I .

~~~;:~;} : ~

," ',./:

I y"

"~""S'(j GIAO DVC ~ eA.o T.4.0 NAMDJNH

.;\" r:'~' ~, ~.::.'~ . :~~.-.

.--~ ~ .



Mon: Tl~NG ANH (ai chuyin)

ThO; gian lam bai: 150 phut

£)~ CHrNH THUcl

D~ thi g6m 6 trang

Chu y: Thi sinh lam bili vao dS thi nay.

Di~m bai thi .


(Do chu. Itch H¢i dang chfun thi ghi)

Ho. teo va ch fr kV 2 giam khao

. ,

Bang s6: Giam khao 1: .,. ..

Bing chir: Giam khao 2: .


I. Choose the best answer. Circle A, B, Cor D: (l.Op)

Example: I haven't seen her a long time.

A. since B. before ©. for

D. at

I. I knew him I was a child.


A. until B. when C since D. during

2. The child hurt himself badly when he fell the bedroom window.

A. out from B. out of C down D. over

3. The nurse was on __ in the hospital last night.

A. work B. alarm C duty

D. service

4. ! suggest we outside the cinema tomorrow at 8.30.

A. meeting B. meet C. met D. will meet

5. playing professional basketball, she also enjoys terinis.

A. Besides B. Moreover C Apart D. Together-

6. J tried to them from going, but they wouldn't take any notice.

A. warn B. refuse C. forbid D. prevent

7. She him of lying to her.

A. threatened B. blamed C. criticised D. accused

8. The doctor advised me not to take so much work in future.

A. after B. on C. over D. to

9. If he phones, __ him to buy some potatoes on the way home.

A. remember B. recall C. remind D. recollect

1 O. A chi cken can up to three eggs a day.

A. lie B. lay C. put D. place

II. Give the correct form of the words in capital letters. Write your answers on the numbered blanks. There is an example at the beginning: (1.0 p)

How to succeed

Let me make a (0) suggestion (example) to help you deal with difficult situations. If, for example, you are taking part in a

sport (1) , meeting someone important, or giving

a (2) to front of a large audience, you will

probably be quite (3) , and worry that you will not

be as (4) as you would like to be. What you





r ',; ~.. i •. ~-

"C,' 'need to do is to prepare yourself (5) by running

through the whole (6) over and over again in

your mind, (7) going through every detail. For

example, a famous pianist, (8) for seven years _

for political reasons, could still play magnificently on his (9) ______ . When asked how he managed to play so well, his (l0) was that he had practised every day in his mind.

III. Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. Each sentence has one mistake. Underline the mistake in each sentence and write the correct one in the numbered blank: (O.Sp)

Example: O. She is good in English. O. __ at __








1. Collecting stamps is one of my hobby. 1.

2. Besides the zoo and the art museum, I have visited many 2.

others places in this city.

3. There are some people in the government who is trying to 3,

improve the lives of poor people.

4. When we walked past the theatre, there were a lot of people 4.

waited in a long line outside the box office.

5. It is a fact that I almost drowned makes me very careful 5.

about water safety whenever I 0'0 swimmin .

IV. Complete each sentence with the correct form of one of the verbs below and the preposition OF, FOR, IN or TO. Use each verb once and make any necessary changes. Write the answers on the spaces provided .(l.Op)

believe hope

consist forgive

object specialize

search approve

apologize remind


Example: O. The test consists of MO written papers and an interview.

I. After trying for an hour I finally starting the car.

2. Anny helicopters were brought in to help e the missing children.

3. Let's the best. You never know the weather might clear up.

4. I had never ghosts until I stayed at a mysterious old house in

the country.

5. I've kept the luggage label as a souvenir to me _~_ the wonderful

holiday we had.

6. After taking a general course she decided to tropical medicine.

7. Some guests have having to pay extra to use the swimming

pool. I'm not surprised they're annoyed!

8. He wrote a letter all the trouble he had caused and asking her

to forgive him.

9. By the way she spoke you arrangements for the wedding.

10.1 don't think I will ever her the way she made me look such

------ -----

a fool in front of all those people.


could see that she didn't


I. Fill in each of the numbered blanks with ONE suitable word. Write your answers on the numbered blanks. There is an example at the beginning. (LOp)

The importance of computers

Many of the things we do, depend (0) Q!! (example) receiving information from other eopie. Catching a train, making a phone call and going to the cinema all involve

t'" " information (1) is stored, possessed and comm~icated. In the past this

information used to (2) kept on paper in (3) form of, for

example, books, newspapers and timetables. Now more and more information is put (4) _____ computers.

Computers play an important (5) in our everyday lives.

Consider the use of computers in both shops and offices. Big shops, especially chain stores with branches all over the country, have to deal with very large amounts of (6)

_____ . They have to make (7) there are enough goods on the

shelves for customers to buy, they need to be (8) to re-order before

stocks (9) out, to decide which things are selling well and so on. All

these processes (I 0) performed quickly and efficiently by computers.

II. You are going to read an article about reading. Choose the most suitable heading from the list (A-F) for each part (1-5) of the article. Write your answers on the numbered blanks. There is an example at the beginning O. (O.5p)

A. Choose your author

B. If necessary, be brutal

C. You don't have to finish every book

D. You can read wherever you are

E. Change your free-time

F. The importance of reading O. _F_ (Example)

Nobody would argue that reading books is a bad thing. We may feel that Arnold Bennett was going slightly over the top when he said that the man who does not read books is merely not born. He can't see, he can't hear, he can't feel, in any ful! sense. He can only eat his dinner but more often than not, we would agree, reading a book is nonnaJly better than watching television. So, most of us would really quite like to read.


A recent government survey of what we actually do revealed that average woman spends the equivalent of only five days a year reading (the average man four days), compared to 56 days watching television. Cutting downson time spent in front of the box should give you some spare hours, and if you are male you're even luckier. The same survey also discovered that.the average man spends 17 days a year 'doing nothing at all'.

2. _

[f you examine your day for reading opportunities, you will discover lots of free time. Standing at the dentist's waiting room, queuing up for things: the occasional 10-20 minutes here and there quickly add up. But the time wi!! fly if you always have your book with you.

3. _

Books are there to be read. You can generally buy classics for $1, so don't be overprotective with them. Read in the bath (in the shower may not be such a good idea). [ once found myself with 75 pages of a Dickens novel left to read, and a plane to catch. Rather than spend a two-week holiday lumbered with a 900-page book I pulled the last 100 pages out and took them with me.

4. _

There are 106,000 books publish in Britain every year. The best of seven centuries worth of literature is published in paperback. There has to be something you would like. Identifying it may take time. Be guided by what you have enjoyed in the past and branch out from there; Roald Dahl? Then try R.L Stine. Stephen King? Then try Clive Barker. Agatha Christie? Then try Patricia Highsmith or Ruth Rendell.

5.---,. __

If you are not particularly enjoying a book, you are guaranteed to find 143 other things to do instead of reading. Consequently, it will take months to finish and put you off picking up another. When you find this happening, stop reading this book and start another immediately.

III. Read the passage and choose the best answer. Circle A, B, Cor D (1.0p)

As far as 700 B.C., people have talked about children being cared for by wolves.

Romulus and Remus, the legendary twin founders of Rome, were purported to have been cared for by wolves. According to legend, Mars fathered the. two boys. As a result, a relative of their mother put her in prison and ordered that the boys be drowned in the Tiber River. However, a she-wolf saved them from this horrible fate and took them back to her liar to care for them. Legend has it that when a she-wolf loses her litter, she seeks a human child fa take its place.

This seemingly preposterous idea did not become credible until the late nineteen century when a French doctor actually found a naked ten-year-old boy wandering in the woods. He did not walk erect, could not speak intelligibly, nor could he relate to people. He only growled and stared at them. Finally, the doc lor won the boy's confidence and began to work with him. After many long years of devoted and patient instruction, the doctor was able to get the boy to clothe and feed himself. recognize and utter a number of words, and write letters and form words.

1. Approximately how many years ago did people talk about children being cared for by wolves?

A. 700 years B. over 2700 years C. about 1300 years D. less than 2007 years

2. The French doctor found the boy

A. wandering in the woods B. at his doorstep

C. growling at him D. speaking intelligibly

3. In line 7, the word "litter" means most nearly the same as

A. garbage B. master C. offspring D. hair

4. The doctor was able to work with the boy because

A. the boy was highly intelligent B. the boy trusted him

C. the boy liked to dress up D. the boy was ~edicated and patient

5. The word "utter" in line 14 is nearest in meaning to

A. absolute B. speak C. scream D. read

6. All of the following statements are true EXCEPT

A. she- wo I ves have been sai d to substitute hum an c hi I d ren fa r the i r los t li [1 ers

B. examples of wolves' caring for human children can be found only in the nineteen century.

C. the French doctor succeeded in domesticating the boy somewhat

D. the young boy never was able to speak perfectly

7. The word "preposterous" in line 8 is closest in meaning to

A. dedicated B. scientific C. wonderful D. absurd

8. The main idea of this passage is that according to legend

A. children who are raised by wolves can be rehabilitated

B. she-wolves replace their dead offspring with human children

C. Romulus and Remus were cared for by a she-wolf

D. a French doctor saved Romulus and Remus from drowning

9. According to the legend, Romulus and Remus were

A. found abandoned in Rome B. the founders of Rome

C. discovered by a French doctor D. drowned in the Tiber River in 700 B.C.

10. Where in the passage is it stated that, according to legend, Romulus and Remus established Rome?

A. Lines 2-3 B. Lines 5-7 C. Lines 9-10 D. Lines 11-13

_J J..I "

. " }' ... ~_;,;:. ., '~: ~

"~ -.



I' .<I.' • ,~

-,j ,

IV. Choose the words from the box to complete the following passage. Use each word

once, Write the answers on the numbered blanks. There is an example at the beginning: (l.OP)


pollution sources

dirty roducts

Many .cities have a (0) serious (example) pollution problem. Motor vehicles,

factories, and other (1) create so much air pollution that it may hang in

the air like (2) fog. Air pollution (3) the health of the

people who live in cities. City (4) ~ cause water pollution when they are

poured into waterways. These wastes kill fish and make some (5) unfit for

swimming. In addition, many large cities have difficulty (6) of their

garbage. The amount of (7) grows each year, but places to put it are quickly filling up.

Citizens, governments, industries, scientists, and business people must work together to gradually reduce (8) . For example, most cities have introduced (9) programs, which cut down on garbage and the space needed to store it. Residents separate recyclable products from garbage, and city

governments provide drop-off cites or pick up the (10) from homes.


I. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. DO NOT CHANGE THE WORD GIVEN. You must use between TWO AND FIVE WORDS, including the word given. Write your answers on the spaces provided :(1.0p)

Example: She cycles to school every day. (bike) ~She goes to school bv bike every day.

1. Harry's horne is still in Spain, is it? (lives) --+Harry he? 2. I'd rather you didn't phone me at work. (prefer)


-I'd me at work.

3. The motor in this machine needs cleaning once.a week. (has)

- The motor in this machine once a week.

4. You can borrow my bike if you are in a hurry, (mind)

-I you my bike if you're in a hurry

5. I regret giving Dennis my phone number. (1)

-I wish my phone number.

6. No one has explained why our flight is delayed. (reason)

~No one has the delay of our flight

7. I advise you to think carefully before accepting William's offer. (better)

-I- You carefully before accepting William's offer.

8. Jackie hasn't been swimming for five years. (swimming)

-+ The last was five years ago.

9. The tennis star ignored her coach's advice. (attention)

- The tennis star didn't her coach's advice.

10. They are letting David out of hospital next week. (released)

-David hospital next week.

II. Finish second sentences. Write your answers on the spaces provided .There is an example at the beginning. (l.Op)

Example: It takes me 3 hours to do my homework every day. _T soend 3 hours doine mv homework everv day.


1. I expect that he will get there by lunch time.

~Iexpecthim ____

2. Nowhere is more expensive than this restaurant.

-+ This restaurant


3. Harry can't afford to go on holiday.

-+ Harry hasn't '

4. If you are a student, you can always get special reduced prices. =-Unless


5. I didn't go to bed early, so I didn't wake up at 5:00.



6. "Have you had enough for lunch?" the landlady asked me.

-The landlady asked _

7. It is thought that the accident was caused by human error.

-+ The accident is


8. Although he wasn't experienced, he got the job.

- Oespi te his _

9. "Would you like to go to the concert with us tonight?" they said to me.

-+They __

10. Their dog was so fierce that nobody would visit them.



III. Use suggestions to make complete sentences. Write your answers on the spaces provided .There is an example at the beginning: (1.0P)

Example: V go! there! 1987.

Your answer: I went there in 1987.

I. Vietnam! one! countries! Association! South East Asian Nations.

2. Please give me! ring/let! me! knowl you/ come or not.

3. II be! write! telJl you! my holiday! here/ Halong, e

4. The word! jeans! come/ kind! material! bel make! Europe.

5. One! advantages! own! a car! bel its! comfort.

6. She! looking forward! see! boyfriend! again.

7. Use/ banana leaves! instead! paper! plastic/ wrap food! bel good way! protect' environment.

8. The Internet! be! veryl fast! convenient way! mel get! information.

9. We! decide! go! short walk! before! sit down! lunch.

10. The graph! shawl total number! foreign tourists! visit Malaysia! over/ past few years.

-------------- THE END ------------

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