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Israel rejects Gods leadership

A. Reasons for the rejection - 8:1-10
1. Reasons the people gave
a) The people said that Samuel was old.
b) The people said that Samuels sons were corrupt
2. Real reasons people have rejected
a) The people had rejected the Lord. They were living in rebellion against God.
b) They were tired of personal responsibility. They wanted a king to fight their
battles for them. When God was with them, He always fought the battles for
them. A king would need an army and would draft the people for it.
c) They wanted to be like the other nations. They wanted to be like the world.
B. Gods warning about their king. 8:11-18
1. A military draft was going to have to be instituted.
2. The daughters would be used as cooks and cleaners.
3. The king would take the best of their land for the servants as payment.
4. It would the first time they would have a tax for the king.
C. Samuels conclusion of the meeting. 8:19-22
1. Gods intent: Deuteronomy 17:14-15
II. God chooses Saul - 1 Samuel 9-10
A. Sauls background and Gods providence - 9:1-27
B. The rise of Saul - 10:1-16
1. 3 prophetic signs
a) 2 men near Rachels tomb will tell that the donkeys are found.
b) 3 men who will give 2 loaves of bread
c) See a company of prophets and you will prophesy with them.
C. Public anointing of Saul at Mizpeh - 10:17-27
1. Sauls hometown is Gibeah
2. The children of Belial - worthless ones
3. Meekness is strength under control
III. Opportunity for service as king - 1 Samuel 11
A. The threat to Jabesh-gilead - 11:1-3
1. To make a covenant, Nahaash would take out their right eyes. This disables them or
may have been a preemptive strike against Saul.
B. Sauls relationship with Jabesh-gilead
1. A family relationship where is grandmother could have been from Jabesh-gilead
C. Sauls response to the threat - 11:4-7
1. Saul rallied the troops in Israel and traveled 60+ miles to Jabesh-gilead
D. The battle to save Jabesh - 11:8-11
1. 330,000 Israeli soldiers that Saul had to ambush Ammonites
E. National victory celebration at Gilgal - 11:12-15
1. Israel go exactly what they wanted, so they celebrated.
2. Sauls military victory confirmed his throne as king.
IV. Samuels sermon at the renewal - 1 Samuel 12

A. Witness of Samuels integrity - 12:1-5

B. Witness of Gods goodness - 12:6-11
C. The severity of Israels sin - 12:12-15
D. A sign: rain at harvest time - 12:16-18
E. Samuels commitment - 12:19-25
V. Sauls 1st major failure as king - 1 Samuel 13-14
A. The Order of Battle - 13:1-2
1. 3000 men from Gibeah to Michmash
2. Saul has 600 left and Jonathan has 1 person left (his armor-bearer)
B. Victory and fear - 13:3-7
C. Samuels test of Saul - 13:8
1. Had Saul developed a faith or has he let Samuel to have faith for him.
2. Fear drove him to disobedience instead of prayer.
D. Sauls failure - 13:9-12
1. He was not qualified to offer a sacrifice but he did anyway.
2. He made excuses for why he offered a sacrifice and tried to justify his sin.
3. We will never have a temptation so heavy, oppressive, or strong that we will have to
4. Character weakness: Impatience
E. Consequence: God rejects Sauls kingdom - 13:13-14 (10 years before Davids born)