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That Time of Year!

In almost every culture in the northern hemisphere, the

holidays at the onset of the winter season offer a time of
giving thanks.
We should constantly be thankful for the good fortune we
enjoy living and working in the Shores.

Light Up the Shores

Many of the holidays around the winter solstice also feature
lights as part of the celebrations during a time of shorter
days and longer nights.
Celebrate with us and dress up your home and yard with
lights, Santa, reindeer, snowmen and win prizes! Winning
homes will be featured in The PILOT and on the web.

Calendar of RSCA Events

Santa Comes to the Shores
at our Redwood Shores Library
Sunday, December 13th
1:00 3:00 pm
Santa will be in Redwood Shores to
greet everyone. Bring your cameras
to capture those magical moments
of your children on Santas lap
sharing their wishes. Mingle with
your neighbors, enjoy candy canes, hum along to the
Christmas Carols played on the piano, and enjoy a
crafts project with the Library sta while waiting your
turn to see Santa.
Dont be late! The line to see Santa can be long

Light up the Shores

Judging on December 17th

(Picture submissions by email only; see details at left

with information on how to enter your home.)

RSCA 2016 Annual Meeting

To submit your holiday decorations for consideration and
publication in The PILOT, simply take a photo of your
home, apartment, condominium or townhome, and
submit it to our Board of Directors for their official
judging process. Of course, its best that this be a dusk or
night time photo so we can see how brilliantly the lights
and decorations shine in the darkness.
Each photo should be emailed to <LIGHTS@rsca.org>
with your NAME and STREET ADDRESS (including
apartment or unit number if applicable.)
Your photos must be submitted no later than the end of
the day Tuesday, December 15th, as our elves will be judging
all applicants on Thursday, December 17th. Sorry, no late
applicants can be considered, as this is a lengthy process !

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

7:00 8:30 pm at the Shores Library
Watch this calendar each month for the dates of all
of RSCAs 2016 Shores events:

EGGstravaganza, RSCAs spring egg hunt

Sounds of the Shores summer concerts
Annual Levee Cleanup each August
Halloween Parade again in October
And, of course, Santa will be back again next year!
You can always nd more information about
these and other community events on our
web site at RSCA.org.

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December 2015 The PILOT

274 Redwood Shores Pkwy, PMB #603
Redwood Shores, CA 94065 - 1173

2015 Officers
Sue Nix
Jim Cvengros
Lynn Kathleen Adams
Bob Slusser
Harris Rogers


Board of Directors Members

Lynn Adams
Nina Boire
Jim Cvengros
Carol Ford
Bob Slusser

Sue Nix
Harris Rogers
Clemencia Rodriguez
Mike Mancusi
Andrew Young

RSCAs Board of Directors meet at the

Redwood Shores Library on the 2nd Thursday of
each month, 7:00 p.m. Our next meeting will be:

January 14, 2016

Light Up the Shores............................Page 1


Calendar of RSCA Events .....................Page 1

Jim Cvengros
Carol Ford
Sue Nix
For CC&R copies & information, email adb@rsca.org

From the Mayor / City Update .............Page 5

Its Elementary / Schools Update...........Page 5


Silicon Valley Clean Water Updates ....Page 13

Deadline for space reservation is normally the end of the first

week of each month for the following months issue.

Library Events Calendar......................Page 14

Email <ThePILOT@rsca.org>
for a precise schedule.

Box Tops for Education.......................Page 14

PUBLISHER: Redwood Shores Community Association

Middle & High School Events............Page 15

The PILOT is the official monthly publication

of the Redwood Shores Community Association

Classified Ads.......................................Page 16

Circulation: 6,000 Shores Households & Businesses

From LYNNs KITCHEN..................Page 17

Opinions published in The PILOT are solely those of the

authors and not the expressions of RSCA unless so
officially & expressly designated.

END NOTES.....................................Page 18
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December 2015 The PILOT



After a national search,

Melissa Stevenson Diaz
has been appointed as
Redwood Citys new
City Manager. Melissa
joined the City on
October 12th. Melissa
previously served as the
Assistant City Manager
in Mountain View.
She has a 24-year career
in public service with
assignments in Fremont
and Morgan Hill, and
Mayor Jeff Gee
has a wide breadth of
City of Redwood City
leadership roles, including finance, human resources, information technologies,
budget and redevelopment. I hope that you have an
opportunity to meet our new City Manager soon!

Happy holiday season! Over the next few months, we will

be planning for a facilities expansion at Sandpiper School
in 2017. I want to make sure that the community is
informed of the background regarding this work as well as
opportunities for participation.

Thank you, Rosanne Foust

Running for an elected office is a significant personal
commitment. It takes focus, preparation, being in the
public spotlight, talking to people that agree with you,
talking to people that disagree with you, and so much
more. Congratulations to all of the candidates that ran for
an elected office this past election season. Congratulations
to Alicia Aguirre and Ian Bain who were re-elected to City
Council, and welcome to Council-members elect Janet
Borgens and Shelly Masur. They will take their oath of
office on December 14 at the last City Council meeting of
the year. In addition, the City Council will select the new
Mayor and Vice Mayor.
Thank you to Rosanne Foust for her 12 years of service on
the Council and for her many more years of service to the
City as a Planning Commissioner and community leader.
Being on Council is much more than attending meetings
twice a month on a Monday night. Rosanne has served on
a number of council subcommittees, county-wide
committees and regional committees, making decisions for
our City and for the region. She has served with her heart
and with passion. Rosanne, thank you for your dedication
and commitment.

Be Prepared for a wet winter!

With the forecast for a super El Nino, the City has been
working hard to prepare for a wet winter. Over 2,000 of
the Citys storm drain inlets have been cleaned out, culverts
(continues on Page 16)

Facilities Expansion Background

In November 2014, the Belmont-Redwood Shores
community approved Measure I, which authorized $48
million in bonds for facilities expansion and improvements
in the school district, primarily to address continued
enrollment growth. In spring 2015, the District sold $38
million of those bonds. The first round of expansion took
place in the spring and summer of 2015, adding:
two new classrooms at Redwood Shores Elementary,
eight new classrooms at Ralston Middle School, and
eight new classrooms at Nesbit to allow for Nesbit to grow
to a TK-8th grade school.
All three projects were completed on time and under budget,
at a cost of $17.5M. There is a page on the District website
(http://www.brssd.org/fcexp) to provide additional information and background on our facilities expansion efforts.

Current Expansion Projects

Next, the District is planning to expand the facilities at
Cipriani and Sandpiper schools, again to accommodate
enrollment growth. Cipriani is the most impacted school
neighborhood in the District (as defined by the difference
in enrollment capacity vs. demand), and Sandpipers
planned expansion will allow for elementary enrollment
growth and to provide a middle grades option in the Shores
as a K-8 school.
Last month, the Board selected an architect, IBI, for these
projects with the assistance of
a District Construction Task
Force. Over the coming
months, the architect will be
developing conceptual plans
for the projects. Most school
board meetings this winter
will provide updates and
opportunities for input with
regard to the Cipriani and
Sandpiper projects.
(continues on Page 14)
Dr. Michael Milliken, Superintendent
Belmont-Redwood Shores School District
The PILOT December 2015 Page 5

Page 6

December 2015 The PILOT

The PILOT December 2015

Page 7


Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry
278 Redwood Shores Parkway
(Next to the Nob Hill Market)

Redwood Shores

Tel (650) 654-6545 Fax (650) 654-6564


Get The Most Out Of Your Insurance Benefits

And Start The New Year Healthy!
Time flieswe are almost through 2015. The end of the year will be upon us before we know it; and with the end of the
year comes the end of your yearly dental insurance benefits. Did you know that each year insurance companies make
millions of dollars off patients who forgo necessary and preventive dental care?
Many individuals who are paying for dental insurance do not realize that their plans provide coverage up to a certain dollar
amount annually. Consequently, some patients are not scheduling the dental treatment they need, deserve, and have insurance
to cover. Thus, the insurance revenues allocated to pay dental claims on many patients are never used, and, unfortunately,
those dollars cannot be carried over year-to year.
The bottom line: What the patient does not use they lose. Clearly, it pays in many ways to schedule the preventive care or
other dental treatment that you need. We want to make sure that you take full advantage of any remaining benefits your
family might have. Many times you may be able to save money by completing your treatment before year's end .
If you have any questions about how much actual coverage remains on your insurance benefits, please call our office so
that we can check on that for you. At that time, we can schedule you at the earliest available appointment to ensure you
take full advantage of all the insurance benefits you pay for.
Please call or email us to make an appointment before the end of the year. We are scheduling November and December
appointments at this time. Please dont wait until the last minute! Our schedule usually fills very quickly in the last quarter
of the year.
Yours Truly,
Dr. Rocky Dhaliwal

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December 2015 The PILOT

The PILOT December 2015

Page 9

Page 10 December 2015 The PILOT

Page 12 December 2015 The PILOT

Improvements Planned for

Radio Road Pond Area
By Kim Hackett
SVCW Engineering Director
Several future improvements are planned for the front of the
SVCW plant (1400 Radio Road in Redwood Shores) on
the 10-acre ornamental pond, an area that has been
popular for bird-watching.
In order to provide geotechnical data for evaluation of
options for the SVCW forcemain (the pipe that carries
raw sewage to the treatment plant) replacement project,
in compliance with the California Environmental Impact
Act (CEQA), it was necessary for us to drain the
Landscape Impoundment or Ornamental Pond once
again in September.
Our best estimate, at this time, is that we will be able to
start the refilling process in January, but this is dependent
on weather and the ability to gain the needed information.
It should be noted that the south pond will be
permanently drained, in about two years from now, to
allow critical water conveyance and treatment processes to
be constructed in the area. Once the construction
activities are complete, we anticipate the five-acre northern
pond area will be refilled and available for the popular bird
watching activities that occur in the area.
Near term improvements include a Receiving Lift Station
(RLS), Headworks (HW), and Peak Flow Diversion
(PFD) Structure and Basin. Long term improvements will
include nutrient removal facilities and may include
recycled water treatment and clarification capacity
improvements. Civil improvements that are needed for
the front of the plant area to accommodate these new
facilities include: site work required to house contractor
temporary offices and staging area, setting the site
elevations to allow access to new facilities and for proper
drainage; storm drainage improvements to prevent site
flooding; walls and fencing for site securing and screening;
driveway and roadway improvements to create safe vehicle
routing; and tree planting for further site screening and
visual improvements.
All of these proposed improvements are part of a CEQA
review which will take place over the next 18 months. The
public will have opportunities to provide input during the
process. Construction, if the project is approved, would
start in late 2017 with grading to prepare the site for the
construction projects to start in 2018.
A Headworks Facility would be constructed to provide
coarse screening and grit removal from the raw

wastewater. This process will improve the reliability of

the equipment at the WWTP by removing rags, sand,
and debris which damage pumps and other process
equipment. Construction would begin in early 2018
and take two years.
Receiving Lift Station (RLS): A deep, submersible pump
station, called the RLS, would be built to pump the
incoming wastewater from the gravity pipeline to an
elevation sufficient to flow through the plant processes.
Construction of RLS would begin in late 2018 and
scheduled to be completed early 2021.
Peak Flow Diversion Facilities would be built to
temporarily store incoming wastewater to allow for a
more consistent flowrate into the WWTP processes.
There would be two facilities constructed for this
purpose: a Peak Flow Diversion Structure, and a Peak
Flow Diversion Basin. Construction would begin in late
2019 and take three years.
The new components would be connected to the
existing plant treatment processes via a new Influent
Connector Pipe that would convey the flow from the
Headworks and Peak Flow Diversion Facilities to the
primary wastewater treatment processes.
Based on extensive discussions with the Regional Water
Quality Control Board (RWQCB), SVCW is preparing
for new regulations that would require reductions in
nitrogen and possibly phosphorus from its outgoing
wastewater flow. The Nutrient Removal Improvements
component would add wastewater processes to the
WWTP to remove these nutrients.
The Clarification Improvements component would
provide additional secondary clarification capacity,
improving the reliability of this process during wet
weather events.
We will be posting periodic updates as the CEQA process
unfolds on our website:

if you would like to receive updates to your email, please
send your email address to:
The PILOT December 2015 Page 13

Have you ever noticed the small pink label with a pencil
that is on the packaging of products from companies like
Ziploc, Hefty, Avery, General Mills, Green Giant, Hanes,
Heres your chance to support our two Redwood Shores
elementary schools (Sandpiper Elementary and Redwood
Shores Elementary) by clipping off Box Tops
(boxtops4education.com) from many products that you
already buy!
Box Tops for Education are a small, easy way to help your
local Parent-Teacher Associations provide things like
classroom supplies and field trip fees.
Redwood Shores residents can help by clipping your Box
Tops labels (it only takes 5 seconds to clip and save them
in a bag) and dropping them off in a collection box at the
Postal Annex, 274 Redwood Shores Pkwy right next to
Nob Hill Foods, whenever you are shopping nearby.
You can also drop labels off at the school offices of
Sandpiper Elementary or Redwood Shores Elementary.
And a big, special Thank You to Postal Annex for helping
support our schools!

Elementary District News

(continued from Page 5)

Upcoming Board Meetings

At the December and January board meetings, the architect
will present draft conceptual plans for input and feedback
from both the Board and community. You are invited! The
December 10th board meeting will take place at Nesbit, and
the January 14th meeting will take place at the District Office.
Both meetings will begin at 6:15pm.
At the December 10th meeting, the construction agenda topic
will not be addressed until 7pm or later that evening. These
board meetings are excellent opportunities to keep informed
of the plans as they develop and to share your feedback.
Materials for these meetings will be posted at least 72 hours
in advance at www.brssd.org/boardagendas.
If you are interested in learning more, I invite you to contact our
office at 650-620-2703 or email me at <mmilliken@brssd.org>.
Thank you for a great 2015, and best wishes for the holidays
and the New Year!

Page 14 December 2015 The PILOT

School Events

by Kelly Song
Sleigh bells are ringing, bells
are jingling, and the winter
season is just around the
corner. The schools in our
community have plenty of
important events and
activities planned for the
upcoming months. So get
ready for a very merry
holiday season!

Carlmont High School

Winter Break: Time to enjoy hot chocolate and break free
from the worries of the world. Winter break for Carlmont
High will be from Friday, Dec. 18 to Monday, Jan. 4.
PTSA Association Meeting: Looking for more chances
to get involved in your childs education? The PTSA
meeting is the perfect opportunity to do this. The meeting
will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 12 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
in the College and Career Center.
Student Parent Forum: Important student parent forum
coming up! It will take place on Thursday, January 21
from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the school library in the C
hallway. A tour begins at 6:30 p.m.
Winter Formal: Time to put your dancing shoes on!
Carlmonts annual winter formal will take place on
Saturday, Jan. 23 from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. at Fox Theatre
(2219 Redwood St., Redwood City). Please dress in
formal attire.

and be an active member at your childs school. The next

PTA meeting at Redwood Shores Elementary School will
be on Tuesday, January 19, 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the
music classroom.
Outdoor Education: Banana slugs, smores and cabins.
Every fifth grader has been waiting for this week since they
first began school. The annual outdoor education for the
class of 2016 will take place from Monday, Jan. 25 to
Friday, Jan. 29.

Ralston Middle School

Winter Break: Monday, Dec. 21 to Friday, Jan 1
Mid Winter Break: Winter break wasnt long enough?
Not to fear; theres a mid winter break coming up from
Monday, Feb. 15 to Friday, Feb. 19.

Heres our wish for

you and yours
Have a very
merry Holiday and a
happy New Year!
Redwood Shores Community Association

Sandpiper Elementary School

Winter Break: Monday, Dec. 21 to Friday, Jan. 1
Hearing and Vision Screenings: The best parts of the
world are composed of colors and sounds. To ensure your
child can experience these wonders to the best of their
ability, hearing and vision screenings at Sandpiper
Elementary will take place from Monday, Jan. 4 to Friday,
January 8. The screenings are available for kindergarten
and second and fifth graders.
Principal Coffee Chat: Have a chat with Sandpipers
principal on Friday, Jan. 8 from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m to
ask questions about the school year, the curriculum, or
just anything in general.

Redwood Shores Elementary School

Winter Break: Monday, Dec. 21 to Friday, Jan. 1
PTA Meeting: Discuss important events and activities,
The PILOT December 2015 Page 15

20% OFF for
(Van Available)

(650) 921-2038

Redwood Shores Handyman

No job too small, can do almost anything.
Redwood Shores Resident

Call Scott 650-464-3276

or email shenderson4@aol.com
To pick up 2nd-grader from school, drive to activities, plus
light housework (laundry, groceries, shopping, some cooking).
Excellent driving record and car in good condition a must.

Email mpravdin@gmail.com.

Redwood Shores
Certified Public Accountant

Providing tax preparation and planning,

accounting and bookkeeping services
15+ years experience
Shores Resident

Call Kerman at 650-291-4219


Excellent service, good references.
Call Ana or Edgar 650-924-0406

Silvias Housecleaning Service

License #22085 - Bonded and Insured
$15 off for first 3 cleanings for new customers only.
Coupons good for weekly & bi-weekly clients only.

Serving the Shores for 10 years.

(415) 860-6988

Able Handyman Fred

Complete Home Repairs Maintenance Remodeling

Professional Painting Carpentry Plumbing
Electrical Custom Design Cabinets Fence Tile
Deck Gates 7 Days a week Free Estimate

650.529.1662 650.483.4227

Does your ad belong here?

Classified 30 words ...$45
($2.00 per additional word)

Business Card ART ...$95

email: ThePILOT@rsca.org

Be Prepared for a Wet Winter

(continued from Page 5)
cleared of dirt and debris, vegetation removed from
from drainage canals and more. If we have a winter
that brings us more that our usual rain, there is the
chance for local flooding.
Everyone can make a difference by being prepared
and you can help by clearing out drains in your yards,
cleaning up leaves that can block storm drains, and
more. You can find more information about storm
preparedness on the Citys website, and be sure to
look at information available from the Public Works
Services department. Go to:


Page 16 December 2015 The PILOT


(How a Connecticut Yankee embraced California Cuisine)
Lynn Kathleen Adams


Its difficult to imagine how it can possibly be December
already after all, many of our trees still have their
autumn-colored leaves clinging to their branches. I am
missing the New England snow flurries which always set
the stage of excitement for the Christmas and New Years
Im sure that many of you follow the tradition with your
children of setting out cookies and a glass of milk in
anticipation of Santas visit on Christmas Eve. We always
made certain we had freshly baked cookies for Santa, and
a few carrots for his reindeer. They were always gone in
the morning with a little thank you note beside the plate.
These cookies are certain to please everyone, including
Santa! Theyre crisp and melt-in-your mouth delicate, and
perfect for a late evening snack. This recipe can easily be
doubled. Your children can help with the dough rolling
and flattening the cookies with a glass, which may (or may
not!) speed up production of these sugar cookies.


one section at a time (keep the remaining sections in the

refrigerator while you work!), pinch off about 2
teaspoons of the dough and roll between your palms to
form 1 inch balls . Place the cookie balls about 2 inches
apart on an ungreased (or parchment paper lined)
cookie sheet.
5. Moisten the bottom of a 3 inch drinking glass with
water and dip it into the granulated sugar flatten each
ball of dough with the sugar coated glass, dipping the
bottom of the glass into sugar before flattening each
cookie (dont use too much water!)
6. Now is the time to sprinkle the tops of the flattened
sugar cookies with sparkling sugar if you want to add
that Christmas-y colorful touch!
7. Bake the cookies for about 8 minutes in a regular oven
(dont use your convection oven as they will brown too
quickly) until light golden around the edges. Let cool
on a wire rack. Store in an airtight cookie tin.
8. This recipe will make about 4 dozen cookies.
Enjoy with a glass of cold milk or hot chocolate! And dont
forget to leave some out for Santa on Christmas Eve.
Happy Holidays to all and a Healthy and Prosperous
New Year!
(Lynn has been an RSCA Board member since 1994.)

(Preheat oven to 375 degrees F)

2 cups all purpose flour
teaspoon baking soda
teaspoon cream of tartar
teaspoon salt
pound unsalted butter, at room temperature
cup bakers (superfine) sugar
cup confectioners sugar
1 egg
cup vegetable oil (Crisco or Wesson Oil)
teaspoon vanilla extract
Granulated sugar for dipping
Sparking sugar (red and green for Christmas) if you want
to add a colorful festive touch
1. In a large bowl, sift together the flour, baking soda,
cream of tartar, and salt.
2. In a large mixing bowl, cream the butter, bakers sugar,
and confectioners; sugar until pale and fluffy. Beat in
the egg and oil until well blended. Beat in the vanilla.
3. Add the dry ingredients on, one-third at a time, beating
until blended after each addition. Cover with plastic
wrap and refrigerate until firm, for several hours or
4. Divide the cookie dough into 8 sections. Working with
The PILOT December 2015 Page 17

Tis the Season to be THANKFUL!
There are many, many things that make the Shores a
unique and safe community.
We have the incredible benefits of:
a protected island, with limited access and distinct
boundaries defining our community, bordered by
water on three sides and Hwy.101 on the fourth.
a diverse population, with generally common respect
for the law and the norms of social life.
the ability to communicate with almost every member
of our community. The PILOT goes to every residence
and most businesses, and you have to pass our roadway
signboards to in order to get to every home in
Redwood Shores. This ability to communicate is a
HUGE benefit to the Shores community.
a population that is almost universally Englishspeaking, even if as a second language, which also
makes communication within the community much
good infrastructure, an exceptional branch library, and
two great elementary schools with extraordinary
teachers and staff.
an extremely high interest population that pays close
attention to community issues large and small.
We DO NOT have:
problems with gangs or violence in the community.
(We have one of the lowest crime rates in the Bay Area.)
problems with drugs and dealers on our streets or in
our neighborhoods.
problems with run-down & distressed properties that
can be attractors for crime and other problems.
(Remember that ALL properties in the Shores are
covered by CC&Rs which serve to keep both business
and residential properties in good repair.)
Be thankful this Holiday Season to be a part of this great
Shores community.

We are Thankful for Our MEMBERS!

We do appreciated those of you who, with your
Membership dollars, support our efforts to keep the Shores
a GREAT place to live and work! You make possible our
community events like Octobers Halloween Parade,
Decembers Santa Comes to the Shores (co-sponsored with
Redwood City Libraries), springs Eggstravganza egg hunt,
our Sounds of the Shores summer concerts, and our annual
Levee Cleanup. You also make possible our advocacy with

Page 18 December 2015 The PILOT

the City, County, and other government agencies (like

Silicon Valley Clean Water) on issues that affect the Shores.

The primary purpose of the Redwood Shores Community
Association (RSCA) is to be THE advocate on issues that
affect the quality of life in the Shores.
The mission of the Association, as specified in our 1970
Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, is to represent the
interests of both residents and businesses in the Shores.
RSCA endeavors to:
1. provide a forum for community action by all groups
within the Shores, and to assist homeowners and
maintenance organizations in achieving common goals.
2. disseminate, by newsletter and other means, information
of significance to the Shores utilizing The PILOT (a
monthly newsletter), the internet, and our roadway
median signboards.
3. encourage and promote a safe and healthful environment
for family life.
4. present social, cultural, and other events for the Shores
5. advocate fairness in taxation of property in the Shores.
6. encourage responsible growth of property development
in the Shores.
7. carry on any business in furtherance of any of the above
activities, or any other activities which the Association
shall deem to be in the community interest.
8. implement the CC&Rs of Redwood Shores Subdivisions
No. 1 and No. 2, Marlin Subdivisions No. 1 through and
including No. 6, and Dolphin Subdivisions No. 1 and
No. 2, to appoint members of the Architectural Design
Review Boards to those Subdivisions, and to coordinate
the enforcement of the CC&Rs of Redwood Shores
Subdivisions No. 1 and No. 2 Marlin Subdivisions No. 1
through and including No. 6 and Dolphin Subdivisions
No. 1 and No. 2 with the City of Redwood City.
RSCA is an inclusive organization that recognizes and
celebrates the incredible diversity of our community.

Let Our Wildlife Be Wild

We are fortunate to live near wetlands and open green areas
and are consequently surrounded by all forms of wildlife.
But please remember that this is not a petting zoo. As
beautiful as some our birds might be, or as domesticated
as some of our squirrels, waterfowl, and other small
wildlife might appear, you need to respect their space.
Feeding ANY of our wildlife is prohibited by law!