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MATHEMATICS 233 (Section 11)

Calculus of Functions of Several Variables

Office Hours

Fall 2015
M, W, F 12:20-1:10, Phillips 385

Cass Sherman (cas1987@email.unc.edu)

Phillips 30 (Basement)
Mon 1:30-2:30 in Office, Wed 1:15-2:15 in MHC, Fri 12:00-1:00 in Office

Textbook: Stewart, James. Multivariable Calculus, 7th edition. You may purchase the textbook
in any available format (eBook, alternate edition, etc.), as long as it is the 7th edition.
Mission Statement: Math 233 builds upon the skills developed in Maths 231 and 232. It serves
as a gateway to more advanced courses requiring sophisticated applications of space curves and
surfaces. Ideally, students will be those considering majors in a related field (e.g. physics,
economics, computer science, etc.) or generally possessing a mathematical curiosity. 233 is
work-intensive and requires commitment on the part of the student. Students looking for a
schedule-filler or easy A may consider themselves warned.
WebAssign: You will need access to WebAssign for homework. See the attached sheet.
Calculators: Graphing calculators and technology (e.g. Wolfram Alpha) are all great for
visualizing functions and checking homework. However, calculator use is prohibited on exams
and quizzes. Problems will be designed so that computations are manageable by hand.
Placement: To be eligible to register for this course, at least one of the following must be true:
You earned at least a 3 on the AP-BC exam.
You earned at least a 5 on the IB-HL exam.
You earned a passing grade in Math 232 or Math 283 taken at UNC-CH.
You have transfer credit for the equivalent of one of the above courses.
You have special permission from the department.
Course Outline: We will cover Chapters 12 through 16, with a few sections skipped or covered
in brief. The major topics are spatial geometry, curves and surfaces in three-dimensional space,
functions with several independent variables, notions of derivatives of such functions and
notions of integrals of such functions.
Lectures and Attendance: Please come to class prepared to learn. In class, please refrain from
using cell phones and laptops such activities are distracting to you and those around you.
Reading the textbook before attending lectures is a recommended study habit. It will be
helpful to look at the example problems in each section when doing homework. I will do my best
to use different examples in class so that you have a varied set of examples to refer to.
You are responsible for all of the material covered in class or assigned as homework. A more
specific attendance policy may be implemented if necessary.
Sakai: I will email announcements through the class Sakai website. I will also post important
course documents there, such as solutions to exams. Any uploads will be announced; you do not
need to check the Sakai website regularly.

Homework: Homework will run online through WebAssign. You will need an access code,
which can be purchased either at the bookstore or directly from WebAssign. Please follow these
instructions to set up your WebAssign account (SEE ALSO THE ATTACHED SHEET):
Class Key
unc 2892 5763
New Users
Previous Users
Click on I have a Class Key.
Enter the appropriate Class Key from above and submit.
Verify that you have the correct class and choose Need to
Create Complete all boxes with an * beside them with
your personal information.
Click on Create my account.
Click on Log in.
From this point on you will sign in as a returning user with
your User Name, Institution, and Password.
You have a 14 day grace period before you need to enter your
access code or purchase one from WebAssign.

Click on I have a Class Key.

Enter the appropriate Class Key from
above and submit.
Verify that you have the correct class
and choose Already Have
You can log in with your User Name,
Institution, and Password.
You have a 14 day grace period before
you need to enter your access code or
purchase one from WebAssign.

Exams: There will be two midterm exams in class and a comprehensive final exam. The
midterm exams will be given on Friday the 25th of September and Friday the 30th of October.
The final exam is scheduled for Friday the 11th of December at 12:00PM. You cannot
request to take the final before this date. In order to receive a make-up final exam, you must have
an official examination excuse. This excuse must be signed by a Dean (in Steele Building), and
you must bring this excuse, along with a picture ID, to the exam.
Make-Up Midterms: Make-ups will carry a severe penalty. My standing policy is that the grade
on a make-up be capped at 75%. There may be some instances (e.g. severe medical issue with
documentation) where the penalty is waived, but the overall message should be clear: take your
tests on time!
Quizzes (Semi-Tests): Three 25 minute quizzes will be given, about one per month. These will
hopefully function as a grade booster, but in any case, will be an asset when studying for exams.
(Note: These are not pop quizzes; they will be announced in advance).
Grading: Quizzes: 20%, Midterms: 30%, Final: 35%, Homework: 15%
Math Help Center: The Math Help Center (MHC) offers free drop-in tutoring services
throughout the semester. It is located in Phillips 365 and runs weekday afternoons.
Honor Code: All students are expected to adhere to the UNC Honor Code. You may work
together on homework, but teamwork is not a valid exam strategy. Each exam will include an
honor pledge for you to sign. Visit http://honor.unc.edu for more information.
Disclaimer: The instructor reserves the right to make changes in this syllabus, including test
dates, but any changes will be announced as soon as possible

Math 232 Spring 2015 Cass Sherman WebAssign and Textbook Info
Textbook and WebAssign access for this class:
The text is
o Stewarts Calculus, Early Transcendentals, 7th edition (whole textbook, with or without the
additional label Alternate Edition), OR
o Stewarts Multivariable Calculus, 7th edition, with or without the additional label Alternate
Rather than a paper text, you may use the e-book (available from WA; perhaps for an additional fee.)
You are required to have WebAssign access; your homework grade will come principally from
If you dont already have a copy of the 7th edition, can you make do
o with the e-book access available to you (perhaps for an extra fee.) through WebAssign?
o with using an earlier edition of one of Stewarts Calculus texts (an Early Transcendentals version
or not)
o by sharing a book with a friend or consulting the one in the math help center?
You are welcome to use an earlier edition of the textbook, provided that you make sure that you work the
assigned problems from the 7th edition. This should not be hard: the 7th edition problems are viewable in the
e-book access available from WebAssignments. (Of course, you will automatically get 7 th edition problems
in your WebAssignments.)
1) Those receiving financial aid must, in order to be reimbursed, buy the book and/or WebAssign access from
UNC Student Stores.
2) Those who already have the textbook may have bought multi-term or lifetime-of-edition access and may not need
to spend any more money on WebAssign for this class.
3) Those who dont have previously-purchased LOE (lifetime of edition) WebAssign access may
a) buy access through Student Stores (from which those who receive financial aid must, in order to be
reimbursed for the purchases, must buy textbook and / or WebAssign access) , or
b) buy access online from WebAssign (which will, I think, be cheaper than buying from the bookstore, with
its mandated markup) , or
c) buy a new book. A shrink-wrapped text marked as having "EWA"(Enhanced WebAssign) should have an
access code for WebAssign. However, there may be one-term WA access and multi-term or LOE
(lifetime of edition) WA access versions of these. In either case, dont break the shrink-wrap until you are
sure you will stay enrolled.
4) One is not required to buy the student solutions manual.
WebAssign: http://www.webassign.com The assignments will become visible to students on August
18. There is a two-week grace period (beginning that day) during which you may use WebAssign
for this class without yet having paid for the access. If you have bought a shrink-wrapped book,
dont open it until you are sure you will stay enrolled.
Class key: unc 2892 5763
To use your class key as a returning UNC user or to create a UNC WebAssign account, follow the instructions at
http://www.webassign.net/manual/WA_Student_Quick_Start.pdf .
Use unc as your institution code. Consider waiting to pay for WA until close to the end of the grace period.
Further info: WebAssign student user guide from publisher of textbook: