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BA Film & Media Production - Level 4 - Semester 1 Week 21



Creative Media Project Development and Realisation End of Semester

500-word Individual Self-Evaluation
Give a detailed critical analysis of the finished piece of work for this project, try to
consider your work as a member of an audience and recognise what has worked well
and what has not been as successful in your project. Try to be objective and weigh up
the pros and cons focusing on the positive outcomes as well as the areas that have
room for improvement. Reflect on what you would change if you could make the work
again? (100 words)
The significant change in tempo of shots increases to a climax with in the film to express the
feeling of panic anxiety sufferers experience in public places. This works effectively along with
the blurred filtered shots so the audience can create a sense of realism from the film, as if they
were the ones to experience these emotions. This works to a certain extent, however the climax
occurs prematurely making the middle section of the film featuring the water too long in length
resulting in disengagement from the audience, and meaning within the narrative.
Describe the process of making the work and your individual contribution. Did things
work out differently from the way you had visualised them at the planning stage?
What production issues did you encounter that caused problems during the creative
process? (150 words)
As a group we worked effectively together producing and planning an idea early on. As we
began the production stage our original idea became difficult to produce when our actress
bailed leaving us to find a solution. Rather than creating the film from an outside perspective of
anxiety, we then decided to showcase it from the point of view of the character, this way we
only needed to rely on ourselves. This hindered our creativity because originally we had plans to
use a studio and lighting to create the loneliness effect those who suffer from anxiety also
experience in their daily lives.
We as a group divided the work out equally to ensure both of us had our own input with in the
project. We teamed up for the sound design and editing stages, however we accompanied each
other for the cinematography and sound stages, but took charge of one area each to add our
own personal touch to the project.
It is important to write in detail about what you have learnt during the project both
technically and creatively. Outline specific skills you have developed because of
making the work and new methods or approaches you have experimented with. (150
Throughout the course of the project my technical skills have improved to a great extent, as it
has allowed me to actively learn how to operate unfamiliar equipment in every area of
production. By working in a small group it has allowed me as an individual to work on many
different areas of production learning new skills and techniques to increase the final aesthetic
and professionalism of the product, as well as balancing enough time to focus on every area so
that there isnt a significantly weak area within the film.
With being very new to producing films creating them with a broad brief was challenging.
However this has allowed my creativity to adapt to not just look at film as conventional but also
experimental, finding ways to manipulate the audiences thoughts through the art of film in
ways I wouldnt have originally done previous.
Reflect on how you worked as part of a team. Did all members contribute equally?
What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to teamwork? How can you
improve your teamwork skills? (100 words)

BA Film and Media Production | Level 4 |
Creative Project Development and Realisation

BA Film & Media Production - Level 4 - Semester 1 Week 21

As a team we worked well together distributing the work equally, communicating efficiently
outside of university. I believe to improve our skills for future projects we need to be more
proactive in arranging times for each stage of production, outlining exactly what needs to be
executed within these sessions. This will give us more time in future for aspects of the film to go
wrong and be corrected, rather than us rushing and making mistakes. As a team we failed at
planning in enough detail, which is something we will learn from and take responsibility for.

BA Film and Media Production | Level 4 |
Creative Project Development and Realisation