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Portable Roleplaying System


Character Creation 5

Core Rules 8

Stuff 12

Nature 15

Combat & Health 17

Character Creation
C reating your Character
is a very simple ordeal.
First you need to know a
Derived Traits:
few things to make a Great Speed
Initiative determens how
Concept: What you are. many actions you might get
Super spy, ninja or warrior per round. Health is your
princess. life expectantcy. Speed is
how fast you can do things
Traits: and how far you can move.
Mental Now lets get that
Social Character built.
Choose a concept. It can
be anything you want
All these start at level 1. that fits in the genre
Except Size. This means of the game you want
when you try something to play.
physical you roll 1d6. If you Examples of concepts
try something Mental you are , Super spy,
roll 1d6. See the pattern? Mailman, Cop, Warrior,
Size is small (1), med(2) or Hunter, Bounty
large(3). hunter from the ninth

You start with 1 level in Most normal sized
each Trait. characters are Size Med.

Physical: 1 Size:
Mental: 1
Social: 1 Sm:1
Starting Characters get to Lg:3
add 1 level to one of these
traits making it lvel 2. Your size adds to traits to
get derived traits.
Lets do those derived traits
Our Hero Bob now.
Concept: Super Paperboy Health: Size + Physical
Speed: Physical + Mental
Physical: 1
Mental: 2 Your Initiative is 1+ the
Social: 1 number of successes you
roll on a Speed test.
Our hero has an average
physical and social abilities How do you get successes?
but has twice as good Thats next.
mental capacity. Hes smart.

Core Rules
T he PRS System uses
standerd 6 sided dice.
These will be refered to as
All normal rolls are open
ended. Meaning, Before
(repeat, BEFORE) any
D6. 3 of these dice would modifiers are added or
be 3D6. subtracted from the dice
if any of them are 6, then
When a roll is called for you grab another die and roll
grab the number of dice it also. If the extra die
equal to your trait. If you rolls a 6 also grab another.
need to make a physical after all dice have been
roll and your Phys trait is 2. rolled then add or subtract
Then you grab 2D6 and roll modifers.
Die modifiers? There are 2
1,2,3 = failures type of die modifiers. Those
4,5,6 = Successes that give you additional
dice to roll with your trait
You want successes. In a or modify your die results.
general test any successes
and you succed at your Modifiers that add dice
task. do so before you roll. A
weapon might add +1D. if
Versus test you need your physical is 1d and you
more successes than your use that weapon to attack
apponents trait. then you roll 2D to attack.

If a modifier modifies Lets try this out.
your result then you add Bob wants to charm a Lady
or subtract it to each die at the bar. Versus test. His
rolled after you roll. Social is a 1, Her Social is
a 2. Bob needs 2 successes
Most tasks have this kind of to charm Her. But how can
modifier. he? He only has one die.
Well 2 things can Happen.
If the task is: Bob Might roll a 6 and get
another die to roll or He
Easy +1 may also Spend his Luck to
Normal +0 buy a Free Success. What
Hard -1 is this luck ? We will get to
that soon.
so a Hard task would Bob rolls 1D6. He gets a
subtract 1 from each die 5. 1 success. Not enough
after the roll. to beat her trait of 2. She
snubs him and walks away.
Example: Bob trys to Read Poor Bob. Thats the basis
Sanscript. Its a Hard Mental for all tests. Roll a trait.
task, He Rolls his 2D6. He 4,5,or 6 is a success. some
rolls a 4 and 5. No 6 so no tasks take 1 success. Others
extra die to roll. Then its take more. The more
modified by the Hard task. successes in combat the
His roll is now a 3 and 4, 1 more damage you do.
success. Yah he succeeds.

I f your Trait is reduced to
0 or less from modifiers or
what not then you can still
roll . This is a Chance roll.
You roll 1D6 , his roll is NOT
open ended. You do not get
additonal dice if your roll
a 6.

So if you attack and your

roll is reduced to -1 then
you would roll just 1D6 and
if you get a 4,5 or 6 you get
a success.

Lets get some Stuff now.

G etting your Character
stuff. Well thats up to
you. Your character gets
Accurracy genrally will give
you a +1D to your roll on all
anything he would normaly really accurate weapons.
need for his Concept.
The only Stuff we need to Damage is ussually your
discuss is the stuff that successes from your
modifies rolls. physical Attack roll. Some
weapons add to this roll

W eapons have three

traits. Range,
Accuracy and Damage.
-1 for cheap weapons to
+1 for deadly weapons. All
weapons either do STUN
or LEATHAL damage. More
Range is what the weapon about the diffrence in the
attacks at normal in feet. Combat Section. All Blunt
Only Ranged weapons use Weapons do Stun, unlesss
Range. Special. All Others generaly
do Leathal.
Close range is within 5 Type Range Acc Dam
feet. You get a +1 with Fist - 0 0
ranged weapons for being
Gun 20 +1D 0
in Close range. Long Range
Laser 40 +1D +1
is farther then Normal
range. You get a -1 with
ranged weapons at long

O ther Stuff might modify
your other non combat
traits. Such as laptop might
If the Character uses the
Stuff in really Creative
ways then yes its worth a
give a +1 for Mental roll Modifier.
and Calogne might give +1
to a social roll. Its really
up to you what gives a

N ature is a personality
trait or belief that IS
your character.
Negotiations you keep
pressing for a bigger pay
off till the buyer snaps. The
Example: Loud mouthed, GM (game master) Gives
Stubbern, Seductive, you a luck point gem. and
Greedy. when a roll to convince
the buyer that your threats
Nature is a way of getting are real later in the scene
a luck point. It works this you need 3 success’s . you
way. During a scene if roll your 1 social and get 1
you Rolelplay your Nature success. you could spend
truthfully, you get a Luck the luck gem to get another
point. A luck point (a bead, success but your total
a penny, a button, anything would still be 2, a failure.
physical to hold on too) can
be used as an automatic You can spend a Luck point
success after a role. Even on any roll any time as long
if you rolled all 1’s you can its within the same scene.
turn in your luck point and
recieve a success. this does You can have only one
not mean you succeed at (1) Luck point at a time.
what your trying. But it After you spend it Roleplay
cant hurt. your Nature Convencingly
and get another one. All
Example: Your characters unspent Luck is lost at end
Nature is Greedy. During of the Scene.

Combat & Health
C ombat and Health. Two
things that generaly
dont exist togeather.
declare what your attacking
with and is it Melee or
Ranged. If its Melee roll
Generally Combat will start your Physical + any Dam
at Melee or close range . Or dice from the weapon. the
long range. To start combat successes is your damage
you roll Initiative. to your apponent. Armor
subtracts from that total.
Initiative: Roll your Armor has two ratings,
characters speed. add any Leathal and Stun. subtract
successes to 1. (Speed the Armor rating, If any
success’s +1) this is how leathal damages gets
many actions you get to through then subtract
take in a turn. A turn is a it from your apponents
few moments of action. health. If any Stun get
through, Double the
Actions: You can do several damage that got through
diffrent things as an action. then subtract it from Your
Attack, Move your speed apponents health.
in Yards, Drop something,
Grab Something ,Make a Ranged Combat is the
test, Roleplay your nature( same way except there
Yes it does cost an action to is a modifier to the roll.
get a luck point). Close=+1, Normal =+0 and
long =-1.
To Attack you simply

There are a few Actions this modifer if you take a
that Modify rolls. diffrent action before the
attack is made.
Aim: You can aim with a
Ranged weapon. This Takes Take Cover: Cover gives
1 action. This gives you you a +1/+1 (leathel/stun)
+1D to your next Ranged armor bonus for as long as
Attack with that weapon your behind it. Taking cover
. The attack must be your takes one action. If you
next action. If you take any attack from behind cover
other actions before the you lose this bonus until to
attack you lose this bonus. you take cover agian.

Charge: Same as Aim The Game Master can

except with Melee always give situational
weapons. Takes 1 action Modifiers.
and gives +1D to next Melee
attack witht this weapon. Good Situation=+1
The attack must be your Normal Situation=+0
next action. If you take any Bad Situation=-1
other actions before the
attack you lose this bonus.

Dodge: takes 1 action. -1D

to next Attack (ranged or
melee) against you. lose

If your current health is health would be 0 agian
ever dropped to negative giving him 2 leathal and 1
your Health Trait then the stun. Stun damage can kill
stun is converted to 1(only you in this way if you take
1) Leathal damage and your enough of it.
Current health is changed
to 0. After the current turn Any leathal damage past 0
is over. not in between Current health just makes
actions. it just that more difficult to
survive death.
Bobs health is 3. He
takes several stun hits.
his current health is now
-3. this means after the
current turn( not in the
middle or in between
actions) Bob takes 1
leathal damage and his
current Health is 0. He
has 1 leathal and 2 stun.
If later before healing His
current health is reduced
to -3 agian from stun he
would take another leathal
damage and his current

Heal rolls allow you to make a Chance roll. Roll
regain lost health. 1D6 and if you get 4,5,6
then you get to heal 1
If you take leathal damage point. Remember you dont
then after a 5 turn rest get extra dice for rolling 6’s
you get a Free Heal roll. on a Chance roll.
Roll your Current health
(not Health trait) with no If your dead not all is lost.
modifiers. Add successes 5 turns after you die you
to your current health as still get a CHance roll to
healing. After you Make this heal. Hope you have a Luck
First roll you can no longer point at this Juncture.
heal leathal damage unless
A:you take more damage in Leathal damage => than
combat or B: you rest for 6 Health trait = DEAD
Stun + Leathal Damage =>
When you take Stun Health Trait=UNCONSCIOUS.
damage You roll a heal
roll aqual to your current You always get a heal roll.
health every round after every turn for remaining
you take the damage. stun, and after 5 turns of
Continue to make rolls rest (or death) for leathal.
healing only stun damage. then after 6 hours of rest
for leathal.
If your unconscious you still






Health: / Dam: L: S:




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