cont’d from page 7) 16.What’s the first thing you
me. They don’t even have to get to notice about a guy?
know me first and they are always I always notice the hot guy that
trying to holla at me, but the is sitting alone by himself at the
dangerous thing is that once I do back of the bar. I love mysterious
let a guy into my world, even just men. I am very drawn to them.
a friend, once they actually do get
to know me, they always end up
falling in love because I am truly
17.What turns you on?
I love music! Everything I do,
wifey material. I am pretty much
music is involved! Such as when
every guys and girls dreamgirl. I
I am making love, I always have
run my own empire, I’m young,
a play list on of my favorite
I’m independent, and when you’re
songs. I have this song called
this busy people tend to get drawn
“Mary Jane” that I wrote for
to you because they want to spend
love making. It’s very sexy! As
more time with you, but they know
a matter of fact I have a huge
that they are not my #1 priority,
catalog of Tila Tequila music of
my work is.
about 200 songs or more that
nobody has ever heard yet, but
13.What’s your favorite body now that I have my own record
part on yourself? label “Tila Tequila Records” I just
Hmm… I would have to say my might go ahead and release all
button nose and my lips. With just of these songs for my fans. They
one kiss from my lips, I will have have been waiting for new Tila
you fall in love with me. (laughs) music for over 3 years now!!! But
wait no longer because starting
14.What’s your least favorite this spring, you will see more of
me everywhere so get ready!!!
body part on yourself?
I hate my feet! Although they are
small and cute (I wear a size 5 18.What turns you off?
½) I just have this weird thing I hate guys who have ugly shoes!
about my feet! I don’t know why A guy can be totally hot, and have
but I just hate my feet. I’m always the perfect personality, but when I
making sure my toes don’t go over look down at his shoes and he has
my shoes and clench onto them like some old, brown, stupid looking
I have seen other girls when they shoes, OMG, it’s a wrap! It’s Over!
wear those stripper shoes! (laughs) Get out of my house! I get so
turned off by a guy who has ugly
shoes! I don’t know why! (laughs)
15.What do you look for
in a guy?
Due to the fact that in my real life, I 19.What’s your biggest
am such a Boss Biatch, a mogul, the pet peeve?
president of many corporations, I My biggest pet peeve is when
would like a man who can make people talk over me while I am
me feel like a woman. I need talking. I give everyone enough
that balance. At work, it’s like I respect to let them speak first
am doing a man’s job. So when I and when they are finished, then
come home to a man, I would like I speak. However I find it rude
him to be man enough to make me when people keep speaking over
feel like a special little princess you or interrupt you in the middle
that I am. I don’t like to take of your sentences! Oh and also
my work home with me. So yes, Shitty Drivers! Get off the damn
a man who makes me feel like a road if you can’t drive!
woman, who is also romantic, and
not afraid to tell me he loves me 20.Who’s your celebrity pass?
or misses me. I love that! Edward Norton. RM

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“...I am
such a

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Birthday: October 21, 1981

Height: 4’11”

Weight: 95

Measurements: 34D/24/34

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October 17, 1985.

Zodiac Sign:





Riverside, CA.

Turn Ons:
A romantic guy.

Turn Offs:
Cockiness in a guy.

Pet Peeves:
Rude people.

Celebrity Pass:
Paul Walker

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reginapacheco1 or
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February 15, 1986.

Zodiac Sign:



105 lbs.

I am Korean.

Los Angeles, CA.

Turn Ons:
Confidence and

Turn Offs:
Someone who is too
cocky and rude.

Pet Peeves:
When people have no
common sense.

Celebrity Pass:
Justin Bartha.

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